Question from ilikemaple

Asked: 5 years ago

How do you get the mushroom stacker cheat?

I found this cheat where you can keep growing/shrinking with the mushroom. I saw youtube videos showing things like link's bomb diddy's banana snake's grenade and peach's vegetable turned into super mushrooms. I even saw one about a super scope shooting super mushrooms. Anyone have a URL where i can find such a cheat?

Accepted Answer

From: buddies783 5 years ago

They hacked their Wii to do it. It's illegal so don't try.

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Submitted Answers


I think they used a emulator or something to fool u.

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You need to hack your Wii. Don't ask here because it's against the rules.

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Probably they just tried to fool u or they could have some cheats for it.

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It was on an emulator, which is basically running the game on a computer instead of a wii. In emulators, they allow you to use codes to manipulate the game. However, to run the game, you need the ROM (The information inside the game disc), which downloading is illegal.

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