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                           Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
                                   Logbook FAQ
                                   Version 1.4

                            Written by: RogueLeader2
                          E-mail: JonMP211@hotmail.com

       >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>     TABLE OF CONTENTS     <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

       I. Introduction
      II. Version History
     III. Objectives
      IV. Creatures
           A. Galactic Federation
           B. Bryyo
           C. SkyTown
           D. Space Pirate
           E. Phazon
       V. Research
      VI. Lore
           A. Galactic Federation Data
           B. Bryyo Data
           C. SkyTown Data
           D. Space Pirate Data
     VII. Limited Scans
    VIII. Credit
      IX. Legal

       >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>       INTRODUCTION        <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

   The purpose of this FAQ is to present everyone with the chance to read the
 many logs and lore in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption while having them all in one
 place and in an easy to read layout.  In addition to that, this FAQ will
 include the locations of these logs in order to help gamers to get 100%
 completion.  I will be constantly adding to this FAQ over the next few weeks,
 so expect several additions and revisions in the coming weeks. 

       >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>      VERSION HISTORY      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

 09/05/07 - Version 1.0: FAQ created.
 09/06/07 - Version 1.1: Added a few locations, including all locations for all
 09/06/07 - Version 1.2: All Creatures, Research and Lore added; most locations
 09/06/07 - Version 1.3: Added more locations as well as limited scans list;
                         changed some formatting.
 09/11/07 - Version 1.4: Added locations.

       >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>         OBJECTIVES        <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

   New to Metroid Prime 3 is the addition of specific objectives.  These
 objectives are often given to you via an in-game character - usually an
 Aurora Unit (AU).  A complete list is logged in your logbook.

       >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>         CREATURES         <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

   It wouldn't be a Metroid game if Corruption didn't have an abundance of
 exotic creatures that inhabit each of the worlds that Samus must explore.
 This section outlines these creatures - new and old.

 *NOTE: Any entries with *(asterisks) by their name means that they are a
        limited or one-time scan entry.  This means you should scan them when
        the first time you see them or you may not get that scan at all.  A
        good rule of thumb is make sure you scan all bosses, locks or shields
        on doors or any thing on the G.F.S Olympus. I have provided a list of
        all the limited scans in a section near the end of this FAQ.

     +                        Galactic Federation                       +

                               *Aurora Unit 217*

 Aurora Unit 217 was originally built to support GF Naval Base Demeter, but was
 assigned to SkyTown base shortly after the Treaty of Elysia was signed 14
 years ago.  217 has served admirably in its role as SkyTown administrator.
 Vast amounts of tactical intel have been delivered from SkyTown under AU 217,
 along with valuable stellar and interstellar research data.  It has interfaced
 well with the Elysian mechaniods, and enjoys a productive working arrangement
 with them.

 Location: Aurora Chamber, SkyTown

                               Demolition Trooper

 Demolition Troopers are not especially combat savvy and often rely on others
 to cover them in battle.  They are outfitted with explosive weaponry for
 special mission.  When the only way to the objective is straight through
 everything, the troopers in this unit are called upon to make it happen.
 While capable of destroying the strongest of barriers, these troopers are not
 as capable in combat as traditional marines.

 Location: Skyway Access, Pirate Homeworld

                               Federation Marine

 Federation Marines wear advanced suits of powered armor, allowing them to use
 potent weapons and resist heavy damage in battle.  Few can match them in

 Location: Docking Bay 5, G.F.S. Olympus

                             Federation PED Marine

 The Federation has created a system that utilizes Phazon to increase the power
 of the armor worn by GF Marines.  While active, the Phazon unit enhances the
 attack and defense systems of the armorsuit.

 Location: Cargo Deck 5, Norion

                             *Female Fleet Trooper*

 Fleet Troopers are the backbone of the navy, often ignored in favor of the
 gallant Federation Marines.  Their work isn't always dangerous, and is rarely
 glamorous.  Most are specialists, and possess a great deal of knowledge.

 Location: Docking Bay Access, G.F.S. Olympus

                             *Fleet Admiral Dane*

 Fleet Admiral Castor Dane is known for his utmost dedication to protecting the
 Federation from its enemies.  He is stern and aggressive, and has a strong
 dislike for the Space Pirates.  Rumor has it they orphaned him at an early
 age, an act he still seeks to avenge.

 Location: Flag Bridge, G.F.S. Olympus

                                Fleet Mechanic
 Fleet Mechanics are responsible for maintaining and repairing all Federation
 equipment.  Because of the vast amount of devices and vehicles the Federation
 utilizes, skilled mechanics are highly sought after and often overpaid.

 Location: Docking Bay 5, G.F.S. Olympus

                            *Halberd-Class Turret*

 The GMX-04 Halberd-class turret replaces the dated "Growler" turret.  It is an
 effective point-defense system for most security zones.  It is lightly
 armored, and nimble targets can evade its tracking system.

 Location: Docking Bay 5, G.F.S. Olympus

                              *Hunter Gandrayda*

 Gandrayda possesses the metamorphic ability to assume the form and abilities
 of other creatures.  This talent has led many to seek her out for stealth and
 reconnaissance missions, despite her powerful combat capabilities.  Details on
 the subject's origins and age are unknown, but her unique traits have made her
 a sought-after Hunter for missions.

 Location: Hub Access, Norion

                                 *Hunter Ghor*

 Ghor is a cybernetic Bounty Hunter, capable of merging his body into larger
 mechanisms.  The most common of these is his armorsuit, which doubles as a
 gunship and provides him with a formidable combat arsenal.  The merges are
 often accompanied by a shift in personality, replacing his normally calm
 demeanor with an aggressive attitude.  He demonstrates a high proficiency with
 all things mechanical and is often called upon for missions requiring computer
 infiltration or manipulation.

 Location: Security Station, G.F.S. Olympus

                                *Hunter Rundas*

 Rundas is capable of generating and manipulating ice.  This trait is common
 among inhabitants of the moon Phrygis, but Rundas is one of the few who have
 used this ability for bounty hunting.  Subject is known for getting results,
 but considers himself without peer.  His arrogant demeanor has led him to
 mainly seek solo missions, and rarely works with others.

 Location: Hub Access, Norion

                             *Male Fleet Trooper*

 Fleet Troopers are the backbone of the navy, often ignored in favor of the
 gallant Federation Marines.  Their work isn't always dangerous, and is rarely
 glamorous.  Most are specialists, and possess a great deal of knowledge.

 Location: Docking Bay Access, G.F.S. Olympus

                               *Training Drone*

 The Training Drone is used in all branches of the GF military.  They are
 designed to improve hand-eye coordination and accuracy.  One popular training
 exercise is to score as many consecutive hits on a drone as possible.
 Gambling on shooting contests involving Training Drones is frowned upon, but
 fairly popular throughout the GF armed forces.

 Location: Docking Bay 5, G.F.S. Olympus

     +                               Bryyo                              +

                                *Alpha Hopper*

 Alpha Hoppers are characterized by their unique color and durable hide.  They
 are highly territorial and will attack any creature who wanders too close to
 their nests.  When hunting in packs, they will often keep their distance while
 others move in to attack at close range.  Like all Hoppers, their legs end in
 sharp talons and can be used to shred through any prey that gets close enough.

 Location: Gateway Hall, Bryyo


 Atomics are creatures comprised entirely of energy.  A strong energy blast is
 adequate to destabilize the Atomic and cause it to explode.  They are
 sustained by their core, which generates a constant supply of electricity.
 When an abundance of energy has been produced, the Atomic will discharge a
 section of its body in the form of an explosive projectile.  When near sources
 of energy of an opposite polarization, the Atomic will respond aggressively.

 Location: North Jungle Hall, Bryyo

                              Bryyonian Shriekbat

 One of the many types of Shriekbats found across the solar system, the
 Bryyonian Shriekbat behaves similar to all of its cousins.  Shriekbats will
 nest in small groups and make their home in a sheltered environment.  Dwelling
 on the top of caverns and ruins, the Shriekbat will hunt nearby insects and
 small creatures for food.  Once a nesting area has been found, it will be
 fiercely protected from any intruder.  The territorial Shriekbat will dive-
 bomb any creature that wanders too close, no matter what the size.

 Location: Imperial Hall, Bryyo

                                Fargul Hatcher

 Within a Fargul Hatcher's maw is an organ cluster that is vulnerable to
 attack, but only when exposed.  Fargul Hatchers are capable of giving birth to
 dozens of young in a matter of moments.  These offspring will immediately
 swarm in on any nearby attacker.  Their skin is incredibly resilient and will
 deflect most weapon fire.

 Location: Hall of the Golems, Bryyo

                                  Fargul Wasp

 Fargul Wasps are highly protective of their parent Hatcher.  Even moments
 after birth, they will swarm together and attack any nearby organism.  They
 are often used as a defense mechanism by the Fargul Hatcher, and as a result,
 few live to adulthood.

 Location: Hall of the Golems, Bryyo


 The spiked shell of a Geemer is rather durable and can only be destroyed by an
 explosive blast.  While menacing in appearance, they are nonaggressive
 scavengers that feed on the waste of other creatures.  This food source has
 led to them being spreaders of many types of diseases.

 Location: Reliquary III, Bryyo


 Gelbugs are roaming insects encased in organic Phazite.  These cavern-dwelling
 bugs have come to rely on Fuel Gel as a source of sustenance.  Over time their
 shells have become saturated and crystallized with Fuel Gel.  As a result,
 their bodies have become highly unstable.  Weapon fire will disrupt the gel
 and cause the creature to detonate.

 Location: Temple Access, Bryyo

                                   Gel Puffer

 The exposure to Fuel Gel has left the shell of the Gel Puffer highly
 susceptible to weapon fire.  Gel Puffers have come to rely on the toxic vapors
 given off by Fuel Gel for sustenance.  They process these gasses and then
 expel the excess to stay afloat.  The brittle shell of the Puffer, while
 durable in appearance, is rather thin and easily damaged.

 Location: Falls of Fire, Bryyo

                                    Gel Ray

 Gel Rays are nonaggressive bioforms native to Bryyo.  They are one of the few
 creatures who make their home within the caustic pools of Fuel Gel.  The
 unique exterior and shape of the Gel Ray allow it to withstand and glide
 through rivers of gel.  Their main source of sustenance is small organisms
 that exist within Fuel Gel, but they are known to occasionally leap out to
 feed on insects that fly near the gel's surface.

 Location: Temple Reservoir, Bryyo


 Gragnols are vulnerable to most weapons, as they have not developed the
 durable exoskeleton found on adults members of the species.  They often travel
 and attack in groups.  If they sense a nearby threat to their hives, they will
 not hesitate to advance.  Their offensive capabilities are underdeveloped,
 leaving the ability to fire pulses of Phazon energy their only form of attack.

 Location: Hillside Vista, Bryyo

                                 Gragnol Adult

 The large tail that characterizes Gragnol Adults is also their weakness: if
 pulled with enough force, it will tear them apart.  An explosive blast will
 temporarily incapacitate them, making them easier to target.  They possess the
 ability to generate an energy shield around their bodies, preventing Beam
 shots from damaging them.  They are cunning predators, flying through their
 turf in search of unwary prey.  They use bursts of Phazon energy to overwhelm
 their targets, and then swoop down to finish them.  Maturity has provided them
 with a very durable exoskeleton.

 Location: Crash Site, Bryyo


 These aggressive insectoids use small hops to get within striking distance and
 then pounce, using their talons to tear away at their prey.  From a distance
 they will fire bursts of venom at their target.  Despite their aggressive
 nature, they are somewhat fragile and can be easily dispatched.  Because of
 this they will commonly hunt in packs.

 Location: Grand Court Path, Bryyo


 The Korba is a vicious, resilient bioform.  It prefers to lurk above its
 hunting grounds, waiting for prey.  The Korba relies on the smaller Snatchers
 to levitate victims to a point where the Korba can devour them.  What the
 Korba cannot digest, it expels to feed the Snatchers.  This symbiotic
 relationship works well for both Korba and Snatchers.

 Location: Hillside Vista, Bryyo


 Corrupted War Golem reanimated and energized with Phazon.  Relies on socketed
 energy orbs as a source of power.  The orbs themselves have a fragile exterior
 but contain pure Phazon energy within.  This energy must be completely
 overloaded before it will be destroyed.  Eliminating all power sources is the
 only way to bring Mogenar offline.

 Location: Bryyo Leviathan Core, Bryyo


 Nightbarbs are predators, traveling in packs to search for prey.  They have
 the ability to generate a protective field of energy around their bodies.  The
 ability is unstable, however.  If the field makes contact with another life
 force, it will overload.  This also consumes the life force of the Nightbarb,
 much like a bee's sting ends its life.

 Location: Gateway, Bryyo


 Scans indicate a mutation that allows the Reptilicus to teleport over short
 distances.  Commonly used as a combat tactic to corner and trap their prey.
 The Reptilicus appear to suffer from Phazon corruption, and all higher thought
 processes have been replaced by savage bloodlust.  This corruption has also
 increased their resistance to heat-based attacks and Fuel Gel.

 Location: Grand Court Path, Bryyo

                              *Reptilicus Hunter*

 Phazon corruption has granted Reptilicus Hunters the ability of cloaking
 themselves.  They use this to their advantage and will hide or move positions
 while cloaked to gain the upper hand in combat.  Reptilicus Hunters are fairly
 organized despite their primitive nature.  Usually attacking in small groups,
 they patiently wait for their prey to become isolated in a locked area before
 attacking.  Their weaponry consists of an energy whip for close-range assaults
 and a throwing chakram for long-range attacks.  They have adapted to the harsh
 climates of Bryyo, and are quite resistant to Fuel Gel and heat-based attacks.

 Location: Grand Court, Bryyo


 Scorchbugs are exclusively found on Fuel Gel-producing planets such as Bryyo.
 The tiny insects subsist entirely on the volatile gel.  Like many creatures
 with this diet, they have taken on the ignitable characteristics of their food
 source.  When shot with any type of weaponry, they burst into a small
 explosion, leaving behind only a scorch mark.  It is from this trait that they
 have earned their name.

 Location: Temple Reservoir, Bryyo


 Shelbugs are slow-moving, roaming insects whose soft bodies are easily
 damaged.  Until they reach maturity they will not develop their Phazite shell.
 Unable to retract into a shell to avoid damage, they must aggressively attack
 any potential threat.  They will extend sharp spines to fend off attackers or
 propel these spines at enemies.

 Location: South Jungle Hall, Bryyo


 Snatchers are cunning, albeit weak, bioforms.  Unable to kill most prey on
 their own, they rely on the stronger Korba to do the work for them.  Snatchers
 will swarm onto a target until it is overwhelmed.  Once they have their prey,
 they use their power to levitate, lifting the victim to a point where the
 Korba can devour them.  What the Korba cannot digest, it expels to feed the
 Snatchers.  This symbiotic relationship works well for both Snatchers and the

 Location: Hillside Vista, Bryyo

                                   Warp Hound

 Warp Hounds are susceptible to low-temperature attacks, due to the nature of
 their thermal-energy-driven biosystem.  They are often used by Reptilicus as
 guards and hunt beasts.  They consume Fuel Gel to survive, and can expel
 blasts of converted thermal energy to attack and defend.  The creatures can
 teleport over short distances, disrupting many forms of electronic targeting
 in the process.

 Location: Temple of Bryyo, Bryyo

     +                              SkyTown                             +

                              Aerial Repair Drone

 An evolved version of the ground units, these drones were designed to perform
 basic maintenance and repair tasks.  Their small size and flight capabilities
 allow them access to the hardest-to-reach areas of SkyTown.  Repair drones are
 manufactured and activated every 200 years, with the previous unites being
 recycled for construction materials.

 Location: Main Docking Bay, SkyTown


 Databots were designed by the Elysians as a means to record and pass on
 historical data.  They patrol along their set area until disrupted, and then
 project a holographic datafile.  However, only those equipped with Chozo-based
 visor technology can access this information.

 Location: Main Docking Bay, SkyTown

                                *Defense Drone*

 The Defense Drone is used to secure key areas within SkyTown.  The externally
 mounted antennas are tied into the unit's optic array.  By destroying all of
 the antennas, the optic array will overload and be vulnerable for a short
 period.  The machine's Control Unit is also vulnerable, but must be exposed to
 be targeted.  Its armor is immune to small-arms fire.

 Location: Ballista Storage, SkyTown

                             "Dragoon" Battle Drone

 The "Dragoon" Battle Drone is a resilient foe, but the thruster controls of
 the unit are vulnerable and can be easily ripped off.  Originally designed to
 keep local aerial bioforms away from delicate instruments, the "Dragoon" is
 now used in a combat role.  It carries twin Rocket Pods for offense.  Durable
 armor and a Missile-jamming system help keep the unit safe.

 Location: Skybridge Hera, SkyTown

                               Elysian Shriekbat

 Like all Shriekbats, the Elysian Shriekbat will dive-bomb any creature that
 wanders too close and detonate on contact.  However, these are not actual
 creatures, but machines made to mimic their real-life counterparts.  Designed
 centuries ago, their original purpose is unknown.  They now roam the hovering
 facilities over Elysia, often in small flocks.

 Location: Main Docking Access, SkyTown


 Helios's exterior armor is well shielded, but still vulnerable to Beam
 weaponry.  Inflicting enough damage will cause him to overheat and expose his
 Phazon-enhanced core.  This core can be overloaded with Phazon-based energy.
 Destruction of the core unit should prove fatal, but is difficult to achieve.
 Target is the prime bot of a large group of Swarmbots, all of which are
 energized by Phazon.  Helios will use the Swarmbots for both offensive and
 defensive measures.  Assuming different formations will allow for various
 forms of attack.

 Location: Elysia Leviathan Core, Elysia

                                  Repair Drone

 The original version of the Elysian Repair Drone.  Because of their limited
 movement systems, these units quickly proved to be insufficient in performing
 the necessary maintenance duties.  Used as a base design, the aerial model
 was created to address all flaws with the original version.  Made obsolete by
 the aerial model, all production and manufacturing was halted over 150 years
 ago.  Only a handful of these unites remain active.

 Location: Aurora Lift, SkyTown

                                   Sky Puffer

 The external shell of a Sky Puffer is incredibly fragile, susceptible to most
 small-arms fire.  Only a few shots from basic weapons can damage it.  Sky
 Puffers are native to the planet Elysia.  They feed on the various noxious
 gasses in the atmosphere.  They are especially fond of Phazon gas.

 Location: Maintenance Shaft AU, SkyTown


 The Steambot's lightly armored exterior can be damaged by any weapon.  High-
 temperature weapons are particularly effective, and can render them inert and
 beyond repair.  Unlike their lightweight cousins, they are made of durable
 metals and cannot be tossed around.  Steambots serve as combat units for
 Steamlords.  They are armed with kinetic-beam pistols, Missile racks, and can
 use their tool-arms in close combat.  Damaged units can be restored by

 Location: Steambot Barracks, SkyTown


 Steamlords command the worker drones of SkyTown.  They also repair them when
 they malfunction or break down.  Lightly armored, they rely on their cloaking
 field to evade their enemies.  They can generate localized EMP fields to
 hinder enemy visor systems.

 Location: Steambot Barracks, SkyTown


 Steamspiders were created by the Steamlords as basic light laborers.  They
 have since went rogue, and now run wild in SkyTown.  Though of minimal threat
 alone, a swarm of them can be a nuisance.

 Location: Escape Pod Bay


 Swarmbots tend to travel in groups.  They can evade many inbound attacks, and
 can perform aerial maneuvers that make them nearly impossible to damage.  They
 can generate pulses of energy to damage or disrupt enemy targets.  As a
 desperate measure, they will perform suicide runs on an enemy.

 Location: Gearworks, SkyTown


 Tinbots are made from a lightweight metal an can easily be knocked around from
 explosions or high-speed impacts.  This metal is also quite vulnerable to heat
 and can be melted by high-temperature weapons.  Converted for security duty,
 the Tinbots now patrol SkyTown tirelessly.  They are armed with kinetic-beam
 pistols and can use their tool-arms in close combat.

 Location: Arrival Station, SkyTown

                              Transportation Drone

 Class D Transportation Drones are used for the distribution of supplies and
 materials across all of SkyTown.  Upon activation each unit is assigned a set
 position along a transit route that it will use exclusively.  The constant
 upkeep of the facility requires that they continuously deliver their shipments
 to their destinations at a steady pace.

 Location: Main Docking Bay, SkyTown

     +                           Space Pirate                           +

                             *Advanced Aerotrooper*

 When the going gets tough, the tough puts on armor.  Advanced Aerotroopers
 wear an extra layer of ablative armor that is susceptible to explosive blasts.
 Like regular Aerotroopers, they wield two Remote Attack Pods in combat.  These
 are outfitted with a Particle Cannon and a Gel Bomb Rack.  Gel Bombs stick to
 their targets until detonation.  High-velocity movement can remove Gel Bombs.

 Location: Chozo Observatory, SkyTown

                           *Advanced Pirate Trooper*

 Advanced Pirate Troopers wear an additional layer of ablative armor.
 Explosive attacks are recommended to break the armor away.  Basic armament
 includes an assault rifle and energy scythe, both powered by Phazon.  EMP
 grenades are often employed against power-armored foes.  A new Dash Jet
 system provides increased mobility.

 Location: Ancient Courtyard, Bryyo

                           *Advanced Shield Trooper*

 Advanced Shield Troopers wear an extra layer of ablative armor; it is
 susceptible to explosive attacks.  In addition to their armor, they wield a
 portable battle shield.  While the shield provides excellent protection
 against incoming fire, it can also be easily ripped off.  Phazon-based attacks
 are capable of destroying the shield.

 Location: Temple of Bryyo, Bryyo


 Aeromines suffer from a design flaw--their shield- and beam-weapon units use
 the same power source, allowing only one to function at a time.  This exposes
 the unit to damage when it fires at enemies.  Aeromines were originally
 designed to take the role of sentry for Space Pirates, but have since been put
 to use in combat as well.  Because of the initial design flaw, these units do
 not pose much of a threat.  After the executions of the first design team, the
 new pirate designers swore to correct this flaw with great haste.

 Location: Repair Bay Shaft, G.F.S. Olympus


 Aerotroopers are dangerous foes, but their lack of armor leaves them
 vulnerable to explosive blasts.  A weakness also lies in the jet pack:
 igniting it will allow the pack to be separated from the pilot.  They use twin
 Remote Attack Pods to engage targets.  The Attack Pods are capable of using a
 Particle Cannon or a Helix Missile Pod.  They can tap their Phazon power unit
 to warp from point to point.

 Location: Cargo Dock A, Norion

                             *Armored Aerotrooper*

 Armored Aerotroopers are deployed in harsh combat zones.  Their armor is
 resilient, but susceptible to explosive blasts.  In battle they use twin
 Remote Attack Pods to engage targets.  They are equipped with a Particle
 Cannon and a Helix Missile Pod.  They can tap their Phazon power unit to warp
 from point to point.  A weakness lies in the jet pack: ignite and separate it
 from the pilot to neutralize the target.

 Location: Temple of Bryyo, Bryyo

                            *Armored Pirate Militia*

 Members of the Armored Pirate Militia have been granted lightweight armorsuits
 for combat use.  While this provides some additional resistance to Beam
 weapons, they are still vulnerable to explosive attacks.  Members of the
 Armored Pirate Militia are mostly inept soldiers who have yet to die in

 Location: Xenoresearch Lab, G.F.S. Olympus

                            *Armored Pirate Trooper*

 Armored Pirate Troopers are equipped with a standard armorsuit.  It provides
 adequate protection against Beam attacks but is vulnerable to explosive
 blasts.  They are outfitted with all the basic pirate armaments.  This
 includes an assault rifle and energy scythe, both powered by Phazon.  EMP
 grenades are often employed against power-armored foes.  A new Dash Jet
 system provides increased mobility.

 Location: Temple of Bryyo, Bryyo

                            *Armored Shield Trooper*

 Armored Shield Troopers are equipped with a standard armorsuit.  It is
 resilient, but still vulnerable to explosive attacks.  In addition to their
 armor, they wield a portable battle shield.  Removing the shield leaves them
 open to all attacks.  The shield is also vulnerable to Phazon-based attacks.

 Location: Spire, SkyTown (During Bomb Battle Sequence)
           Transit Station 0204, Pirate Homeworld

                             *Assault Aerotrooper*

 Only the best can join the ranks of the Assault Aerotroopers.  Heavily
 armored, they are resistant to most weapon systems.  Their unique armor is
 able to deflect all Missile attacks, but can still be damaged by Beam weapons.
 Like regular Aerotroopers, they wield two Remote Attack Pods in combat.  One
 is equipped with a Particle Cannon, the other with a Gel Bomb Rack.  Gel Bombs
 stick to their targets until detonation.  High-velocity movement can remove
 Gel Bombs.

 Location: Craneyard, Pirate Homeworld

                             Assault Pirate Trooper

 The Assault Pirate Troopers are some of the best the pirate military has to
 offer.  They are heavily armored and are resistant to most attacks.  Their
 unique armor will deflect all Missile fire, but is still damaged by Beam
 attacks.  Basic armaments includes an assault rifle and energy scythe, both
 powered bye Phazon.  EMP grenades are often employed against power-armored
 foes.  A new Dash Jet system provides increased mobility.

 Location: Ancient Courtyard, Bryyo

                            *Assault Shield Trooper*

 Assault Shield Troopers are heavily armored and resistant to most weapon
 systems.  Their unique armor will deflect Missile attacks, but not Beam fire.
 In addition to their armor, they wield a portable battle shield.  Their battle
 shield provides protection against all standard weapon fire, but can be easily
 torn off.  Phazon-based weapons are capable of destroying the shield.

 Location: Metroid Processing, Pirate Homeworld

                               *Aurora Unit 313*

 Aurora 313 has somehow been fused with bioessence of Dark Samus.  While combat
 shields protect most of the unit, a weak spot has been detected at the cable
 junction.  Damaging the unit's core will expose this point, but the core
 itself is protected by an armored hatch.  Tentacle ports can be damaged to
 initiate stunning cerebral-feedback pulses within the target.  While
 incapacitated, the hatch will be unprotected and able to be pulled open.  This
 unit has been heavily mutated by Phazon exposure.  It appears to be
 symbiotically connected to the planet Phaaze as well.

 Location: Sanctum, Phaaze

                               *Berserker Knight*

 A Berserker Knight's Phazite armor must be removed before unit can be damaged:
 only the Phazon-based projectile attacks the creature fires can destroy it.
 The Berserker Knight serves as a shocking example of the lengths the Space
 Pirates will go to in their quest for dominance.  Heavily mutated by Phazon
 exposure, the unit is nearly mindless, driven by battle lust.

 Location: Ancient Courtyard, Bryyo

                                *Berserker Lord*

 Berserker Lords are highly resistant to damage.  Their shoulders are the only
 unprotected area vulnerable to standard weapon fire.  Their main defense lies
 in their head-mounted Phazite plating, which can only be destroyed by the
 projectiles it fires.  Berserker Lords are a desperate measure, designed to
 exploit Phazon as much as possible.  The few Berserker Knights that survive
 the highest level of corruption are promoted to Lord status.  Lords are
 distinguished by their ornate Phazite plating and the Phazon reserves they
 carry on their backs.

 Location: Docking Bay 5, G.F.S. Olympus

                                Commando Pirate

 Commando Pirates use the best gear available: only Beams of the highest
 temperature can penetrate the layer of Phazite in the armorsuit.  All of the
 weaponry is powered by Phazon.  Each commando has a combat cloaking field,
 along with boost thrusters and a personal teleporter.  The Phazite armor they
 wear makes them extremely resistant to damage in combat.

 Location: Scrapvault, Pirate Homeworld


 Crawlmines are not terribly bright and rely on suicide strikes as their main
 form of attack.  They were designed to patrol small areas such as ventilation
 shafts and maintenance tunnels.  Though relatively harmless alone, they can be
 dangerous in large numbers.

 Location: Xenoresearch Lab, G.F.S. Olympus


 Crawltanks are mobile, ground-based defense drones, but are easily destroyed
 by standard weapon fire.  They can be equipped with different cannons,
 including a Phazon Beam system.  They are not built for sustained combat, and
 are better suited for light patrol and security roles.

 Location: Xenoresearch Lab, G.F.S. Olympus

                                  *Dark Samus*

 Target is comprised of pure Phazon energy and is highly unstable.  Scans
 indicate that Hypermode attacks are capable of disrupting her, likely a result
 of Hypermode being energized by Samus's body.  Dark Samus is capable of
 generating "echoes" of herself to aid her in battle.  These units will be used
 as increased firepower and act as distractions while she replenishes her
 energy: they should be destroyed immediately.  She is capable of absorbing
 energy from Phaaze to replenish her own.

 Location: Sanctum, Phaaze


 Gandrayda's ability to shape-shift has been greatly enhanced by Phazon
 exposure, allowing her to assume a number of deadly forms at will.  These new
 forms come with a cost, as she also inherits their weaknesses.  A mistress of
 stealth, she will employ her personal cloaking field often, setting up her
 next deadly attack.  An advanced visor system may be able to detect her

 Location: Proving Grounds, Pirate Homeworld


 Ghor's energy shield is capable of repelling all weapon fire, but the back-
 mounted generator is exposed to attack.  Overloading the generator could
 expose the well-protected critical systems behind his battle armor.  Ghor's
 arsenal is considerable.  Plasma-based beam weapons, attack claws, and a
 multimissile system are at the cyborg's disposal in battle.  These battle
 systems can be combined and fired at once as a devastating alpha strike.
 Target is also capable of a high-speed ramming attack, although this is
 potentially dangerous if performed over a slippery surface.

 Location: Main Docking Bay, SkyTown

                              "Jolly Roger" Drone

 The "Jolly Roger" Drone is designed for quick aerial maneuvers, but this comes
 at the cost of survivability.  The fragile armor of the unit is vulnerable to
 weapon fire of any type.  The Jolly Roger is based on Federation tech, but has
 been considerably upgraded.  Powered by Phazon, the mechanoid can be a serious
 threat in battle, especially in groups.

 Location: Generator A, Norion


 The Jumpmine was developed by the Space Pirates as a cheap alternative to an
 armed trooper.  The Jumpmine scans its surroundings until it detects an enemy
 target.  It then triggers a small thruster, "jumping" a set distance in the
 air.  Once launched, its weapon pod is engaged, saturating the local area with
 fire.  It explodes afterward to prevent use by enemy forces.

 Location: Conduit A, Norion

                                 *Korakk Beast*

 Korakks are prized by the Space Pirates, who use them as cavalry mounts.
 Their belly is occasionally vulnerable, but guarded from all sides.  Finding
 a way to get underneath it and attacking would be effective.  Nerve ending in
 the tail can be stressed through grappling, but only when the tail is
 extended.  The interior of a Korakk's mouth, as well as the tip of their
 tongue, contains sensitive nerve clusters.  Attacking these points could
 temporarily incapacitate the creature.  They can emit Phazon energy through
 their feet and tongue.  The Phazite armor they wear will repel most damage.

 Location: Jousting Field, Bryyo

                                 *Meta Ridley*

 Target's body is covered with incredibly durable armorskin, making it
 difficult to damage.  All parts of the body are protected except for the
 mouth, where Meta Ridley fires his plasma-powered weaponry.  Observing target
 may reveal additional target points.  Target will use powerful plasma-based
 ranged attacks, along with potent melee strikes.

 Location: Generator Shaft, Norion

                                 *Omega Ridley*

 Revived and regenerated through Phazon exposure, Omega Ridley has been
 energized to a new combat threat level.  Target retains extremely durable,
 Phazon-enhanced armorskin, as well as protective armored plating.  Scans
 indicate that a recent injury has not fully healed: expose and target wound to
 inflict damage.  Target will act to protect this vulnerability: seek ways to
 stun the enemy and leave it open for deadly attacks.

 Location: Pirate Homeworld Leviathan Core, Pirate Homeworld

                            *Phazon Harvester Drone*

 Man-portable weaponry cannot penetrate the thick hull of the Phazon Harvester.
 The anti-air weapon system is vulnerable, but overloading it with weapon fire
 will only disable the drone temporarily.  The pirates converted several
 Goliath-class heavy assault drones into Phazon-collecting units.  The drone
 can use its Harvesting Beam Cannon for defense, and is equipped with an anti-
 aircraft missile defense system.

 Location: Phazon Harvesting, Pirate Homeworld

                               Pirate Cargo Drone

 Pirate Cargo Drones were designed to assist with the transporting of supplies
 throughout the Pirate Homeworld.  Their aerial capabilities allow them to
 navigate the underground catacombs with relative ease.  Cargo often consists
 of items too dangerous or volatile to be moved by hand.

 Location: Landing Site Bravo, Pirate Homeworld

                               *Pirate Commander*

 Commanders make heavy use of their personal teleporter, moving to favorable
 positions and across the battlefield, giving orders and support as needed.
 They carry all of the weaponry and gear used by commandos, with the exception
 of their armor, which is forged out of ultrarare Red Phazite.  A rare breed,
 Pirate Commanders have lived to rise to the ruling caste on the Pirate
 Homeworld.  Each has been a commando for at least ten years.

 Location: Transit Station Leviathan, Pirate Homeworld

                                *Pirate Hussar*

 Hussars are unusually brave for Space Pirates, willing to ride the deadly
 Korakk beast into combat.  Their Phazon Energy Lances are deadly at any range.
 Hussars and their mounts have a strange bond.  If a Hussar is slain, his
 Korakk will fight to avenge his death.

 Location: Jousting Field, Bryyo

                                *Pirate Militia*

 The pirates have not enhanced all of their fighting forces.  They continue to
 use militia units in battle.  These groups are made up of slaves and
 criminals, and do not receive the Phazon enhancements given to regular army
 troopers.  They are surprisingly obedient to the upper castes within the
 pirate military.  Rumor has it that disobedient militia members often find
 themselves as dinner for regular army troopers.

 Location: Flag Bridge Access, G.F.S. Olympus

                                *Pirate Trooper*

 The Space Pirate military forces continue to use Phazon, including a new
 Phazon enhancement system.  Basic armament includes an assault rifle and
 energy scythe, both powered by Phazon.  EMP grenades are often employed
 against power-armored foes.  A new Dash Jet system provides increased

 Location: Cargo Dock A, Norion

                                  Puffer Mine

 Avoid contact with the Puffer Mine.  These creatures are a cybernetically
 enhanced version of the Puffers native to the Pirate Homeworld.  Engineered by
 Space Pirates, they are now used as patrol animals.  Their bodies have been
 filled with Phazon gas to be used as a defensive measure.  If their shell is
 broken, their bodies explode and send a cloud of toxic gas out all around
 them.  Nearby attackers rarely escape the volatile fumes.

 Location: Airshaft, Pirate Homeworld

                              Remorse-Class Turret

 Fast targets can evade the limited targeting system of the "Remorse" turret.
 The Space Pirates have replaced their dated "Humility" turrets with a new unit
 designed by top engineers.  Powered by Phazon, the "Remorse" unit is capable
 of withstanding more damage than the earlier model.

 Location: Corrupted Pool, Bryyo


 Phazon exposure has greatly enhanced Rundas and his ability to generate ice,
 making him deadly at any range.  His durable ice armor has one weak point--
 the neck.  Serious physical stress can weaken and remove it, exposing Rundas
 to attack.  This weak point cannot be seized as long as Rundas is active.  He
 can create frozen objects at will, and can freeze Missiles in midflight.
 Smaller ice-based projectiles can be shot down, but it is recommended to evade
 larger attacks.  Be advised: Rundas can trigger a Hypermode state, elevating
 his threat level to match your own.

 Location: Temple of Bryyo, Bryyo


 Scritters are common vermin that are usually found underground.  They tend to
 nest in dark places and come out only to feed.  Their main source of
 sustenance is Phazon, a weakness pirate slaves use against them.  Scritters
 will often be caught in simple traps set out by the starving pirate slaves who
 then feed on the small creatures.  But the pirates rarely have the last laugh,
 as some internal organs of the Scritter will release a toxic fluid when
 bitten.  Those who become violently ill because of this are often said to have
 a case of "the scritters."

 Location: Courtyard Passage, Pirate Homeworld

                            *Shield Pirate Militia*

 Some members of the Pirate Militia have been granted use of regular army-
 trooper equipment.  This unit has been given the portable battle shield.  Its
 portability is its weakness, however.  Remove it from the pirate's grip to
 eliminate its primary defense system.  The shield is also susceptible to
 Phazon-based attacks.

 Location: Cargo Dock A, Norion

                            *Shield Pirate Trooper*

 The Space Pirates have developed a man-portable battle shield that is
 resistant to most small-arms fire.  Its portability is its weakness, however.
 Remove it from the pirate's grip to eliminate its primary defense system.
 Phazon-based attacks are capable of destroying the shield.

 Location: Maintenance Station, Norion

                          *Space Pirate Assault Skiff*

 The fast-moving Space Pirate Assault Skiff is used to support troops in
 combat.  The skiff is mounted with a tribeam cannon, which is capable of
 firing powerful charged shots.  However, the cannon itself is unprotected and
 can be easily overloaded.  This modified version of the ATC has sacrificed
 durability for speed, and often employs hit-and-run tactics.

 Location: Spire, SkyTown (During Bomb Battle Sequence)

                               *Space Pirate ATC*

 The Space Pirate Armored Tactical Carrier (ATC) is surprisingly well built and
 armored.  A forward-mounted heat vent is its only vulnerable spot.  Tribeam
 cannons help the unit deal out damage while on missions as well.  Designed for
 rapid transit to and from hot zones, the unit is not designed for long-term
 engagements.  It has a relatively small fuel supply, a sacrifice made for
 heavier armament and armor.

 Location: Cargo Dock A, Norion

                           Space Pirate Boarding Pod

 Pirate boarding pods are crude, even by their standards.  They are composed of
 an aged propulsion drive, a cramped crew-transport module, and a nose cone
 packed with high explosives.  The pilot guides the pod toward the target ship,
 then rams it, detonating the explosives upon impact in an attempt to breach
 the hull.  If a breach is created, the crew within exits the pod.

 Of course, mishaps occur.  Sometimes the explosives go off prematurely,
 exposing the crew to vacuum.  Other times the detonation fails to occur,
 leaving the pod to bounce off the target's hull.  The shielding between
 explosives and crew is substandard, and often fails to protect the crew from
 the explosion.  The pod's nickname of "Space Coffin" is well earned.

 Location: Port Observation Deck, G.F.S. Olympus

                             *Vrtragian Shriekbat*

 Vrtragian Shriekbats are fiercely territorial insectoids and will dive-bomb
 anything that wanders near.  This attack is fatal for the Shriekbat, as the
 impact sets off a discharge of thermal energy.  Because of their high internal
 temperatures, they tend to seek cool climates to dwell in.  They have come to
 seek shelter inside the many pirate facilities located on the Pirate

 Location: Scrapvault, Pirate Homeworld

     +                              Phazon                              +

                               *Hopping Metroid*

 Radical mutation has removed the ability to fly from this strain of Metroid,
 but its vulnerability to cold remains.  Subject now uses its powerful legs
 for locomotion.  Legs contain sharp formations of Phazite, which the creature
 uses to slice through enemy defenses.

 Location: Cargo Dock B, Norion


 Jelsacs are aggressive creatures, roaming their territory and defending it
 from all comers.  When provoked, a Jelsac will begin to expand its body,
 quickly filling it with a caustic, Phazon-based venom.  This continues until
 the Jelsac explodes, sending a spray of deadly fluid in all directions.

 Location: Repair Bay, G.F.S. Valhalla

                               *Leviathan Infant*

 Leviathans are the children of Phaaze.  They are bioforms that begin life deep
 within the planet, inside the base of a serpentine organ that serves as a
 womb.  The Leviathan will remain in here, feeding on an endless supply of
 Phazon, until it has developed its Phazon core.

 The developed core marks the Leviathan's transition into adolescence and its
 departure from the womb.  The serpentine organ moves the adolescent from deep
 inside Phaaze and releases it closer to the planet's surface.  Here the
 bioform will continue to grow and mature beneath its older siblings.  As time
 passes and the older ones are launched into space, the Leviathan will slowly
 make its way to the planet's surface.  It is here the Leviathan will reach
 full maturity.  Once Phaaze has located a planetary target to corrupt, it will
 launch the Leviathan into space.

 The Leviathan is capable of interstellar travel, creating wormholes in space
 to expedite the journey.  Instinctively, it homes in on its planetary target.
 Shortly after impact, the bioform dies, leaving its armored shell to protect
 the Phazon core.  Before it dies, the bioform often attracts and enthralls a
 large local predator.  After mutating it through intense Phazon exposure, it
 compels the creature to protect the core.  The core then begins to seep into
 the planet, replacing the local ecosystem with one based on Phazon.

 Location: Genesis Chamber, Phaaze

                                 Liquid Phazon

 Liquid Phazon appears to be a semisentient glob of Phazon.  Their young are
 known as Phazon Grubs, and eventually metamorph into their adult, or "puddle"
 form.  They exude a toxic chemical to protect themselves from predators.
 Contact with the substance can be deadly.  They can alter their shape in a
 limited fashion, usually to avoid incoming attacks.

 Location: Conduit B, Norion

                               *Metroid Hatcher*

 Mutation has robbed the Metroid Hatcher of its ability to phase, but provided
 it a hardened outer shell which has identical attributes as Phazite.  This
 shell protects the creature's heart located at the core of its head.  The
 Hatcher's tentacles are quite dangerous, and can leech energy from any targets
 they connect to.  However, the tentacles are also the creature's weak point.
 If all its tentacles are ripped from its body, it will perish.  As such, it
 will attempt to recover energy by retracting them into its shell when they
 take damage.  While the Hatcher's tentacles are retracted, it is unable to
 attack, relying on the Phazon Metroids it spawns from its mouth for
 protection.  If the interior of the creature is hit while its mouth is open,
 it loses its strength.  The Hatcher's tentacles can be ripped off if they are
 pulled at this time.

 Location: Generator B, Norion


 Miniroids, tiny and weak, will travel in a flock for protection.  They float
 and fly about in search of sustenance.  Those that survive will grow quickly,
 becoming the feared parasites known throughout the cosmos as Phazon Metroids.


 Phaazoids are masses of Phazon energy that form after a Leviathan has been
 destroyed.  They still retain a small bit of sentience and are mindlessly
 aggressive.  The only way to damage a Phaazoid is by attacking it with Phazon-
 based attacks.  However, this has a side effect of causing the creature to
 split into two smaller forms.  Once the Phaazoid has split small enough, it
 will simply fly at a target and detonate on contact.  It is said that some
 Phaazoids may split into a rare, crimson-colored form.

 Location: Grand Court, Bryyo


 Phaz-ing bodies are weak to physical stress and can be easily pulled apart.
 These morphing blobs of Phazon often prefer to stay in puddle form and will
 only shift out to attack.  Their ability to move over all types of terrain
 allows them to position themselves at a distance before assaulting with bursts
 of Phazon energy.

 Location: Stairwell, G.F.S. Valhalla

                                  Phazon Grub

 Phazon Grubs are drawn to bioenergy in all forms, especially Phazon.  They are
 immune to its mutagenic effects, and carry it in their bodies as they roam.
 Their bite can infect the victim with Phazon corruption, making them plague
 bearers of a sort.

 Location: Conduit B, Norion

                                 Phazon Hopper

 Phazon Hoppers are more resilient than other Hoppers, but can still be damaged
 by standard weaponry.  The crystallized Phazon covering their bodies provides
 additional protection from attack.  Like other Hoppers, these are capable of
 long-range assaults.  They will spit bursts of Phazon venom at prey from a

 Location: MedLab Alpha, G.F.S. Valhalla

                                 *Phazon Leech*

 Phazon Leeches thrive on the bioenergy drained from weakened and dead prey.
 They often roam in groups, leaving behind toxic trails as they slide across
 terrain in search of sustenance.  Their bodies are soft and unprotected,
 making them very easy targets to dispatch.

 Location: Security Station. G.F.S. Valhalla

                                 Phazon Metroid

 Like all Metroids, great cold can immobilize the Phazon Metroid and leave it
 vulnerable to attacks.  If the creature begins to feed, a concussive blast
 should be able to knock it away.  Heavy exposure to Phazon energy has mutated
 this strain of Tallon Metroid.  Subject can shift its body into a phased
 state, allowing it to ignore solid matter.  The creature can emit bursts of
 Phazon energy, and will drain the life energy from its prey.

 Location: Xenoresearch B, SkyTown

                                Phazon Nightbarb

 Phazon Nightbarbs have enhanced aerial mobility that makes them all but
 impossible to hit with normal shots.  The group will work together to create a
 powerful energy burst that they will fire at their prey.  Detonating the
 energy charge with normal attacks before it fires should destroy them.  Phazon
 Nightbarbs are the result of Nightbarbs being exposed to Phazon radiation.
 These mutations look similar to their uncorrupted counterparts, but are
 characterized by their greatly increased offensive and defensive capabilities.

 Location: Crash Site, Bryyo

                                 Phazon Pillbug

 Pillbugs are commonly found in small spaces, often making traveling through
 tunnels troublesome.  Bombs are effective against them, however.  They are
 underground vermin, able to energize their hard-shelled bodies with Phazon.
 Once charged, they will roll into a defensive shape and charge their enemies.

 Location: Gel Processing Site, Bryyo Cliff

                                *Phazon Puffer*

 This particular breed of Puffer has been heavily mutated by exposure to
 Phazon, giving it strange new abilities.  As it flies, it searches the area
 for Phazon energy to consume.  The Puffer will absorb this energy out of any
 nearby bioform and energize itself.  The Puffer will then use the energy to
 fire a powerful attack back at their target.  This ability comes with a
 price--the Phazon energy comprising their body is rather unstable and easily
 disrupted by any type of weapon fire.

 Location: Cavern Beta Access, Phaaze

                                Phazon Shriekbat

 Even more aggressive than normal species, Phazon Shriekbats will not hesitate
 to attack any creature that wanders too close.  Their dive-bomb attacks erupts
 in a burst of Phazon energy, which usually proves fatal to weaker organisms.
 These Shriekbats are mainly found in areas with high amounts of Phazon.
 Instead of the usual insects and small creatures Shriekbats usually feed on,
 these have come to rely on Phazon as a food source.

 Location: Hanger A Access, G.F.S. Valhalla

                                 *Red Phaazoid*

 Red Phaazoids, like their more common siblings, can only be damaged by Phazon-
 based weaponry.  They are wildly aggressive and will split into smaller forms
 when attacked.  Their reddish appearance is the result of an unstable energy
 core, an uncommon mutation that occurs when a Phaazoid is formed.  Overloading
 their core with Phazon energy will destroy them, causing them to yield a rare

 Location: Grand Court, Bryyo
           Jousting Field, Bryyo
           Gel Processing Site, Bryyo
           Concourse Ventilation, SkyTown
           Construction Bay, SkyTown
           Phazon Harvesting, Pirate Homeworld
           Metroid Creche, Pirate Homeworld
           Transit Station 0204, Pirate Homeworld

                                 *Tangle Weed*

 A simple bioform of plant life of which there are many species across many
 worlds.  While each breed may have characteristics native to their respective
 ecology, they all possess identical behavior.  Tangle Weeds constantly sway
 their brightly colored leaves to attract potential prey to land on them.  The
 thousands of microscopic barbs lining the Tangle Weed's body will snare and
 inject a paralyzing toxin into their victim.  While small organisms are unable
 to escape, Tangle Weeds lack the strength to do anything more than hinder the
 movement of larger life-forms.  When attacked, they will retract into the
 ground until they no longer sense a threat.

 Location: Drop Shaft, Phaaze

       >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>          RESEARCH        <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

   The Metroid Universe is very technologically driven.  Because of this, Samus
 can scan many of the different gadgets, systems, and structures she encounters
 in her journey.  Many of these scans are compiled and collected in your

 *NOTE: Some of the research information is able to be scanned before Samus can
        use it.  When this happens, the scan does NOT count towards your
        logbook.  You must rescan these items after Samus obtains the
        appropriate suit upgrade (i.e. Spider Ball Track).

                                   Acid Rain

 Acid rain is prevalent on the Pirate Homeworld, where the constant pollution
 has fully corrupted the environment.  the caustic effects of the rain are
 incredibly volatile and will severely damage your suit.  Exposure to the rain
 for any extended period of time will prove fatal.  Avoid all contact with the

 Location: Pirate Homeworld

                            *Black Phazon Crystals*

 The hardened exterior of Black Phazon Crystals is resistant to normal attacks.
 These structures will form naturally over time in areas with high amounts of
 Phazon.  It is commonly mined by Space Pirates for use in producing trooper
 armor, but loses its darkened appearance in the process.

 Location: Entry Canyon, Phaaze

                                 *Blast Shield*

 Blast Shields are invulnerable to all types of weapon fire.  Some are engaged
 when hostiles are detected and will only open once the threat has been
 eliminated.  Others will sometimes remain shut and force you to find an
 alternate route.

 Location: Docking Bay 4, G.F.S. Olympus

                                   Bomb Slot

 Bomb Slots are powered system-control units. To use, insert the Morph Ball
 into the slot and detonate a Bomb.  This will transfer energy from the slot to
 the device connected to it.

 Location: Disposal Chamber, G.F.S. Olympus

                                Bryyo Blue Door

 Bryyo doors are carved from heavy stone native to the planet.  Each door has
 been designed with a low-level energy shield.  Shooting the shield with any
 weapon will open the door.

 Location: Cliffside Airdock, Bryyo

                               Bryyo Orange Door

 Bryyo doors are carved from heavy stone native to the planet.  Each door has
 been designed with a low-level energy shield.  This shield is specially
 designed to only be disrupted by high-temp shots.

 Location: Hidden Court, Bryyo

                                  Energy Cell

 Energy Cells were designed as a portable power source for the Federation.
 Their high power-to-energy ratio makes them ideal for powering a wide variety
 of equipment.

 Throughout the environment you may encounter stations that contain an Energy
 Cell.  Removing the cell will leave these stations permanently offline.  You
 will then be able to place the collected Energy Cell into a new station that
 is empty.

 Your collected and used Energy Cells are recorded in your Logbook.

 Locations: Energy Cell 1 - Docking Bay 5, G.F.S. Valhalla
            Energy Cell 2 - Hanger Bay, Bryyo
            Energy Cell 3 - Generator B, Norion
            Energy Cell 4 - Hidden Court, Bryyo
            Energy Cell 5 - Xenoresearch B, SkyTown
            Energy Cell 6 - Command Courtyard, Pirate Homeworld
            Energy Cell 7 - Metroid Processing, Pirate Homeworld
            Energy Cell 8 - Ballista Storage, SkyTown
            Energy Cell 9 - Phazon Quarry, Pirate Homeworld

                                    Fuel Gel

 Fuel Gel is used to power most modern starships in the cosmos.  It is
 extremely rare, and worlds that produce it tend to be quite prosperous.  The
 exception to this is planet Bryyo, a Federation protectorate--and the largest
 supplier of Fuel Gel.  Proceeds from Bryyonian gel sales go directly to the
 Federation military forces protecting that sector of space.

 The sheer value of Fuel Gel is very attractive, and has led to an uprise in
 piracy over the last 20 years.  Today, raids on gel transport convoys are
 common, especially in frontier regions of space.  The Galactic Federation has
 increased antipiracy operations, and planets with Fuel Gel resources are
 protected by Federation fleets and ground forces.

 Location: Hidden Court, Bryyo

                         Galactic Federation Blue Door

 All Federation doors are designed with a low-level energy shield to prevent
 accidental activation.  Shooting the energy shield will activate and open the
 door.  Blue-colored energy shields may be disrupted by weapon fire of any

 Location: Docking Bay 5, G.F.S. Olympus

                           Galactic Federation Crate

 Galactic Federation Crates are used to store basic supplies.  Because they are
 lightly armored, the crates are unable to withstand basic weapon fire.
 Destroy them to discover their contents.

 Location: Docking Bay 5, G.F.S. Olympus

                         Galactic Federation Green Door

 The green-colored energy shield of this type of Federation door can only be
 disrupted by a high-frequency Beam.  Shooting the shield with the proper Beam
 will activate and open the door.

 Location: Junction A, G.F.S. Valhalla

                        Galactic Federation Orange Door
 All Federation doors are designed with a low-level energy shield to prevent
 accidental activation.  Shooting the energy shield will activate and open the
 door.  Orange-colored energy shields may only be opened with high-temperature

 Location: Hanger Bay, Bryyo

                                   Grab Ledge

 Certain ledges are composed of unique magnetic alloys that react to your suit.
 By jumping toward and grabbing on to them, a surge of energy will course
 through your suit and allow you to pull yourself up.

 Ledges that shimmer green are able to be grabbed on to.

 Location: Gel Processing Site, Bryyo

                              Grapple Swing Point

 To use the Grapple Swing, lock on to the Grapple Swing Point  with Z.
 Release Z to let go.  You can fire your weapons while attached to a Grapple
 Swing Point.

 Location: Hillside Vista, Bryyo


 Half-pipes are U-shaped channels with incredibly smooth surfaces that Samus
 can boost along.  Charge the Boost while descending in a half-pipe and then
 release the Boost as you ascend the opposite side.  This will allow you access
 to areas that are too high to reach otherwise.

 Location: Ancient Courtyard, Bryyo

                         Heavy Galactic Federation Crate

 Heavy Galactic Federation Crates are often used to store ammunition and energy
 supplies.  These units are made of very durable metals.  Only heavy weapons
 and explosives can destroy them.

 Location: Docking Bay 5, G.F.S. Olympus

                             Heavy Phazon Canister

 Heavy Phazon Canisters are used by Space Pirates to transport large amounts of
 Phazon.  Unlike the smaller versions, these are made and reinforced with
 durable metals.  Only a strong impact will destroy them.

 Location: Landing Site Alpha, Pirate Homeworld

                           Heavy SkyTown Storage Unit

 Heavy SkyTown Storage Units are made of metals manufactured exclusively on
 SkyTown.  These metals are very durable and can only be damaged by heavy
 weapon fire.

 Location: Main Docking Bay, SkyTown

                              Hunter-Class Gunship
 Based on the previous version, the new Hunter-class gunship is a fusion of
 Federation and Chozo technology.  Designed by Samus Aran, this one-of-a-kind
 vessel was custom built at the Federation shipyard of Aliehs III.  It is
 equipped with a powerful Chozo biotech computer that can interface with Aran
 via a Command Visor unit.  The ship contains a mobile energy-recharge system,
 microfactories designed to produce ammunition, and an advanced medical bay.

 Location: Docking Bay 5, G.F.S. Olympus

                                  Kashh Plant

 The Reptilicus use Kashh plants as a means to store supplies.  Shooting them
 with any weapon will reveal their contents.

 Location: Cliffside Airdock, Bryyo

                               Kinetic Orb Cannon

 The Kinetic Orb Cannon's original purpose is unclear, but they are capable of
 firing spherical objects at high speeds to a set target.  Entering a cannon
 while in Morph Ball will allow you to reach new areas and traverse great
 distances quickly.

 The Kinetic Orb Cannon appears in various locations in SkyTown.  However, most
 units have shut down and require a kinetic charge to reactivate.

 Location: Transit Hub, SkyTown

                                 Landing Beacon

 Landing Beacons will appear only in locations where your ship can land.
 Automated sensors detect whether hostiles or obstructions are nearby, and the
 beacons will retract until the area is free of all hazards.  When the beacons
 are extended and blinking, you may use the Command Visor to summon your ship.

 Location: Docking Bay 5, G.F.S. Olympus

                               Large Bryyo Coffer

 Large Bryyo Coffers were originally designed to store items and supplies in
 locations where Kashh plants wouldn't survive.  Their hardened plating makes
 them resistant to all but the heaviest of weapon fire.

 Location: Gateway Hall, Bryyo

                            Large Space Pirate Crate

 Large Space Pirate Crates are made of durable materials.  Only heavy weapon
 fire will damage them.  Destroy them to discover their contents.

 Location: Temple of Bryyo, Bryyo

                                *Leviathan Door*

 Leviathan doors function in the same way normal doors do.  Shooting the energy
 shield will cause the bone plates to retract and allow you to walk through.

                               Mature Kashh Plant

 Mature Kashh plants are used for storage by Bryyo natives.  Unlike the younger
 versions, these have developed a think bark that is only vulnerable to heavy
 weapon fire.

 Location: Cliffside Airdock, Bryyo

                             *Mounted Blast Shield*

 Mounted Blast Shields are unique in that they often have a primary locking
 system.  These systems commonly come in the form of multiple release locks
 that must be hit in a sequential order.  Once this locking system is
 disengaged the shield can be removed.  Weapon fire is insufficient to damage
 the shield, but it can easily be torn off with a strong pull.

 Location: Access Hub, Norion

                           *Multi-Lock Blast Shield*

 The type of Blast Shield is characterized by its multiple locking mechanisms.
 A simultaneous blast to all the targets is required to deactivate the locks
 and remove the shield.

 Location: Cargo Dock B, Norion

                                 *Phaaze Door*

 Phaaze doors appear to be organic maws contained within a thin layer of Phazon
 energy.  Disrupting the energy with Phazon-based attacks will cause the maw to
 open and allow you to pass through. 

 Location: Landing Site, Phaaze

                                 Phazon Fungus

 The soft bodies of Phazon Fungus are easily damaged by weapon fire.  These
 organisms are commonly found in areas that are highly concentrated with
 Phazon.  The growths can be highly destructive and will feed on any organic
 matter.  As the fungus grows, it corrupts the surrounding area further and
 will continue to spread out.

 Location: South Jungle Hall, Bryyo

                                 Planet Aether

 Satellite information shows that Aether is slowly recovering from a
 cataclysmic event.  A stellar object struck the planet with an incredible
 force, burning Aether's fertile plains and destroying the lush forests
 covering her surface.  The planet's own energy supply, once torn in two by the
 impact, is now stable.  The inhabitants of the world, the starborne Luminoth,
 have begun the long task of mending Aether back to its former self.

 Location: Chozo Observatory, SkyTown

                                Planet Tallon IV

 Tallon IV appears to be a utopia for biological life, containing an oxygen-
 rich and hospitable atmosphere.  The planet is home to countless species of
 flora and fauna.  Satellite scans detect numerous structures on the planet's
 surface, with closer examination revealing many of these structures to be of
 Chozo origin.  Tallon IV's scar, the result of a celestial body impacting the
 planet's surface decades ago, is still visible.  Satellite scans are unable to
 determine the extent of the original damage, but the planet appears to have
 recovered from any negative effects of the object's impact.

 Location: Chozo Observatory, SkyTown

                               *Red Blast Shield*

 Red Blast Shields contain high amounts of Brinstone within their metals, and
 are easily damaged by explosive blasts.  Once shattered, the Blast Shield will
 remain destroyed.

 Location: Conduit A, Norion

                                  Save Station

 Enter these stations to save your game and fully restore your energy.

                               Ship Grapple Point

 Objects with a Ship Grapple Point are capable of being lifted by your gunship.
 By using the Command Visor and targeting the icon over these points, you will
 be able to lift and move large objects.

 Objects in the environment that shimmer purple are able to be moved with your

 Location: Chozo Observatory, SkyTown

                               SkyTown Blue Door

 All SkyTown doors contain a low-level energy shield behind their ornate
 carvings.  Shooting the energy shield will activate and open the door.  The
 centuries-old design has served as a blueprint for what is now standard across
 all planets.  Blue-colored energy shields can be opened with any weapon.

 Location: Main Docking Bay, SkyTown

                              SkyTown Orange Door

 All SkyTown doors contain a low-level energy shield behind their ornate
 carvings.  Shooting the energy shield will activate and open the door.  The
 centuries-old design has served as a blueprint for what is now standard across
 all planets.  Orange-colored energy shields can only be disrupted with high-
 temp Beams.

 Location: Chozo Observatory, SkyTown

                              SkyTown Storage Unit

 SkyTown Storage Units contain various useful supplies.  Their thin plating
 does not provide much protection, and they are easily damaged.  Any type of
 weapon fire will destroy them.

 Location: Main Docking Bay, SkyTown

                               Small Bryyo Coffer

 Small Bryyo Coffers were designed to be easily transported.  Their outer
 plating is lightweight and vulnerable to standard weapon fire.

 Location: Gateway Hall, Bryyo

                             Space Pirate Blue Door

 Space Pirate doors are based on stolen Federation technology.  They all
 include a low-level energy shield that will open the door when shot.  Blue-
 colored shields can be shot with any type of weapon.

 Location: Generator Hall South, Bryyo

                               Space Pirate Crate

 Space Pirate Crates are mainly used as storage units by pirate troops.  They
 will often contain energy supplies and ammunition.  Standard weapon fire is
 capable of destroying them.

 Location: Temple of Bryyo, Bryyo

                            Space Pirate Green Door

 Space Pirate doors are based on stolen Federation technology.  They all
 include a low-level energy shield that will open the door when shot.  Green
 shields may only be disrupted by a high-frequency Beam.

 Location: Defense Access, Pirate Homeworld

                            Space Pirate Orange Door

 Space Pirate doors are based on stolen Federation technology.  They all
 include a low-level energy shield that will open the door when shot.  Orange
 shields will only react to high-temp shots.

 Location: Lift Hub, Pirate Homeworld

                               Spider Ball Track

 While in Morph Ball mode, press and hold Z when close to a magnetic rail.  Use
 [the analog stick] to move the Ball along the track.  Release Z to disengage
 from the track.

 Using a Bomb will briefly disengage the Morph Ball from the track.

 Location: Powerworks, SkyTown


 Use the Boost ability of the Morph Ball when inside a Spinner to activate the
 device in powers.

 Location: Ballista Storage, SkyTown

                               Wall Jump Surface

 This surface was designed to be used in conjunction with the Screw Attack
 system.  Perform Screw Attacks while facing and touching the wall to do a Wall

 Location: Tower, Bryyo

                              *White Blast Shield*

 While Blast Shields are extremely resilient against all but cold-based
 attacks.  The alloys within the shield will shatter immediately if exposed to
 extreme cold.  Once broken, the Blast Shield will remain destroyed.

 Location: Maintenance Station, Norion

                                 Zipline Cable

 Zipline Cables were designed as a transit system between pods on SkyTown.
 Connect and hold on to the cable by pressing and holding Z while targeting the
  at either end.

 Location: Zipline Station Alpha, SkyTown

       >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>            LORE          <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

   Like the other Prime games, Metroid Prime 3 includes many pieces of Lore
 that can be scanned and collected in the Logbook.  This Lore serves as the
 backbone of Corruption's story and it is advised you read it if you want to
 get the most out of the game.  The Lore is broken down into 4 categories and
 each piece of Lore is obtained by scanning a certain object on that planet.
 The objects are as follows:

 	Galactic Federation Data --- Computer Console
        Bryyo Data ----------------- Ancient Paintings
        SkyTown Data --------------- Databots (shoot once)
        Space Pirate Data ---------- Wall-Mounted Holographic Monitors

 The transcriptions of these pieces of Lore follow.

     +                      Galactic Federation Data                    +


 Phazon is a substance of extragalactic origin.  It is a highly radioactive ore
 with extreme mutagenic properties.  It has certain biological qualities,
 including the ability to reproduce itself.  Exposure to Phazon often affects
 the brains of sentient beings, causing erratic, destructive behavior.  It is
 also a potent source of energy, surpassing even Fuel Gel in pure output
 potential.  It must be handled carefully, as it can cause "Phazon sickness" if
 used incorrectly.

 Location: MedLab Delta, G.F.S. Olympus

                          *Phazon Enhancement Device*

 The Phazon Enhancement Device is designed to harness the energy of Phazon
 minerals, originally discovered on Aether, for a new Federation weapon
 system.  It is being tested by a GF Marine battalion stationed in the Norion
 system.  Marines can initiate an energy siphon from a supply of Phazon carried
 in a backpack into their armorsuits.  This allows them to temporarily enhance
 the exoskeletal and weapon systems of their armorsuits.  To date, no marines
 have displayed signs of "Phazon sickness."

 Location: MedLab Delta, G.F.S. Olympus

                                 Planet Norion

 Though located on the fringe of the Federation, the planet Norion is of great
 importance.  The military maintains a strong presence in the sector, and the
 base on Norion is often the first line of defense against enemies that operate
 outside of GF space.

 Originally a barren orb incapable of sustaining life, a sophisticated
 terraforming project designed by Aurora Unit 486 has turned Norion into a
 hardy forest world.

 Location: Cargo Dock B, Norion

                                  Planet Bryyo

 Federation scouts discovered the planet Bryyo ten years ago.  The planet's
 alignment makes most of its surface uninhabitable: 48% of the world is always
 exposed to the sun, with another 48% shrouded in permanent night.  The
 remaining 4% lies in an equatorial ring of fertile jungle, where the bulk of
 Bryyo's bioforms dwell.

 Fuel Gel is common on Bryyo, which makes it extremely important to the
 Federation.  The local bioforms are quite primitive, though there are ruins
 that indicate an advanced culture thrived on Bryyo in centuries past.

 Location: Data Storage, Norion


 SkyTown is a network of advanced structures floating in the atmosphere of
 planet Elysia.  Most of the base is dedicated to research, from a local to
 interstellar level.  The powerful sensors of SkyTown provide useful military
 intelligence data along with research information.  An Aurora Unit analyzes
 the vast amount of data collected by the station: it is supported by the
 Elysians, a group of sentient mechanoids that live within the base.

 Location: Data Storage, Norion

                                 Hunter Rundas

 Subject is a native of Phrygis, a moon of planet Bes III known primarily for
 ice mining.  The Phrygisian ability to manipulate and generate ice has come in
 handy in subject's career as a Bounty Hunter.  Intel suggests he enjoys
 hunting, to the point where he keeps trophies from all of the targets he's
 successfully captured or killed in his career.  Subject is proud, cocky, and
 arrogant, and considers himself without rivals in his field.

 Location: Docking Hub Alpha, Norion

                                  Hunter Ghor

 Subject is a veteran of the liberation war of Wotan VII.  Only 6% of subject's
 birth-body remains: the rest is state-of-the-art cyberware.  Despite his
 career and heavy cybernetic modification, subject is known for his high level
 of empathy and compassion.  Ghor is rather gentle and approaches situations
 logically, but is not the most skilled of fighters.  Intel suggests he even
 has a sense of humor.  Subject has often championed the weak, poor, and
 downtrodden, working for free or giving bounty money earned to the victims of
 his targets.

 Subject can merge his cybernetic body into larger mechanisms, including
 gunships and fightercraft.  This merging will alter Ghor's personality, and
 he will become incredibly aggressive and violent.  Data indicates a high
 proficiency with computer infiltration and manipulation.  High level of
 mechanical empathy with artificial intelligence.

 Location: Munitions Storage, Norion

                                Hunter Gandrayda

 Subject homeworld unknown.  Possesses metamorphic ability similar to the
 biomorphs of Jovia XII.  Can assume the form and abilities of most living
 things, including bioforms considerable larger than the subject.

 Scans are unable to determine subject's age, but psych eval suggests a high
 degree of youthfulness.  Intel suggests that bounty hunting is akin to a sport
 for her, one she enjoys considerably.  Subject perceives the veteran Hunter
 Samus Aran as her chief rival, a rival she intends to surpass as soon as

 Location: Munitions Storage, Norion

                            Olympus-Class Battleship

 The Olympus-class battleship is the first Federation capital ship designed to
 use an onboard Aurora Unit.  They are the flagships of the fleets they serve
 in, usually commanded by an officer of flag rank.  Battleships of this class
 have smaller crews than most ships of a similar size due to the presence of
 the Aurora Unit.  The space saved in crew support is used for more battle
 systems.  The enormous vessels are powered by Fuel Gel, making the scarce
 commodity of extreme value to the Federation military.

 Location: Security Station, G.F.S. Olympus

                               Tallon IV Incident

 Planet Tallon IV, formerly a Chozo colony, was struck by a stellar object 50
 years ago.  Object was later determined to contain large quantities of Phazon.
 The Chozo were able to stave off the spread of Phazon, at the cost of many
 Chozo lives.  The survivors abandoned the planet, fleeing to an unknown
 location.  Decades later, Hunter Samus Aran responded to a distress call in
 the sector and discovered a Space Pirate Phazon mining station there.  Aran
 eliminated both the pirate and Phazon threat from the planet, though not
 without cost.

 Location: Stairwell, G.F.S. Valhalla

                               Valhalla Incident

 The G.F.S. Valhalla was on a training mission after receiving new crew at
 Tivus.  We believe the Valhalla was ambushed en route to the training base by
 a fleet of pirate vessels.  Data suggests the pirates were using upgraded
 starships powered by Phazon: that plus superior numbers were more than the
 Valhalla could handle.  Current whereabouts of the Valhalla are unknown: she
 is presumed destroyed in action.

 Location: Munitions Storage, Norion

                                 Anhur Incident

 Planet Aether, home of the Luminoth, was struck by a "Phazon Meteor" five
 decades ago.  The impact had catastrophic effects on the already unstable
 planet, creating a "dark twin" of the planet and a dire race known as the Ing.
 A brutal war between the win planets took place, with the Ing gaining the
 upper hand.  The G.F.S. Tyr went to the sector to investigate pirate activity,
 but were forced to make an emergency landing on Aether.  Shortly after, the
 entire crew of Tyr was attacked and annihilated by the Ing.  Hunter Samus
 Aran was sent to investigate, and wound up entangled in the local conflict.
 Aran fought against both Space Pirates and Ing, and arose victorious.
 Aether's "dark twin" vanished, taking with it the Ing horde, and the planet's
 peace was finally restored.

 After the Aether Incident, the Federation sent the G.F.S. Anhur back to Aether
 to deal with the pirate base.  Upon arrival, the crew and marines of the Anhur
 assisted the native Luminoth in dismantling an abandoned Space Pirate mining
 facility.  During the operation, the crew detected the presence of Phazon.
 The ship's crew investigated and collected several kilograms of ore, which
 would later lead to the development of the PED.

 Location: Control Room, G.F.S. Valhalla

     +                            Bryyo Data                            +

                                  Golden Age

 Look now to the past, and to the time of peace on Bryyo.  See the age of gold,
 when our world was a paradise unrivaled.  Hear the songs of joy fill the
 streets of the Royal City, as the people honor the coming of Bryyus the First,
 the Liberator.  Behold the launch of our first ship to the stars on that day,
 and witness the rise of Science, of a New Bryyo.  See this, and see the
 beginning of our downfall.

 Location: Reliquary II, Bryyo

                                 Age of Science

 The ships of Bryyo sped to the stars, in all directions, bearing the banner of
 peace.  Soon we found stellar brethren in the Chozo, the Luminoth, and the
 Vlla.  Starborne knowledge came to Bryyo, and we gladly sent our wisdom to our
 new friends in return.  The hearts of Bryyo were filled with pride, and they
 honored the Lords of Science for all the wonders we provided.  As the time of
 New Bryyo came to be, the old ways faded.  The cries of joy from those who
 honored Science covered the angry shouts of those who mourned the old ways,
 the Primal Traditions.

 Location: Grand Court, Bryyo

                                 Age of Schism

 In time, the wonders of Science were not enough for those who held the Primal
 Traditions in their hearts.  The warnings of the Chozo--to seek balance
 between old and new ways--were not heeded by the Lords of Science, myself
 included.  We forged on, ignorant of the rage in the hearts of the Primals.
 The time came when Sfimas, First Lord of Science, denounced the Primals and
 their Traditions in the center of the Royal City.  It was as flame to a dry
 forest.  The Age of Science ended, and the Age of Schism was born.

 Location: Main Lift, Bryyo

                                   Age of War

 In the beginning, the conflicts were small, out of sight for most on Bryyo.
 But they grew, slowly but as steady as the coming sun.  Diplomacy gave way to
 brutality, and war came to our world.  The Lords of Science turned their minds
 from exploration to destruction, and unleashed horrors unknown upon their
 Primal enemies.  In retaliation, the Primals turned to the darkest of ancient
 powers, cursing us, the Science Lords, and all who served our cause.  Friends
 from the stars tried desperately to end the conflict, all in vain.  The people
 of war would not be denied.

 Location: Gel Processing Site, Bryyo


 Look now to the time of battle, tribe against tribe.  See fertile land swept
 clean of all living things by arcane nightmares or the hellish blasts of
 Science.  See the giant stone Mogenars do battle, destroying the land with
 their titanic blows.  And hear the undying scream of a planet wracked by
 darkest war.  The battles waged endlessly, and the resources needed to sustain
 our war machines were great.  Bryyo too had become a casualty of the war: the
 air was filled with the smoke of battle and the soil soaked with the toxins of
 pollution.  Calamity after calamity visited the folk of Bryyo, until a world
 once known for wonders became a scarred husk under the stars.  Only a small
 region remained habitable, and to it the survivors went, bringing the war with

 Location: Temple Generator, Bryyo


 We, the Lords of Science, mishandled the use of our knowledge.  The
 devastation of the war robbed us of the rare resources necessary to fuel our
 war engines.  Without our machines we were unable to stand up to the Primal
 armies, and they overran the enclaves of many Science Lords.  What few
 remained fled into dark places, polluted wastelands even the bravest of Primal
 warriors would not dare enter.  Whatever joy there may have been amongst the
 victorious was quickly stamped out by the grim reality surrounding them.
 Bryyo, their cradle, their sacred home...was on the verge of death.

 Location: Hall of the Golems, Bryyo

                               Struggle of Exiles

 As the followers of the Primal Traditions celebrated their victory, a number
 of surviving Science Lords gathered in a hidden sanctuary.  It was there that
 our foolishness became obvious, and we regretted ignoring the Chozo's
 warning.  We realized the folly of following the ways of Science with blind
 faith--and the peril of all Bryyo.  The contamination left from the battles
 was spreading, and would soon scour the remaining fertile lands, leaving
 naught but ash.  If left unaided, Bryyo would lose what few safe lands and
 water remained.  Once more, our great minds turned to a grand task...planetary
 salvation.  As our enemies searched the lands for us, the last Lords of
 Science, we created our final machines and launched them into the heavens.

 Location: Burrow, Bryyo


 The great machines of the Science Lords performed flawlessly.  They absorbed
 the toxins and pollution in the air and soil, preserving the remaining fertile
 land of Bryyo.  Yet the planet's climate was forever changed, leaving one side
 eternally scorched by the sun, the other forever in the icy grasp of darkness.

 The launch of the machines revealed the hidden enclave of the Science Lords to
 their former enemies.  The bright lights in the skies caused by the
 decontamination equipment stirred old hatred in the hearts of the Primals.
 Fearing a new attack, the Primals sent their warriors forth to hunt their
 hated foes.  We were now marked for death.

 Location: Hidden Court Hall, Bryyo

                                   The Hunted

 The Primals crafted new magics to protect their warriors, and sent them into
 the burning wastelands to hunt the Lords of Science hiding there.  Though we
 tried to avoid contact, many Science Lords were found and ended by Primal war

 I was but the sole survivor, the last remaining Lord of Science.  In order to
 protect myself, I adopted the wisdom once shared by the Chozo.  I merged the
 ways of the new--Science--with the ways of old--Magic.  I built mighty
 Mogenars out of stone, and placed them outside the walls of my home, there to
 silently protect me from all enemies.

 Location: Jungle Generator, Bryyo


 Forgotten in exile, a creature of myth, I, the last Lord of Science, worked
 tirelessly to protect myself and this world.  I crafted magics and machines to
 bring life back to the wastelands.  I found a new source of natural energy in
 the land and called it Fuel Gel.  I vowed to atone for the devastation
 inflicted upon Bryyo, caused by both science and war.

 Yet, while I toiled, the Primals slipped slowly into barbarism.  With no
 Science Lords to hunt, they turned on each other, tribe against tribe.  Magic
 was lost to them, and they became as savage as the predator beasts of the 

 Location: Colossus Vista, Bryyo


 As time slowly passed, I grew old: even the combined power of magic and
 science couldn't cheat death forever.  In order to preserve Bryyo's
 environment, I would need a successor.  Finding one was a daunting task, for
 most of the folk saw me as a monster.  Time passed quickly as I searched, and
 my efforts appeared to be in vain.  Seemingly by chance, I found a young
 Primal wondering the wastelands and rescued her.  But this was not a chance
 encounter.  She was a prophetess, tirelessly searching for the last Lord of
 Science to speak to about her visions.  In her dreams, she saw a starborne
 death coming to Bryyo, and with her vision came a plea to save her world.
 Based on her information, I began work on improving the existing
 decontamination equipment to help prepare a defense for Bryyo against the
 eventual catastrophe.

 Location: Refinery Access, Bryyo

                                    Our Plea

 Sadly, disaster came to us before we could finish our work.  An accident
 caused our supply of Fuel Gel to explode, sending fire to the sky and exposing
 our position.  It was not long before a Primal war band saw the great fire,
 and rushed to attack.  Without a way to power my great Mogenars, I had no way
 to defend myself from their assault.

 Fleeing would only drive them to pursue us to no end, and they would show no
 mercy to either one of us once caught.  I had no other choice except to stand
 my ground while the prophetess fled to safety.  With her I sent my records of
 the past, in hopes they would both find sanctuary.

 You now read my last words, etched in stone and placed by the prophetess.  We
 speak to you from beyond the grave, to plead with you... Save our world from
 the starborne plague.  Lift the veil of hate from the eyes of our people.  May
 our remaining relics serve you well in this struggle.

 Location: Imperial Caverns, Bryyo

     +                            SkyTown Data                          +


 I am Elysian, descendent of both the Chozo and the First.  I am facing the
 last moments of my life and transferring my memory to the data pod.

 In a way, our chronicle begins nearly 1500 years ago.  That was when our noble
 creators, the Chozo, began to build that which would become our home.  A place
 of exploration and knowledge, floating in the clouds of planet Elysia, a
 fitting home for its great Chozo builders.  They built many linked, hovering
 pods: in time they formed a net in the skies across the globe, instruments
 peering out in all directions, studying the cosmos.

 We did not exist then: only the Chozo walked these hallowed halls.  To the
 distant stars they looked, and a great many things they discovered--including
 that which would later spell grim disaster for all.

 Location: Main Docking Bay, SkyTown


 Several decades passed for the Chozo here at Elysia.  The harsh winds and
 storms began to take their toll on the station, and upkeep began to take up
 more and more of their precious time.  Seeing a need for assistance, they
 created us.  The first Elysian, built by Chozo hands, stepped out of the
 mechanicreche 1,450.82 years ago.  Crude by our current standards, the First
 was soon given the greatest gift of all by the Chozo.  To better assist the
 creators, the First was given self-awareness.  To all other Elysians, the
 First shared the Chozo gift.  This event marks year One of the Elysian

 Location: Arrival Station, SkyTown


 The Chozo were watchers, studying the depths of space tirelessly to quench
 their thirst for knowledge.  From this facility they launched observation
 satellites, firing them into the heavens toward distant worlds.  These
 satellites returned information that allowed them to analyze the various
 phenomenon occurring across the cosmos.  Through this process they were able
 to satisfy their intellectual appetite, one planet at a time.

 One day, a Chozo Searcher happened upon a very rare discovery.  A once-
 thought-lost satellite delivered information on a distant world.  It was
 incredibly far away, even by Chozo reckoning.  Study of the stellar object
 revealed that is was, in many ways, a planet--and yet also sentient.  Alive.
 This chance event was brief, and the information being collected was lost
 before the true identity of the planet was revealed.

 Location: Barracks Lift, SkyTown


 In the year 400 of Elysian reckoning, the time for our Chozo creators to leave
 had arrived.  To us they entrusted the station and its purpose.  We were to
 stand vigil and watch over the station until the time when others seeking
 knowledge and enlightenment arrived.  With their departure came one last
 request from the Chozo Searcher--to continue exploring the skies for the
 answers to the mysterious planet.  We gave her our word and resumed her
 tireless search.  Day after day we hunted for the answers she desperately
 sought, but our efforts yielded nothing.  We failed.

 Location: Landing Site A, SkyTown


 By the year 600, we of Elysia were low on critical supplies and fuel.  We
 created smaller mechanoids to process fuel from the atmosphere of Elysia, but
 they proved unable to produce a sufficient supply.  Unable to secure the
 necessary resources to sustain ourselves, we entered a state of hibernation to
 preserve our remaining stores of energy and parts.  While we slumbered, the
 data collected by the station's equipment was fed to us in dreams.

 During this long period of sleep, we had many dreams.  Countless great events
 came to us, including a reunion with our creators, who had come to call a new
 planet their home.  It was not long before disaster struck.  A stellar object
 hit planet Tallon IV, bringing with it a catastrophic corruption that sent
 the Chozo world into chaos.  We watched helplessly as our creators perished,
 the few survivors fleeing to an unknown location.  Powerless, we slept, and in
 our dreams we lamented the deaths of our creators.  This was our final vision,
 after which we were never able to see our creators again.

 Location: Ballista Lift, SkyTown


 Time passed slowly as we suffered through our bad dreams.  We endured their
 visions until finally, in year 1435, our automated defense systems were
 triggered.  A number of aliens, well armed and armored, had penetrated our
 battle screens and entered Elysia Station.  Per protocol, we were revived from
 stasis to defend our home.  As we mustered for battle, the aliens communicated
 with us and declared themselves to be under the banner of peace.  A truce was
 called, and soon we began negotiations with the Galactic Federation.  The
 Treaty of Elysia began a new era of prosperity for us.

 Location: Maintenance Shaft TA, SkyTown


 The treaty brought us new supplies, fuel, and parts from the Federation.  In
 return, we allowed them to use Elysia Station as they saw fit.  They were glad
 to use the station's powerful scientific systems, and gleaned a great deal of
 knowledge from our data banks.  Unfortunately, the harsh atmosphere of our
 world was dangerous for the Federation researchers.  They proposed to replace
 the humanoids with a single artificial intelligence unit, which they called

 Location: SkyTown Federation Landing Site, SkyTown


 Aurora was placed within one of our floating pods and connected into the
 station's network.  This connection allowed Aurora to control not only the
 facility, but us as well.  Our link allowed us to reap the benefits of the
 Aurora's own connection to the Federation's Aurora network.  The units were
 capable of communication with one another regardless of the distance, and
 vast amounts of information were passed down to us.

 As the years went by we aided the Aurora and our Federation allies in their
 research.  We studied potential enemy threats and collected data on their
 activities.  It was, in some small way, a means to atone for our inability to
 help our creators years ago.  Through our alliance with the Federation we
 were able to prevent many disasters, and bring an end to numerous threats in
 the cosmos.  We are not certain if that was what our creators would have
 wished to happen, but it was certainly a peaceful life.

 Location: Broken Lift, SkyTown


 It was approximately five months ago that our systems detected a meteor-like
 object collide with a planet in a nearby galaxy.  The impact was followed by
 a spreading corruption, identical to the one we saw devour our creators'
 planet.  More so than ever, we were determined to aid the Aurora and discover
 the source of these objects.  Months passed before we could uncover its
 origin--it had come through a wormhole from an incredibly distant planet.  We
 studied this link between the tear in space and the location it was connected
 to.  As we delved deeper it became clear to us that this was the mysterious
 planet the Chozo Searcher had been seeking.  The living planet was
 aggressively attacking other worlds, hurtling parts of itself across the
 cosmos like missiles.  We had finally discovered the source of these corrupted

 It was about one month ago that we made our revelation, but all attempts at
 transmitting the critical data to the Federation were unsuccessful.  It
 appeared that the Aurora Unit had become disabled.  We tried desperately to
 restore the Aurora, but it had been corrupted by an unknown virus.  Our only
 means of communication with the Federation were severed.

 Location: Concourse Access B, SkyTown


 One week after we had lost communication with the Aurora Unit, we witnessed
 the living planet strike again.  It sent forth several stellar objects, one
 aimed directly at us.  It streaked through the clouds of Elysia, destroying a
 large portion of our home, ultimately striking the distant core below.  Soon
 our sensors detected the presence of strange energy.  Our readings matched
 with the Federation's data--this was the same toxin that corrupted countless
 other planets and our creators' world--the galactic scourge called Phazon.

 Location: Construction Bay. SkyTown


 We watched as Elysia fell victim to the meteor's corruption, its Phazon
 beginning to consume her.  High above the noxious surface, we continued to
 collect data on the object.  It was not long before we met a new enemy.  Space
 Pirates, hostile alien life-forms and sworn enemies of the Federation, entered
 the station and attacked.

 The pirate forces struck swiftly, their numbers and weapons dwarfing our own.
 After their initial assault, they began construction of a massive energy
 shield around the meteor.  They referred to the fallen object as a "Seed" and
 quickly built the protective barrier.  Any resistance they met from us was
 crushed, and the massive shield was built without interruption.

 Our attention then turned to the pirates themselves.  If we could not stop
 them through combat, perhaps there was another way.  Our studies quickly
 yielded unexpected results.  All of the Space Pirates were corrupted with
 Phazon, but unlike other life-forms, they were actually being sustained by it.
 This Phazon kept them alive, and it appeared to control their minds with a
 will of its own.

 Location: Hoverplat Docking Site, SkyTown


 The two weeks following the Seed's impact were disastrous.  Like the Aurora
 Unit, we too were infected with a Phazon-based virus.  The spreading
 corruption consumed many of us, putting us under Space Pirate control.  It
 was not long before only a handful of us remained.

 During this time there was but a moment that we received aid.  Ghor, the
 Hunter dispatched by the Federation, arrived here to restore the Aurora Unit.
 Our hope quickly vanished as he too was corrupted by Phazon and lost his own
 will.  He now leads the assault on the remaining survivors, taking more and
 more of the station over with each passing day.

 There is no hope left for us.  Soon, we too will be among the enemy forces.
 The last of us now stand before the brink of our history's end, silently
 waiting out our final hours.

 I am Elysian, descendent of both the Chozo and the First.  I am facing the
 last moments of my life and transferring my memory to the data pod.

 Location: Powerworks, SkyTown

     +                         Space Pirate Data                        +

                                  Our Mission

 Phazon was discovered two stellar years ago, and since that moment, Command
 has been driven to control it all.  Two operations have been established, at
 tremendous cost.  Both have failed, thanks to the accursed Hunter, Samus Aran.
 Her Federation allies now move to secure what little Phazon remains on the
 planet Aether.  This we cannot allow.  We, the crew of the battleship
 Colossus, swear to take that Phazon or die trying.

 Location: Lift Hub, Pirate Homeworld


 Our attempts to intercept the Federation ship departing Aether were
 unsuccessful.  With them went a collection of Phazon, the first to fall into
 Federation hands.  They foolishly left most of the Phazon behind, allowing us
 to quickly collect what we could.  But in our haste we took more than mere
 Phazon.  Our scanners have detected the remains of Dark Samus, who has revived
 herself within our Phazon storage.

 Surely, we are cursed.

 The fiendish shrew consumed all of the Phazon, then wiped out a third of the
 crew in a matter of minutes.  Now she moves at will through the halls of
 Colossus, using her witchery to beguile the minds of the crew.  We are unable
 to call for aid, and only a few of us remain to stand against her.  All is

 Location: Command Station, Pirate Homeworld

                                First Disciples

 Our struggles have ended.  She has shown us the error of our ways.  The way is
 now clear.  All previous vows of fealty have been forsworn: we now pledge sole
 allegiance to our liberator, the great one, Dark Samus.  We bear a singular
 honor, we lucky few, for we are her first disciples.  Our burden is a happy
 one, for we will pave the way to her glorious victory and cosmic rule.  Let
 the light of Phazon lead us!

 Location: Processing Access, Pirate Homeworld

                             The Source Discovered

 After our liberation, she left us adrift.  We thought this a test of our
 loyalty, and so we endured.  Some said she abandoned us.  They were promptly
 shot.  Disciples do not doubt their leader.

 When she returned, it was on the back of a titanic starborne beast!  As we
 groveled in awe, she ordered us to follow the beast through a rift in space,
 a wormhole.  Some refused to follow, afraid of the unknown.  They too were
 shot.  Disciples must be fearless.

 Once through the rift, we saw a singular wonder...Phaaze, the source of all
 Phazon in the cosmos.  Phaaze, the home of our glorious leader!

 Location: Airshaft, Pirate Homeworld

                                 The Leviathan

 Our leader provided us with great wisdom on many subjects, including the
 improvement of our mighty battleship, Colossus.  We followed her teachings,
 and turned our vessel into a ship without peer.  But more work remained!

 Dark Samus required a mighty flagship, one to strike terror in the hearts of
 her enemies.  The might of Colossus was not enough.  She demanded more!  Her
 solution was unique and most excellent.

 We took her great star-beast and fitted it with cybernetic weapon systems.
 Crew quarters and command consoles were placed within the beast's skull.  In
 time, we created a mighty dreadnaught, and called it Leviathan.  The great
 leader was pleased.

 Location: Transit Station 1-A, Pirate Homeworld

                                Taking Valhalla

 The vision of our leader is vast indeed.  As we prepared for war with the
 hated Galactic Federation, she decided she required one of their great
 machines to better control her living planet.  We then set out to bring an
 Aurora Unit to Dark Samus.

 Bribes led us to the location of our prize: the battleship Valhalla.  Crewed
 with green recruits on a training mission, she was ours for the taking.  One
 of the mightiest ships in the cosmos was no match for the Phazon-powered
 weapons of the Colossus.  We rendered Valhalla helpless, then sent raider to
 claim our prize.  The Aurora was ours!

 There was no mercy for the Federation dogs.  At the command of Dark Samus, we
 jettisoned the crew into the frigid depths of space, leaving the wreck of
 Valhalla as a warning to the Federation.  Let them tremble before our might!

 Location: Creche Transit, Pirate Homeworld


 Our great leader, with the aid of our captured Aurora Unit, has discovered
 many of Phaaze's secrets.  Dark Samus can now command the living world to send
 forth Phazon Seeds!  She was eager to test this new power.  When we heard the
 first world to receive this blessing was our Homeworld, we rejoiced.

 The Seed was sent into the void, and quickly made its way to our Homeworld.
 Our brethren foolishly tried to repel it, but their efforts were in vain.  To
 think, once we were as pathetic as them!

 Now the deed is done, and slowly, our Homeworld becomes like Phaaze.  Soon,
 there will be two living planets, two Phazon sources for our great leader to
 use as she sees fit.  Soon, there will be thousands of new disciples for her
 to command.

 Location: Skyway Access, Pirate Homeworld


 The time has come.  Our leader commands.  We go to war at last!

 Three worlds will be attacked, each important to the Federation.  We shall
 destroy the spy base at Elysia, the fuel production of Bryyo, and the naval
 station at Norion.  Each of those wretched worlds will become as Phaaze...each
 a foothold into the territory of the hated Federation.  From those worlds, our
 vanguard will go forth.  At long last, our enemies will be humbled, then

 Three Phazon Seeds will be sent, and an armada will accompany each of them.
 Dark Samus herself will lead the attack on Norion.  Victory is ours for the

 Location: Mine Lift, Pirate Homeworld

                                Victory and Loss

 Today is a day of celebration and woe.  Our forces have taken planet Bryyo,
 leaving the Federation outpost there in cinders.  Though we missed their spy
 base at Elysia, the planet itself was struck with a Phazon Seed.  But
 Norion...Norion was a failure...all thanks to the accursed Hunter, Samus Aran.

 All is not lost, however.  Our great leader defeated Aran and her mongrel
 allies in battle.  If they aren't dead, they'll soon wish they were.  Each of
 them bears her mark of corruption.  Soon they, like we disciples, will bow to
 her will.

 Location: Drill Shaft 1, Pirate Homeworld

                                  Bryyo Falls

 Command has received disturbing reports from Bryyo.  Contact with our outpost
 there has been terminated.  A coded bliptrans showing Commander Rundas falling
 in battle to Samus has arrived.  Worst of all, the Bryyonian Seed has been
 demolished.  The Hunter's might is great, and she is as efficient as ever when
 it comes to disrupting our operations.

 Our spies within the Federation tell us she travels to Elysia soon.  We plan
 on having an appropriate welcoming party in place for her when she arrives.
 Commander Ghor is a very...accommodating host.

 Location: Phazon Mine Entry, Pirate Homeworld

                               Disaster at Elysia

 The march of the Hunter continues, much to our dismay.  She has smashed our
 line at Elysia, taking down Commander Ghor in the process.  The accursed
 Elysian machines were no match for Aran's guns, and now the Federation has
 control of their spy station once again.

 It is only a matter of time before they find the location of the Phazon source
 and send their fleets to lay siege.  Our great leader does not seem to mind
 these setbacks.  If Samus comes to our Homeworld, she will find us ready.

 Location: Command Courtyard, Pirate Homeworld

                               Mistress Gandrayda

 Mistress Gandrayda is the last of our leader's field commanders.  We hope that
 she will succeed where the others have not.  We hope that she will slay the
 wretched Hunter!

 Gandrayda tests our mettle often.  She moves among us in our form, watching
 us, looking for signs of weakness.  Several unfaithful disciples have been
 ended...violently.  Those who survive will be stronger, ready for the Hunter
 that comes for them from the void.  Gandrayda has vowed to present Aran's
 bloody helmet to Dark Samus as tribute.  We hope she fulfills that vow!

 Location: Transit Tunnel P70, Pirate Homeworld

       >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>       LIMITED SCANS       <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

   As noted earlier, there are many logs in the logbook that can only be
 scanned for a limited time.  Here is the complete list of limited scans in
 the game.  Please refer to the entries above for locations.


   -Galactic Federation-
        1. Aurora Unit 217                10. Hunter Ghor 
        5. Female Fleet Trooper           11. Hunter Rundus
        6. Fleet Admiral Dane             12. Male Fleet Trooper
        8. Halberd-Class Turret           13. Training Drone
        9. Hunter Gandrayda
        1. Alpha Hopper
       14. Mogenar
       17. Reptilicus Hunter
        3. Defense Drone
        6. Helios
   -Space Pirate-
        1. Advanced Aerotrooper           21. Ghor
        2. Advanced Pirate Trooper        24. Korakk Beast
        3. Advanced Shield Trooper        25. Meta Ridley
        4. Aeromine                       26. Omega Ridley
        5. Aerotrooper                    27. Phazon Harvester Drone
        6. Armored Aerotrooper            29. Pirate Commander
        7. Armored Pirate Militia         30. Pirate Hussar
        8. Armored Pirate Trooper         31. Pirate Militia
        9. Armored Shield Trooper         32. Pirate Trooper
       10. Assault Aerotrooper            35. Rundas
       12. Assault Shield Trooper         37. Shield Pirate Militia
       13. Aurora Unit 313                38. Shield Pirate Trooper
       14. Berserker Knight               39. Space Pirate Assault Skiff
       15. Berserker Lord                 40. Space Pirate ATC
       19. Dark Samus                     42. Vrtagian Shriekbat
       20. Gandrayda
        1. Hopping Metroid                15. Phazon Puffer
        3. Leviathan Infant               17. Red Phaazoid
        5. Metroid Hatcher                18. Tangle Weed
        7. Phaazoid
       11. Phazon Leech

        2. Black Phazon Crystals          29. Phaaze Door
        3. Blast Shield                   33. Red Blast Shield
       25. Leviathan Door                 47. White Blast Shield
       27. Mounted Blast Shield
       28. Multi-Lock Blast Shield

   -Galactic Federation Data-
      1. Phazon
      2. Phazon Enhancement Device

       >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>          CREDITS          <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

 This entire FAQ was created by me, but I'm open to any tips, help,
 suggestions, or corrections.  Feel free to E-mail me with any of these.

 Thanks to:
  - Corn is Nice for pointing out that the Demolition Trooper is not a limited
  - John M. for several location information.

       >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>           LEGAL           <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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