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Same question: I'm at the part when I'm supposed to meet with Althea. I just talked to Cid and he said I need to go to the junkyard, but I have no clue where the junkyard is. Any ideas where I need to go?

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From: GoeTeeks 1/10 4:29PM
Go to the first city, and ride the shuttle to the royal palace (the air shuttle, not the train). He'll jump off automatically from there.

**Where is the first city? How do I get there from Bridge Town?

mangoshakez provided additional details:

Exit cid's shop and go right? So you mean to the exit that's next to the save point and guarded by 2 soldiers? that place is blocked though. how do i get it to open?

mangoshakez provided additional details:

Also, i literally have no idea how to get to the train station. it seems that all i can do is get out of bridge town, go to the old left aqueduct, or go to the vineyard. i don't know how to get out of this area!!

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KetsuekiBara answered:

I don't understand why the big door towards prison sands would be blocked, but if you really can't get through... The long was is to go towards the aqueduct area, and you'll find a stone wall with a door leading to the chocobo racetrack. Go through there to cherry checkpoint, and from there to grassland station and finally capital city. Straight through there will eventually lead you to the clock plaza and the shuttle platform.
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Shad0w2006 answered:

From Cid's shop exit and go right. Keep going until you get to the train station. Get on the train and go to the station furthest right on the map. That should be the Grasslands Station. From there go up the long flight of stairs and turn left to exit the station. Turn right at the intersection after the short flight of stairs and go to the big double doors. Use your powers to open them and keep going straight through the garden. Once you get to the massive door that opens on its own and another one just like it that a guard that has to open it for you, you should know where you are.
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