Question from rpmj12

How i can pass bryyo?

I'm stuck in bryyo someone can help me please answer my question

killermatt808 asked for clarification:

What are you stuck on?

rpmj12 provided additional details:

I'm stuck in the plazaand i don't know where i go then

killermatt808 asked for clarification:

Whats the plazaand?

thetureks asked for clarification:

What the heck???

Top Voted Answer

AlexanderDrake answered:

There are many useful FAQs on this board that can help you, just hit ctrl+f and search plaza and you should be able to figure out where to go from there.


"plazaand"="plaza and"
that's called a "duh" moment
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10samus answered:

What area are you stuck in?
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Prominence answered:

My issue with Bryyo is I was under the impression red doors required a flame weapon to open. I later realized it requires a missile, not fire.
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