Question from JvCAesar

How do I fight Zero Suit Samus?

I know how to play as her, but I don't how to play against her, The R-button trick doesn't work when I select Samus as my enemy.

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blazerz_of_fire answered:

There is no way to make your enemy be zero suit samus if it is the cpu, you just have to play a game and let her get a final smash ball. unless there is another way that i don't know of.
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supercman9 answered:

Use distance fighters like Snake.
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pokemon8 answered:

It won't work if you want Zero suit samus to be an enemy in Brawl,But you can make her a enemy in Torney,Select samus then move the (C) Stick,if you do it correctly,Samus will change into Zero Suit Samus.
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shyguy1234 answered:

You cannot fight zero suit samus from the start of a match. you have to let her use her final smash in order to fight zero suit.
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