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How to complete coop 15 minute brawl?

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Can fox do it?

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Tables answered:

There are two good ways of doing this:

1: Both players use Jigglypuff, Pit, Kirby or generally any flying character, and fly under the platform for 15 minutes. This is pretty difficult to do, though.

2: Two Lucario's, facing away from one another, use their standard special so the Aura Spheres overlap. Once all of the enemies are caught in this, leave for 15 minutes. This one is easy (even for one person), but objects like Bob-ombs can cause difficulties (it's unlikely for them to kill you, though).
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Zerothma answered:

Donkey Kongs down B has a nice area effect that can take out many wireframes. Pikachu's down B could complement DK with air support. Or, maybe two DK's with down B.
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Phantasmguy answered:

What I would recommend is Olimar. Both players stand under a platform and abuse your U-Smash. If anyone gets near, use something like F-Smash or D-Smash. That's kinda what i did.
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thezachster answered:

theres another jigglypuff method. First fight a bit till you get a fan or there are 2 alloys on the screen at one. You will have to wait till you have a fan and 2 ennimies only on the screen. Use the fan to bring both alloys to 999% (just mash A) then use up B(sing) for jigglypuff to make the ennimies fall asleep. The more dammage to alloys the longer they sleep. when they wake up just repeat the process.

easy 15 minutes for 1 person
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WarDeathFun answered:

i grabbed a fan and spammed Baby........ thats how i roll.
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zilgag answered:

If you have a lot of patience you could just continuosly fly under the stage with R.O.B .
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Nemephosis answered:

You could also kill all the alloys until only one remains, and then just dodge it for the rest of the time remaining. Be sure to pick up any bombs and throw them off the stage though.
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1everdude answered:

I would use Lucario glitch. Look it up on Youtube for specific instructions, but pretty much you get 2 lucarios to stand back to back and use their B and enemies should get caught in it, go watch some TV and come back 15 minutes later.
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insaneone64 answered:

You can try to rig it in a sort of way. If you continue fighting, hopefully there will be only 1 alloy left while no others spawn. All you have to do is dodge that alloy for 15 minutes. I believe it's not so hard to dodge 2 alloys, either.
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draconicsword answered:

My advice is to try the Lucario glitch, but make sure that you monitor things. If you try to do the Lucario glitch, you might just find that the various explosive objects will kill you off, so try this while staying in the room with the game going.

To do it with Fox, you could just spam a fan or dodge alloys. Either one works nicely.
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joziahdcoleman answered:

I use donkey kong's b-down move
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jetfoxman answered:

I use dk down+ b move for 15 minute but try something else it hurt my fingers
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