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Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Nintendo Wii

Luigi Character Guide
Version 2.5

By Carlo Fiore

Also known as Diocleziano/SegaMaster

If you need to contact me, fire off an email to


Copyright - Carlo Fiore 2008. 

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1. Introduction                                 [INTRO]
2. Move List                                     [MOVE]
3. Strategies                                   [STRAT]
4. Stadium                                       [STAD]
   a. Multiman Brawl                            [amult]
   b. Homerun Contest                           [bhome]
   c. Boss Battles                              [cboss]
5. Character Strategies                         [CHARS]
6. Fighting Against Luigi                         [FAL]
7. Updates                                      [UPDTS]
8. Credits                                       [CRED]

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1. Introduction                                [INTRO]

Welcome to the fight! The long awaited third game in the 
Smash Bros. series has finally arrived, to much fanfare.

Naturally, players quickly began gravitating towards the 
characters that suited them best. That, my friends, is the 
very purpose of this guide. This is for those who aspire to 
be the best using the one and only man in green, Luigi.

Luigi has evolved quite a bit over the course of the series. 
In the beginning, he was for all intents and purposes 
identical to Mario. The only things that set him apart were 
different properties as far as his speed, weight, and 
strength/effect of attacks. Melee changed things up a bit, 
giving him several new techniques that were all his own, 
(and giving birth to the goofy fan term "Luigified") as 
well as lowering his traction a great deal. 

Finally, Brawl came along, and Luigi has been diversified 
enough that He and Mario no longer play anything alike.

As a fighter, Luigi is floaty, and his movements are a bit 
slow, but most of his attacks come out ridiculously fast, 
and you can abuse this to build up some major damage. He 
also has multiple recovery options, and a couple of very 
versatile moves that can be used effectively in many 

The following is a list of Luigi's major strengths and 


Great aerial attacks.
Attacks come out fast.
With the right moves, can kill at low percentages.
Good combo ability, primarily while airborne.


Slow movements.
Somewhat lightweight. Can be KOed quickly if you're not 
Certain techniques leave him terribly vulnerable.
Most of his moves aren't well suited for KOs until damage 
is fairly high.


Here is list and description of Luigi's available 
costumes/color swaps.

Green/Blue (Green team)
Classic Luigi.

Luigi as seen when using the fireflower power up.

Light Blue/Dark Blue (Blue Team)

Pink/Red (Red Team)
Some people call this Luigi's pimp clothes. That's neither 
here nor there, I just thought I should say it.


Waluigi's colors.


Methods for unlocking Luigi:

-Play 22 brawls in group mode.
-Beat classic without using continues.
-Get Luigi to join you in Subspace Emmisary


2. Movelist                                     [MOVE]

Ah, the movelist. Strategy will help you later on, but like 
any fighting game, the most important weapon in your 
arsenal as a player is total mastery over your characters 
techniques and abilities. 

The following reveals every one of Luigi's moves, including 
important info such as Damage percentages, knockback range, 
and a minor description of the moves strengths and 
weaknesses, in some cases including the more appropriate 
times to utilize them. Study up.

It should be noted that I tested these damage percentages 
myself. No reference was used.


Standard A button attacks





So, there's your standard A button combo that every 
character has. It should be noted that you don't ever have 
a reason to tap the A button only once or twice. If you're 
going to use this standard attack, then use the whole combo.

This will benefit you anyway, as the whole 3 hit combo is 
very fast, and surprisingly enough the final hit has low 
but decent knockback. It's a quick, nifty way to get 
someone out of your face for second. If you're fast, after 
you've knocked someone away you can follow them with a Down 
B special, and deal some damage before they can recover.


Dash Attack

Individual hits
1% each
Final hit

If you connect with the entire animation, you'll hit 7 
times for a total of 8%. I've heard talk that this move is 
useless, but not really. Once caught in the flurry, a 
character can't escape the rush until the move is over, and 
the final hit has very low knockback (larger at higher 
percents), but it's enough to get people away for a brief 

If you're in a Free for all battle, and you have multiple 
opponents in front of you, the move can catch all three of 
them at once. However, this is difficult to do, and it's 
not recommended. But the option is there.

Be careful with this dash attack. You can use it, but do so 
sparingly; it's one of the moves that leaves Luigi horribly 
vulnerable if it doesn't connect.


Forward Tilt

Damage builder. Low knockback at higher percentages. 

Up Tilt

Low knockback, but very good for setting up aerial combos. 
Send your opponents up and hammer with them with Luigi's 
superior aerial ability.

Down Tilt

At low percents, this move will typically only cause your 
enemies to flinch. Occasionally, they may lose their 
footing and fall to ground, but it's a quick recovery from 
there and you really won't be able to take advantage of it.

Around 90%, this'll start causing some very, very minor 
knockback. Use it to set up a quick smash attack.


Aerial Attacks

Aerials are one of Luigi's greatest assets. His general 
floatiness and quick attacks make it simple to pound out 
two to three attacks in a single jump with time to spare. 
In two jumps, you can potentially hit with up to six 
attacks, and quickly build up the damage. Abuse fast 
falling while doing this (while falling, tap the control 
stick downto fall much faster) and with some quick 
reactions, you can combo your enemies to hell and back.

Neutral Air

This move has been strengthened since the last game. It 
comes out very quick, and at higher damages (around 100) it 
can actually be used as a reasonably effective kill move.

This is a decent option for approaching an opponent from 
above, but don't rely on it too much.

Out of all of Luigi's aerial attacks, this one is the most 
laggy, meaning it takes much longer after using this for 
Luigi to revert to "normal" and be able to use other 
attacks. It's not hard to do, but try to only use it when 
you're positive it will connect.

Up Air

Mid range knockback at higher percentages. It's best used 
for racking up damage during combos.

Down Air

Good for approach from above, and mid range knockback. Most 
often, when this move hits, your enemy will fly to the side 
of you. However, on occasion this move will count as a 
meteor smash, and can be used to spike your opponent down 
into oblivion.

UPDATE: I was previously having problems getting the spike
to work reliably, as the conditions seemed to have changed
since Melee. However, my personal method was flawed.

Thankfully, reader TheUnruly1 stepped in and helped me get 
my ass in gear.

Here's what he had to say:

"It actually needs to connect *above* his knees and up, or 
at least above the most useful, downward-reaching part of 
the move. And during the first couple of frames the attack 
is out."

That's right as rain folks.

This is harder to do than it was in Melee, and the window 
of oppurtunity seems to be shorter. 

The range he gives is accurate, but can be tough to actually
manage. It almost makes it easier to do if you are rising 
up to meet someone falling towards you, and it may help to 
start out trying to use it that way so you'll get a sense 
of it's range.

As for the timing, you'll want to start the attack the 
instant before it would connect. Practice this and get the
timing down to an art, and you'll be able to pull off the 
Meteor Smash just about anytime you need it.

Forward Air

How disappointing. In melee, this was a very powerful kill 
move. It has been downgraded severely. 

The speed of the attack is as great as ever, with mid level 
knockback, but it will only KO at very high percents, 
nearing 150 even for lighter characters.

You can use this move to get people the hell away from you, 
but do not try to rely on it for kills. 

Back Air

Mid knockback. Fun to use when edge guarding, and more 
likely to kill than Forward Air.


Other attacks 

Attacking when hanging from a ledge

This is the move you use if you press the A button when 
hanging from a ledge.

If your own damage is lower than 100%, then this attack 
will do 8% to your opponent.

If your own damage is higher than 100%, then this attack 
will do 10% to your opponent.

Down Taunt

Luigi was once the only character who could do damage 
with his taunt. Nowadays, Snake can as well (thanks to 
theblackbreath for alerting me to this fact). Luigi's,
however, is still more fun to use, heh.

If you somehow manage to connect with this little kick, 
you'll do 2% damage and send your opponent straight up in 
the air. The knockback however, is set, and your opponent 
will fly the same distance whether their damage is 0% or 

An interesting bit though, is that if your enemy is hanging 
from a ledge, and you manage to kick them with this taunt 
while they are hanging, they will be instantly spiked 
straight down to their deaths, damage ignored and unable to 

This is undeniably fun. Unfortunately, this move has no 
practical use. If you have the guts to attempt to use it as 
an attack during a heated fight, and you actually manage to 
connect with it, consider it a humiliation tactic.


Not really an attack, but it seemed the most appropriate place
to put this.

Luigi is one of the handful of characters who is able to crawl.

Personally, I haven't found much use for crawling, enough so
that I often forget that it can be done at all.

It is there though, and Luigi can do it (rather humorously,
he scooches along while crouched), so keep it in mind.

Thanks to Kevin G. for pointing out that I forgot to add this.


Smash Attacks

Forward Smash
Fully charged

This move is deadly. Use it for kills. The knockback is 
fantastic, and it can kill as low as 50-60% when fully 
charged, give about 10-15 for the heavier characters. For 
reference, Bowser, the heaviest character, will die from 
this attack at about 75%. Even the quick uncharged version 
of this smash will start killing in the 70% range.

If you can sweetspot this smash and hit with the very tip 
of Luigi's fingers, the knockback will be slightly greater. 
The added distance is moot, however, as by the time an 
opponent's damage is high enough for it to matter, the move 
will be capable of killing them anyway.

Up Smash
Fully Charged

Mid range knockback. The uncharged version of this attack 
won't be useful for kills until much higher percents. The 
fully charged version will start to kill around 80-90%.

Try to use this to hit people who may be on platforms above 
you. It can work pretty well as a surprise attack this way.

Down Smash
Uncharged 16-18%
Fully Charged 22-23%

Mid knockback. A full charge will start to kill in the late 
80s. If you're quick, this move is good for clearing space 
around you to create some breathing room.


B Special Moves

B - Fireball

This is a fairly short range projectile compared to others 
in the game. It's too slow to abuse it, but throwing 
fireballs during small breaks in the action can help to 
build up damage over time. Keep in mind that Luigi's 
fireball is not affected by gravity, and will fly straight 
and true until it disappears. 

Up B - Super Jump Punch/Fire Jump Punch
Standard hit - 1%
Perfect "Fire" hit - 25%

Usable for Recovery

As attacks go, this move is very dangerous to use, but the 
payoff is immense if you succeed. If you hit the opponent, 
but your aim is off, the move will do a measly 1% damage 
and leave you horribly vulnerable.

However, if you get a perfect hit, it will ping, Luigi's 
fist, and subsequently, his opponent's whole body will set 
on fire, and the enemy will be sent flying straight up at 
high speed. The perfect hit will do 25% damage. 3 Fire jump 
punches will rack up 75% damage, and will kill anyone, 
anywhere. The thing is, the speed and distance of the 
knockback for this move is ridiculous, and if you're good 
enough to hit somebody with it in the air, you can kill 
them at very low percentages.

Make absolutely sure to use fastfalling (again, tap down on 
the control stick while falling to fall faster) after 
performing this move as an attack, especially if you miss. 
It takes a long time for Luigi to hit the ground again, and 
you'll be wide open until he recovers. Out of all of 
Luigi's moves, this technique has the highest payoff, but 
with the greatest risk. Be careful!

As a recovery move, it's best for gaining height if you're 
trying to return from below the stage. Luigi has become 
more mobile while falling after this move than he was in 
the last game, so you can use it a little bit farther away 
from the edge than you might think is safe. However, it 
depends on your distance and your height. Experiment so you 
can feel what the limits are.

Forward B - Green Missile
Anywhere from 5 to 26%, depending on the charge.
Misfire will hit for 25%

Usable for recovery

This move is chargeable. Hold the B button to start the 
charge. When it's full, Luigi will start flashing, but he 
won't be able to move. He'll still in the squatting, pre-
launch position until you release the B button to fire. The 
higher you charge, the greater the resulting speed and 
distance that be reached when you release.

There is a small chance that this move will "misfire". When 
this happens, Luigi will explode, and fly very far, very 
fast. The distance and speed will vary depending on how 
much you charged before you released.

When the misfire happens, Luigi will catch fire, and any 
opponents he hits in the process will be sent flying, 
potentially to their deaths if the damage is high enough.

There's no way to be sure when this will happen, but a 
misfire won't be able to screw you up nearly as bad as it 
could in Melee, so don't worry about it overmuch.

The Green Missile is Luigi's best method for horizontal 

I somehow forgot to mention on interesting side effect of
the Green Missile, and thanks to romanshelton flamedtechno
for reminding me.

When the green missile is about halfway and above to being
fully charged, it is possible, if facing a wall when firing
it, that Luigi will get his head jammed into the wall.

It's not a random effect, and you can do it reliably once you
work out the point where the charge is great enough to put
you through the wall.

Mind you, it doesn't work on every surface. 

Unfortunately, this technique is just for kicks (and can 
leave you vulnerable if your opponent dodges and you
get stuck in a wall behind them). As far as recovery goes, 
it can help you get closer to the ledge while getting a 
breather, but don't depend on it. Getting stuck will 
hold you to the wall for a few seconds, but it will 
NOT reset your jumps. In short, if you've already used 
your second jump and are too far below the stage's ledge
for the Super Jump Punch to save you, then you're boned 
anyway. Sorry!

Down B - Luigi Cyclone
5 hits
First 4 - 2% each
Final - 4% 

Usable for recovery.

This move is incredibly versatile. 

When this hits, the opponent is sucked into the cyclone to 
take each hit. The first four build damage, and the final 
hit low to mid knockback.

Use this on the ground and hold left or right, and will 
Luigi will zip off in that direction while spinning. This 
is harder to control than it was in Melee (you can still
move quickly back and forth, but the range is smaller)
but it's still very effective. You can use this method 
for crowd control, combo setups, and as a very speedy 
way to close the distance with your opponent.

Something special about the cyclone is that if you 
repeatedly and quickly tap B after activating it, you can 
use it gain height. This has a couple of different uses, 
but you need to remember how to use it properly.

If you started the move on the ground and you start tapping, 
you quickly gain a good amount of height. This allows you 
to safely attack from below. If you started the move in the 
air and start tapping, the result depends on your inertia. 
If you were moving up, say out of a jump, the height gain 
is fantastic, and can be used for attacking and recovery. 
However, if you were falling at the time, the move will 
hold you in the air for the duration, but you won't gain 
any real height. Remember not to use it while falling if 
there isn't any ground beneath you!

You can use the Cyclone for pursuit of an airborne enemy. 
This will be discussed further in the strategy section.

As a recovery move, this is great for getting some height 
while far from the stage, and works wonders for catching 
the ledge from below the stage. Again, make sure you're 
moving up when you start tapping during the spin. If you're 
falling, you won't gain any height.



Grab Attack - Headbutt

Up Throw
Mid range. Use it to set up combos.

Forward Throw

Low range.

Back Throw

Very high range. This move has been beefed up again since 
Melee. At high percents, it is definitely capable of a KO, 
especially closer to the edge of a stage. Luigi's grab 
range isn't real great though, so be careful when 
attempting to use this.

Down Throw

Will give your enemy some bounce! This can be used to 
chaingrab, but it's slow, and Luigi's short grab range 
makes it difficult. It's not all that useful, but it can be 


Final Smash


Damage Varies

When Luigi's Final Smash is activated, things get trippy, 
and Luigi performs a strange dance that has a number of 
effects. Once the dance is complete, you'll be able to move 
and attack your disadvantaged enemies. 

The following list, referenced with thanks from, are the possible status effects that can 
happen to the enemies that are caught in range of the 
Negative Zone.

Lowered attack power.
Lighter weight. (Will fly farther when hit)
Increased tripping.
Low level, but constant, damage increase.
Flower on head.
Dizziness. (dazed and unable to move)
Slowed movement. (similar to the watch item)

It won't cause all of these every time, but rather a varied 
mix of them each time.

Negative Zone is far more effective than one might think.

However, this Final Smash does have an area of effect. 
Don't hammer the B button the moment you get the smash ball, 
if your opponents aren't around you, they won't get caught 
in the circle, and the smash will be wasted.

First thing to note is this, if you catch your enemies in 
the smash, but none of the side effects halt their ability 
to move, they will still be able to attack you. Thankfully, 
it doesn't matter, as Luigi is entirely invincible until he
completes the dance.

Hopefully though, the smash will stop them in their tracks, 
and even if it doesn't, you'll be in a good position. You 
can now systematically visit each of your downed opponents, 
and nail them with a perfect Super Jump Punch, or 
alternatively, a fully charged forward smash. If you're in 
a free for all and you're quick, you can easily kill all 
three of your opponents this way.

It seems I stand corrected about one thing. Thanks go to 
David M. and Jason J., who wrote in to tell me that you
can in fact get more than one kill on the same opponent while
this smash is active.


3. Strategies                                  [STRAT]

Combo potential - Luigi is a beast in the air. He falls 
slow enough and has fast enough attacks that it's easy to 
get out several standard aerial attacks in two jumps. Use 
this to your advantage to rack up the damage and control 
where your opponent flies.

Learn the versatility of Luigi Cyclone - Use this to close 
the distance with your opponent quickly, and use it to 
clear crowds. The last hit has knockback, so use it to 
quickly surprise your opponent and send them up to set up 

One useful thing about the Cyclone is pursuit. Quickly 
tapping the B button after starting the move will let you 
gain a lot of height. You can, for example, use an Up throw 
on an enemy, then chase them up with the cyclone and nail 
them before they can react.

If you hit an opponent high enough straight up, quickly 
jump, and while you're still moving up, start tapping the 
cyclone. If you're quick and you time it right, you can 
interrupt their fall with your attack, and if their damage 
is high enough the final hit can score a KO. If you learn 
how to do this well, you can get a lot of vertical KOs.

Finishing Moves - You're best finishers are as follows.

Forward Smash - Charge it up if you can.
Perfect (Fire) Super Jump Punch - Devastating. But be 
careful with it.
Aerial Neutral A - This has surprising power. Experiment 
with it and you'll see what it can do.
Back Throw - It has the power, just use it sparingly. 
Luigi's grabs aren't the greatest, and you'll be vulnerable 
if you miss.
Aerial Down A - It has the potential to spike. Use it often, 
especially while edge guarding. Don't be afraid to meet 
your opponent with this. Even if it doesn't spike, the 
sideways knockback is effective.

Recovery - Luigi has three different recovery moves, and 
can return from very far away if you use them properly.

Here's an example.

First off, when sent flying, immediately use directional 
influence (hold the control stick in the opposite direction 
of your flight) to slow yourself down. Once heading back 
towards the stage, start charging the green missile. Charge 
time depends on your distance and height, so use your best 
judgment, just know that you'll rarely have time to charge 
it all the way.

Once you've reached the length of your missile, use your 
double jump, and near the height of your jump, start up the 
Luigi cyclone and tap to gain as much height as possible. 
This will put you close enough to either get back to safety, 
or put you in range to successfully recover with the Super 
Jump Punch.

Mix things up, depending on where you've been sent, and 
eliminate unnecessary moves if you're close enough to not 
need them.

One last note on the Cyclone. If you're returning to the stage
from above and your opponent is waiting for you, use the 
Cyclone rather than an A attack. The priority is better, and 
you'll have a better chance of coming out on top after the clash.

Team Battles - 

The most effective partners for Luigi are those that make up 
for his weaknesses (range, projectiles,), and are strong enough 
to be able to cover him in return when he's vulnerable. 

Ness and Lucas are both good choices for coverage, strength, 
and range. 

Sonic and other speed characters are also effective to help 
set up kills. Rack up the damage and finish them off before
they can blink.

Luigi can also effectively cover a primarily projectile user, 
providing the close range dominance while his partner builds 
up the damage while afar.

Super Jump Punch Combo- 

Thanks to Booken The Blue and Daniel for writing to me on
this subject. I added the comments, but the moves are all 

The gist of this combo is using the A standard attacks to 
set up the Fire Jump Punch.

Booken's version (1 tap of the A button) and Daniel's 
(2 taps) can be equally effective based on the situation, but
can be dangerous for you if you screw it up.

In short, get up close, tap A once, or twice for a longer stun,
and while the opponent flinches from the attack, quickly use 
the Super Jump Punch. 

It works pretty well, and is good for building damage provided
you can hit with it, but it is kind of reckless. If you're 
slightly off on your aim, or the opponent is able to shield the
jump itself, you'll be entirely vulnerable to an enemy that
is in the perfect position to counterattack.

Take note though, that while it can work on any character, it's
much easier to use on larger slower characters. The faster your
opponent, the more likely they'll be able to dodge this. You
can probably spam it on the likes of Bowser, but use it 
sparingly on the likes of Fox. They'll punish you horribly 
if you miss.

KamikaziCat wrote in with two combos he created. Here's what
he had to say, copied directly from his email.

"Screw Punch
I have created a technique that Requires the use of an item, 
Grab a screw ball and run up to and enemy and quickly jump 
twice.  Right as you finish your second jump use the up b and 
usually you will use the super Jump punch.  The best thing is 
that they are already in the air so chances of killing are a 
lot higher.

Luigi's Gambit
This one is only useful when you have an enemy who is charging 
a easily recognizable smash.  Get just outside their smash 
range, and Roll towrds them.  Immediatly do the up b.  You have 
a good chance that it will do the super jump punch.  The problem 
is that if you go too far you will fall into a medium to full 
charged smash."


4. Stadium                                      [STAD]

The Stadium has four mini events that can be played solo or 
with a friend. These are:

Home Run Contest
Multi Man Brawl
Break the Targets
Boss Battles

I've included strategies for the Home Run Contest, Multi Man 
Brawl, and Boss Battles.

However, I do not intend to include anything for Break the 

The reason for this is that while I'm fully capable of 
beating the times required for challenges, it's not a 
difficult task. There will eventually be a dedicated FAQ 
that will do a far better job at Break the Targets, with 
far better times, than I possibly can. Besides, Luigi 
really isn't the best character to use to get the fastest 
times in that mode.

However, if you feel like the guide should include some BtT 
strategy, and you have a good one with a good time, please 
send it in. Be clear and concise. I'll be happy to add a 
Break the Targets section to the guide if anyone sends in 
some info. I will use the most effective strategies I receive, 
and you will of course be credited if I use yours.

Again, if there are no submissions for Break the Targets, 
I will not be adding such a section to the guide!

Now, on to the stadium!


a. Multi Man Brawl                             [amult]
10 man/ 100 man Brawl
If you can pick up the controller, you can handle 10 man 
brawl. There's no doubt about that. 100 man is a bit more 

Utilize your smashes; you don't need to charge them. All of 
them will kill here. Avoid the Super Jump Punch, it's too 
slow to be worthwhile here, and you will end up eating the 

Your aerial attacks will be a life saver, so stay up. And 
don't be afraid to abuse the items. That's why they are 

If you're unable to beat this the typical way, then try 
going for the cheapo way. Luigi cyclone is very effective 
in this fight. Now, if you use the Luigi cyclone on the 
ground, it'll react like always, pulling in for multiple 
hits, and knocking back on the last hit.

That won't do you much good in this fight where you can 
have as many as 5 guys on your back at once.

However, since your enemies are very lightweight they react 
differently to certain attacks. The properties of the 
Cyclone are different in the air here, and EACH HIT WILL 

In short, jump up, spam the cyclone in the air, and watch 
the explosions as your enemies die. 

If you're quick enough, the cyclone method can clear out 
the game in less than 3:00 minutes, unlocking one of the 
challenge windows.


3-minute Brawl

This is simple. If you beat the 100 man brawl, you can 
survive the 3 minute brawl. Use the same strategies. You'll 
be fine.


15- minute Brawl

Believe it or not, the same method used on the 100 man Brawl
and 3 minute Brawl will work here. It's just much more 
difficult, and takes a lot more patience, and spamming of 
Down B in the air.

If you're lucky enough to get a situation where you only have
1 or 2 enemies onscreen, rather than kill them right away, try
to avoid them. You can burn up a lot of time this way without
having to fight. If you start taking damage though, knock them
out and try again later.

Above all, stay on the attack. And if you see a bomb, don't be
a hero. If you can manage it, detonate from a safe distance, 
but don't pick it up. It's often too hard to set up a situation 
where it's actually safe to use a bomb, and that applies double 
to the smart bomb.

You'll be hating life if you get blown to smithereens by a 
stupid mistake a mere minute from the finish.

15 minute Brawl and Cruel Brawl (shown next) are NOT easy. 
Patience will serve you best here.


Cruel Brawl

This is terribly hard to do.

Keep moving constantly, and stick to aerial attacks when you can, 
especially the neutral B. Cyclone will help you clear the crowds 
in some cases, but it can also bunch them together and set them 
up for a quick smash attack. You don't have time to charge 
smashes, so don't bother.

Also, never use your Super Jump Punch for anything but 
recovering from below the stage. You are far too vulnerable 
here for this move to even begin being useful as an attack.

If you get knocked off, you can attempt to trick your opponents 
into following you down before grabbing the ledge yourself. 
The Alloys are incapable of recovering outside of jumps. 
If you hang from a ledge and drop off, the aggresive alloys will 
often follow you down. Use your own recovery to return back to 
the ledge, while the alloy falls to their death. 

That bit is more effective for other characters, but Luigi can 
utilize it to a degree.

Combine these things carefully. It can be tough to get a lot of 
KOs in this mode with Luigi, but it can be done well enough to 
at least unlock the challenges.


b. Home Run Contest                            [bhome]

Again, I am accepting strategies for Home Run Contest, 
provided they beat my own score. Send'em in if you got'em 

Alright, so here's my method.

Start off by grabbing the bat right away. Immediately throw 
the bat at Sandbag, and the moment you throw it, toss off a 
Fireball. When Sandbag ricochets off the wall, the Fireball 
will stop him in his tracks so you can quickly hit him 
again. Grab the bat, throw it again, and Fireball again.

Now grab the bat, throw it yet again, then immediately turn 
left and throw a Fireball. Sandbag will hit it from above 
when he bounces over there. Grab the bat, and throw it at 
Sandbag a final time, then quickly turn right to hit him 
with another fireball and stop him close to the right edge.

Now grab the bat, hit him with two or three more fireballs, 
depending on how much time you have left, and then Smash 
him with the bat. Try to sweetspot the tip of the bat, 
it'll help a bit.

With this method, you can get over 1800 feet.

Here is a link to youtube video, that shows me completing
the test with the strategy written above. I apologize for 
the poor quality, but it's clear enough that you can see
what is being done.

Do you have a strategy that can reliably beat my score of 
1873.4 feet? Send it in. My email is up top.


I'm pleased to say that several people wrote in strategies
for Home Run Contest that Smash my record. I'll be quoting
their comments from their emails, and including any links 
they may have sent. Big thanks go out all of you, well done!

First up, Felix R.:

"Anyways, here is my strategy you get the bat and get near 
the sand-bag. Once near, you throw the bat up and press 
the attack button twice. When the bat drops pick it up again.
You do that for 4 times and add in a hit from the bat, 
some fireballs, or just a punch and launch that sucker. 
With this I got an amazing record of over 1900 feet on my 
first try! It took me a while to get it to over 2000 feet,
but that took luck."

Next up is Clayfrd, who nailed 2016.1 feet.

"My starting move is described as follows: 1. Pick up the 
bat and stand as close to the bat as possible. 2. Throw the 
bat straight up. 3. IMMEDIATELY use the fire jump punch 
(Up+B). This move automatically racks up 51% damage and leaves
you with about 6.5 seconds left once the bag drops back down.
The last step is to throw the bat at the sandbag right before
it hits the ground and continually throw the bat at the 
sandbag as it nears the ground until about 2 seconds are left. 
At that point, walk over to about halfway between the center 
and the right edge of the platform, and wind up right at one. 
The sandbag should be oriented right at the tip of Luigi's bat, 
and the damage will exceed or be at 150 damage once the bat 
has been swung. The sand bag will fly over 2000 feet."

Clayfrd also sent me a follow up email with a quick
note and a link to a video of his record on youtube. Here 
it is:

"I have uploaded a video, and while it has poor quality, 
if you follow the instructions that I sent you, you will 
understand what's going on."

I also a recieved an email from Chris B. He says he has hit
over 1900 feet as well, but didn't send me a strategy. Chris,
send one in! 

Thanks again everybody, for sending me your scores!


c. Boss Battles                                [cboss]

The Boss Battle mode can be horribly difficult, especially 
at the highest difficulty levels. The setup is the same 
as All-Star mode. You fight each boss one at a time, while 
visiting a "rest area" between each bout. The rest area 
contains 3 heart containers that will fully heal you, which 
you can use at your discretion. It doesn't seem like much, 
but what makes this mode difficult is that there are no 
continues. If you die, you start over, period.

I can't tell you the best times to use your heart containers. 
That really depends on how you fair in the fights, so use 
your best judgment. My advice, if you hit about 100-120%, 
heal up, unless you're very confident that you can beat the 
next boss without doing so. For the record, the Ridleys and 
the Hands are the easiest to avoid taking damage from, so 
keep that in mind when you see your upcoming fights and 
plan the use of your heart containers.

This section contains mini strategies for handling each 
boss. The order is random, so skip to the one you need.

I'll say ahead of time, that it's best to avoid using the 
Super Jump Punch in these battles. The delay is too great, 
and bosses don't flinch, so you will be punished for it. 
At the very most, use it to finish them off, but only if 
you've mastered the timing and are sure their health is 
low enough that the move will kill.

1. Master Hand and Crazy Hand

The Hands are probably the easiest battles to handle. Both 
of them telegraph their attacks. When you see them winding 
up to use one their high variety of moves. Stop and stay 
put, just for a moment, and then move. This will ensure 
that the hands aren't moving when they finally unleash the 
attack, and thus allows you to quickly dodge almost 
anything they throw at you.

The biggest thing you have to watch out for is their screw 
attack. You'll know when this is being used. The hand will 
move to your location, fingers pointed together and 
straight up. It will then start spinning, and flames will 
come out from the bottom of the glove. After launching, 
they'll come back down on you spinning (hence screw attack). 
This move is irritating, as it locks you in place, deals 
a great deal of damage, and knocks you back a good ways 
once complete. It is also nearly impossible to dodge.

The best way to avoid this, is to dodge the flames at the 
startup, then while the hand is off the screen, wait just 
a moment before they come back and jump off the stage. 
Don't get to far out. Do your best to keep your airtime, 
and when the attack ends or is close to it, grab that ledge.

This isn't a perfect dodge method, but it will save you most
of the time. Practice it.

If you're lucky, you may be able to kill them before they ever
use this move.

2. Ridley and Meta-Ridley

The Ridleys will usually fly off the screen before attacking. 
Keep on eye on them and learn the timing for their return to 
dodge their attacks.

It's safe to stay airborne most of the time while fighting 
them, and a good idea too. The majority of their attacks 
affect the stage in some way, from dragging his tail from 
end to end, or in the case of Meta-Ridley, pulling the Blue 
Falcon almost entirely off the screen. 

Luigi's aerial attack speed is great for this fight. If 
you're near him, you can pull three aerial UP A attacks 
in a single jump. Abuse your speed and air dodge at the 
first hint of trouble.

Stay alert and pressure him.

3. Rayquaza

It's possible to get some quick smash attacks in on Rayquaza, 
as most of the time he remains grounded. If you do this, 
watch out for his tail sweep, it hurts.

If he charges up an energy ball, stay high, it travels 
along the ground.

This battle is relatively simple.

4. Porky

This fight is dangerous.

First and foremost, be patient. Porky has a lot of attacks, 
and many of them are high damage and likely to kill.

The best way to handle things is to play defensive and 
don't let him hit you at all. This isn't a fight where 
you can safely eat the damage and kill him quickly.

A decent way to wittle away his health is to get on top of 
him. Pound on him like crazy, but stay cautious. There are 
three attacks that can wreck you while you're up there.

First of all, he'll clasp his two upper claws together 
over his head, and start charging an energy ball, which 
he'll eventually release. You can get caught in the charge, 
so move it.

Second, he has a quick attack where one of the upper claws 
unleashes a terrible flurry of attacks in one direction. 
This can hit you if you're up top, so don't think you're 
safe just because the attack is indirect.

Third, he will sometimes jump in the air and hover, sending 
bolts of energy to the ground. If you're on top of him, 
you'll go with him, and you'll be off the screen during 
the attack. Don't panic, you won't die if you're standing 
still, but if you take a hit while you're up there chances 
are you'll be flying off the top.

5. Petey Pirahna

Pick a cage and stick to it. 

It's tempting to wail on him because he is so big, but 
that can backfire badly. Don't be too impatient to dodge, 
his hits have a good bit of knockback.

If you are unable to hit a cage for a bit, you can attack 
his body. It's not as effective, but it will still lower 
both health bars a bit and it's a good way to add to his 
damage in dangerous times.

If he jumps, jump with him and air dodge. If you don't 
dodge, you'll avoid the shockwave when he lands, but 
you'll still get hit by his body on the way down.

The Luigi Cyclone can help to rack up hits in this fight.

6. Duon

This fight is the suck, it really is. Abuse the hell out 
of your air dodge. Take shots at him when you can, but 
dodge, dodge, dodge.

Most of his attacks hit hard, and multiple times, and 
are capable of racking up the damage quick.

If he happens to shoot his missiles, to try to direct them 
back into him. The damage they will do to him is immensely 

The Cyclone will help you again, use it along the ground if 
you need to get away from him quick.

7. Galleom

Galleom can destroy you if you're not careful, but it isn't 
that difficult to avoid his attacks.

If he goes into his tank form, drop everything and avoid it 
at all costs.

The same rule applies if he starts jumping. Don't let this 
move catch you! If it does, you'll be embedded in the ground, 
and Galleom will keep jumping on your fool head and crank 
up your damage like crazy.

8. Tabuu

Tabuu is much easier to handle in the Boss Battle mode than 
he was in Subspace Emmisary.

Don't try to chase him around, he's too fast for you in 
that regard. If you are impatient and insist on chasing 
him, you can use the Cyclone to cover more ground very 
quickly. Just be careful not to start it just as he's 
using one of his own attacks, or you'll be horribly 

Stay steady, and when he teleports near you, abuse your 
aerial attack speed to get in 6 or 7 shots, more if you're 
quick about it.

Be patient and stick to your aerial game.

His moves are pretty telegraphed, so despite their speed 
you'll almost always see them coming, stay on your toes 
and you can dodge everything he throws at you.

One last note on Tabuu, you don't have to fear the "Red rings
of death" nearly as much here. In the story mode, this attack
was a one hit KO, guaranteed. In this case, while they can 
still easily kill you (around 60% damage) it's not instant, 
so don't despair if you eat this attack once or twice, it's not 
over yet.


5. Character Strategies                        [CHARS]

This bit will be devoted to providing mini strategies for 
taking on each character. Luigi, like any character, fairs 
better against certain characters, and worse against others. 
He does, for example, have a very hard time against opponents 
with a lot of reach in their attacks, made worse by the fact 
that Luigi's own standard moves have actually been shortened. 
You'll often have to take an indirect approach against these 
sorts of characters.

Keep in mind that everyone plays different, and these 
comments are not set in stone. Use them as they apply to 
improve your game as much as possible. Know your enemy, 
and all that jazz.

Section 6 is devoted to fighting Luigi himself, so skip 
there if that's what you're looking for.


Mario - Mario can definitely meet you on your own terms. 
His attacks and movements are a bit faster, but his 
strength no longer matches up to Luigi's. Fight him head on, 
but don't allow him any opportunities. Watch out for his 
aerial forward attack. It comes out slow, but if he times 
it right, it's almost certainly a spiked KO. Remember that 
you can beat him in the air.

Peach - Peach is very mobile in the air. However, her vertical 
jumping and recovery are terrible now. If you can get her 
below the stage, it'll usually mean a death for her.
Be careful of Peach using her second jump's hover the barest
bit above the surface of the stage. It keeps her at ground
level while doubling her mobility and speed, and she will 
nail you with all the aerial attacks she wants. The best 
way to counter this is with a Cyclone along the ground.

Bowser - Luigi can take Bowser pretty easily. Abuse your 
speed advantage, and get Bowser up in the air to really 
mess him up. Throws will be effective.

Donkey Kong - Donkey Kong isn't much more difficult to 
fight than Bowser. His reach is great though, and his 
speed a step up from melee. Feel free to go on the 
offensive, just watch out. Mind also, that his throws 
are strong with high range.

Diddy Kong - Diddy is, unfortunately, a very difficult 
match up for Luigi. His speed in all areas can be 
painful to experience. When you fight Diddy, don't try to 
play the field. In essence, either play strictly 
defensively, or go all out beserker on him. The all 
attack method works a bit better, but be mindful of 
the damage you take. Diddy can knock you out as 
quickly as you can do so to him.

Yoshi - Though Yoshi's game has improved, there's not a 
whole lot he can do to you. You can count on a bad player 
to spam the egg roll, and do it poorly. Be careful though, 
a good Yoshi player will know how to use it properly, as 
well as snipe the hell out of you with thrown eggs. Luigi's 
floatiness only makes him an easier target for that. Watch 
out for the Forward smash, it's a doozy.

Wario - Wario is unpredictable as hell, which I suppose is 
the way he likes it. He's not really floaty, yet he's 
incredibly mobile in the air, and it's easy for him to jump 
in, attack and pull back completely out of your range, laughing 
at you all the while. It doesn't help that the majority of his 
attacks come out fast. Thankfully, Wario is surprisingly not 
all that strong, so you'll be able to take a bit of punishment 
just the same. Be wary of his Up tilt and Down tilt. The UP 
tilt is especially dangerous and can easily kill you.

Link - You can't beat Link up close. His range is too great. 
It doesn't help that he's primarily a projectile user, and 
he can hurt you from afar when you're trying to get your 
bearings. Luigi's superior speed and recovery are your keys 
to victory. Don't let him start juggling you. His range is 
great enough that if you can't avoid coming down on top of 
him, you'll never be able to hit him before he clobbers you. 
Dodge roll frequently, and smash him when he's vulnerable 
after using his projectile attacks and smashes.

Zelda - Luigi can have a very difficult time fighting a good 
Zelda. Her reach is deceptive, and extended a good deal by 
the bursts of magic that come from her hands. It's easy for 
Zelda to trap Luigi this way and build up a lot of damage in 
a short time. Play a primarily defensive game. For the most 
part, you'll want to stay away from her. Don't try to 
approach her from above, her up attacks from the ground 
have greater priority than Luigi's aerial down and aerial 
neutral (and really, most of her attacks have greater priority 
than Luigi's overall). Approach quickly, watch out for din's 
fire, and try to launch her.

Sheik - Sheik used to be a great danger to Luigi, but not so 
much anymore. Her forward smash is easy to avoid, but her 
smashes aren't that strong anyway. Mind her chain, it can 
be used as a tether recovery, and it's very fast in this vein, 
so don't expect to be able to edgeguard Sheik without meeting 
her in the skies. She is faster than Luigi, so play defensively 
when necessary to prevent her from building up your damage 
with her quick attacks.

Ganondorf - His attacks are slow, but stupidly strong. Try 
to find a good balance between offense and defense. Hit and 
run tactics will work well until you can trap him.

Toon Link - Toon Link loses the range of his older self, but 
gains a hell of a lot of speed in the trade off. He will leave 
you in the dust, so don't bother trying to keep up with him. 
For the most part, let him come to you, and try not to approach 
unless he's using his projectiles. Don't get hit with aerial 
Down A, it's painful, and will spike when you're in the air.

Samus/Zero Suit Samus - In the Power suit, Samus's strengths are 
projectiles. It's easier for Luigi to handle her this way. In 
the Zero Suit, her close combat range is increased bigtime, 
and the paralyzer gun (and the down smash) will allow her to 
take free hits at you. You can approach normal Samus head on 
and be ok, but take on Zero Suit with caution.

Pit - Pit can be a nightmare for Luigi. He doesn't have the best 
KO attacks, but his strengths make up for it. He has huge reach, 
and several fast attacks that will trap you and eat you alive. 
A good Pit can quickly overwhelm Luigi, so keep your cool. Also, 
take note, the Cyclone can stop Pit's Forward B.

RomanShelton wrote in with a weakness, here's his quote:

"Pit's down B can actually reverse the Luigi Hurricane, 
making you spin backwards and can even get you off the stage 
if you're close enough."

Ice Climbers - First thing you should know. Don't underestimate 
them. The Ice Climbers are faster than before, and their double 
smash attacks are as painful as ever. Avoid them, lest they chain 
grab you to hell. If the player gets a chance to split the Ice 
Climbers and control them independently, you'll be in for some hurt. 
It's kind of a time waster, but make it a point to 
destroy the second Ice Climber as soon as possible. A lone 
Ice Climber isn't nearly as effective in battle, and the 
recovery is mostly shot (Forward B, watch for it). From there 
you can control the situation.

R.O.B. - R.O.B.'s most dangerous attacks are the ones that use 
the boosters on his underside. These have a lot of knockback,
but the moves are easy to see before they come out, so dodge 
quick. Keep an eye on the light on his head; when it's flashing, 
you know his laser is fully charged. The move is extremely fast 
and hard to dodge. You're best bet here is to be on the 
attack constantly, and don't give him a chance to use his 

Kirby - Kirby hasn't changed much. You don't have to worry 
about his hammer much in the air. The strength is greater, 
but the format of the attack has changed, so it's easier to 
avoid now. Don't let him grab and throw you, lest he attempt 
a suicide move and take you with him. His grab range isn't 
much, so it shouldn't be too tough to avoid if you watch 
yourself. Keep in mind that his speed has been ramped up a bit.

MetaKnight - MetaKnight's attacks are incredibly fast, and he 
can build up damage quickly. Fortunately, he's a wimp, and 
has a terrible time KOing his opponents. The best way to 
beat MetaKnight is to outlast him, so plan out your stocks 
and try to get first blood. If you can claim a couple of 
MetaKnight's stocks without sacrificing more than one of your 
own, it's unlikely he'll be able to make a comeback and beat you.

King DeDeDe - King DeDeDe is a heavy with several jumps. 
Unusual, but he gets a lot of air, especially with his Up b 
recovery, so you're not likely to take him out at the bottom 
of the stage. It's tough to KO him anyway, and you'll have to 
build up a lot of damage to do it reliably. Be quick and utilize 
the Super Jump Punch; it's just as effective as always. Watch out 
though. It comes out slow, but King DeDeDe's forward smash is by 
far the most powerful attack in the game (not including final 
smashes) and can easily KO as low as 40%. Treat this fight with 

Captain Olimar - Olimar can truly be a terror to fight if he's 
in the right hands. It'll serve you well to disable his Pikmin. 
He's mostly useless without them, and if you can knock out a few 
and set him up in the air quickly, he won't be able to restore 
them right away, and you can have your way of the match for a 
short while. Also, Olimar's only recovery is a tether, and 
the fewer pikmin he has, the less effective it is. If he has a 
full set of 6 pikmin, play cautious. He can hit hard, and no one 
else in the game can rack up the damage as quickly as Olimar can 
with the Pikmin throw.

Fox - Fox is as stupid fast as ever. His strength has been toned 
down though, and fighting a good Fox player, while still 
troublesome, is not the dangerous prospect it once was. 
Fox has Luigi completely outmatched in speed, and while he can't 
attack as frequently in the air, his attack speed and priority will 
put the hurt on you. Dodge frequently and go for the smash, Fox is 
still light and you can put him down early with the right timing. 
His blaster still won't make you flinch, so if you don't mind 
eating a few points of damage, hit the Cyclone and approach him 

Falco - Falco's blaster has a brief flinch effect. His jumps are 
strong as ever, but his recovery sucks, so meet him in the air 
and take him down. He's not as fast as Fox, but slightly stronger, 
so he can be every bit as dangerous in the right hands. Stay on the 

Wolf - Wolf's techniques can best be described as "feral". He's not 
the fastest, but he has a good deal of power. If you're up against 
a good Wolf player, it won't be easy to predict his next move. 
Wolf's blaster doesn't have the range that Fox and Falco's have, 
but it's more powerful. His recovery also doesn't have as much 
range, but it works well as an attack; watch out for the kick at 
the end. Remember that Wolf's Forward B has slightly upward 
movement so don't assume you're safe from it.

Captain Falcon - Falcon is still a deadly combination of speed 
and power. Let him bring the fight to you, a Captain Falcon player 
will usually be aggresive anyway. Be ready to move at a moment's 
notice, his attacks will catch you quicker than you can blink 
if you aren't prepared. You can take the fight to the air and 
come out on top easily, but be careful of the Falcon Dive, 
it can ruin your plans and set you up for some big damage.

Pikachu - Pikachu has regained a lot of his power to match up 
with his speed, and is now far more dangerous than he was in 
Melee. Thunder will hurt you bad, don't be next to him when 
the lighting bolt hits and creates the burst of electricity 
on the ground. Pikachu's Up Smash is still his most dangerous, 
and his short range but quick throws can be disorienting. 
Just for fun, try to match Skull Bash with Green Missile!

---Pokemon Trainer---

Squirtle - Squirtle is the quickest but the weakest of the 
bunch. His smashes won't KO until high damages, but be on the 
lookout anyway, as he can build up your percent quicker than 
you may imagine. His recovery isn't the best, but he can cover 
the edges fairly well with his water gun.

Ivysaur - The balanced creature of the three. His reach is 
monstrous, so play defensively and don't give him an opening 
to catch you. Don't get caught in his aerial Up A, it's power 
is intense and can kill easily. Remember that his only 
recovery is a tether, but it has the greatest range.

Charizard - Very strong, but his attacks are slow. You'll want 
to be wary of Rock smash. It's reach is weak, but the power is 
very damaging. Charizard has multiple jumps, but his recovery 
move is pretty weak, balancing things out. You can fight 
him much the same way you might handle Bowser or DK, so it 
shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Lucario - Lucario is floaty and light. You can kill him 
quickly, but don't discount his power. The strength of his aura 
grows at higher percentages, so play more defensively once his 
damage hits about 70%. Go for the kill quick to neutralize this 
ability. Lucario's Forward B is like a fourth smash, and while 
his Aura sphere (B) won't kill as quickly as Mewtwo's Shadow Ball 
used to, it's still effective for building damage.

Jigglypuff - Nobody is as mobile in the air as Jigglypuff. 
She can recover from just about anywhere, so shoot to kill. 
She's light, so it's not that hard. Rest isn't as strong as 
it used to be, but it's still harsh if you get caught by it. 
Never fail to punish Jigglypuff if Rest fails! Rollout is a bit 
harder to use correctly, but it's power hasn't changed. 
Don't get taken by suprise by this move.

Marth - Marth can wreck you with his speed and his reach. 
It can be very difficult to take down a good Marth. Be fast 
with your attacks, but bide your time and wait for an 
opening before using them. If you have to, don't be afraid 
to play defensive; you should be doing your best to stay 
out of his reach. Use Luigi Cyclone on the ground to 
approach him quickly. If you can knock him into the air, 
you'll have a better chance of building up his damage.

Ike - You might think Ike to be as dangerous as Marth with 
his reach, but he isn't. Luigi is fast enough to play like 
a speed type character and take potshots and Ike while 
dodging any attacks that come his way. Be aggressive here, 
but stay cautious. Ike is a beast, and he only needs one 
solid opening to ruin your day. Don't give it to him.

Ness - Ness is capable of meeting Luigi in aerial combat. 
He can juggle with his Yo-Yo, and his Up tilt will set you 
up for his combos. Don't allow yourself to be put in this 
situation. Luigi is still faster in the air, so if you meet 
Ness in the skies, do everything you can to control happenings. 

Lucas - Don't make the mistake of thinking that Lucas plays 
the same as Ness. His moves don't do as much damage, but 
they can trap you, making it easy for him to combo and 
rack up the points quickly. As with Ness, don't get in 
the way of the "cannonball" move when he recovers with 
PK Thunder. Lucas also has a tether recovery with his 
throw (so yes, he can grab you from a distance), so try 
to knock him out quick before he can use either of his options.

Mr. Game and Watch - Mr. Game and Watch has been improved a 
lot. He's much stronger, his aerial down A is now a very fast 
spike, and his recovery is just ridiculous. Thankfully, he's 
still a lightweight, so with enough power you can still void 
his recovery from the sides. His Up B still has insane 
vertical range however, so it'll be tough to KO him at the bottom. 
If you're playing a Game and Watch that starts spamming 
judgment, stay away. If you get hit by a 9, you're dead.

Snake - Most of Snake's attacks are powerful with a lot of 
knockback. His strengths lie in his weaponry however. 
Watch his movements like a hawk. A Snake player will lay mines 
and C4 on the field frequently, and try to force you into the 
them using many different tactics, including chasing you with 
a Nikita missile. Watch out for the Up smash and the Forward 
Smash, both are devastating.

Sonic - His main strength is building up damage quickly. A 
good Sonic will be able to head you off at any pass, so try 
to be aggressive and attack frequently. Luigi is light for 
a middleweight, and with Sonic's ability to dish out quick 
damage, even his lack of KO power may not save you. Take 
advantage of Sonic's light weight, and remember that 
despite Sonic's speed, Luigi's attacks come out quicker. If 
you can get him in the air, he'll be done for. Keep your eyes 
open though, like Wario, Sonic's moves, his specials doubly 
so, are very unpredictable. 


6. Fighting Against Luigi                        [FAL]

By now you know Luigi's strengths and weaknesses don't you? 
If not, check the small list of Pros and Cons in the 
introduction for a quick rundown.

First of all, everyone's aerial game has been a bit reduced 
thanks to the ability to air dodge without penalty. However, 
Luigi can still beat most people in the air in terms of 
speed and sometimes priority.

Try to keep the fight on the ground. Use smashes frequently. 
It's possible to KO Luigi at low damages. Press him 
constantly, but be careful and dodge quickly, as he has 
several attacks that are good for giving himself some 
breathing room. 

Look out for the Cyclone. It's faster than you think.

Most importantly, several of Luigi's attacks leave him 
terribly vulnerable. The Super Jump Punch, when it connects 
properly (which a good Luigi player will be able to do 
consistently) is his most powerful move, but it's also the 
most risky. 

Don't ever miss the chance to take advantage of his 
downtime. Faster characters will have an easier time 
managing this, but anyone can if they stay on Luigi and 
watch him closely.


7. Updates                                     [UPDTS]

Version 1.0

Friday March 21, 2008.

First submission. Guide is mostly complete. 

Version 2.0

Friday March 21, 2008

Rejected, on the grounds of being incomplete. 
Started work on V. 2.0.
Added mini strategies in Stadium covering every boss in 
Boss Battles mode.

Saturday March 22, 2008

Completed Character strategies for every fighter in the game.
Added information about effective partners in Team Battles 
in the Strategies section.
Added another brief note on using the Cyclone for recovery.
Added strategy for Cruel Brawl and 15 minute Brawl.
For all intents and purposes, the guide is complete 
at this point.
Fixed an incredibly frustrating formatting problem.
Second Submission.

Tuesday April 1, 2008

Added note granting permission for the guide to be posted
on 4 other websites: neoseeker, supercheats, cheatplanet,
and gamesradar.
Added link to a youtube video for a visual strategy of
Home Run Contest.
Added tiny revision on comments about Down Taunt (under
movelist section)
Added the Super Jump Punch combo to the strategies section.
Added info about spiking with the Down Air.
Submitted to update as Version 2.2.

Saturday May 3, 2008

Added correction on Final Smash.
Added two new reader combos.
Added two reader Home run Contest Records.
Added Ascii art to heading.
Made note of the Cyclone's vulnerability to Pit's Down B
in the Character strategy section.
Somehow, though I included them in my initial notes, I forgot
to mention crawling, and getting stuck to walls with the
Green Missile. These things have now been added.
Submitted to update as Version 2.5


8. Credits                                      [CRED]

Masahiro Sakurai

For making the game

Shigeru Miyamoto

For creating the Mario Bros. and Luigi.

For the reference about Luigi's Final Smash side effects, 
and for the methods of unlocking him.

For the handy ascii generator that created the guide's
slick new heading.


For his helpful info about spiking with the Down Air.


Who wrote in to tell me that Luigi is no longer the only 
one who can damage with a taunt.

Booken The Blue and Daniel

Who each wrote in with their own versions of the Super 
Jump Punch Combo. The methods have been combined under a 
single heading in the strategy section.

Thanks to flamedtechno, Kevin G., David M., Jason J.,
romanshelton, Felix R., Clayfrd, Chris B., and KamikaziCat,
who all sent in a wide and varied number of things, 
including final smash tidbits, combos, Home run Contest 
records, reminders to include things I stupidly forgot,
and so on. All of these things have been gratefully 
included in the guide.

And You!

Thanks for reading.