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Asked: 4 years ago

Screw Attack ?

I forgot how to use the Screw Attack how do i use it again ?

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From: ConsummateGamer 4 years ago

Jump twice and hit the B Button again before hitting the ground, and you'll begin using the Screw Attack. Also, you need to be moving forward in order for the Screw Attack to activate. You can jump an additional five times with the Screw Attack, but you'll need to get the timing down (it's easy, though). It's the same as in Metroid Prime 2, if that helps.

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You double jump and press B to use screw attack but you can only spin 8 times so don't press B as fast as you can. Try to space the jumps.

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To get to areas that you couldn't normally jump to. You are a spinning ball of energy, but can only jump five times in the air. It can also be a weapon if you steer onto enemies in mid- jump. The screw attack was around for even the first Metroid game, Though, you couldn't jump mutable times but just one, long jump, and could still kill enemies...

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