Question from CrowBlackwings

Asked: 4 years ago

Why cant i transfer?

Why cant i transfer this game data to my sd card it also wont let me transfer mario kart wii,sonic colors, and super sega racing why?

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From: pokedude900 4 years ago

Games that use Wi-fi are copy protected. The only exceptions are Mario Strikers Charged, Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3, and Wii Music.

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Some games that don't use wifi also can't be transfered (for some unknown reason)
You can't since it has your wifi records on it & won't let you copy your records
however, you can transfer you pix, stages, & replays to you sd card

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Pokedude pretty much nailed it.

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The only way you can do it is to softmod your wii which WILL void your warranty. Sorry. (wi-fi games cant be transfered)

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