Olimar by Trogdorocks

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Written by: Trogdorocks

NOTE: I'm not an ASCII artist, so this is the best I can do.
ALSO NOTE: This guide uses search codes. Press Ctrl+F to activate the Page
Search, then type in the 5-letter code to skip right to that section. I made
every search code as unique as possible, even changing "ASCII" to "ASCIP" so
that you don't have to trifle through the load of ASCII's in this guide. See?
I just used 3 of them!

|-1. Pretty ASCII Picture [ASCIP]|

 -----  |       |  +----  +------  +----
/       |       |  |    \ |        |    \
\       |       |  |    / |        |    /
 -----  |       |  |----  +---     |----        
      \ |       |  |      |        |\
      /  \     /   |      |        | \
 -----    -----    |      +------  |  \__

 -----  |\     /|  -----   -----  |     |
/       | \   / | |     | /       |     |
\       |  \ /  | |     | \       |     |
 -----  |   V   | |-----|  -----  |-----|
      \ |       | |     |       \ |     |
      / |       | |     |       / |     |
 -----  |       | |     |  -----  |     |

+-----  +----    -----    -----   
|     \ |    \  / |  /\  /          
|     / |    / |\ | /  | \        
|-----  |----  | \|/   |  -----  
|     \ |\     |--x----|       \  ..... 
|     / | \     \/|\  /        /  .....
+-----  |  \__   -----    -----   .....

+-----  +----    -----   |  |  |  |
|     \ |    \  |     |  |  |  |  |
|     / |    /  |     |  |  |  |  |
|-----  |----   |-----|  |  |  |  |
|     \ |\      |     |  |  |  |  |
|     / | \     |     |  |  |  |  |
+-----  |  \__  |     |   \/ \/   |______

See? I made the "O" look cool! It looks kinda like the symbol for Intense! But
it's just a tad off =(

|0. Table of Contents [TABCO]|

-1. Pretty ASCII Picture [ASCIP]
0. Table of Contents [TABCO]
1. Introduction [INTRD]
2. Basic Terminology [BASTM]
3. The Different Pikmin Types [PKMNT]
4. The Captain's Strengths and Weaknesses [PROCO]
5. Olimar's Standard Moves [STANM]
6. Olimar's Special Moves and Final Smash [SPMFS]
7. Effective Combos [EFCOM]
8. Character Matchups [CHAMA]
8a. Boss Matchups [BOSMA]
9. Stadium Techniques [STTEC]
10. General Tips to Remember [GENTI]
11. Version History [VERHI]
12. Frequently Asked Questions [FAQUE]
13. Contact Info [CONIN]
14. Special Thanks! [SPETH]
15. Legal Crap [LEGCR]
16. Closing [CLOSI]

Yes, I included the ASCII Art and the Table of Contents in the Table of
Contents and even gave both a search code. Get over it!! IT'S MY GUIDE!!!

|1. Introduction [INTRD]|

Captain Olimar. In the game Pikmin, he was the unfortunate soul who ended up
getting hit by a meteor and crash-landing on an odd distant planet. Well,
honestly, I wouldn't consider him so unfortunate. You see, he met odd little
creatures called Pikmin - loyal little carrot-looking things (=P) who do
WHATEVER he tells them to. Yeah, not much of an intro. Anyway, he and his
little comrades are characters in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and they are
incredibly good characters... if you can use them right. This guide will detail
strategies with Olimar, pros and cons, and everything else a traditional
character guide does. With that said, on with the guide!

I'd like to say, first, that I absolutely love playing as Olimar. He's been my
main since I bought the game, and I was overjoyed when I saw him confirmed on
the Dojo. I promised myself that I'd play as him first when I bought the game,
and I did... now I'm great with him. OK, NOW onto the guide!

So, how exactly does Olimar fight? Being incredibly light, his aerial game is
one of his best assets; luckily, his multi-hitting Pikmin are PERFECT for
aerial fights. Most of his aerials can rack up the damage, and his specials are
pretty strong, too. Now, Olimar is all about racking up the damage; it's not
unlikely that you'll pile up your opponent's damage to around 130%. Luckily, he
has some pretty decent finishers... especially using the purple Pikmin (see:
types of Pikmin). His smashes are pretty tough, and they can send opponents

Olimar is truly a good character, but he's so hard to master; many people will
be turned off by this.

|2. Basic Terminology [BASTM]|
I am assuming you all know what the basic attack types are (smashes, tilts,
specials, aerials, and throws). They don't get special entries.

C-sticking - A technique born in Melee, only for use with the Gamecube
controller, in which the C-stick is struck to perform a smash attack instead
of the traditional Control Stick + A. Some people remap specials to the Cstick;
this is called "B-sticking."

Chaingrabbing - A technique in which you grab an opponent, throw them, grab
them again, etc. Dedede is highly notorious for his infinite chaingrab, and can
destroy an opponent's chances of even TOUCHING him with it.

Dash attack cancelling - the act of performing a dash attack, then quickly
cancelling it with an upsmash to slide along the ground. Exclusive to
characters with "diving" dash attacks: Falco, Zero Suit Samus, Solid Snake (a
very long DA cancel called "Snakedashing"), Wario, Diddy Kong, Link, and Sonic.
It could possibly be a new form of wavedashing in Brawl.

Dashdancing - An advanced technique previously believed to be removed from
Brawl since Melee, but soon discovered to be able to be done by certain
characters (one of whom is Pit, of course, the epitome of overpoweredness).
Tripping cripples it in Brawl, but it IS still there. You just repeatedly press
left and right to dash back and forth. It's much harder to perform in Brawl
than in Melee, sadly, and you need PERFECT precision. It's only for mindgames;
your opponent will have trouble telling which direction you will finally commit
your real dash to. Incidentally, I just recently managed to dashdance with Ike!
It's tough though, and you have to perform ~8 dashes per second to keep it up.

Directional Influence (DI) - Manipulating your character's movements using the
control stick. No, I don't just mean "moving," I mean using the control stick
effectively to escape combos, a role in which it is incredibly useful. Make
sure you master it!!!

Disjointed Hitbox - A hitbox which isn't attached to the character using it.
Any sword is a good example; the sword isn't part of the character, so when the
sword is hit, the character using it won't take damage; the sword will just
bounce off.

Edge Guarding - Attacking an opponent to keep them from recovering.

Edge Hog - Purposefully grabbing the edge so your opponent can't, therefore
they will fall to their doom.

FallSpecial / "Helplessness": The state your character enters after performing
certain moves; they can only be directionally influenced in this state.
Characterized by a certain pose which evokes an aura of helplessness (e.g.
falling headfirst, in Olimar's case) and your character blinking faintly. You
MUST touch solid ground to exit this state.

Fast fall - Falling fast. =P No, seriously, pressing Down in midair to speed
your fall; usually to recover from FallSpecial / Helplessness more quickly.

Footstool Jump: Jumping off of your opponent's head, either in midair, on the
ground, on the ledge, wherever! You can perform a maximum of 4 before landing,
and they don't take away any midair jumps or anything.

Foxtrot - an advanced technique performed by dashing quick, stopping, starting
again, etc. Although it may seem useless, it is good for mindgames and causing
an opponent to attack in an attempt to predict your movement, only to miss.

Gimping - KOing an opponent when they have laughably low damage. Sadly, Olimar
is insanely susceptible to this due to the fact that his only recovery is a 
tether, so all one needs to do is knock him low and far and grab the ledge, and
he's as good as done.

Gliding - a new technique in Brawl exclusive to winged characters. By holding
the jump button or moving the control stick back and forth, your character will
start gliding without wasting a jump. As per real-life gliding, you can angle
yourself downward, but you can't angle yourself upward without succumbing to
gravity and entering FallSpecial.

Hitbox - the part of the "yellow bubble" animations of a character which causes
damage to another. They're represented by red bubbles. Basically, they're what
make attacks... well, attacks.

Hitstun - the time during which a character cannot move after being hit by an
attack; they usually get knocked backward and look distressed.

Lag - The time it takes for a character to "wind down" from an attack or "wind
up" an attack. A period during which the character cannot move.

Meteor Cancel - Cancelling out of a meteor smash by jumping.

Meteor Smash - A technique in which an opponent is hit downward at a high
velocity. Not as great a finisher as spikes, they are slower and can be jumped
out of with a meteor cancel.

Powershield - Shielding at JUST the right moment when an attack is about to
connect. You will see a white flash, and hear a distinctive "metallic clang"
sound. This will make room for an incredibly easy counter with no lag 
whatsoever (a normal shield will cause lag.) In melee, you could reflect
projectiles, but that appears to be not the case anymore.

Prefixes N/F/B/U/D - In order, Neutral, Forward, Backward, Up, Down. Always
combined with a move (e.g. Fsmash, Nair, Utilt) to describe the move type and

Shine - A nickname for the Reflector/Barrier (Fox, Falco, and Wolf's Down B).
Name obviously originates from the quick burst of light when the move

Short Hop - Pressing the jump button then releasing it before your character
can finish the on-ground "hunch" when preparing for a jump. Obviously, gives
less vertical distance.

Snakedashing - the name given to Snake's dash attack cancel; he has the longest
in the game.

Spike - Any attack which sends an opponent rocketing downward; they are
traditionally VERY hard to recover from and almost guarantee a KO. Different
from a Meteor Smash in that they can't be "Meteor cancelled." I've never seen
someone have time to meteor cancel from Olimar's Dair, so it will be referred
to as a spike for all intents and purposes.

Sweetspot - 2 definitions. 1) Recovering in such a way that your character will
grab the ledge at the perfect moment and distance. 2) The point at which an
attack does the highest damage.

Tech/Ukemi - pressing R or L (shield button) right as you are about to hit the
ground when tumbling; character will transfer momentum and roll to the side.

Tipper - Hitting Sandbag with the tip of the home-run bat. Will result in
greater distance than if you hit him with a different part of the bat.

W.O.P. - Wall of Pain - a technique in which you trap an opponent in a flurry
of aerials to get them off the screen and pile on damage.

|3. The Different Pikmin Types [PKMNT]|
Olimar is unique in that his main gateways for attacking are 5 different
things. Did I word that right...? Well, the Pikmin, which he uses to attack,
can be five different colors, all with strengths and weaknesses.

Red Pikmin
High attack power.
Attacks have fiery properties.
Immune to fire attacks.
Aerials are the most-damaging of all Pikmin.

Yellow Pikmin
They travel in arcs when thrown, gaining slight vertical distance.
They have electrical properties, therefore giving more small hits than usual.
When they grab and throw an enemy, they too will travel in an arc.
Immune to electric attacks.
Have a slightly better range than others.

Blue Pikmin
Incredibly strong throws.
Better-than-average health; can take a few cuts n' bruises.

Purple Pikmin
Doesn't fly far when thrown.
Very slow to attack.
Slams enemies instead of latching on to them. This can be considered good or
bad depending on playstyle, I suppose...

and, finally...

White Pikmin
Flies the farthest when thrown.
Very light and fast.
Low health; small moves can kill
Poisonous; this poison really gives tons of damage.

So, adapt to the situation and analyze which Pikmin is best used in this
situation. For example, if you are fighting a heavyweight, you'll probably want
to use white Pikmin to pile up damage before attempting a finisher. All these
possibilities make Olimar a unique, yet hard-to-use character, so be one of the
few who can say they are good with him! STUDY THIS LIST!

Oh, on a side note, I've been receiving many emails about this, so I thought
I'd cover it here. As of 4/23/08, I am not entirely sure whether flowers on
the heads of the Pikmin do anything. I've never noticed any change, so it is
most likely aesthetic. If anyone has information regarding this, please let me
know. Thank you!

|4. The Captain's Strengths and Weaknesses [PROCO]|

The Good:

-He has INCREDIBLE damage-dealing skills. His side-B can easily reach 40% or
more if you use white Pikmin.
-His main source of his power, his Pikmin, can be plucked very fast (maximum of
6 can be obtained in less than 1 second!)
-His smashes and tilts have great range, as he throws Pikmin and jumps in the
air to perform most of them.
-Good at mindgames; his side-B and forward A have almost identical animations.
-Very tiny and fast little target, he could be on one side of you and reach the
other easily while you try to attack him.
-Incredible aerials
-If you're feeling a bit mean, you can use his Pikmin to absorb the hit most
projectiles, even the likes of Samus's Charge Shot or Lucario's Aura Sphere!
-His spike has great knockback and range
-His grab utilizes Pikmin, therefore giving him a much better grab range than
most characters (comparable to Clawshot or Grapple Beam)
-His "pummel" (throw attack) can rack up the damage quickly with White Pikmin
(4% per hit, and they attack very fast)
-His Down-B will grant him Super Armor RIGHT at the initiation of the move 
(around the time when he rears his head back).

The Bad:

-He NEEDS Pikmin to do all but 6 attacks (that's right, even his throws are
dependant on them). Without them, he's powerless. Though, some people do play
without them as a joke and call him "Nolimar." =P
-He can be so frustratingly hard to master that many would just give up.
-You need to have good skills and quick moves to switch to the proper Pikmin
in a certain situation.
-His only recovery move, Pikmin Chain, is a tether. NONE of his other attacks
will give a boost.
-Very lightweight
-His Pikmin are just like they were in the games... every Pikmin but blue will
instantly die when they touch water, leaving him vulnerable on stages like
Pirate Ship (that sea can cripple his tether recovery if you fall into the
-Building upon previous points, if you don't have many Pikmin, your Pikmin
Chain will be very short.
-Incredibly susceptible to gimping because of tether recovery.

|5. Olimar's Standard Moves [STANM]|

Note: A [P] or [NP] after the name represents Pikmin and No Pikmin; it shows
whether or not Olimar needs Pikmin for the move to do damage. The damage for
smashes will be represented by "x, y," x being minimum charge and y being
maximum. All damage is assuming that you hit with EVERY piece of the attack.
Multiple hits are represented by a-b-c-x-y-z, though it's usually more like
x-x-x-x-x-x-y; many of the hits do the same damage.

Neutral A [NP]
Description: Slaps. Move will hit twice if you are close enough.
Damage: 3-2
Knockback: very low

Description: See above, just repeat.
Damage: 3-2-3-2
Knockback: Decent, horizontal

Ftilt [NP]
Description: Olimar kicks both legs out in front of him.
Damage: 6
Knockback: Decent, horizontal

Utilt [NP]
Description: Olimar jumps and twirls around. 
Damage: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-4 (11 total)
Knockback: Last hit has OK upward knockback.

Dtilt [NP]
Description: Olimar does some... odd... little... "leapfrog" movement without
the leap...
Damage: 6
Knockback: Very low, though it will get opponents slightly airborne.

Dash A [NP]
Description: Olimar does a cartwheel.
Damage: 7-4 (11 total)
Knockback: Good upward knockback

FSmash [P]
Description: Olimar throws a Pikmin in front of him.
Damage: Red: 12, 21; Yellow: 13, 18; Blue: 15, 21; Purple: 16, 25; White: 6, 12
Knockback: Red: Very good, horizontal; Yellow: Very good, horizontal; Blue:
Excellent, horizontal; Purple: excellent, diagonal; White: low, horizontal

USmash [P]
Description: Olimar throws a Pikmin above him.
Damage: Red: 15, 21; Yellow: 15, 19; Blue: 15, 21; Purple: 16, 22; White: 9, 12
Knockback: Red: Great, vertical; Yellow: Great, vertical; Blue: Great,
vertical; Purple: Excellent, vertical; White: low, vertical

DSmash [P]
Description: Olimar commands two Pikmin; one left, one right; to hit the
Damage: Red: 13, 18; Yellow: 11, 15 Blue: 12, 17; Purple: 15, 21; White: 4, 8
Knockback: Red: Good, horizontal; Yellow: Good, horizontal; Blue: very good,
horizontal; Purple: very good, horizontal; White: pathetic; horizontal.

Nair [NP]
Description: Olimar twirls a la his Utilt.
Damage: 2-2-2-2-2-2 damage (12 total).
Knockback: Final hit's is pretty good, diagonal.

Fair [P]
Description: Olimar grabs a Pikmin and sweeps it in front of him.
Damage: Red: 15; Yellow: 12; Blue: 13; Purple: 14; White: 5
Knockback: Red: good; Yellow: good; Blue: good; Purple: better; White: good

Bair [P]
Description: Olimar grabs a Pikmin and sweeps it BEHIND him! Ooooh!
Damage: Red: 13; Yellow: 12; Blue: 13; Purple: 13; White: 4
Knockback: Red: good; Yellow: good; Blue: good; Purple: better; White: very low

Uair [P]
Description: Olimar twirls a Pikmin above his head, scoring multiple hits which
do decent damage.
Damage: Red: 3-3-3-3-3-3-6; Yellow: 2-2-2-2-2-2-4; Blue: 3-3-3-3-3-3-4; Purple:
3-3-3-3-3-3-4; White: 1-1-1-1-1-1-3
Knockback: Only on last hit; Red: low; Yellow: low; Blue: low; Purple: low;
White: low

Dair [P]
Description: Olimar whacks the opponent downward with a Pikmin. Sweetspot is
right below Olimar (pretty much overlapping the Pikmin).
Damage: Red: 16; Yellow: 12; Blue: 14; Purple: 14; White: 8
Knockback: Incredible for all Pikmin; a great spike.

Grab [P]
Description: A Pikmin runs out and grabs the opponent.
Damage: N/A
Knockback: N/A

NOTE: I'm sure many have heard of the pivot grab. Being the quickest technique
in the game, you change directions mid-dash then immediately press the grab
button. With Olimar, though, it has a special effect. Essentially, the Pikmin
moves out farther. Thanks to CJTHeroofTime for this note!

Pummel [P]
Description: The Pikmin which grabbed the opponent whacks it repeatedly.
Damage: Red: 2-2-2-2... Yellow: 2-2-2-2... Blue: 2-2-2-2... Purple: 2-2-2-2...
White: 4-4-4-4...
Knockback: N/A

Fthrow [P]
Description: That little Pikmin actually throws your opponent. Seems to have an
odd framerate... it might just be me >_>
Damage: Red: 6; Yellow: 7; Blue: 13!; Purple: 7 White: 6
Knockback: All horizontal. Red: Good; Yellow: Good; Blue: Excellent; Purple:
Very good White: Good

Bthrow [P]
Description: Pikmin throws your opponent... backwards! Again, seems to have an
odd framerate.
Damage: Red: 7; Yellow: 9; Blue: 14; Purple: 11; White: 7

Uthrow [P]
Description: Your Pikmin whacks the opponent against the ground, causing them
to rebound upwards.
Damage: Red: 9; Yellow: 11; Blue: 12; Purple: 11; White: 6
Knockback: Red: low; Yellow: low; Blue: low; Purple: low; White: low

Dthrow [P]
Description: Your Pikmin slams the enemy on the ground, and they rebound
Damage: Red: 11; Yellow: 8; Blue: 12; Purple: 8; White: 6
Knockback: Red: very low; Yellow: very low; Blue: very low; Purple: very low;
White: very low

Ledge attack [NP]
Description: Olimar pulls himself up and whacks his head on the opponent.
Damage: 8
Knockback: Surprisingly good for a ledge attack

Standing idle
Olimar will bob around and swing his arms. His Pikmin will do the classic
"lounging" pose associated with supermodels n' such; they'll lie on their side
and support their head with their hand; elbow on the ground. They will also
frantically look around, jump, bow their heads, etc.

Up taunt
Description: Olimar jumps thrice, each one higher and more joyous than the

Side taunt
Olimar abruptly lands on the ground and rolls in a circular motion.

Down taunt
Olimar hula dances rather quickly.

|6. Olimar's Special Moves and Final Smash [SPMFS]|

Olimar has many unique specials moves and one of the BEST final smashes in the
game. Here's a list of them.

Neutral B: Pikmin Pluck
Description: Olimar plucks a random Pikmin from the ground. Note that certain
terrains will give a higher chance of a certain Pikmin appearing (being
submerged in water while still being on some solid ground increases the chance
of blue Pikmin appearing). Note that, obviously, you can't do this in midair;
you must have SOME ground below you. This move is very fast, and you can pluck
6 Pikmin in under 1 second!
Damage: N/A
Knockback: N/A

Side B: Pikmin Throw
Description: Well... Olimar throws the next Pikmin in line. It looks a LOT like
his Fsmash, so use this property to confuse your opponent. This move is 
Olimar's best-damaging move if it's used when your opponent is at 0%. Oddly, it
seems that the Pikmin will stay attached to your opponent longer if they're at
0% instead of, say, 200%. So, the less damage your opponent has, the longer the
Pikmin stays on, not the other way, as one would expect. Also, note that Yellow
Pikmin travel in a slight arc, White Pikmin fly VERY fast, and Purple Pikmin
fly slowly, closer to the ground, and will get less distance.
Damage: Red: 2-2-2-2... maximum of 8 hits (16 damage total); Yellow: 2-2-2-2...
maximum of 8 hits (16 damage total); Blue: 2-2-2-2... maximum of 8 hits (16
damage total); Purple: 6; White: 6-6-6-6... maximum of 8 hits (48 damage total)
Knockback: Red: none; Yellow: none; Blue: none; Purple: decent, horizontal;
White: none

PrinceCaspianX has informed me of an interesting property of this move. If you
deliberately throw a Pikmin off the edge during a fight, there will be a lower
chance of another Pikmin of that color appearing. This was tested tons of
times, so I believe it. The Pikmin must not hit an enemy, and it must exit the

Up B: Pikmin Chain
Description: Olimar's Pikmin form a chain, and Olimar grabs the one on the end.
They shoot out, homing in on a ledge. The Pikmin on the end of the chain
opposite of Olimar does damage, and ONLY that one.
Damage: If hit with Pikmin's head: Red: 6; Yellow: 6; Blue: 6; Purple: 8; 
White: 6. If hit right next to Olimar: Red: 8; Yellow: 8; Blue: 8; Purple: 8;
White: 8.
Knockback: If hit with Pikmin's head: Red: Good; Yellow: Decent; Blue: Good;
Purple: Better; White: Good. If hit right next to Olimar: Red: Good; Yellow:
Good; Blue: Good; Purple: Better; White: Good

Down B: Pikmin Order
Description: Olimar blows his whistle, and a circle of lights made of PRETTY
COLORS surrounds him. The Pikmin reorder themselves so that the next COLOR, not
PIKMIN, as you may think, is "up to bat." So, if your order goes White-White-
Blue-Red-Purple-Yellow, pressing Down B once will bring the Blue Pikmin next,
not the other White one.
Damage: N/A
Knockback: N/A

As Y2Kash has informed me, Down B has a good use besides super armor and
ordering Pikmin. If you are sent flying, all of your Pikmin will not always be
with you. To ensure that all are with you to get maximum chain length, always
use a Down-B if sent flying before you use the Pikmin Chain.

Final Smash: End of Day
Trophy Description:
Olimar's Final Smash. Dusk falls,
and his spaceship makes a landing.
Olimar takes the Onion, with all
his Pikmin aboard, and blasts off
for the stars. In Pikmin, native
life-forms grew active and violent
at night, making it lethal to
remain on the surface--this is why
Olimar would take his Onions and
leave at night. This technique
breaks the framework of the game.
My Description: Olimar calls down the Hocotate Ship (No, not the S.S. Dolphin,
sadly) to take him up into the stratosphere for the night. For, you see, the
night creatures are deadly. Said night creatures will start fiercely attacking
your enemies as you hide in space. After your opponents take about 42% damage,
the ship will crash land, ALWAYS IN THE CENTER OF THE SCREEN, violently
expelling Olimar and sending anyone hit by it flying. Olimar is helplessly
tumbling after he is expelled, something that opponents can take advantage of.
Damage: 10 for ship hitting opponent, 15 from thruster fire, 42 from Bulborbs,
30 from final hit. The Bulborbs are COMPLETELY unavoidable; not even Dedede,
Kirby, or Metaknight using all of their jumps can avoid every Bulborb. They
simply cover too much of the screen.
Knockback: Ship hitting opponent - great downward knockback (the ship is a
meteor smash if in midair); on ground, will trap enemies underground. Thruster
fire - none, since opponent will be in ground if the thruster is close enough
to hit. Bulborbs - none whatsoever. Ship hitting opponent - huge knockback, 
enough for a KO after the Bulborbs do damage.

|7. Effective Combos [EFCOM]|

All combos have been created by me playing as I write unless otherwise stated.


Moves (alternative moves noted with parentheses)
Description (what it looks like)
Notes (when to change to the other move, when best performed, etc.)
Total damage

Please note that, when introducing so many variables of Pikmin into total
damage, I will have upwards of 200 different possible combinations of Pikmin
for a simple three-move combo (6 Pikmin on one move, then 6, then 6). So, I
provide a rough estimate of the damage done as noted by 5 random tests in
training mode with all different kinds of Pikmin.

Flying Chain
Moves: Usmash, Uair, Up-B (or Fair, but that tarnishes the name "Flying Chain")
Description: Olimar hits the opponent into the air, follows up with an up-tilt
to build damage, then smacks them with a Pikmin chain as they fly upwards.
Notes: Depending on the Pikmin next used, the Usmash may be better off being
replaced with Uthrow (If a purple Pikmin is upcoming, for instance, you'd
probably want a Usmash; Blue Pikmin would probably be best with a Uthrow). If
your opponent isn't knocked back far by the Uair, replace the Up-B with a Fair.
This combo is better against the lightweights, who will get more vertical
knockback. MAKE SURE you end with a fast fall, as you WILL be helpless after
the chain! You will want to do a single jump, then Uair, then double jump,
then Up B; don't waste both jumps before even performing the Uair.
Total damage: Will do about 40-60 damage depending on Pikmin and length of
smash charge.

Moves: Utilt, Nair, Nair
Description: This move requires no Pikmin! Olimar madly spins around, damaging
the opponent!
Notes: You can omit the second Nair if you are finding it difficult to catch
your opponent in it and you will still do a quick, easy 25% damage.
Total damage: 37 damage if every single hit connects.

Bon Voyage
Moves: However many Side-B's you want, FSmash
Description: Olimar piles up the damage on his opponent, and while they try to
shake the Pikmin off, he slams them with a surprise smash!
Notes: This can be a difficult combo to land if your opponent is vigilant. Try
to weave it into other combos to keep your opponent guessing.
Total damage: Uggh, so many variables. Depending on how many Pikmin you use,
you can score anywhere from 20%-80% damage on your opponent.

Quick n' Easy
Moves: Dtilt, Usmash, Fair, Fair [optional]
Description: Olimar gives his opponent a good kick to get them airborne, whacks
them with a Pikmin, and whacks them with another Pikmin... in midair!!! Ooh!!!
Notes: This combo is best performed at lower percentages, as your opponent will
have a tougher time DIing out of everything and the moves will flow with great
speed and effortlessness (hence the name). Considering Olimar's Dtilt pushes
him forward a bit, he's perfectly lined up for that Usmash. You don't even have
to move.
Total damage: I've done 40 with one Fair attached; 55 with two.

Get It Off!!
Moves: Dash A, Fair, Pikmin Throw, Dsmash
Description: Olimar gets the foe airborne, whacks him with a Pikmin, throws a
Pikmin on him, lands, and hits him aside with a downsmash!
Notes: You're going to want to stay close to your opponent and perform this
combo at lower percentages. Hit with that Fair quickly, as your opponent could
easily DI out of the Dash A's knockback. If you're not at the right angle or
close enough to your opponent, you can omit the Pikmin Throw and go straight to
the Dsmash, but again, doing that tarnishes the name =( Also, if feasible, set
it up so that a White Pikmin is second in line before performing the combo; you
will end up throwing one onto your opponent for better damage.
Total damage: anywhere from 40% to about 70 or 80%.

Desperate Measures
Moves: Roll dodge, Pikmin Pluck, repeat up to 5 times (switching the direction
of the roll dodge each time).
Description: Being barraged by attacks, Olimar confuses his opponent and
regains his soldiers in a last-chance restoration attempt!
Notes: Switch up the dodges; keep your opponent confused.
Total damage: N/A

These are just some examples. I can't force you to use these, and I don't
expect many people to WANT to memorize them. These are just examples and models
to base your combo off of! Come up with your own! Here are some tips on how to
make a great and effective combo:

-Dtilt is great if you want your opponent to take damage without going very far
and is good for setting a combo up. Usmash will fit PERFECTLY after a Dtilt.
-Olimar's aerials are great at piling up damage. Use them to your advantage,
ESPECIALLY with the floatiness of Brawl's game engine. No combo is great
without them.
-WHENEVER the opportunity arises, toss a Side-B into ANY combo. Find openings;
the only thing Side-B will do is give your opponent MORE damage.
-Remember, a Pikminless Olimar is not necessarily a dead Olimar. Stall with
Utilt and Nair, and pluck some Pikmin while your opponent's flying. Follow up
with some moves using Pikmin.
-Anything is possible! Be creative, weave all kinds of moves into one huge

And now, for some reader-submitted combos!

templar_rage has provided me with two.

Up and Down
Moves: Dash/Utilt/Usmash, Dair, Fastfall, Fsmash. Repeat if your opponent
doesn't manage to DI out of the Fsmash.
Description: Olimar knocks his opponent into the air, smacks him back down to
the ground, and sends him flying!
Notes: None
Total Damage:

[Untitled] If I were to pick a name, it'd be... Get Back Down There!
Moves: An attack to launch your opponent outward while hanging on a ledge
(Dsmash works well), then a Dair. Recover with an Up B.
Description: As your pathetic opponent attempts to recover, you smash him off
the ledge and smack him down into the ABYSS OF DESPAIR!! BUAHAHA!
Notes: A VEEEERY situational combo. Your opponent will need to be hanging from
the ledge, and you will have to be able to spike him after launching him off of
the ledge.
Total Damage:

"G Foo" has provided me with another untitled one; it was given a name later by

A.D.D. Treatment
Moves: Side-B, Any smash while opponent is distracted.
Description: Your opponent quickly shifts their focus from the fight to
getting the Pikmin off of themselves (hence the name) and while they're
distracted, you smash them! It works especially well with Samus, whose B-Up is
a great Pikmin killer but leaves her helpless.
Damage: It all depends on the move you choose at the end and 

CJTHeroofTime has provided me with two new combos.

Chain Grab
Moves: Grab, Fthrow, Dash Grab, Fthrow, Dash Grab, Fthrow...
Description: The dreaded chain grab.
Notes: Works better on the larger characters, like King Dedede. Also, this
combo is a good setup for the next combo on this list...

Dair Spike
Moves: A specially-timed Dthrow. See Notes for details.
Description: Olimar gimps his opponent with a humiliating spike!
Notes: This move has a very specific setup. As your opponent is falling, you
fall off with them (they must be below or on the same level as the ledge). As
they use their second jump, you IMMEDIATELY use yours right into a Dair. If
performed correctly, the Dair will send your opponent down so quickly they
can't recover. Remember, you have to use the Dair IMMEDIATELY after your jump.
Study each opponent's statistics to learn the best "sweetspot" for this move.
Total Damage: Well, it's a simple Dair, so see its move description.

|8. Character Matchups [CHAMA]|

These strategies have been made by playing All-Star and Classic on Intense and
fighting level 9 computers. The AI seems to be more like human players in this
game, dodging insanely and actually being smart with attacks. I also tested
them against my friend who trains on level 9's daily, and beat him every time.

DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT GET ABOVE HIM. He will attack you with Usmashes and
Utilts and your floaty lil' self will have huge difficulty just... surviving.
Try to get HIM above you. Bombard him with Uairs and you'll rack up good
damage. If he tries to down-B, however, run! You are quick, and that move has
a huge "tell," so you'll see it coming. When he lands, throw Pikmin on him.
Remember, he has fire breath, so Red Pikmin will come in handy. If he uses his
Fire Breath, throw a red Pikmin on him - his move will have big lag and you can
at least get some hits in. Remember, main tips are to stay below him and
bombard him with aerials. AVOID SMASHES LIKE THE PLAGUE. They will slaughter
your Pikmin and whack you a good distance. Since his smashes are so slow, abuse
this and smash him back. However, if you're fighting Gimpyfish... just give up
=D You're no match. 

Captain Falcon
Heh. You kidding? This guy can't match the other Captain in the game. Falcon
relies very much on melee attacks and being close to you to attack. ABUSE THIS.
Throw Pikmin. Use smashes. Grab. Do anything to rack up damage from afar. And,
remember, if he Falcon Punches you and misses, take advantage of the great lag
and THROW PIKMIN ON HIM LIKE CRAZY. If you are in the path of a currently-
unavoidable Falcon Punch, however, use your Down+B right when he finishes
saying "Falcon" to avoid knockback. Also, remember how many of Falcon's moves
incorporate fire - so, Red Pikmin are your best friends when fighting Captain

Diddy Kong
Diddy Kong plays a lot like Olimar; he strings together lots of quick hits to
build up damage, then sends you flying afterward. However, he's a lightweight,
so you are in the same boat as him. Try to rely less on Side B's, as he's a
small target. Focus on quick tilts and smashes, and remember: he has to charge
his recovery, so get out there and spike him while he charges!

Donkey Kong
A big target like this is great for racking up damage. He has no projectile, so
go crazy with throwing Pikmin on him and smashes (ranged attacks; you know.).
He'll be hard to KO, though, so rack up damage on him. Also, he has pretty slow
aerials, so use your aerials a lot, too.

Use the same strategies with Fox, but remember three points: 1) His blaster
will make you flinch, so you can't rush him if he spams it. 2) He kicks his
Reflector, so he'll "meet" your thrown Pikmin in the air, therefore reflecting
them back at you more quickly. 3) He can chaingrab, so get out of a grab as
soon as he catches you in one! Other than that, just fight like you fought Fox;
mix up offense and defense to keep him guessing and rack up damage before
finishing him. See below for strategies.

Uuughh, I hate Fox. He outspeeds you by a longshot, and he can spam that stupid
Blaster to rack up the damage. Also, he can shine you quite often and reflect
your Pikmin back at you (they will attack you, so just stay alert!). Stay on
offense and defense, slowly building damage with Side B and various combos
before attempting a finisher. If the Fox player constantly spams that blaster,
get over there and dash attack him to launch him into the air for a combo! You
have to mix up your strategies in this fight and throw him off with various
attacks and tricks, then send him flying. This will be a tough fight.

AHAHA! The fact that he's an insanely slow Captain Falcon clone makes him the
most pathetic challenge Olimar could fight. Just stay away from his melee
attacks, throw Pikmin at him, and while he's distracted and trying to smash
them off with his horribly slow attacks, get over there and start destroying
him with your barrage of attacks. Also, remember his low jumps; you can easily
Dair him right down to his death.

Ice Climbers
Any good Ice Climber player can rack up damage and kill you very quickly; the
nature of a two-in-one character guarantees this. Your main focus here is to
separate them. They are somewhat slow, so use your awesome throw power to
separate Popo from Nana and, from there: 1) Kill Nana to make Popo easier to
kill, or 2) Cut right to the chase and start going crazy on Popo. Either way,
take advantage of your great speed and the fact that, separated, Popo's
recovery sucks.

Ike is rather easy to defeat. Remember how slow his attacks are and how fast
Olimar is. Also, Ike's only semi-ranged attack has the most obvious sign that
it's going to come barrelling at you, so abuse his lack of any real ranged
attacks by pelting him with Pikmin. Just use a bunch of smashes, and if his are
coming at you, obviously, dodge. He can KO you at somewhere around 35%, so be
sure to avoid all of his attacks as possible. Just stay on your feet and you'll
win this fight.

Floatier than Olimar, you should have no trouble with this little thing. Purple
Pikmin smashes will take it out rather quickly, and if you see it trying to
recover, get out there and use Olimar's awesome spike and send her flying down.
It's been nerfed since Melee, but still watch out for Rest; I've been KOed by
it at 50% damage at Final Destination. Pelt it with tons of moves then finish
it off with a great finisher.

King Dedede
Again, don't get above him, ESPECIALLY if fighting a computer. They are
ridiculously cheap and will spam Utilt. Anyway, he is very slow, so roll all
around him and use smashes and side-b's in between. If you get him above you,
great: use aerials. If he Super Dedede Jumps, move out of the way; wait for him
to land. He will have huge ending lag, so smash or side-b, as usual. His
recovery is generally predictable, so get out there and spike him with a red
Pikmin =P

I will say this once. LUCARIO IS THE BANE OF OLIMAR. Olimar, being reliant on
damage-dealing, will give Lucario massive power if the player goes overboard.
Use Pikmin best suited for huge knockback. Purples if you're doing a smash,
reds if doing aerials, and definitely blues if you are going to throw. Find
Olimar's best finishers and use them in this fight. You will rely on Side-B
much less than in any other fight, as you can rack up MASSIVE DAMAGE!!!! 
(sorry, I couldn't resist) if you're not careful. Just focus on getting him out
of the stage. Also, use Olimar's worst enemy, gimping, against his enemy.
Lucario's Up-B will never do damage, so if you get him out far enough, just
grab the ledge. It won't hurt, and if he lands on the stage, oh well; just get
up. You won't lose anything from trying to gimp him, but there's a lot you can
gain. And, don't forget, counter Aura Sphere with a Pikmin!

Another anti-Olimar; two in a row! Luigi's aerials are insane; his Karate Chop
(fair) and his Dair thing will send little tiny Olimar flying. You're going to
want to stay on the ground; like Mario, his smashes are usually easy to see
coming or they're just not so powerful. Also, his fireballs are more spammable
than Mario's due to their total disregard for physics, so they'll rack up some
damage if you get caught in a stream of them. If playing with smash balls, stay
the hell away from his final smash; Luigi's augmented power + Olimar's
floatiness = insta-death. All in all, just use Side B a lot and hit him with
Olimar's great smashes and you should win. Just don't get aerial too often, if
at all!!

There's nothing to it. Mario is "Mr. Average"; just fight him however fits you
best. I, personally, tend to stay on my feet and roll all around him and attack
with tons of tilts and smashes. Depending on who's using him, you may find it
better to stay on the ground; he has many fast aerials with will quickly kill
off your Pikmin and damage you. On the flipside, his smashes are fast and
tough, and his aerials may take time to perform. It all depends on the reflexes
of whoever's using him. Also, his ground moves may seem a bit slow, but don't
underestimate his speed. Just be a speed demon and roll if you see an attack
coming. Try using Red Pikmin considering his FSmash and Neutral B. Just mix up
ground and aerial attacks depending on your opponent, and outspeed Mario. I
also love the Quick n' Easy and Get it Off!! combos in this matchup.

Metaknight will be a TOUGH opponent. He can gimp you in so many ways it's not
even funny. His 5 jumps guarantee that he can grab the ledge before you can
even get close, so focus on hitting him far out of the arena but staying on the
ground. Hit him with quick smashes and tilts. He's fast, but you'll have to be
faster. It may have just been the people I fought against, but it doesn't seem
as if he has many Pikmin-killing moves... Mach Tornado, his aerials, even his
crazy hold-A combo do damage to Olimar and don't even seem to TOUCH his Pikmin.
I've seen an upsmash connect with a Pikmin only to have the same Pikmin fall 2
seconds later, COMPLETELY unharmed... and unfazed, for that matter. Like with
Lucario, you'll focus on hard-hitting moves, but in this fight, don't be afraid
to rack up damage. Also, as many people know, Meta Knight lacks finishers, but
don't get complacent with that fact. He doesn't NEED finishers to gimp you.
Just focus on piling up damage, then trying to hit very hard before he does the
same to you. Also, remember that Metaknight's sword range is quite small; throw
Pikmin on him from afar and just generally attack from a distance.

Oh, boy oh boy. This guy is really fun to kill. One strategy pops into my mind
right off the bat: totally gimping Ness's recovery. You know how he's reliant
on PK thunder, right? Well, throw a Pikmin on him as soon as you get him in
midair on the side of the stage (he'll prepare to use his double jump; just
before his double jump is the time to strike). If the Pikmin latches onto him,
guess what? Pikmin dies, but so does Ness! Yep, the Pikmin gets hit with the PK
Thunder before you can even see it and helpless old Ness falls to his doom! And
for added humiliation, use a Yellow Pikmin, then press Down B to call the 
little guy who's invulnerable to lightning right back and watch Ness die!
However, if it's too late and a human projectile is barrelling at you, quick;
throw a Purple Pikmin. You'll whack him right out of missile state and give you
time to run away before Ness attempts to recover again. Otherwise, you're
fighting a pretty average fight. The only advice I can give is to overwhelm him
with dashes and smashes (hehe...). Just keep pummelling him, and he probably
won't get many hits in. Remember, he has some incredible aerials, but his
smashes are either slow or low-damaging (bat and yoyos, respectively). Stay on
the ground more for this fight; his aerial game is insane.

Although she was high tier in Melee, she's not that great in Brawl anymore 
(considering tiers are totally relative to others). Stay away from her Peach
Bomber (side B) and her turnips (especially the one I call stitchface, you know
that sickly-looking one that does 30% damage). Peach Bomber will send you
flying and those darn vegetables will juggle you if any good Peach player pelts
you with them. Also, remember her horribly-nerfed midair jump and her floating
around - you only need to position yourself horizontally for a spike. Yep,
there's so little vertical lining-up needed that you'll cut the difficulty of
spiking her in half. An easy fight if you dodge her good attacks, all in all.

Oh, God, I hate Pit. He has SO MANY multi-hitting moves that you won't be
surprised if you get high in the damage levels. Of course, to make Pit even
MORE overpowered, his Down and Side B will reflect your Pikmin back at you (or
it'll just kill them). You're going to want to avoid your Side B in this fight.
But, remember how Pit's recovery has that giant start-up lag (and little fall)
so take advantage of it and get him with a red Pikmin aerial. Just remember to
throw Pikmin on him when he's off guard, instead of pelting him like you would
against other characters. Pit will be annoying, but you can get him out at low
percentages because of his predictable recovery.

I know many things about R.O.B. (him being my second main and all), so I know
how to overpower many of his attacks. Stay aerial, but stay below him. His Uair
and Fair are fast, and will hit you quite often. In contrast, his Dair, Nair,
and Bair are very slow - use this to your advantage. Uair is your friend in
this fight; it's much faster than R.O.B's Dair and will hit before he does.
On the ground, WATCH OUT for his projectiles; they are one of the few that your
Pikmin cannot act as "shields" against. Even an idle Gyromite on the ground
will kill your Pikmin, so be careful. R.O.B's recovery is great, but
predictable; a simple spike will be easy to set up and a good killer.

Samus defines the phrase "disgustingly cheap." There are so many projectile
spammers that it's ridiculous. However, that's a good thing. If you can
emotionally handle it... throw a Pikmin at all of her projectiles. That's
right. They will destroy the projectile at the cost of their lives and leave
you open to pummel her. Brave little guys... anyway, try to stay aerial. You
both have good aerial games, but you can overpower hers. Also, the backthrow is
your friend. It'll send her flying far, possibly enough for a KO. Oddly, this
matchup is pretty even, but just use good combos and KILL THOSE PROJECTILES and
you should win. If anything, try to stay above her in midair but not on ground;
in midair, her up attack (leg drill thing) won't do much, but on the ground
(flamethrower), it will.

Toon Link
This little rat is a tough opponent. He has incredibly fast aerials, and I've
even seen a developed W.O.P. with his aerials. He has decent sword range,
too, so be careful on the ground, too. In general, overwhelm him with smashes,
but watch out for how well he can murder your Pikmin. If he tries to use his B
Up, RUN. This will butcher your Pikmin. He's really lightweight, though, so
focus on those smashes and throws. Aerials, Olimar's general trump cards, are
sadly underuseful against this guy. So, focus on smashes with Purple Pikmin and
throws with Blue Pikmin. Focus on tough, hard-hitting moves on this lightweight
little rat and you should be fine.

Yoshi is just as bad as he was in Melee (and that's pretty bad), but you should
still be cautious. His Egg Throw can hit you from far off, and if he uses his
Neutral B near an edge while you're Pikminless, you're pretty much dead if you
can't escape from an egg. Incidentally, mashing A while rotating the control
stick works quite well for me when escaping an egg. If in midair, stay away
from his Dair, as that will pile on the damage considering that, as I said many
times, Olimar is so floaty. In general, use smashes more often than usual, and
if you see him use his second jump, wait till it's done to spike him, since he
won't get much farther than that. Or, if you're feeling accurate, go after him
before his jump or during it to get him out of there.

MORE COMING SOON! I have 22 done, so I'm making great progress! (That's 12 more
in just one night!)

|8a. Boss Matchups [BOSMA]|

That's right! Not 9, but 8a! The bosses count as characters too, in my opinion
>=O They're just a subsection of Character Matchups!

Mm'kay. I'm only saying this once, so listen!
I'm hoping you know the bosses' moves and how to dodge them. This is not a guide
on how to dodge their moves. This is a guide on how to effectively kill them.
Y'know, moves that hurt them badly. So, if you want help dodging their moves,
check the boss FAQ. Every character can dodge moves in the same way. AGAIN, I
however, I won't mention what moves are safe from their attacks. I'm just not
saying how you can go out of your way to dodge. e.g. if I was fighting Master
Hand, I wouldn't say "OK! If he starts to make a fist, watch out! He will crash
down on you!" I'll say something more like "If you go up and start Uairing him,
you will be out of the range for his Fist Crash move." Get it?

Description: An awesome-looking robot with a blue half and a purple half
attached to a wheel which looks suspiciously like the yin-yang pattern. Bears
a noticeable resemblance to Dialga and Palkia.
Strategy: If the blue side is facing you, keep your distance and use Pikmin
throw. The Pikmin won't latch on, but they will do some damage to Duon and keep
you safe from his deadly sword swipes which can easily KO you. When the purple
side is facing you, approach it and use Fairs, but WATCH OUT for its spinning
move. It will easily kill your Pikmin and knock you for a loop. In general, you
want to weave in and out when using your Fair so that you will hit but he won't
hit you back. All of the purple side's moves can easily be airdodged. And,
remember the Golden Rule of Duon: If he shoots Homing Missiles, jump behind
him, use Fairs, and watch them hit their creator while you whack him with

Description: A big, Megaman-esque looking robot thing who seems incredibly
hyper. If I picked one slogan for him, it'd be "Transformers! Robots in 
disguise!" That's right. He can turn into a tank and shoot you or just run you
Strategy: Lucky for you, Galleom has a bad aerial game. Like with Rayquaza, the
Fair is your friend. If he goes into Tank Form, jump above him and give him a 
quick Dair. Land on the side opposite of the direction he's facing. If he does
his four-jump move, roll to the side opposite of the direction in which he's
headed and jump with him, but behind him, and wallop his arms with Fairs. As
long as you stay close to him, his missiles should be no problem, but if he
gears up to punch, RUN! This is an effective Pikmin-killing move and will hurt
you to, so don't even try to attack. Finally, if he stands straight up and
twists around, stay above the arc his arms will travel in then hit him with
Dairs; avoid the shockwaves he makes. Another pretty easy fight.

The Hands
Description: One's Master Hand; one's Crazy Hand. They're big, white, floating
gloves. Master is the right; Crazy's the left.
Strategy: I lumped both entries together because they're just too alike.
Anyway, use Uairs and Fairs quite often, especially with Red Pikmin. You will
damage them well, and they'll go down in about 20 seconds. If they start to
initiate their slap-the-ground move, use a Pikmin Chain right before they hit
you. Oddly, you'll do damage and they'll pass right through you. Also, if they
start up their three-poke move, whack them with some Fairs before moving out of
the way. Also remember that, if you see their laser move coming, stay under
them and start piling up obscene amounts of damage.

Meta Ridley
Description: A pterosaur. Yep, that's it.
Strategy: Uair. Uair. Uair. That is your best asset in this fight. In this
entire fight, you are going to want to stay airborne and behind Meta Ridley
(towards the left side of the screen). Many of his attacks can't hit you back
there, but you can pile up damage with Uair. Especially if he starts to use his
tons-of-mini-laser shooting move; just stay midair behind him. Olimar's floaty,
so you won't have a problem. So, just stay behind him and use Uair and you
should be fine. As an added bonus, being that far to the left will allow you to
whack him when he grabs onto the ship, while many other characters who stay in
the middle would be better off waiting and dodging the fireballs. Go Olimar!

Petey Piranha
Description: A huge, humanoid, fat, flower thing. Has two cages which it uses
to attack.
Strategy: Petey only has two moves, and they're pretty pathetic. If he tries to
sweep a cage, use your Uair on him; you'll do great damage and the cage will
completely miss. If he does his jumping attack, again, use Pikmin Chain; you'll
damage him and he'll pass right through you. That's all there is to this fight.

Description: An ugly fat kid in a spider mech.
Olimar has a surprisingly easy time against this otherwise-somewhat-annoying
boss. Just use Fair repeatedly on him and you'll give him tons of damage. Moves
to avoid like the plague are his quick jabs and his stampede; they will
completely slaughter your little multicolor minions. Again, smashes don't seem
to be too effective, but Red Pikmin Fairs are great. This fight will be
surprisingly quick.

Description: Pokemon #384, "Sky High Pokemon." A big green serpent-dragon with
really cool, archaic markings all over it and stubby little arms.
Strategy: You may be tempted to use smashes due to his low-to-the-ground
floating. DON'T. They're not as effective as you or I would hope they are.
Instead, pummel him with Fairs; they're really effective in this fight. If he
flies into the air and starts to pop up from under the ground (How does he do
that?!) get out of the way then Pikmin Chain him. You'll be at a safe distance
and you'll give him some damage. If he flies to the side of the screen, jump 
high in the air. When he passes by, fast fall and whack him on his body with a 
Dair (beware of his head, I'm pretty sure that's where his hitbox is).
Alternatively, you can roll dodge behind him then use Pikmin Chain. If he uses
an electricity ball, you can just use your Dash A to get to the other side of
him (damaging him in the process) then continue your Fair barrage. A pretty
easy fight.

Description: It's Master Hand in a dragon costume! OK, seriously, Ridley is a
big purple pterosaur-dragon-thing. He's got wingalings!
Strategy: This thing fights a lot like Master Hand, oddly enough. Stay aerial
and you should be fine with his hard-hitting attacks. Also, the Fair isn't
nearly as effective in this fight for some reason, but Uair and Nair are very
good. Just focus on those aerials and you'll have him dead quickly. Stay off of
the ground like it's burning hot lava!

Description: The final boss of SSE is a naked old blue dude with wings. Yes,
I'm serious. He is a naked, wrinkly, blue, old man.
Strategy: DODGE, DODGE, DODGE! I know I said I wouldn't do this, but I will
give you general tips for Tabuu. Tons of people think he's hard, but he's
really not (I killed him single-handedly ONLY with Olimar on SSE on Intense).

-If he uses the 3 Red Rings of Death (hehehe) move, Sidestep dodge them.
-If he uses the yellow cage move, airdodge it.
-If he uses the electricity shield move, keep your distance and throw Yellow
Pikmin on him (low damage, but it's better than nothing)
-If he uses his draconic laser thingy, wait till the dragon head forms, THEN do
two jumps.
-When he turns giant and fires lasers, that's your time to wallop him. The
lasers will ONLY do damage at their endpoints on the ground.

Other than that, dodging his other attacks are pretty much common-sense stuff.
Now, onto the real strategy. Aerials are not as effective as I'd like them to
be, but they still do pack a punch. Use your Uair like crazy, but don't go
overboard; remember to stay defensive as well. ALL of Tabuu's attacks are
easily-dodged if you keep a level head. In between attacks, pile on the
aerials. When he does his billions-of-jabs move, pile up aerials on him as
usual. If you're caught in it, though, it is easily DI'ed out of by pushing
the control stick TOWARDS Tabuu's body (many people think it's better to aim
away; that's not the case; his jabs cover more distance than you'd think). So,
dodge when you need to and pile up the aerials. That's your safest strategy
during this fight, and it's what let me kill him without dying on SSE Intense.

|9. Stadium Techniques [STTEC]|

Olimar is an all-around useful character for these tests; I've won time-record
challenges with him on tests 1, 2, and 5. If ANYONE has better strategies for
ANY stadium mini-game, email me them!

Target Test

Test 1:
My record time: 0:14:05

1) Run forward and dash the target in front.
2) Fair the one to the up-right of where you are.
3) Move right; Dair this target.
4) Throw a Pikmin at the target to your left (above a wall)
5) The Pikmin in step 4 will hit.
6) The Pikmin in step 4 will hit.
7) Use any old attack on the target on the two-sloped-platform thing.
8) Throw a Pikmin to the right.
9) Run to the left; aerial attack this target.
10) Climb the "stairs" and Pikmin Chain the last target.

NOTE: If there's a way to line up the Pikmin throw right off the bat to get
what is listed here as target 10, tell me! They keep hitting the floor >_>

Test 2:
My record time: 0:17:51

1) QUICK, GET 3 MORE PIKMIN!! Uair the target right above you. Land to the
   right on the platform and use two perfect jumps to get JUST enough height to
   land on the platform above without setting off that stupidly-placed Smart
2) Throw a Pikmin to the left. Jump up.
3) Throw a Pikmin to the right.
4) Uair WITHOUT landing on the platform above.
5) On the same jump, Pikmin Chain the target in front of you.
6) Nair the target to your left.
7) Grab the Cracker Launcher, then press A again very quickly to shoot one at
   the target to the upper-left.
8) Throw the sliding box to the left. Hit the target to your right however you
9) Sliding Box will take care of it.
10) See 9.

Test 3:
My record time: 0:21:98

1) Ride the launcher thing. Air dodge to stop yourself from going too far.
2) Grab the Smart Bomb, wallop those two targets over there with it.
3) Use a sequence of Fairs and Nairs (Fair preferably on the first) to hit
   these next three targets as you fall.
4) See three. Nair this one.
5) See three. Nair this one; land on its "home platform."
6) Jump to the right; Pikmin Chain that target.
7) Land to the right; Pikmin Throw to the target on your left.
8) Jump to the right; Uair the floating target. Land on the conveyor belt.
9) Jump to the right; hit the target how you please.
10) Double jump then Pikmin Chain to give yourself JUST the right height to
    bounce off of the spring. NAIR the last target. NAIR. Your Pikmin won't
    keep up with you!!

Test 4: I HATE THIS ONE. This is the best I can do:
My record time: 0:37:93. That's right.

1) Fair the target to your upper-right.
2) Run to the left; chuck a Pikmin at the target moving up and down. (This may
   take several tries.)
3) Land down, then run over and chuck a Pikmin at that target. It looks like
   the angle you're at is wrong, but it's not. Run to the right.
4) Hit that target that's always moving.
5) As you fall to the next level, Down B to rescue any stragglers. Uair the
   target in the little indent on the ceiling.
6) Nair the moving target
7) Fall down, and chuck a Pikmin at that target to your right.
8) Jump up and Uair the target above you.
9) Run to the right and jump onto the first "step." Wait for the target to
   come down, then Fair it.
10) Jump to, then Uair or Pikmin Chain that last target.

Test 5:
My record time: 0:30:60

1) QUICK, PLUCK 3 PIKMIN! Hope a Yellow or Purple isn't leading your sqaud, and
   Pikmin Throw to the left.
2) Jump and Uair the target above you.
3) Move to the right. Land on the rightmost pillar, and walk off to the left,
   Fair, use your second jump, and Pikmin Chain to JUST make it back up.
4) Jump up to the right; Fair that target. Land straight down.
5) Grab your all-purpose beam sword, and throw it up at the target above you.
7) The sword you threw will also hit the next target.
8) Fair the target to the right and above you through the wall.
9) Move to the left, and hit the lone target that's below the structure you
   started off on.
10) Land on the floor to the left of the spikes, jump to the left, and whack
    that target with an Fair. Or, if you want to save time, Pikmin Throw
    halfway through your jump's duration.

Homerun Contest
The game is on to you!!! You don't get any Pikmin besides Purple, so you can't
spam Side B =( Fortunately, there are many other technqiues to use. My favorite

1. Grab the bat.
2. Run and do a dash attack.
3. Follow with a Usmash (he should be right above you).
4. Use an Fair.
5. Use a Dair (it may be hard to get it to connect).
6. Usmash.
7. Dair.
8. Quick, hit A before the shield falls!
9. Hit Sandbag with a tipper.

My record: 1605.3 ft.

If you find a better strategy (there's definitely one out there), email me!

Well, Matt has given me a strategy that actually works with every character,
but whatever =P

1. Grab the bat.
2. Run right up in Sandbag's face so that you're actually overlapping.
3. Throw the bat. If step 2 was performed properly, Sandbag will fly left. If
   not, restart.
4. Grab the bat.
5. Throw it at Sandbag.
6. Grab the bat.
7. Throw it at Sandbag.
8. Repeat the pattern.
9. At about 2-3 seconds left, the shield will break. DO NOT touch Sandbag.
   Literally one pixel more to the right and he'll fall. Instead, slam him with
   a tipper and he'll go anywhere between 1500-1800 ft.

Thanks for the first new strategy, Matt!


Rule of thumb for every multi-man Brawl

SEARCH AND DESTROY EVERY GREEN ALLOY! They are Kirby-based, so they will use
their damned infinite Neutral A to trap you while other alloys butcher you.

10-Man Brawl
If you can't beat this, you're not meant to play video games. Just use a bunch
of Usmashes to pick every one of them off easily and quickly.

100-Man Brawl
It may seem intimidating, but Olimar is awesome at 100-man Brawl. He has tons
of finishers. You can mix it up, but your main asset here is Dsmash, Usmash,
and Fair, so mix these up as you see fit. If you're close enough to the edge,
even an Ftilt can kill these weaklings. Trust me, Fair, Usmash, and Dsmash will
get you through this Brawl in less than 3:30:00 with as little as 50% damage.
Although it may seem feasible, don't use Fsmash or Bair - they're shockingly
underpowered in this fight. As usual, take advantage of any items that come
your way, but NEVER stupidly throw a Bumper at the ground and kill yourself
like I once did...

3-Minute Brawl
Just use the same strategy as in 100-Man Brawl and you'll be fine.

15-Minute Brawl
More boring than challenging. Seriously, just pick a horde of alloys off until
ONLY ONE PERMANENTLY REMAINS, and dodge it. Yes, that's cheap. If you want to
actually try, use the same things you used in 100-man Brawl.

Endless Brawl
Honestly, it's nothing different from the previous entries. It may sound like
I'm not trying to help you, but the 100-man Brawl strategy does sincerely work
in all of these Brawls.

Cruel Brawl
Good God, this is cheap. As if Olimar weren't easily-KOed enough, these
ridiculously-handicapped things will pick you off in as little as one hit!!
Just go in there and try your best with Smashes. Don't even try to pluck more
Pikmin at the start; the alloy that spawns above you will aerial you to your
death. Hmm. Just try your best =(

|10. General Tips to Remember [GENTI]|

-ALWAYS have 6 Pikmin in tow. Olimar's strength is dependant on his Pikmin,
especially his recovery, so as a rule of thumb, have 6 Pikmin with you at all
-Building upon the previous point, ALWAYS use Pikmin Pluck if your opponent is
far away from you. I've had plenty of times in which I've lost a Pikmin or two
without realizing it, then my recovery failed. It takes about 10 centiseconds
to pluck a Pikmin, and if you already have the max, you didn't completely screw
yourself over by trying to pluck one. It never hurts to try.
-Olimar's aerial game is awesome, and don't be surprised if you're playing
completely aerial during the fight. Floaty characters with bad aerials will get
MURDERED by any good Olimar player!
-Red Pikmin are great for aerials; Yellow Pikmin are good for hitting from
afar; Blue Pikmin have awesome throws; Purple Pikmin are amazing with smashes;
White Pikmin are great for piling up damage (side-B and grab pummel).
-Red Pikmin are unharmed by fire; Yellow Pikmin are unharmed by electricity;
Blue Pikmin are unharmed by water. Purple and Whites don't have any
as I don't think any characters actively use poison to attack.
-Olimar's final smash can be used anywhere. As soon as you grab that smash
ball, don't hesitate to slam that B button! You don't have to set anything up;
the rocket will fly right to the center, so don't worry about lining THAT up.
-Olimar is HIGHLY susceptible to gimping. Try not to get knocked for a loop too
often, and use air dodges to cancel out knockback momentum.
-If you're about to be hit with a huge attack and have no time to run, hit Down
B! It gives him Super Armor! He'll still take damage, but he won't get knocked
-Smash is just a game, so HAVE FUN! </cheesiness>

|11. Version History [VERHI]|

Version 0.1- 3/27/08
Added basic skeleton of guide; basic outlining, etc.

Version 0.3- 3/28/08
Guide starts looking like a guide. Add text to 5 sections, scroll bar on the
right side of Notepad starts getting smaller =P

Version 0.7- 3/29/08
The guide is nearing completion; just need some character matchups and boss
matchups and it'll be all clear to submit!!

Version 0.9- 3/29/08
I have some character matchups left, but I've decided to submit it now. Besides
those simple matchups, the guide is essentially complete, and besides: I have
all Sunday to finish up those strategies. Plus, I don't want to get beaten to
the punch by some other Olimar player; I want to submit my work. I spent 20
hours of my valuable weekend time on this thing, so I want it on this website!
Here's hoping it gets accepted!

Version 0.95- 4/1/08
It got accepted! APRIL FOOLS! AHAHA-- no seriously, it got accepted. Well, I
worked on some more character strategies (I think I got about 12 done) but I
worked more on the stadium section, because it obviously HAS to be part of any
good guide. I'm more than halfway done with character matchups, but I wanted to
focus more on the stadium strategies. I also added two reader-submitted combos.
|12. Frequently Asked Questions [FAQUE]|

Q: Can I play you online sometime?
A: Yep, just see Contact Info section for my friend code. I play Brawl often,
so just check in often. And I'll be sure to do my best!

Q: Can I submit anything to your guide?
A: Again, see contact info section and email me.

Q: What do you have against Captain Falcon?
A: Nothing; he just sucks compared to Olimar =D

Q: What is your favorite Pikmin-related music piece?
A: Ai no Uta by a freaking longshot. In fact, it's my favorite song in the

A: OK. Make your own guide and show me or fight me online.

A: Well, those strategies PERSONALLY work for me. Practice with Olimar and I
bet they'll work for you. If you can't AT THE VERY LEAST beat a Level 9 CPU
with my strats, then you just plain suck, so use that as a benchmark. Every
strategy has been tested against Level 9's and humans who have also beaten
level 9's with extreme ease AND THEY WORK. So, just practice more. Again, if
you think you have better ones, write your own guide. Also, if anyone has good
strategies, feel free to email me and tell me them! Just don't be an ass >_>

Q: Did you make those questions up?
A: ...No... *hides*

|13. Contact Info [CONIN]|

Email: trogdor_and_giygas-[at]_gmail_[dot]_com. Delete ALL underscores and
replace [at] and [dot] with their respective symbols. Yes, I brutally despise

Note: If I don't reply to an email after a while, I may not have received it.
There have actually been times that my Junk Filter, in its "infinite wisdom,"
has mistaken emails with low content for junk. Give me a good week, and if I
don't reply OR add your information to the guide (take careful note of that),
resend the email. Thanks!

Brawl FC: 1117-9962-2742
Just call me Mike.

Wii Number: 6166 0586 7198 3192

Phone Number: Heh, nice try.

Don't send me hate mail.
Don't send me spam.
Don't send me links to spyware, pornography, adware, etc.
DO send me good strategies with Olimar!
DO send me tips on how to improve my guide!
DO buy me lunch!... OK, fine, don't.

|14. Special Thanks! [SPETH]|

CJayC for making GameFAQs and SBAllen for being there for Ceejus and taking
over the good ol' site.

Captain Olimar for being such a cool, calm, collected, and powerful guy!

Nintendo, especially Mr. Miyamoto and Sakurai, for creating the Super Smash
Bros. and Pikmin series, two of the most incredible and DEFINITELY original
game series ever!

Me for writing this guide and for being egotistical and individualistic enough
to credit myself.

You for writing this guide. Delete this section if you sent me an email in
which you acted like an ass.

My brain for sending little signals to the nerve endings in my arms and fingers
which, in turn, typed this guide.

My computer science teacher for teaching me to touch-type and not just hunt-
and-peck =D

Trogdor for being awesome enough to be part of every username I've ever had on
ANY website.

MS Word's spellchecker for actually being useful when I was proofreading my

templar_rage for two cool combos to add to section 7.

Taylor for notifying me about a huge mistake in the general tips section (I'm
pretty sure Yellow Pikmin are harmed by water >_>)

PrinceCaspianX for submitting an interesting property about Pikmin Throw.

Y2Kash for an extra strategy with the Pikmin Order move.

G Foo for submitting the A.D.D. Treatment combo; Cody for actually inventing
that name.

CJTHeroofTime for two good combos and another strategy.

Matt for a new HRC strategy.

You will get your own little section here if you send me anything helpful for
my guide! As a rule of thumb, I will use your first name in credits. If you
want to be credited as some other name, be sure to include it. If not, I will
use your first name as it appears anywhere in the message by default.

|15. Legal Crap [LEGCR]|

This guide is legal property of Michael Macarevich (THAT'S TROGDOROCKS TO YOU),
copyright (c) 2008. It may NOT be reproduced, neither in part nor in whole,
under any circumstances without my consent and appropriate credit to me. In
fact, this guide is ONLY allowed on one website: http://www.gamefaqs.com. So,
if I find it on any other website, I will inform the owner, and if they do not
remove it, I will take legal action. If YOU find it on any other site, notify
me ASAP. I will even credit you for your kind action in the Special Thanks
section, and you will be given a high-priority entry (right at the top)!

In a nutshell...


Another thing I've gotten emails about is Gamespot, etc. Sites like this do not
actually host the guide; they simply link to it. It is, therefore, not a copy-
right violation, but thanks for your concern, all who emailed me about this!

|16. Closing [CLOSI]|

Well, my second guide is complete! I am passionate about playing Super Smash
Bros. Brawl, and Olimar is my mainiest main ever. I hope my guide has helped
you gain more knowledge about and appreciation for Olimar, and I would love to
see more people competitively using him! So goodbye, and happy Brawling... with