Question from Skid_Lid

How do I get past Bryyo?

I cant get any where other than the main area. i need the grapple and a heated weapon which i dont know about any info would B the best EVER. any 1 have any answers?

sucsessfulfail asked for clarification:

Do you mean...Kill the Mogenar? That's the last boss for bryyo. We need more info skid lid

Accepted Answer

Metal_Ganon answered:

Somewhat unclear, but let's try. You first need to enter the huge plaza-like room. A activate the two switches here using your morphball and go through the newly opened gate. Really, it's pretty linear from here on. Once you get to the cliff-like room, look around using your scan visor for a bombable rock. Destroy it, get through a shorth morphball section and you'll get the Grapple beam. Easy, right?

Then go to the plaza, go to the otehr side of the room, grapple your way to the Federation ship and as soon as you get the satellites up, use your ship to travel to Bryyo Fire.
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_Lagoona_ answered:

.Small addition: in the short morphball section you have to get dragged upwards by the small worm-like thingies.
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RPGdude9001 answered:

Not sure on what to really say, but your next item sounds like is the grapple swing, but after that you'll be able to acess 2 other areas soon after and your path should be clear
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