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Asked: 3 years ago

Help!?(read details)

Every time I put in the disc (in the wii) it sez "please read instucters manual or something. i did and it said to flip the disc, or clean it but its not working. i even went to the store and bought the same game and it didn't work. PLEASE HELPPPP!!!!

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From: kingalen0130 3 years ago

The problem isn't the game: it's the Wii. I had the exact same problem. Here's what you do:
If you have tried all the troubleshooting tips on the Wii manual, then your disk reader is burned out. All you can do is call Nintendo and tell them your Wii won't read disks. If you still have your warranty, they will fix it for free, but if not, there is an $82.39 fee for fixing it.
Well, happy brawling!

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Uh, cant really help, but, does your wii work good with other disks?

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Hacked WII?

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Are u placing the disc so that the front faces away from the buttons on the wii?

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