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What happens if the space pirates destroy the thoronian bomb? *new* 0
Can a person with prime trilogy? 2
Friend Voucher Trade? 8
How do I start a Hypermode game? 2
Power saves? 1
What is the exact number of objectives for the whole game? 3
after you put the save on a USB drive (or thumb drive) to the Wii? 1
Armored shield trooper? 1
At the end of the 100% ending, to whom does the ship belong? 3
Can I use the gamecube controller for this game? 1
Can you lose your ship from Ghor? 1
Can you still play on the same profile after you've completed the game? 1
Dark samus origin? 4
Does the "Phazon Level" in biohazard scans mean anything? 2
Does watching cut sceens increase my game time? 1
During the credits on MP3:C what is being said? 2
Friend Credit? 2
Friend vouchers? 1
How did I do that? 2
How do i add someone? 1
How do I copy my file from a download to my Wii? 1
How do i get green MP symbols? 1
How do I get out of the xenoresearch lab on G.F.S. Valhalla? 1
How many types of metroids are in the game? 1
How old is Samus? 3
I cant get past the first part in bryyo? 1
I need at least 2 friend vouchers.how do i get it? 1
Pirate homeworld name? 5
Pressing Up on the d-pad to take screenshots? 3
Screw Attack ? 3
Ship Missiles? 5
Shortcuts (not sequence breaks)? 1
This might sound very stupid, but how do you download saves codes to my sd chip? 6
Useless buttons? 1
Wall jump ? 3
Were is the grapple upgrade? 2
What are the lights at the top of the screen? 2
What do those dots on the file slot mean? 1
What is a friend voucher? 1
What is with all the things inside Samus' gunship, do they do anything? 2
What's with Samus' gunship in this game? 1
Where/When is the point of no return? 3
Would you please do this friend voucher thing? 5

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