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Lucario Character Guide written by Waterfox
Started March 17, 2008
File size: Approx. 66.5KB
SSBB Release date: March 9th, 08 (US)
This entire document is (C) 2008 Waterfox. All trademarks are property 
of their respective owners. No section of this guide can be used without 
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Well, this my first ever Character FAQ for a game like Smash Bros. Hopefully,
I can get everything right and sound good while doing it. Hopefully. Enjoy the

*Guide made by Waterfox*
Use the search function if searching for a specific section.

2.....Lucario in SSBB and his special ability
4.....Tactics and Combos
5.....Move Strategies
6.....Attacks and Final Smash
7.....Defeating certain characters:
       7f.....Diddy Kong
       7k.....Toon Link
       7n.....Ice Climbers
       7q.....Meta Knight
       7r.....King Dedede
       7w.....C. Falcon
       7z.....Pkmn Trainer/Squirtle/Ivysaur/Charizard
       7ag.....Mr. Game and Watch
8.....Strategies in Stadium modes
10.....Version history + Credits

Enjoy the guide.

Lucario is a 4th Generation Pokemon, (Diamond and Pearl) part of the newest
Pokemon games. He's known as the Aura Pokemon, and is #448 in the Pokedex.
He sorta looks like a Blue Anubis (Egyptian Dog). He stands on two legs and
is a Fighting/Steel type, and his hands (or paws, your call) are glowing with
Aura. His specialty move is Aura Sphere.

He has replaced Mewtwo from Melee, but has some similarities (Noticeably his
B neutral and falling time).

Why is Lucario in Brawl? He is basically the mascot for the 4th generation
Pokemon. He also stared in his own movie in Japan, (Also out in America)  
is quite up there in popularity, below Pikachu and Jigglypuff. What better 
way to replace Mewtwo with Lucario? Lucario isn't a legendary pokemon, 
but he is very powerful.

Diamond Pokedex Entry: It has the ability to sense the auras of all things.
It understands human speech.

Pearl Pokedex Entry: By catching the aura emanating from others, it can
 read their thoughts and movements.

SSBB Trophy Entry: An Aura Pokemon. It can track energy called Aura, 
which is given off by all living creatures. It's a unique combination of 
both Fighting- and Steel-type Pokemon. Lucario evolves from Riolu during the 
day if its happiness has reached a certain point. It specializes in attacks 
that use Aura energy, like Dark Pulse and a can't-miss technique, Aura Sphere.

2.....Lucario in SSBB and his special ability
Lucario is one of the 14 hidden characters in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He can
be obtained in one of these 3 ways:

-Play 100 Brawls
-Complete all 5 levels of Target Test
-Have him join you in the SSE (Around Halfway, I think)

Lucario is a special character. He has a special ability that increases his
damage from attacks and better knockback the more damage he takes. When he
starts off at 0%, his attacks are quite weak, with his >Smash only doing
17% with little knockback fully charged. However, when his damage
increasing ability is at his peak (Approx. 182%) his attacks become amazingly
powerful. You would be surprised to see that a good combo while Lucario is
at his peak can quickly rack up damage on the enemy. As said on the Dojo,
Lucario fights with a "High-Risk", "High-Reward" style.

A simple way to say it is that when Lucario hits at approx. 24% damage,
his attacks start to increase in power. (Starting at x1.4 and getting higher) 
At 182% (Assumed, since in Event 25 "The Aura is with Me" he starts out at 
182%, which might be peak) his attacks  are twice as powerful then when he was 
at 0%. Take his Aura Sphere move. At 0% fully charged, it does roughly 13%
damage. At 182% fully charged, his Aura Sphere does 26% damage, with greater 
knockback. Same with most of his other moves. Some moves like his Dash Attack
and B-Throw don't use Aura, so they stay the same damage %.

Lucario is for you if:
-You can handle moderate speed
-You seem to fight better if your damage is high
-You can combo effectively (Of course this is for every character)
-You know how to wall jump/cling
-You like to fight at a farther range (Most of Lucario's attacks have range)
-You can control your recovery (Lucario has excellent recovery if you can use 
it properly)
-Your not afraid to take damage
-Mained or frequently used Mewtwo in Melee (They play similar)
-You like to counter attacks 
-You don't mind a mediocre Final Smash

If you fit most of the above, then Lucario would be a good choice for a main
character. Of course, I'm not stopping you using him, but to really enjoy 
playing as Lucario you should at least fit into some of the categories

However, you shouldn't use Lucario if:
-You prefer faster characters like Fox and Sonic
-Can't handle Lucario's weak power at lower %'s
-Can't wall jump that well
-Prefer an Up-B that does damage (Lol)
-Disliked or never even used Mewtwo in Melee
-Like to fight at a closer range
-Prefer to fight at lower percents
-Prefer OHKO or very powerful final smashes
-Prefer to reflect/absorb attacks rather than counter (Try characters like
Lucas or Fox instead)
-Dislike Lucario or the Pokemon series in general

Wait! Before you decide to read ahead, you should take alook at some of these
abbreviations, especially if your a Smash newbie, because if you don't, most
of the stuff in this guide will just be jibberish and make you go "Huh?".
Learn these, as you need to know at least these plus a bunch more if you
want to be a Smash Geek.


SSBB: Super Smash Bros Brawl
SSBM: Super Smash Bros Melee (The Gamecube game)
SSB64: Super Smash Bros 64 (The first ever Smash game)
KO: Knock-Out 
OHKO: One hit Knockout
FS: Final Smash

Attacks and Moves:
A: Standard A 
AAA: Standard A Combo (Press A 3 times)
__tilt: Used for a normal A attack. F is for Forward, D is for Down, U is for
__smash: Used for a smash attack. Same as above, F for Forward, D for down, U
for Up
__air: Used for aerial attacks. F for forward etc. N is for Neutral, B is for 
B: Neutral B move
>B: Forward B move
^B: Up B move
vB: Down B move
__throw: Used for throws. F for forward etc.

Abbreviations based on Lucario:

AS: Aura Sphere
FS: Force Palm
ES/EX: Extremespeed
DT: Double Team

Advanced Abbreviations:
SH: Short Hop
Wd: Wavedash (Not in Brawl)
Wj: Wall Jump
Wc: Wall Cling (Only done by certain characters)

Some terms you should know also:
Edgeguarding: Attacking the enemy has he/she tries to recover back to the stage.
Edgehogging: Latching onto the edge while an opponent is recovering to prevent
them from returning to the stage, since only one person can be on a ledge at
once. Often confused with Edgeguarding, which is different.
Fastfalling: If you press down on the control stick, you will fall faster than
Footstool Jump: Jumping on the enemy to get a nice, high jump.
Ukemi: Tapping the shield button before you hit the ground to lower momentum
Chain Grab: Multiple grabs in a row that cause quick damage and gives the foe
no time to retaliate
Short Hop: Lightly pressing the jump button to do a tiny little hop.

Edgesphering: A variation of Edgeguarding with Lucario, using Aura Sphere to
edgeguard rather than smash attacks or other moves.

Mostly basic stuff, and knowing this will help you through this guide better.
I don't wanna add too much stuff, other wise it would be more of a compendium
than a Lucario guide >.<
4.....Tactics and Combos
As stated before, Lucario gains power as his damage increases. Use this to your
advantage when at higher percentages, you can easily KO an opponent very fast
with your attacks.

Let's start out with Lucario's strengths. First of all, he falls slower, 
making it easier to play in the air. He has some great long-range, like
his Smash attacks, and a great projectile, Aura Sphere. Add in his damage
ability and you got yourself a fine character.

Another thing I would like to mention is his dodging ability, Lucario has one
of the quickest dodges in the game, which is actually decent, due to to the
fact it's quicker to get around this way than his dash. 

He shares another ability that only a couple characters also have; his Wall
Cling. He can latch onto walls for a short period of time, giving you an
extra jump.

It's also always a good idea to have a fully charged up Aura Sphere whenever
possible. It's a great way to start or end a combo, and at higher percentages,
KO opponents. Overusing or spamming isn't the best plan, especially against
characters like Fox, who can reflect it back at you, or Lucas and Ness, who
can use their PSI magnet who can recover damage from your Aura Sphere.
It can also easily be shielded or dodged, so try to catch them off guard
when using this. It's also a good way to distract edgeguarders or keeping
opponents from recovering from the stage. 

Lucario's Dair can easily rack up damage. It strikes twice, and has knockback
on the second hit. You also fall slower when using this, making it tough for
enemies to time their ^Smash's or any other attacks they were planning to 
use on you.

While we are still on the subject, Lucario falls slower than most characters,
making it tougher to predict his aerial game. This means you can do multiple
air attacks while falling. His combo potential using aerial attacks I find 
is pretty decent, but it gets tougher to combo with them at higher %'s due
to Aura making the aerial's stronger.

Lucario's Smashes all have range, especially his >Smash. This helps out
alot, as a very good combo I like to use is:


This is a good combo to use when Lucario is at lower percentages and has a 
fully charged Aura Sphere. It doesn't work well at higher %'s because 
Lucario's >Smash (And sometimes his AAA) sends foes flying making it
harder to hit with Aura Sphere.

Now, to Lucario's throws. He has decent throws, the one that noticeably
stands out is his D-throw (Down throw). It launches opponents upward, making
it good to land a Uair or another aerial attack. Another good throw is his
F-throw, which, at higher percentages, can KO the foe. The other's are
mediocre however.
Another not is that Lucario's >B can also grab the foe if up close and at
lower percentages is capable of a mini chain-throw. It can also be used
as a range attack, but doesn't have that much knockback.

Lucario's vB is Double Team, his counter. It is sort of similar to Marth and
Ike's counters, but Lucario's needs more timing. If a foe strikes Lucario
while he is waving his arm. Lucario will counter and strike from behind,
launching the foe in the air. This can also set up a good aerial attack.

Lucario's ^B does no damage, however, you can curve it in any direction after
executing it using your control stick. You can use this to curve over 
edgeguarders while recovering.

Using these moves, you can try to create your own combo's. Another
favorite of mine is:


I won't include advanced techniques yet, as many of these new one's are still
up in the air, and I haven't really tried them out. I'm hoping here that there
won't be too many, since in Melee it was a pain learning all of them.

5.....Move Strategies
I'm going to quickly run through the best ways on how to use Lucario 

Now, first of all, Lucario is great in the air. All his aerials are powerful 
and are easy to hit with. A D-Throw + Air attack is a good combo to use.
Now, when you manage to get your opponent off the stage, you will want to
hop off and hit them with an aerial attack to keep them from returning back
to the stage. This is easy with Lucario, since he falls slow and has good
recovery, he can easily hit the foe and return back to the stage. Just don't
go too far out.

You might find yourself using his throw's alot... I do, because I find all his
throws (except for the U-throw, which isn't that effective) to be very decent.
His D-Throw can easily knock an enemy into the air setting you up for an
aerial attack. His F-Throw is quick has doesn't have much lag after you throw;
and can KO at higher percentages. His B-Throw doesn't use Aura, so it's
best to use it at lower percentages to get some damage. The U-throw is
alright at or near peak damage, but it doesn't really have much power.

His Smashes are nice also: His F-Smash has good range and has very nice
power at high %'s. His D-Smash can be an effective edgeguarding tool, and
his U-Smash can end up hitting foes that are aren't really close to Lucario
at all. But, if you miss any of his smashes, that leaves you wide open for
an attack, so it's best to use them when you know you have a chance at hitting
your opponent.

Now for the specials. Aura Sphere is a great projectile. It's always good to 
keep one charged, as well as even spamming smaller ones to keep your
foes away. His Force Palm can chain throw at lower percentages, and has
great range, so you might end up hitting a dodging throw with it. 
Extremespeed does no damage; which leads people to think that it's awful.
It isn't. It's a great edgehogging tool and a good recovery, and not to 
mention you can curve it in any direction you please.

Double Team, I think, deserves a paragraph all to it's own. First of all, it
might be tough to get the timing down right when you first try it. It's a 
very powerful move that can kill foes starting at 100% when you manage
to counter an attack. It's quick and you need quick fingers to shield it
in time, making it a deadly attack that doesn't miss that often. Just try
not to wiff it; you will be open to grabs, and then your opponent can combo 
you. On a finishing note: With great timing, you can actually dodge some
Final Smashes with DT.

Well, there you go. All of Lucario's moves are decent it some way and I
pretty much covered most of his moveset. But just not following this will
make you good; you need to practice!

If you have good strats, by all means e-mail me to me, and I'll check them
out if they look good.

6.....Attacks and Final Smash
Here are all of Lucario's attacks (Including his FS) and how much damage it
deals per stage. For the 24%-181%, I have taken an average amount of 
damage in between using these attacks at 60%. These are just an average,
since with higher damage, your attacks will be slightly stronger.

I will list the how strong that attack can be, then (in the brackets) I will
list the lower amount(s) of damage that attack can do. Trying to keep it as
simple as possible here while getting most of the info.

A Button Attacks

Standard A (A)
At 0% Damage-24% Damage
A: 2% 
A: 2-1-3 (7%)

At 24%-181% (Approx 60%)
A: 3%
AAA: 2-2-5 (9%)

At 182% and above
A: 4%
AAA: 4-3-7 (14%)

Appearance: Lucario punches, uppercuts, then kicks again. Great for staring up 
*Guide made by Waterfox*
PS: The damage in between 24%-182% slowly rises higher the more damage you 
have. The 2-2-5 damage is the amount Lucario will attack at approx. 60%. 
AAA Combo damage will start at 7% to 14% as damage increases. This goes the
same for all of Lucario's other A moves.

Forward A (>A)
At 0%-24%
>A: 9%

>A: (average) 13%

182% and above
>A: 18% (7-11)

Appearance: Lucario sticks out his palm and attacks with Aura. Quick damage 
move. What I also noticed is if you use your control stick and stick it at a 
slightly diagonal angle, Lucario will tilt this attack slightly up or down.
PS: Just like the AAA, the damage between 24%-182% varies.

Up A (^A)
At 0%-24%
^A: 4%

24%-181% (Approx 60%)
^A: 6% (5)

182% and above
^A: 8% (9)

Appearance: Lucario will swipe his leg upwards. Good for juggling enemies and
starting some air combos. I find hitting with the tip of Lucario's foot will 
send the enemy higher.
PS: Damage varies 24-187%.

Down A (vA)
At 0%-24%
vA: 4%

24%-181% (Approx 60%)
vA: 6% (7)

182% and above
vA: 10% (9)

Appearance: Lucario will attack with a low kick. Attacks quick and is good for 
dealing damage fast.

Forward Smash (>Smash)
At 0%-24%
>Smash: 11% (9) *Closer the foe is to you, the less damage is taken*
>Charged: 15% (13)

At 24%-181% (Approx. 60%)
>Smash: 14% (13)
>Charged: 20% (18)

At 182% and above
>Smash: 22% (19)
>Charged: 31% (27)

Appearance: Lucario sticks his palms out, and a blast of Aura releases. When 
Lucario is at peak damage and fully charges up this Smash, it is very
deadly. Use caution when around this attack, as it does have range.

Up Smash (^Smash)
At 0%-24%
^Smash: 9%
^Charged: 12%

At 24-181% (Approx. 60%)
^Smash: 12%
^Charged: 16%

At 182% and above:
^Smash: 18%
^Charged: 25%

Appearance: Lucario sticks his arm up and issues a blast of Aura while spinning.
Launches the foe upward, but to get the best effect your foe should be
close to you.

Down Smash (vSmash)
At 0%-24%
vSmash: 10% (9)
vCharged: 14% (13)

At 24-181% (Approx 60%)
vSmash: 13%
vCharged: 18%

At 182% and above:
vSmash: 20% (19)
vCharged: 27%

Appearance: Lucario waves his arms about and sticks them out in both directions
issuing a small blast of Aura. A finishing move, though I perfer the
>Smash at higher percentages. Another good move for edgeguarding.

Dash Attack
Down Smash (vSmash)
At 0%-24%
Dash: 10%

At 24-181% (Approx 60%)
Dash: 10%

At 182% and above:
Dash: 10%

Appearance: Lucario runs at the foe and issues a kick. Just a typical dash 
attack, and this one doesn't increase with power as damage increases 
because it doesn't use Aura. 

Neutral Air (Nair)
At 0%-24%
Nair: 7% (4)

At 24-181% (Approx 60%)
Nair: 10%

At 182% and above:
Nair: 15% (9)

Appearance: Lucario spins in the air. Sort of similar to Ness's Nair. Overall
good aerial attack, and quite easy to hit foes with.

Forward Air (Fair)
At 0%-24%
Fair: 4% (3)

At 24-181% (Approx 60%)
Fair: 5% (4)

At 182% and above:
Fair: 7%

Appearance: Lucario does a midair kick. Not great damagewise, but at higher
percentages can sent the foe flying. Perfect move for keeping the foe off the 

Backward Air (Bair)
At 0%-24%
Bair: 8% (6)

At 24-181% (Approx 60%)
Bair: 11% (8)

At 182% and above:
Bair: 17% (12)

Appearance: Lucario sticks his palm behind him. Another good aerial move
that at higher percentages can send the foe flying.

Up Air (Uair)
At 0%-24%
Uair: 7%

At 24-181% (Approx 60%)
Uair: 9%

At 182% and above:
Uair: 14%

Appearance: Lucario launches an upwards kick. Very good for getting star KO's
at higher percentages and juggling the foe.

Down Air (Dair)
At 0%-24%
Dair: 11% total (Does 5 then 6 damage with each hit, knockback on 2nd hit, 
slows down falling time)

At 24-181% (Approx 60%)
Dair: 14%  (Does 7 then 7 damage with each hit, knockback on 2nd hit, 
slows down falling time)

At 182% and above:
Dair: 22% total (Does 11 then 11 damage with each hit, knockback on 2nd hit, 
slows down falling time)

Appearance: Lucario does 2 quick step kicks, with the second one having
knockback. Easily Lucario's best aerial, this thing can kill at lower
percentages, especially at peak damage. The slower falling time can also
throw off your opponents who might have been planning to ^Smash you or
do an aerial attack. In my opinion this one of Lucario's best attacks, and
it deserves some praise.

Special Attacks (B button)
Aura Sphere (Neutral B)
At 0-24%
B: 5% 
BCharged: 13%
Contact while charging: 1% (0)

At 24-181% (Approx 60%)
B: 7% (6)
BCharged: 17%
Contact while Charging: 1% (0)

At 182% and above
B: 10%
BCharged: 26%
Contact while charging: 1%

Appearance: Lucario charges up a big blue Aura sphere and launches it at
the foe.
This is basically Lucario's signature move. You can notice that when Lucario's
damage is higher, the ball gets bigger (and more powerful obviously). It's 
good to finish off combos, and getting rid of edgeguarders or edgeguarding.
The damage increases as you charge it up, so a half-charged Aura sphere
will have a damage percentage in between a non-charged and a full-charged
sphere. If you mained Mewtwo in Melee, this is almost the exact same attack,
except that it goes in a straight direction, not curved like Mewtwos. 
It's always best to charge one if you have the chance.

Force Palm (> B)
At 0-24%
>B: 7% (5) (If grabbed, 9%)

At 24%-181% (Approx 60%)
>B: 9% (8) (If grabbed, 12%)

At 181% or higher
>B: 14% (11) (If grabbed, 18%)

Appearance: Lucario will launch an aura pulse from his hand. If the foe is 
close, Lucario will grab and throw them.
Another good special, it's a nice range attack. And, as said, if the foe is
close, you can grab them and throw them, causing even more damage. Easily
chain throwable also at smaller percentages.

*Guide Made By Waterfox*

Extremespeed (^ B)
At all %'s:

Appearance: Lucario will er... speed away very fast. Does no damage, but you
can control it.
It's a good recovery. You can control the angle it goes in. This is good, you 
can arc over edgeguarders well this way. It's also good for edgehooging 
so the opponent can't make it back onto the stage, since Lucario latches
onto the ledge pretty well. Great for Cruel Brawl.

Double Team (v B)
At 0-24%:
vB: 7% 

At 24%-181% (Approx 60%)
vB: 10%

At 182% and above:
vB: 15%

Appearance: Lucario will lower his arm. Anyone who attacks during this frame
will have their attack countered.
This is Lucario's counter move. Once a move/projectile/item has hit Lucario 
while he is performing this attack, he will dodge and quickly appear behind
the foe/item and attack. Even if you didn't do the attack, you will still be
hit by Lucario's counter if your in range. The knockback is determined
by the power of the attack. It's a bit tougher to time than Marth or Ike's
counters, however, it is amazingly powerful, with the ability to kills some
characters at 100%.

This attack also has the ability to negate many final smashes if timed 

At 0-24%

A: 1% (0)
Fthrow: 7%
Bthrow: 10%
Uthrow: 4% (3)
Dthrow: 10%

At 24%-181%:
A: 1% (0)
Fthrow: 9%
Uthrow: 6% (5)
Dthrow: 10%

At 182% and above:
A: 1%
Fthrow: 14%
Bthrow: 10%
Uthrow: 8% (7)
Dthrow: 10%

A: Lucario bites(?) the foe.
F throw: Lucario quickly throws them
B throw: Lucario throws the enemy to the ground behind him
U throw: Lucario throws the enemy quickly up into the air
D throw: Lucario bashes the enemy into the ground as they go straight up

Lucario's throws are all somewhat decent. His D-throw can set you up for a 
good aerial attack, and the F-throw can KO opponents at peak damage.
Everything else there is just for extra damage. Note that his B throw is 
another attack the doesn't use Aura.

Lucario grabs a Smash ball, and jumps up into the air, causing damage to
people who are nearby him while he jumps, and he charges up his beam as he
yells.... KAME...HAME...HA! And blasts his opponents to who knows where.

Basically, that's pretty much how his final Smash goes. He charges up a
giant beam and fires it. If people get stuck in this, they will be damaged, 
and at the end launches opponents away. Kills most enemies at about 80%.
Anyone near Lucario when he jumps up takes around 10% damage.
The beam does about 28% damage overall with knockback at the end,
but at peak damage can total up to about 52% with even more knockback!
Also, before Lucario issues his beam, you can direct it in the direction of
your choosing.

However, characters like Pit and Kirby with their multiple jumps can easily
avoid this, as well as other characters who can dodge well, making it a very
mediocre (some people dub it "Bad") Final Smash. Well, at least it looks pretty
cool looking.

Watch the power of Aura! (Or is it "Behold the power of Aura"? Not sure,
both of them sounds somewhat right anyways XD)

SSBB Trophy Entry: Lucario's Final Smash. After flying off the screen, 
Lucario reappears in its center. He then launches a powerful Aura attack 
against all foes within a certain distance. The key to this attack is the 
ability to change its angle--it's a must to sweep slowly left and right to 
hit selected enemies multiple times. The last blow will send the victim flying 

7.....Defeating Certain Characters
Some characters can be a pain to fight against as Lucario. But guess what? I,
like the other character guides, have created a list against all 35 
characters and the best strategies you can use to defeat them. Well, here
we go!

7a. Mario
The world famous plumber himself. Mario isn't that much of a threat, but if
your playing a decent Mario, they will most likely use their cape to reflect
your Aura Sphere back at you. Another thing to be careful for is Mario's 
throws, especially the spinning one, that can be deadly no matter who you
are. Use your best combo's and attacks here, and if you must, try to nab
them with an Aura Sphere when he isn't looking. Mario is very well balanced,
so there isn't much more to say.

7b. Luigi
Luigi is more different from Mario. He doesn't have a cape to reflect back
your Aura Sphere. However, 2 main moves to watch out for are his missile and
Super Jump Punch specials. The punch can kill you at 60% when if it connects
properly, and the missile can misfire (1/8 chance) making it a surprise move
that can send you off screen. However, these are Luigi's only means of 
recovery, and they both aren't that good. Charge up and Aura Sphere and
edgeguard, and he won't make it back to the stage. Throws, I found, are 
somewhat effective on Luigi as well.

7c. Peach
Peach is also very floaty in the air, just like Lucario himself. However, she
has been nerfed a bit from Melee. Her turnips are her projectiles, so if she
throws them at you, dodge or catch. Her Toad can block your Aura Sphere,
as well as other moves, so be aware of that. Countering her moves works
well. Don't worry about her final smash, as it isn't that lethal unless you 
have high damage, which she can just smash you off the screen.

7d. Bowser
Bowser is a big and powerful character. That doesn't mean that he's tough.
Be cautious around some of his smashes, and his >B, which has a similar
effect to Lucario's Force Palm, it grabs you. When fighting a Bowser user,
try to keep your distance. Aura Sphere works well, and those long range
smashes of Lucario can send one out of range. Shield Grabbing is
effective against big characters too. Avoid smashes and you will make it 

7e. DK
Just like Bowser, DK is a slow, powerful character. He's big, so he can 
easily be grabbed by Force Palm or Grabs. Someone who knows how to use
DK will likely have a Punch charged, and against a human player, it's tough to
predict when they will use it. If you sense it's about to used, try a Double 
Team. DK is also quite easy to hit in the air, and a well timed Uair is a 
great way to earn a kill. Just like Bowser though, play more from a distance,
and be wary of DK's smashes.

7f. Diddy Kong
Diddy Kong has his Peanut Popgun as his projectile, and it's since it's so 
small, it's tougher to dodge. And his Down-B drops Bananas, which can make
you slip, leaving you wide open for an attack. Diddy is a lightweight though,
and can easily be KO'd at lower percents.You can't go wrong with Lucario's
Dair, as well as Aura Sphere. His 2 means of recovery are mediocre,
so you can edgesphere (My new? creation, Edgeguarding with Aura sphere. 
Clever.) Other than that, use your own skills to take him down.

7g. Yoshi
A good Yoshi player will use his up-B as projectiles, but those can easily be
shielded or dodged. Yoshi doesn't have a recovery jump... however, this means
that his midair jump is great. His Down-B, while not as lethal as Bowsers, 
still packs a punch. Dodge and F-Smash this, as there is some lag as Yoshi
lands. Also, try to be careful with Yoshi's Neutal B,
especially if a spammer uses it. Dodge, and feed him some Aura Sphere.
Yoshi is lightweight also, so KO'ing him won't be too much trouble at lower
%'s with Lucario.

7h. Wario
Wario, simply put, is very annoying. Especially his B move. I hate that. 
Anyway, Wario's got some powerful moves at his disposal, notably his F-smash.
Try to dodge and counter his smashes, and when he uses his bike, take him
off of it with your Aura Sphere. Wario's means of recovery are very weak, so
edgesphere and he won't make it back. Another move to be careful of
is his Wario Waft (Fart Move?). If it's fully charged, you will be sent 
flying, And it will also leave a stink. Yuck.

7i. Link
Link is all about his projectiles. He's got Arrows, Boomerang, Bombs and his
Clawshot. He likes to fight from a range, but close up, his sword moves are
powerful also, making a Link player very well rounded with projectiles and
strong attacks. Changing your battle plan with Link is the best way to go,
play far when he is using his sword, closer if using projectiles. 

7ii Zelda/Sheik
Zelda: She's been beefed up from Melee. Be careful using Aura Sphere around
her, she can reflect it back with her Neutral B. Her Din's fire is also 
annoying, because it strikes from a large range. Her aerials are deadly,
especially the Uair. You need to fight close range against her, use
you tilts and smashes and throws. Maybe, the Zelda player will use down-b and
transform into...

Sheik: Sheik has been nerfed from Melee, but she is still very fast and has
great combo potential. All of her attacks strike fast. Lucario's isn't the
greatest character to take her down with, but she has no good range attacks.
Surprise her with an Aura Sphere, and Force Palm if you can get close 
enough without her smashing you. 

7j Ganondorf
C. Falcon clone much? Ganondorf has power, but that is it. Everything else
about him is quite bad or mediocre. He's also very slow. Just avoid his
smashes and Warlock Punch and you should have no trouble defeating a Ganondorf
with Lucario. Smash, Sphere and Combo your way to victory!

7k. Toon Link
Toon Link is a quicker version of Link. He still has projectiles,
but they strike faster, and he has better recovery. Taking him down with
Lucario isn't going to be easy. The F-Smash is powerful and strikes twice,
but it can be easily countered with a nicely timed Double Team. Use a
similar strategy like against a Link user when fighting a Toon Link, but
be wary that he is faster.

7l. Samus/ZSS
Samus: Samus is slow, but is also all about the projectiles. At higher %'s, be 
careful for Samus's charged Neutral B, since it can easily take you out if 
you aren't paying attention. Other than that, Samus doesn't have any more
notable moves. Her recovery is weak, and edgesphering will take her out
quick. If she uses her FS or her secret taunt, she can transform into...

ZSS: Zero Suit Samus is more about speed than power. Her quick A attacks
can combo you quickly and before you can unleash a good, peak damage smash
you will be sent off the screen. Her whip has tons of range, and somebody
who uses her well will know how to effectively use it at the best times. 
Aura Sphere and combo's are best here.

7m. Pit
Pit is a spammer's best friend. His B and >B are the most annoying moves
ever, and not to mention he has a broken recovery. His >B and vB can reflect
your Aura Sphere, so don't even try this. If your facing against a spammer,
go air and use some aerial attacks, or, if he is using >B, dodge around him
and pull off a throw or smash. If you playing against a non-spammer Pit
player, the same rules apply, don't use Aura Sphere often, and grab and
counter if your at high %'s. Pit is also one character who can easily avoid 
Lucario's FS.

7n. Ice Climbers
Oh boy. Ice Climbers are back. First, always go after Popo (Blue one). He's
the one that takes damage and the one you must KO. Nana is just there to
get in your way.  Their B moves are nothing  special, but they can freeze you.  
Against the Ice Climbers, you should play farther away, since they have an 
annoying chain-grab that IC mainers will use to damage you quick.
Aura Sphere is always the best choice, as well as some aerial moves. 
Edgesphering is good when they are recovering, since without the other, 
they are unable to recover properly, and they will  just fall to their death. 

7o. ROB
ROB here has a nice, loooong recovery (Best recovery in the game) as well
as his Side-B which is a nice spam attack. ROB likes to fight farther away,
as he has his Neutral B and DownB as projectiles. He's a heavy character also,
so Lucario may have trouble KO'ing him at lower %'s. Grabbing is effective, as
well as Aura Sphere (AS has a use for everything, doesn't it XP)

7p. Kirby
The Kirbster can suck you up and give himself Aura Sphere. Oh noes. But,
Kirby is a easy foe for Lucario overall. His multiple jumps may give you some
trouble, but he is lightweight, and can easily be taken down with a good F-
Smash. If your playing a Down-B spammer, grabs and throws are the way to go.
Just be warned, Kirby has improved since Melee.

7q. Meta Knight
Meta Knight lacks killing moves and is a lightweight. However, all his A 
attacks are quick and rack up damage fast. This is good for Lucario, because,
since Meta Knight has trouble killing at higher %'s, Lucario can easily pull
off some great combos while at peak damage. A good strategy is to charge
up and Aura Sphere at Peak and blast MK away from a distance, since he has
no projectile attacks. He's easier to beat than you think.

7r. King Dedede
Triple D is a powerful thing. His Smashs will destroy you at lower %'s, as 
well he has his Waddledee throw as his projectile. There is one problem with
DDD though... his Super Jump doesn't have much horizontal recovery on it.
KO'ing him to the side will be more effective. At lower %'s, do your best to
dish out damage, using Force Palm or Throws, since he is quite big and isn't
tough to grab or hit. Once you think you have done enough damage, set up for
a F-Smash, D-Smash, Fair, or anything that might KO him, and send him off
the map.

7s. Olimar
Olimar relies on his Pikmin to fight. Without them, he has no good attacks.
Taking out his Pikmin is the best plan, and edgesphering is also a good
strategy, since his recovery is weak, and if he has no Pikmin, he has no
recovery. Just be careful for some of his smashes, they can be quite
powerful and they come out quick, not to mention the range. Yikes.
And his aerials. Wow, they are all good. Olimar pros will be tough to beat
so stay at a range and chuck some spheres at him. Double team also works well
to prevent more damage from his smash attacks, and if he throws Pikmin
at you, shield or dodge. You don't want to get hit with those.

7t. Fox
The tourney favorite (Well, at least in melee) Fox is a quick character. His
blaster can quickly damage you without you flinching, but it benefits you more
than Fox. Just avoid using Aura Sphere, cause Fox can reflect it back at
you then laugh as you fly across the screen. His throws are very annoying,
as well. Fox falls fast, so he won't be in the air much. Using your Uair as a 
finisher or a Dair is the way to go. Also, Fox is pretty easy to edgeguard,
so use that to your advantage as well.

7u. Falco
Yeah, you're fighting another Fox! Oh wait, Falco's moves are different this 
time around. He kicks his reflector this time, so he can still do the D-Throw,
vB combo.  Falco falls slower than Fox, since Falco is more about the aerial
game. His meteor has been nerfed a bit as well. Use the same strategy
as fighting Fox, just pay attention since Falco users will most likely play
in the air more. Also, don't use Aura Sphere unless you want to be 
blasted off-screen! Use it as a surprise attack when they aren't expecting it.

7v. Wolf
Another Landmaster. Now, Wolf isn't that much of a clone, but he has some
good moves at his disposal. His F-Smash has tons of range, as well as his
D-Smash killing at about 100%.  His blaster is more powerful than the other
2 Starfox characters. The one thing he does lack is a decent recovery.
Wolf's recovery is hard to use, so edgeguard/sphere him. Wolf is
also good for juggling, so be wary of that. Follow the Fox/Falco strategy
and do whatever you can take "take em down". 

7w. C. Falcon
The paunch is nerfed this time around. People who use Falcon Punch too much
are just asking to be grabbed/smashed. Just be careful, since Falcon can
now do a reverse FP, which can throw you off guard. Falcon Kick can also
easily be dodged. Combos are the way to go with this guy. Just be careful
around some of his combos. Just avoid some of his smashes and you will be 

7y. Pikachu
Pikachu is quite annoying. Especially the Down-B spammers. Anyways,
Pika is lightweight, so you won't have too much trouble taking this thing off 
the screen. Pika also has a ranged F-Smash... which is quite annoying and
can send you off the screen w/o ease at peak damage. Playing far is the 
best strategy, especially against Down-B spammers. Remember, you have
Aura Sphere at your disposal... use it!

7z. Pokemon Trainer
The pogeyman trainer uses his 3 Pokemon to fight. He can switch using vB.
He's part of the background, so you can't attack him. Trust me, it won't work.
Seriously, it won't. Don't try it unless you don't have a brain.

Squirtle: Squirtle is the lightweight, do damage fast but can't KO well member
of the Pokemon trio.  Squirtle's >B is very similar to Yoshi's, and can 
easily be dodged. Try to throw him up, Squirtle seems to be very
vulnerable to aerial moves (Uair anyone?)

Ivysaur: Ivysaur is the average member of the crew. His Neutral B move can
damage you fast if you are above him, so try to not stay in the air as much.
Pull off some good ground combos and send him flying. He can't recover that
well, but if he seems like he's going to make it back, throw an Aura sphere 
at him.

Charizard: Charizard is the heavyweight, powerful member of the group. Play
very cautiously around this guy, as his smashes and >B will send you off the
screen at very low percentages. Chances are, with Lucario, you might have
trouble KO'ing this guy, since you might not get enough damage on yourself
to effectively get a nice KO. I can't say much, just try your best.

7aa. Lucario
Fighting against yourself. Now, if you know Lucario well, then you shouldn't 
have too much trouble predicting the other Lucario's moves. But for the people
who are looking through this finding out how to beat him, Lucario has trouble
against heavyweights and relatively fast characters. Your best bet is to
KO Lucario before his power gets too high, then you will have a tough time
even landing a good finisher on him. Characters with reflectors; use them!
Aura Sphere can easily be reflected, and at higher %'s, a Lucario will 
usually have a full one charged, and an easy reflect back will send Lucario
flying. PSI users can regain damage from Aura Sphere. If your fighting against
a Neutral B spammer; you have pretty much given yourself an easy victory.

*Guide Made By Waterfox*

7ab. Jigglypuff
Sorta like fighting Kirby, without the annoying copy ability. Jigglypuff is very
easy, and a fully charged smash or a well timed Dair can send her off screen.
A decent Jiggly player will play in the air quite a bit and know the best 
times to fire up her Neutral B. For the Neutal B, Sidestep Dodge or
Dodge, or if you have great timing, Force Palm or Grab her. Aura Sphere
is also good. Not a very tough opponent to fight.

7ac. Marth
Marth is quick and agile, and is good for making combos, making a very
experienced Marth player a tough foe. Good news, he has been toned down a bit
since Melee. Careful for the tip of his blade; It's his sweet spot and adds 
more damage and knockback. Charging an Aura Sphere is a good idea to lure
the player into coming close, but don't overuse it. Use your projectile (AS) 
and your long range attacks (FP, F-Smash).

7ad. Ike
Another favorite of spammers and beginners. Ike's fully charged F-Smash
can send you off-screen at 35%. However, Ike is very slow, and he can 
be grabbed or smashed without that much trouble. Against Up-B spammers,
since Ike doesn't flinch when doing these attacks, it's best to use a very 
powerful attack and do some easy damage. Ike has a poor air game, but
his Bair comes out pretty quick, making it a deadly attack, and a favorite
among GOOD Ike users. 

7ae. Ness
Lucario has trouble against the PK users. Ness is a very good aerialist, so
you might have trouble hitting him. Ness users can nab you with PK Fire and
whack you with his bat, or snipe you out with PK thunder. His PSI
Magnet can absorb your Aura Sphere, so Ness can heal himself. However,
Ness is a lightweight and can be edgeguarded/sphered without much effort.
He also has trouble grabbing. You best bet is to keep him on the ground
and combo him.

7af. Lucas
Lucas is a pain for Lucario. He has a long grab reach, great PK attacks and
not to mention his broken UpB. Lucas mainers will snipe you out with PK
thunder if your airborne; it can also strike multiple hits unlike Ness's.
His PK Fire can easily be spammed as well. One problem with Lucas;
some of his attacks leave him vulnerable for a long time. This is the best
chance to Smash, Sphere, Dair or any other attack you want to use. When 
Lucas recovers you have a few options: use an aerial attack like Bair or
Fair, and chances are you will kill him. Another good way is to use Aura
Sphere, or just plain get hit on purpose, by the PK thunder during recovery.
Lucas will fall and die. Lucas players can survive for a very long time, so 
it's best to KO them as quick as possible before he becomes a threat.

7ag. Mr. Game and Watch
G&W is lightweight, but it's somewhat tough to predict where he will move.
A G&W player that likes to take a gamble will use the >B, where
it will range from 1-9. Be careful with this, as if G&W hits a 9, it has the
same effect as a Home Run bat. Meaning, your off the screen. But
any G&W is easy to juggle, so try Lucario's Utilt and aerials to keep
him in the air and do some fine damage.

7ah. Snake
Snake is a very unique character since he uses explosives for his smashes.
Lucario's counter works good here with some of his attacks, and you can
grab him while he is doing a smash, since he does lag a bit once he has 
launched a rocket/planted a mine. You can screw him up easily when he
is using his ^B by Edgesphering. Basically, it's tricky playing Snake,
since you might not notice the mine he planted near you. Heh. Snake
has a mediocre aerial game though, so you can use that to your advantage.

7ai. Sonic
Sonic is a pain in the butt fighting with any character because of his speed.
However, Sonic is quite weak, and needs to damage you alot before you fall.
This is good for you, because you will reach peak damage quick, and a 
Sonic player will have a tough time landing a good smash on you. He has
a decent air game, since you can perform any aerial attack after using his
Up Special. Most Sonic players will usually do this, so try to get a nice
Uair or Nair when he tries to strike. Overall, not a tough character for 
Lucario. Just don't let the speed get to you.

Well, that's some basic strategy for all the characters. If you have a better
strategy, e-mail me some tip's at I will gladly
look over them and consider them in a future update.

8. Strategies in Stadium modes
Target Test
Hah! I spent some time with Break the Targets and got some new records.
They might take a few tries, but here, try these out:

Level 1:
This is very, very easy. The targets are so big, you can't miss em. Jump up 
and shoot an Aura Sphere into the slot to get that target, jump and attack 
with Fair to get the next two. Then jump and shoot an Aura Sphere at the 
next target, fall down to another target, face right and sphere the target 
there. Jump up and use Uair to get the one above you, then use
Fair and Dair to get the last two targets.
My record time: 11.11 seconds

Level 2:
Not that tough. Uair the target above you. Go right and hop onto the
platform above you with the Smart Bomb. Throw it straight up to get the
two targets up there. Jump and sphere the once to the left of you. Hop
to the next platform and hit the target there, and sphere the rolling crate
so it hits the two targets at the bottom of the map. Then hop up, grab the
cracker laucher, and fire at the last 3 targets (You can throw the cracker
laucher at the last target if you want)
My record time: 10.16 seconds

Level 3:
Pretty easy if you know what your doing. Hop over the laucher,
pivot, and hop off. Shoot an Aura Sphere to the target right of you, and
use aerials to hit the two targets on the left. Run past the explosion box
and Aura sphere another target, fall through the slit in the ground and dair
the target there. Short hop and shoot and Aura Sphere to get another target,
then fall and dair another target below. Run across the conveyor belts and
aerial or force palm the next target. Make sure you make it to the other side
though and not fall into the hole. Hop over the spikes and Uair the next
target, land on the conveyor belt, then hit the last target with a fair. (AS
works too, but it will slow down your time a little bit.
My record time: 18.23 seconds

Level 4:
The floor is slippery so watch out. This is a tough one to get a good
time with Lucario, but try your best. Jump almost right away, Fair the target
near where you start, and fastfall and get the next target (It should be going
through the ice) after you hit it, you will wall cling to the ice, hop and 
Force Palm the target on the other side of the ice. Use extremespeed
and try to aim for the ice, so you can slip to the other side. Hit the target
above you with a Uair, then fastfall and Dair the next target. Keep going
left by using extremespeed, you will grab the ledge, or if timed right,
slip across the ice again. Run up, and grab the target that is moving
near the ground. You want to get this target before it goes under the ice. Hit
it, then Uair the other moving target above you. Hop up to the next level,
sprint to the end and hit it with an Aura Sphere, then hop to the next level
and hit the next target that is going up and down. Finally, fall back to the
previous level, and the final target should be coming up through the ice. 
Use any attack to hit it. Whew.
My record time: 24.86 seconds

Level 5

Not as tough as 4. Anyways, start off by Uair the target right above you. To
get the two targets on the left side, fall, Bair the first target, then
Dair the target below. Extremespeed back to the ledge. Hop up, then
ES again to the target up in the enclosure. Hit it, hop across the moving
platforms, ES if you need to, and hook onto the wall. Wall jump, and hit 
the target, keep wall jumping till you reach the next target and hit it. Then 
fastfall, and head to where the Beam Sword is. Grab it, jump, throw it 
straight up so it gets the target at the top, Fair or Nair the target on the
other side of the wall. Grab the beam sword before it hits the ground and
throw it left at the final two targets, and that's that!
My record time: 21.50 seconds

It may look sorta tough and confusing when you read it, but it all makes 
sense once your out on the target level... Also, check vid's on youtube,
since some have better times and strats than here.

Home-Run Contest
This isn't the best to do with Lucario, but anyways, a good strategy is to
grab the bat first and keep throwing it at him. Yes. Keep throwing it at
him and throw and throw and throw. Dair or attack in the process if you can.
Just before time is up, prepare to hit the sandbag, and try to hit it near 
the tip, and watch the bag fly. This works pretty much with all characters.
My record: 1789.7ft

If you have a better strategy, send it in... 

Multi-Man Brawl
How to manage through this boredom fest with Lucario.

Tip for all MMB tests with Lucario (Besides Cruel Brawl): Go under the
right platform and continue using U-Tilt. It won't work when the alloys
start getting violent in 100 Man Brawl + Endless, so be careful about that.

10-Man Brawl
It's 10 Alloys. Comon, it's not that hard.

100-Man Brawl
This is tougher. Basically, use all of you best attacks. Smashes are good,
don't waste your time on Aura Spheres, they take up too much time. Grab,
throw, and make sure you are paying attention, because sometimes they will
throw a playable character in with the alloys. Near the end when you have
about 15 or so left, they start getting vicious, but Lucario's damage 
ability helps out. Use you Double Team (Down B) and clear the alloys out.
It might take a couple tries (It shouldn't if you main Lucario though) but you
will eventually get it. Be careful for stray Bombombs and Bumpers. Uair
under one of the platforms near the start also works well.

3 Minute Brawl
If you can survive the 100-Man Brawl, you can survive this. Just follow
the instructions for 100-Man Brawl and you will do fine.

15 Minute Brawl
Why they put it in these smash games I dunno... it's boring as hell...
Anyways, there are three ways you could do this. Beat them the regular
way, Utilt spam, or Wall latch. You can latch onto the bottom of the 
stage, and since Lucario's wall latch lasts a decent amount of time,
you can Extremespeed back to the ledge, then fall and latch on again,
rinse and repeat for 15 minutes. Just don't screw up.

(Submitted by HypnoG)
Here is a great way to get past 15 minute Brawl. With a friend, both 
select Lucario. When it starts, jump onto the top platform, and
both charge an Aura Sphere back to back. Alloys will get stuck in the 
sphere, and stay stuck. Just mute your TV and chill out for 15 minutes,
grab a drink or whatever. Just check to make sure once in a while, since
a stray Bomb-omb or Item may pop up and screw you up.

This does work *Tested it myself*. There is a video on Youtube showcasing
it, so search for that for an example.

*Guide made by Waterfox*

Endless Brawl
If your doing this to get the "Defeat 100 Alloys in Endless Brawl" challenge
with Lucario, then go ahead. Same strategies as above. Have fun.

Cruel Brawl
(Strategy submitted by Tobias Amaranth, Rokudan)

Run off to one of the edges and abuse using Extremespeed (UpB).
Make sure you make it back to the edge and keep using it. The Alloys are
will run into eachother and eventually some will fall off. Since they have
no proper recovery, they will fall to their death. If you can, use the
Wall Cling and Dair to your advantage. It may take some tries, but people
have reported getting 10+ kills this way.
I recently got 30 kills with this method... can you beat that?

I tried it myself and it does work. (I finally got that 10 KOs in Cruel Brawl
challenge done) Give it a shot.

Boss Battles
*Only avaliable after you beat SSE once

Boss Battles are like All-Star mode; Except you fight the bosses instead of
characters. Fun stuff. Anyways, here are the best ways to defeat all the
bosses with Lucario:

Tip with all characters: Use Double Team alot. It can help save you from
getting KO'd against bosses like Galleom who hit hard.

Master Hand: He isn't too tough. You can finish him off very fast with your 
Dair. His only deadly attack is his drill, and you don't wanna get trapped in
it, especially in Intense Boss Battles. Hop off the stage briefly to avoid it,
or, if you don't have the time, air dodge or whatever you can to do to avoid 

Crazy Hand: See Master Hand, since they both fight similar... Just
be careful since some of his attacks have an "aftereffect" (i.e When he
uses the final poking attack, he can freeze you)

Petey Piranna: He likes to bash the cages and jump around. Dair and
Smashes work good here, as well as AS from a distance. Dodge the 
cages and run away when he decides he wants to jump on you. He is very
predictable and easy with his attacks, but don't underestimate his range
with the cages. Note you only need to destroy one cage to win.

Porky(Pokey) Minch: Ugh, do I ever hate this boss. His most annoying 
attack is when he does that drill thing with his arm. Once again,
Dair works wonders, as well as other aerial attacks. Be careful for
his speeding spider attack, where he will charage at you. Fast.

Rayquaza: Pogeyman vs. Pogeyman! Rayquaza isn't tough if you are
paying attention. Dair is a good way to attack, as well as smashes.
Careful for his attack where he zaps you with lighting. Double team
if you are in a tight spot. He has alot of HP though, so expect to be
fighting him for quite a bit.

Ridley: He's too big, and it's a good thing. He's almost a clone of
Master Hand. Once again, USE DAIR. Don't shield most of his
attacks, he will most likely break it. Double Team also. 

Galleom: Smashes and (You guessed it) Dair are good moves to take down
this thing. Just be aware when he turns into a tank he is quite dangerous,
and make sure not to get stomped on, since he likes to kill you at 50%
(He killed me at 25 before >.<). Also, while he is attacking, try to get 
behind him for some easy hits.

Duon: The blue side fights offensively, pink side fights with projectiles
and explosives. Change your battle style according to which one is
attacking. Far with Blue, close with Pink. This means you need to change
your moves around. Just be patient and dodge any incoming attacks and
you will pull through. If the Pink sides launches the missles; direct it back
at Duon for massive damage! Just don't get hit yourself.

Meta Ridley: Tougher than Ridley, it will beat up Falcon's ship to try to
knock you off screen. He's always in the air, so use your aerial attacks
such as Dair (Tired of saying it) and Uair. It's best to stay Airborne with
this boss, just make sure Lucario has somewhere to land. Careful for the
attack when he pounces on the Falcon Flyer, cause that's a OHKO if you
are standing on it during the attack.

Tabuu: Oh yeah. This guy and easily 1-shot you with his Red Ring of Death
(lul 360 reference) if you don't sidestep or airdodge. His other attacks are
very, very powerful also, like the whip and the "golden cage". Best time to
attack him is when his arms are crossed, which means he isn't doing anything.
Just play safe and you will win.

The bosses speed and damage increases with difficulty (Damn you Intense
Boss mode!) making things tougher. If your having trouble with a boss,
practice it in SSE. (You might even trophy it there too ;) )

9. FAQ
Send me questions at
I will accept:

Lucario gameplay and how to use him better
Tips and tricks on how to use Lucario
Incorrect things in my guide
Strategies against other characters

I will NOT ACCEPT: (And will delete, you won't get a response)
Questions already answered in the guide
Questions with bad grammar and spelling, IM talk (how u b gud w/ lucaro? thx)
Hate Mail, Spam, or anything the tries to insult me or the guide
Questions about other characters 
Friend Code requests (My Wi-Fi sucks!)

Q: Where do you think Lucario places on the Tier List?
A: I dunno. There is no tier list yet, I'm not saying anything

Q: You have some incorrect info on a character strategy/combo/stadum etc.
A: I am aware of some incorrect stuff in my guide, and I'm trying to patch 
everything up as best I can. I'm retesting everything, although I have had
people send me some helpful e-mails regarding this. If you notice anything
wrong with the guide, please e-mail me and I will look into it.

Q: How do you get good/decent with Lucario? 
A: Look above at the guide =\

A: My Wi-Fi sucks. Don't accept matches. Go away.

Q: Your Guide/Lucario/Pokemon/SSBB/You/GameFaqs/Life/The World sucks.
A: That's nice. Message deleting in 3.... 2.... 1....

Q: How come you don't have advanced techniques in your guide?
A: Simply put, many of these new "Advanced Techniques" are still up in the
air and whether they will be useful or not. Im hoping here there won't be 
too many, it was a pain learning the few dozen in Melee x_x

Q: Where are some good matches with Lucario?
A: Check Youtube. There are some amazing matches with Lucario on there.
Here is a personal favorite of mine:

Q: Do you play Competitively?
A: Simply put, not really. I'm good at smash, but I haven't really gone
to any big tourney's myself, since I live in a small town.

Q: How do I contact you?
A:, or by my AIM: Watarfox. I will respond to most
e-mails, and try not to IM me when I'm away.

Q: How come you aren't responding to my e-mails?
A: 3 reasons:
1. I have projects and tests that need to be done. I don't get enough computer
2. My Internet has been lagging lately, and not loading pages and stuff.
3. Your question is already answered or inappropriately written.

Sorry about that, I'll try to answer more e-mail's as they come.

10. Version history + Credits
Version 0.1: March 17, 2008: Started a guide on Lucario. He's a very 
interesting character, and I wanted to make a guide on my new
main character.

Version 0.5: March 19, 2008: Finished move calulations, half finished the
Character strategy section.

Version 1: March 20, 2008: Wow, done already? Time goes fast.
Guide finished and submitted to Gamefaqs.

Version 1.5: March 24, 2008: Geez! Up to the brim in e-mails and IM's! Tons
of typos fixed, as well as a new section added in as well. Got a
few useful contributions that helped out the guide a bit. 

Version 1.75: April 15, 2008: Got caught up in stuff. Anyways, added a new
section, fixed some stuff, Stadium section redone slightly. More character
strategies on the way soon!

This entire document is (C) 2008 Waterfox. All trademarks are property 
of their respective owners. No section of this guide can be used without 
my permission. This includes, but is not limited to posting on your website, 
making links to my guide, including parts of my guide in your own, or making 
reference to any material contained within.

I would like to thank:

Nintendo: Well, Smash wouldn't be here without them
Sora, Hal Lab: ^^
Sakurai: Making this game. YOU MUST RECOVER!

GameFaqs and affiliates: Hosting the guide
SSBB Board: For... er... being an interesting community. For sure. Also for
many tips and ideas on Lucario...

Poke Brawl Clan: For being a great site who helped me with this guide.
Chamber of the Sages: ^^^
Thanks guys!

CONTRIBUTORS: (Thanks for all the extra help!)
Tobias Amaranth 
Chris C.

Thanks for reading the guide!

*This guide was made by Waterfox*
---------------------------END OF GUIDE----------------------------