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Asked: 4 years ago

How do you unlock Zero Suit Samus?

How do you unlock Zero Suit Samus?

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From: Kraleck 4 years ago

By default. There are 4 methods to become ZSSamus:
--Select Samus and hold the Shield Button until the match starts. Samus's Armor will Auto-Break.
--Up Taunt, Down Taunt, Up Taunt...rapidly and repeatedly to break Samus's Armor.
--Use Samus's Final Smash, "Zero Laser," to break her armor after use.
--In Subspace Emissary, use the alternate form selection you would use to cycle between Zelda/Sheik and Pokemon Trainer's Pokemon (C-Stick on the GameCube controller, I don't know the other 3 controller inputs) to select ZSSamus before a level you've already cleared.

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If you have the wiimote and nunchuck, just hold Z for ZSS when you click samus. easily remembered.

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