Question from navyj65

How do I beat (meganor)?

How can i cheat to defeat meganor


SmokeRulz answered:

I assume you mean Mogenar. Here's how you do it:

First thing he does is pull a bunch of red spheres from the wall and add them into his body. These are your targets. There's three sockets on his front side, and one on his back. When one of the sockets containing a sphere opens, focus your fire on it. It'll glow as you hit it. When he recoils and the socket starts emitting a bright light, you'll know you destroyed that sphere. Occasionally, he'll close the sockets and switch the spheres around. The one you were shooting will be moved to a new spot, but it will still have the same damage you dealt it before. Also be sure to watch for when he extends his arms out, hands glowing blue, because he will grab two spheres, one from each side of the room. Destroy those spheres immediately! If they reach his body, he'll heal all of his four sphere sockets.

Once all four spheres are destroyed, the second phase of the fight begins. You'll need to enter Hypermode and target one of his open sockets. Once you've blasted it with enough phazon shots, it'll explode. When a socket gets destroyed, he'll make a rolling attack at you. Side dash out of his way, then use morph ball bombs to destroy phazon crystals at his feet. Once he gets back upright, repeat the process until you've wiped out all four sockets, and the fight is yours.
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dark_dialga69 answered:

I would say referr to Banjo_2553 FAQ that how I got the imformation on how to beat the boss.
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Metroidgeek33 answered:

The first thing you do is destroy a sphere. I recommend you only destroy one at a time so you don't lose a bunch of health. Then once you have a sphere destroyed, UNLOAD ON IT WITH PHAZON!!!!! Once it is destroyed it will emit orange fire. Once he loses an orb he will get this armorsuit that you need to go into morph ball, and bomb his feet. Once it is destroyed, repeat (watch your health)!!! Defeating him will give you a s***load of health and the hyperball.
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