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How do I get the Hocotate Ship Trophy?

On the Smash Bros. Website, it says that you get the trophy in Subspace Emissary, yet I can't seem to understand where to go to get it.

Anyone know where to find it?

RandomGuy440 provided additional details:

No, on the website, it specificly says: OBTAINED IN SUBSPACE EMISSARY.
Look for yourself.

Accepted Answer

Dynamite8 answered:

In the level "Outside the Ancient Ruins", there is an item box immediately after the pass-through bridge. It has the Hocotate Ship trophy.
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Snoopy44291 answered:

In the level where (in the intro)Olimar is attacked by a R.O.B. Sentry and its saved by Captain Falcon. Its the first box you will see.I ALWAYS drops the Hocotate Ship trophy.
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Dutchmill answered:

Snoopy say it right. It in the Subspace level (The path to the riuns)level
when you find the first green box.That box always contain a Hocotate ship Trophy
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Kraleck answered:

The terms being used must be confusing you. It's in The Great Maze where the area is the same as (technically IS) "The Path to the Ruins." You'll fight a Shadow Bugged Captain Falcon the first time you reach the area where you'll find the Hocotate Ship trophy.
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Kraleck answered:

Sorry, scratch that. It IS the level The Path to the Ruins where it is the same in The Great Maze. I got that backwards. You'll have to clear The Great Maze to restore any levels destroyed by Subspace Bombs (that level is one of them).
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Kraleck answered:

Sorry again. Just remembered where it is thanks to Amazing Ampharos's FAQ/Walkthrough ( )

Snipped quote:
"Random trophies...may be obtained from the Coin Launcher, boxes in The Suspace Emissary, the rest areas in All Star mode or Boss Battles, the Pokeball Pokemon Celebi, or along the ground in Home-Run Contest."

Here is the important part that you need, RandomGuy440:
"The only trophy that is not like this is the Hocotate Ship trophy which can only be found in the first blue box in Level 20: Outside the Ancient Ruins in The Subspace Emissary."

There ya go.
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