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What is the best strategy against Pikachu?

Most of the boy characters I use their weak

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Kirbyfreak411 answered:

If you're dealing with a Thunder spammer, stay under platforms (if possible). If you're somewhere like Final Destination, just hit with a projectile and keep some distance, wait a second after Thunder hits Pika and then punish the mouse, there's a good cool-down lag after Thunder if it hits Pika.

Anything else:
The rodent is a fast character so use someone that is fairly fast (so don't use Triple De or Bowser, Pika will run circles around them); I'd recommend Sonic, Mario, or maybe Falcon (don't use the Paunch though).
Pika's aerials are a bit under-rated and good at building damage so be careful about them. But much to everyone's chagrin, his ground game is powerful, his forward Smash being one of his most powerful attacks.

And whatever you do, if Final Smashes are on, DON'T LET HIM GET HIS PAWS ON IT!
Volt Tackle is absolutely lethal if one knows what they're doing.
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WaveRipper2010 answered:

For me Ike is the best character to use but Zelda is OK...hope I helped friend....BYE!!!!
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DudeManRock7 answered:

Pikachu's down B can be fast and easily protect him. i would suggest using a cherecter that can shoot and/or curv the projectile he/she shot. like snakes rocket. Sonic can be a good one to chose because of his speed. with sonic you could easily counter some of Pikachu's attacks. hope i helped
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supercman9 answered:

Use a quick close-ranger like sonic; he [pikachu] can use thunder jolt and skull bash on distance fighting. he can also use quick attack and thunderbolt up close (which is why i said quick).
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Botcrazy answered:

I have two ways. One more complicated, one easy. Still, battling Piakchu isen't an easy job.

1) Use Pit, and shoot arrows at him.
2) Use Pikachu, and use his Thunderbolt when he's above you. Jump, and use Quick attack on him. The Final Step is to wait 'til he's on the ground (just laying there) duck, and attack.
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Ninjask888 answered:

Most Pikachu users like to use the Thunder attack most of the time so try to 1. avoid Thunder, and number 2. use characters that have a counter-attack so that when Pikachu starts to use Thunder or any other one of hs attack, counter-attack.
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ShortsNWinter answered:

The easiest thing if found is get. A reflector falcos the. Best when he casts thunder hit the bolt with a reflector and it will hurt him when he hits. skullbash. You should shield. Or just jump stay away from his downsmash it kills. And is easy to combo into thunder if you don't di the right way (always go the side your ending up on or you'll go straight up)
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game558 answered:

Use pit and spam arrows and fly away and do this over and oover or use toonlink aqnd spam bombs when he gets close just throw hi and jump away and continue throwing bombs
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013Kiba answered:

Um against pikachu with its thunder spam or whatever...just wait for it to stop, because Pikachu always have a second delay whenever it does its moves, especially Thunder. I suggest a finisher character like Ike, captain Falcon, etc.
SInce I play Pikachu, which I really owned some character, just can't beat this one friend thats hella good with Shiek...anyways I use a strategy where I always jump in the air to do thunder, why? well it kills the second delay when you don't do it on the ground and its another way to kinda counter speed and finishers. Somewhat that is...but depending on how good you are there shouldn't be a problem.
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Heatreaper answered:

Easy way to beat thunder spammers...
Lucas. His Magic shield thing actually absorbs thunder, heals him, and cancels the attack completely. He's a little slow so he faces problems with pika's speed, but his projectile PK fires keep pika at bay.
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zelyem answered:

Using a character with a projectile attack or a fast character will help you a lot. if you use wolf, fox, or falco you can weaken Pikachu from a distance, use fire wolf, fox, or bird ( up special move) and then trow or use melee attacks to get a K.O. Their speed will be good for escaping most of Pikachu's attacks. Zelda is also good because her special side move Din's fire sends your foe into the air, if you get Pikachu high enough run under him and use zelda's up smash move ( if your using a gamecube controller for a quik smash just press up on the c-stick), then volley pikachu with this move unitl he has a high damage percent. after this jump under Pikachu and use her explosive up air smash to send pikachu flying! Getting smash-balls, bumpers, home-run bats and bob-ombs will help you beat Pikachu with any character. hope I helped.
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InfernoCrossing answered:

Marth has the best match-up against Pikachu.

1.) Marth can cancel the tjolt with neutral a/fair
2.) Pika weight makes him easier to kill
3.) Pika's fsmash's sweetspot is near 1/2(behind the ball), Marths is at the tip
4.) Due to number 3, Marth's range>pika's range
5.) Pika's aeriall game is outranged/prioritized by Marth
6.) Marth has a counter, COUNTER
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Amazing_Hamster answered:

Pikachu is a fast one, no question. How to counter such a small, fast character? There are a few ways, depending on what strategies work for you.

You can grab Pikachu, throws can be really effective.

You can use a fast character to out-speed Pikachu. If you can manage this, Pikachu will have to resort to using it's

damage racking skills, which is when you can lay down the heavy A combos.
Anything that can really keep Pikachu away from getting past your guard, which is where Pikachu is the most brutal. A long sword, for example, could theoretically smash Pikachu before it got to you. Projectiles, swords, mid-range magic, all these attacks would work to keep Pikachu away from hitting you where it hurts. Once you get Pikachu away, you can start smashing it up close-range.
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pyramidhead7745 answered:

Hmmmm avoid his attacks and kill him lol
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Sayin_Gogeta answered:

Use someone with a range attack like Lucas or Ness. If its a thunder bolt noob, stay on lower platorms. Don't worry too much about his final smash as its quite difficult to actually control.

Hope I helped.
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pikachuboy7 answered:

Use another pikachu... its that simple they are amazing you can also quickly run in grab and throw him to destroy the thunderbolts. pikachu is the best charicter in brawl and he will beat you always uless you learn how to fight him.

(I am not saying hes awesome just because im pikachuboy7 its because he is awesome)
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tmy2u answered:

Thunder has some cooldown after he uses it. Stay close to PIkachu (but far enough that thunder can't hurt you) and grab him. Hit him twice and do a Down throw. Should Pikachu keep doing thunder, repeat. At higher damages, a up smash after the thunder can send him into orbit. Remember that Pikachu is lightweight, so you can kill him quickly if you pile on the damage. Later on, thunder should be pretty weak (stale moves) and you should risk a hit or two later on.

If he spams neutral B, no problem, if you can jump, that is. If you can, jump between the jolt delays to get closer to the Pikachu. A projectile user can spam their projectiles. If you have a reflector of some sort. get in there and use it. All reflectors reflect BOTH thunder and jolt.

Try to stay unpredictable, and use your fast moves. Harass and harass and then when Pika gets around 70% use a smash. And be patient. Getting angry doesn't help you much, so stay calm. Look out for Pika's down smash, that can get you if you are not careful.
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O_The_BigN29 answered:

The best character to fight pikachu is olimar because his pikmin absorb pikachu projectile and usually your timing of the throw does not need to be very good.
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YUP_ITS_BREEZY answered:

Use Meta Knight and press B.

U iz nao teh proz0rz
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