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Do you have a chart that tells you the characters stats?

I need to know who is really the strongest in the game. (Even thought it does'nt matter how strong they are it's how you play with the character) It would hepl me so I can know the advantages and disadvantages of each character.

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Megaman31 answered:

Simply put, you answered it in your question. It's how you play the character. A tip: look at how you prefer to play, and choose a character to match that. For example, I use Wolf because he has some power, while still having the speed I depend on to charge the enemy and keep pounding them with attack after attack and finish them with a smash. I can't use Ike nearly as easily, since he is much slower. Look at it like that, and choose your main.
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guitarbeast answered:

Read some character guides and compare them. That's probably the best way to find out.
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Love_Struct8 answered:

Guitarbeast is right. You should just look at the character faqs and see if one of them are strong enough... And right after you click character FAQS, you could look at one of the players best attacks, mid-air attacks, counter attacks and more and more great attacks!!! *0*
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pokemon8 answered:

Check Faqs & read each of the character FAQS
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Gemini77752 answered:

There are a few ways to check this, bu strengths and weaknesses of individual characters is... complex, to say the least. Checking Faqs will likely only give you one-sided answers, and won't necessarily tell you what you need to know to play against different characters, as a strength against one character, could mean nothing against another. For example, to say that DeDeDe has overall better Priority than Pikachu doesn't explain his relationship to say, Snake or Metaknight.

Also, one's level of play, and their personal skills weigh heavily on how a character will play out. Try the characters out, and see what works for you (And if that doesn't work, switch to Metaknight. He's easy to pick, and considered best in game.)
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