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Why cant i use my grapple?

I got the grapple and it will work for a short amount of time then it wont work. Is it just my game or my nunchuck or what? My nunchuck will work with everything else just not the grapple after a certain amount of time.

rgbiu asked for clarification:

Can you describe how you use the grapple please?

gamepsycho94 provided additional details:

The way its tells you too, tilt nunchuck back then flick it forward. it works for about 15 min into the game game then it stops. it will work when i grapple swing though it just wont let me use it for like combat to remove shields or switches after so long.

dark_dude111 asked for clarification:

Does everything else on the nunchuk work after the 15 mins? You may be accidentally unplugging it or have a loose connection.

gamepsycho94 provided additional details:

Yes everything else works i can still walk, turn into morph ball, and scan things i just cant use grapple other than for grapple swinging.

gamepsycho94 provided additional details:

Thanks guess it was the censor, i got my cousins nunchuck and it will work after so long of playing, but i have to return it soon so ill have to buy another one. thanks for the help.

Accepted Answer

Kerchak answered:

Considering that you automatically grapple swing just by locking on to the object, it would appear that it's the motion sensor in your nunchuck. If you have access to a different nunchuck, try plugging that in and try it out for a while and see if the problem continues.
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rgbiu answered:

I suggest you have your nunchuck and your wii and the game disk, either one or more than one of those might have a problem. Sorry if i am not that helpful, but i never had this proble myself.
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