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When do you unlock snake?

Ive played like 25% of the game and i still cant find snake where do you unlock him.

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draconicsword answered:

This comes directly from the cheats section of the SSBB page:

Snake130 Brawl Matches OR Have him join in SSE OR Play 15 matches on Shadow Moses Island

The easiest way to unlock him is to have 15 brawls on Shadow Moses Island. To do this as quickly as possible, set the game to special brawl, select stamina mode and flowers, and give your opponent 1 hp. You can unlock Snake in like 5 minutes.
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untuxable answered:

Snake joins about 3/4 of the way through the storyline. Keep in mind, the storyline ends at about 80-83% unless you're making sure you 100% every area. If you don't want to wait that long, you can play 15 matches on the shadow moses island map in vs mode, or play 130 brawl matches.
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UtarEmpire answered:

Specifically, when you play on the Halberd the second time. Right after the Ice Climbers stage.
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Exodia1067 answered:

Its simple,go into vs. pick 2 fighters 1 that you'll be playing as&1 you'll be fighting,set stock to 1&go into the shadow moses island stage [witch is snakes stage] you have to enter this stage 15 times for snake to challenge you,so when the match starts kill yourself&the match will end with the cpu winning but that doesn't matter,as long as you play 15 matches thats all that matters,so do this 15 times till snake challenges you&beat him,when you beat him you unlock him
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FFLOLDEAD answered:

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fishfromband answered:

I agree with the utarempire guy. As soon as you get on the ship you see him. I wont say how, but you do.
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machao1394 answered:

Play 15 matches in shadow moses island dat simple!
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