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My game still without starting?

Ok here's the story, my Wii lens cracked, so I bought a new lens on eBay, I replaced it, It worked so fine for...6 months I guess, Reading every single game I had except for SSBB, Sonic Unleashed, Mario Galaxy, RE4 ..etc.
After some days I bought Castlevania Judgement, My Wii started to have some troubles again reading discs even GameCube ones. So I sent it to my Brother, He cleaned de lens and told me he had broke the lens locket (I dunno what that means) and caliber it or something to 900, After I tried it It worked perfectly reading in 4 seconds every game,,, except again for SSBB.

I know its a dual layer disc and bla bla bla...
And send it to nintendo...Is the best option and bla bla bla
Also to clean the lens with a kit and bla bla bla

I remember somewhere I read that if it was calibered or something to 1800 would improve the lens perfomance so it could read the SSBB, I need to know if this true so I can tell my brother.

Please help. If you know nothing about it please don't answer foolishness...It's about my 10th question...

Twilightmstr provided additional details:

No one smokes in my house. Besides I mentioned the lens was cleaned.

Twilightmstr provided additional details:

This questions was years ago so don't matter anymore, the best way, was through wii hack.
Besides now a days it's cheaper to buy a new one since wii u release.
Thanks anyway (:


pokedude900 answered:

Someone in the house smokes, am I right? Cigarette smoke gets the lens dirty really fast. Get them to quit, or at least only do it outside away from the house. Almost everyone that has a lens problem has a smoker in the house.
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SkullBasherX answered:

Its probaly your'e Wii.Its probaly your Wii is old.It works at my Dad's but not at my house.
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SkullBasherX answered:

Its probaly your'e Wii.Its probaly your Wii is old.It works at my Dad's but not at my house.
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flirty_girl_96 answered:

Just buy another used wii, that's what I did. I got it as a Christmas gift. My first wii wouldn't read disks anymore because of the call of duty black ops game, so we just got a new one.
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JaronGreen answered:

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