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Can you unlock Mile (Tails) Prower?

I really want to know. Alot of people say they have him. If not, is it a hack?

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Kraleck answered:

Character - Impossible
Trophy - Exceed 30,000 ft. combined walking distance with all characters (Challenge Board)
Sticker - Random Pick Up or Coin Launcher Sticker
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Love_Struct8 answered:

No, you just can't. He is usually a trophy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. But in other games, Tails may/might be there.glad to help :)
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ptrgiese answered:

No. But you could get a sticker of Tails.

BTW, he shows up in the Green Hill Zone stage.
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pokemon8 answered:

He's a Trophey Not a Character There are 35 characters NOT 36
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GoAnaDucks answered:

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scarabukun answered:

If others say so, then they have used Action Replay. But you cant get Tails legally as playable. Sorry!
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josiahebanezXP answered:

I am sorry Buuuuut you can't get him. he is only a trophy. and a sticker.
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shadowbralwer answered:

Well yes it is a hack u need to go to to get this soft ware WARNING!!! this can cuase damage to your wii so if u want to risk it then do it but i am not telling u to hack your wii. Btw u will have to get to homebrew channel on your wii and the search for the debug menu for brawl to get the home brew channel u need to put the soft ware from onto a cd-rom and put in ur wii
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Crashlander22 answered:

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evilsquirrle answered:

Theres some coding for a Tails assist trophy, but it's inaccesible
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mapman94 answered:

You unlock him by exceeding 30,000 combined walking distance with all characters! (however he is in trophy form) to turn him into a fighter you must hack the game!
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