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Every time I play as ike it freezes up at the loading screen,why?:(

It just freezes

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Smashbrossive50 answered:

overheated,I think[play too long in a hot area as anyone ,then lastly play as ike]
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ShadowD426 answered:

That has happened to people before, each different characters. I dont think any specific character matters, try seeing if theres any damage to the disc & if there is, hopefully you saved the recipt, unless it is something you can wipe clean with a damp cloth. if it comes off and the ike freezing still occurs, ask/check the boards.
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draconicsword answered:

Huh. Try getting the disc and/ or the lens cleaned. That should do it.
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PokeZeldaFF_Inc answered:

i don't think its because of overheating. i'v set up the game many times with 4 level 9 computers, all with 99 lives, so i could get at least 100 hours 2 earn something (I did have a fan plugged into the wii, & another fan blowing on it as well though). THEY TOOK AT LEAST 12 HOURS 2 FINISH! Most of them i had 2 go 2 bed, & check on it in the morning!

Just try 2 clean it 1st, before anything.

I think the real answer is that ur disc is scratched, & it just so happens 2 b where u select Ike. U can do 3 things:
1. use ur receipt 2 bring it back & exchange 4 another 1 another 1 (which is like $40)
3. OR u could go 2 a place like Walmart, or maybe videogame stores ( I know Walmart has it) & buy a CD buffer (MINE IS CALLED A SKIP DR) in the electronics department 4 $20 max. U do have 2 replace a wheel once in a while (i've had mine 4 about 2 years now & i'v used it 10 times, just 2 give u an estimate). It does come with an extra wheel though. These r SOME of the things it fixes: VIDEOGAMES- Gamecube, ps1 & ps2, ps3,wii, xbox ,xbox360,CD'S- cd,cd-r,cd-rw, DVD'S- dvd,dvd-r,dvd-rw,dvd-ram,COMPUTER DISCS,DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY DISCS
It buffs scratches out of ur discs by smearing the top plastic layer over the scratch. the plastic layer is over the layer with data on it. It does not harm ur disc at all!
However, it is not a 100% miracle worker. some scratches r too deep 4 it 2 work & can never b fixed. But most of the scratches r repairble (about 75-80%).

*If ur thinking that u don't want 2 spend money; believe me, THIS is worth getting! This would save a lot of $money$!

I hope this information has helped u & the many others that have this same problem.
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DiGaO10 answered:

It can be 2 things
If your game is original, it can just be a litle damage in your Dvd (do what PokeZeldaFF_Inc told you)
If your game is "alternative" they can have deleted some archives of the game to make it lighter(and cheaper) . A newbie hacker may have deleted the wrong files, leading tho the crash when you chose Ike.
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RedYoshi75 answered:

If even cleaning the game doesn't work, do this:

Put your game on the freezer during 5 minutes, and later put the game on the Wii. AND ITS WORKS! And i say it by experience.
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bluegal24 answered:

Maybe its a glitch in which case you would have to buy a new brawl disc.
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Kraleck answered:

Most likely it is simple overheating of the system. It's always a bad idea to let any electronic device overheat (especially computers and game consoles). Make sure the room temp is relatively cool and try to keep a fan pointing at the Wii to extend potential playing time.

Extended playing time taxes the system through heat created by merely running (heat and electronics do not mix). This happened to me twice (once mid-Brawl with a large custom level, once going offline). Turn the game off and take a break once in a while. It will help prevent long-term damage to both the disc and Wii.
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