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Swim distance...?

One of the challenges mentions that you must have a certain swim distance, how does that happen ?

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Elementalninjam answered:

When I did this challange, I used Pirate Ship as my stage. Just be careful to not let the front of the boat touch you, as it will spike you to your death.
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Kuronii answered:

Well, in some stages, there is a body of water. In this body of water, if you fall in, you must hurriedly get back out or your character will drown.

Swim distance is exactly what it means. It is the distance that you swim while in this water. If you want to break that one glass door in the challenges wall, just follow this:

In that stage where there is water, jump in of your own will, and swim around for a little while, then jump out. Repeat this until you feel that you've gotten to that designated swim distance and finish the battle. (Stock battle are better for doing this)

The Stages that have water in them are:
-The Great Ocean

(I think that's all.)
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Monkey2o answered:

I think you can use Delfino Plaza, Pirate Ship, and Icicle Summit. Sorry Kuronii, but I think Hanenbow has water that you can't swim in, if that makes sense at all.
It'd probably be best to swim on the Pirate Ship level. I used Squirtle just in case certain characters were better at swimming than others (i.e. not Sonic)
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flipzas answered:

Swim distance means how far you traveled in water. If you want to raise your swim distance, I suggest Delfino Plaza, where there is an island surrounded by a fresh-water ocean. However, in a short time you will have to climb onto the floating plaform because this is a moving stadium. Hanenbow confuses me. The first time I played it (in event mode) I thought the blue stuff was water, and I then accidentally self-destucted. So Hanenbow has fake water because when you touch water there, you don't stop at the top of the water and keep on falling.
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shatterninja answered:

Ok the swim distance means how far u travl in water.i sugestu go to the pirate ship stage and kepp swiwming for like 15 mins. then u should get the chalage done
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rachmat19 answered:

I think using Yoshi will be pretty easy because it can swim quite far before drowning and the recovery jump is enough to make it back.
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Kraleck answered:

Jungle Japes also has water, but it is quite fast flowing to the left (you'd be surprised how fast).
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Feratrox answered:

Just take another Wii Mote, and play a Brawl vs the other Wii Mote. Then brawl (I suggest 2 stocks since the front side of the Pirate Ship can kill you) at the Pirate Ship. I used Squirtle to do this, but a lot of characters can swim pretty far. Just don't use Charizard, you'll see why :P. Put the second player on the upper platform of the ship, and you just jump in the water in front of the boat, swim a few laps until Squirtle starts drowning. Then jump out of the water, land on the boat and jump back in immediately. I believe squirtle swims about 15 meters a lap, so you'll be done in no time. When you think you've done it, switch to Charizard and try doing the same. It's very funny in my opinion. The reward will be a stupid Animal Crossing parrot or something, it isn't really worth getting, except for the sake of completing the challenges...
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ridleyx1290 answered:

Lol charizard.
BTW you can swim in the subspace emissary before fighting i believe fighting fox or falco i can't rememeber as i have not played this game since summer.
Apart from that pirate ship is your best bet you can try to get other things up to like play with donkey twenty times and swim him on the pirate ship stage
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Flamixx answered:

Just use The Delfino level, has lots of water too in which you can swim
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R_O_B_Sentry answered:

No one has mentioned this, so I thought I need to tell you.

Walking / Swimming Distance is not recorded and stored under data, it is hidden. If you do what everone else is telling you i.e. Swim in the pirate ship / Delfino Plaza / Summit for 15 minutes or so.. You'll get that 'Kapp'n' thing. Do not do this in the Subspace emissary if you find water- I found you are not rewarded that way.
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rolln22s answered:

Go to a level with water and jump into it. You will auto-float so you can swim around. DON'T GO TO THE HANNENBOW STAGE TO SWIM.
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mr30006 answered:

DUDE JUST SWIM ANYWHERE exsept hannebow if you do that then you will die
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halo544 answered:

I really have no idea of how to swim but i heard yoshi is good for it
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Peachrules14 answered:

Swimming is when you jump in the water and stay in there. You should take however many wii remotes you have and start a game with those. Then, have them all jump in water. I suggest Pirate Ship because water always exists there. Just move back and forth in the water and you should break the challenge in no time. Good luck !
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ShadowD426 answered:

Yeah, you should go with pirate ship or delfino plaza, set a stock match w/ a friend (use squirtle,good swimmer) NOT sonic he bad in water. and jump onto land whenever your character starts freaking out.
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