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Asked: 6 years ago

What is the best strategy for the Cruel Brawl?

Ugh. The cruel brawl is the worst out of all of them. I've only been able to K.O three of them before they totally and utterly pound me. My attacks never seem to do much damage, and whenever they attack me, they don't <i>as</i> much damage, but the knockback is incredible. It's as if they upped the damage ratio to 2.0.

Anyway, I've tried dodging, aerial attacks, and different strategies, but nothing seems to work. The alloys are either insanely overpowered, or they gang up on me and pound me mercilessly until I'm K.O'd.

Many, many different strategies would be appreciated please.

Additional details - 6 years ago

Thank you. That was really helpful. With the tactic you gave, I was able to adapt it to another character.

If you use Pit, you can fly farther away and farther down, giving the alloys more incentive to follow you. Since Pit has an awesomely cheap recovery move, he seems to be the ideal character for this one.

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From: DjNawo 6 years ago

Being Jigglypuff and just flying under the stage to both sides can help you defeat them, just make sure you spend minimal time on the ledges.

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u can also use kirby, R.O.B., maybe meta and possbly D3

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or if you have trouble and still have a challenge hammer......use it on the block in the Vault

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Here is my strategy that I used to get an easy 13 KO's:

1) Select Toon Link
2) When the battle begins, run to one end of the main platform and jump for the ledge.
3) When you have grabbed onto the ledge, drop off and use Toon Links ^B^ recovery move.
4) You should have plenty of height to make it back to the ledge. Remember that between the invincibility frames and the time that you spend spinning, you will almost never be hit. Make sure that you do not overshoot the ledge, though, or you may find yourself hit with a smash, flying to your doom.
5) Rinse and repeat steps three and four.

This is how I PERSONALLY did it. Many characters can use a similar strategy, but I find that Toon Link works well here. If you still need help, see some of the videos on you tube. Search SSBB cruel brawl.

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I used pikachu, bowser , or Donkey Kong and used their b-down moves (i use gamecube controller) i got 5 ko's and won the challenge

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i've seen my cousin do this:

be ness (no lucas, his PK thunder is weaker than ness's).
use PK thunder to hit yourself in mid-air on either side of the stage. make sure you aim yourself towards the other side. hopefully, the alloys will be in your way and you'll do damage to them as you fly to the other side. repeat the steps.

i haven't tried this personally but it worked really well with my cousin.
what i did was POUND on the alloys with lucas. x D

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I use olimar and ivysaur(PKMN trainer) although if the pikmin die your in trouble just jump off the ledge and use their third jump the cruel dumb alloys will mostly kill themselves and you will survive, maybe. just use people who can attach objects to the edge. like others say.

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What I do is I select Donkey Kong and keep doing a ground smack (hold down and B). This is kind of a cheap way of doing this, but it works every time.

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Lucas (forward smash) profit

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