Question from OldMidnite

Asked: 1 year ago

Is anyone still trading Friend Vouchers?

I'm not 100% sure if this belongs here, but I'm looking for someone to trade Friend Vouchers with, since the online system that supports this will go offline in June 28.

I'm giving away 15 or more vouchers for the 15 vouchers I need.

My Wii FC is 5532 5185 4872 5572.

Additional details - 11 months ago

I just added you. Let's trade 15 for 15 :D.

Just to be sure, you have the non-Trilogy version, right? (I had issues with another trader who used Trilogy)

Additional details - 11 months ago

Great! :D
I still don't see you on black letters, so I guess you haven't gotten into the game yet (?). I'll be waiting there.

Additional details - 11 months ago

All good with the WiiConnect24 config outside and inside the game, right?

Additional details - 11 months ago

Oh well, it sure takes a while then. I'll be on.

Additional details - 11 months ago

I sent you one while being gray just to see if something happened. Let me know if you get it. I'll stay on.

Accepted Answer

From: CrashXP38 11 months ago

Well, you are showing up in black now, but no voucher. I'll send one over since I have spares. Let me know if it works

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Submitted Answers


I've got 26 to trade away. my FC is 1541 6059 4621 2217.

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I do have the non-trilogy version

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I'm in right now. I actually just beat the game when I started looking for people to trade with. I've heard that it takes a little while for the system to acknowledge each other.

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Yep. Everything is on.

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