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By KalirSavant


Hey kids! So you wanna learn how to use Wario in Brawl, eh? Good, good, I
daresay there's not enough Wario users around here. Well, if you want to get
good with Wario, I'm here to help. Used him since I got the game, I did.

I'll divide this guide into a number of sections. To search for a section, use
the find function on your browser (should be Ctrl+F in most cases) and enter
in [STA], replacing the STA with whatever you wanted to search for. Also, you
can use that STA to get back to the table of contents. Or hit the home key,
that usually works too. If you're interested in helping, sections marked with
[WRK] are those I'm not 100% on.

1. Intro to Wario [INT]
2. Strengths/Weaknesses [STR]
3. Movelist [MOV]
4. Special Moves [SPE]
5. Final Smash [FIN]
6. Specific Tactics [TAC]
7. Matchups [MAT]
8. Credits/versions [CRE]


1. Intro to Wario [INT]

So just who the heck is this crazy Wario chap, anyhow? He's originally the
rival of Mario from some of the early games, like an evil Mario. That's where
his name came from: warui (Japanese adjective for evil) + Mario = Wario. He
starred in the Wario Land games, a series of platformers, but his most recent
series is the WarioWare games, which feature a mess of microgames. You can use
his outfit from either series, since he has roughly equal amounts of fans for
either franchise.

In Brawl, Wario stands as one of the characters that, despite his looks, really
doesn't have a whole lot of new gimmicks to him. He can't glide, he doesn't
transform, most of his abilities are rather standard, and could've even been in
the 64 Smash Bros. game. That said, he is a pretty good character in the air,
and he has both fast and strong moves to help him out.


2. Strengths/Weaknesses [STR]

Like any character in a decent fighting game, Wario has his own characteristics
and traits, which become either strengths or weaknesses. Fortunately, Wario has
a good number of strengths, and only a few weaknesses (although one is a big

*Heavy. Despite what his jumps would have you believe, it takes a bit of effort
to knock Wario off of the stage.
*Floaty jumps. This lets you control Wario very easily in the air, almost as
easily as Jigglypuff, even.
*Good midair moves. With the possible exception of his forward-air (fair), all
of Wario's midair moves has it's own varied use, making his midair game pretty
dang good.
*Ridiculous recovery. Although his Corkscrew wouldn't show it, Wario can come
back from pretty far distances using his Wario Bike, mostly horizontally, but
it is possible to recover vertically with it. In addition, his Wario Waft, if
fully charged, can be used in a pinch.
*Both fast and strong moves. Wario has no shortage of options available to him
when selecting moves to use.
*Can crawl. Wario doesn't get much shorter when crawling, but it does help you
against Super Scope or small projectile spammers.
*Can swallow unwanted or thrown items. Not only is this easier than dodging,
but if someone really wants that Cracker Launcher next to you, and you can't
use it very well, eat it with Chomp. Larger items take longer to eat, though.
You can also swallow the Wario Bike this way, and while it looks ridiculous,
it does keep the bike handy when you need it.
*Hard to predict. Because all of Wario's moves look so bizarre, most opponents
won't be able to tell what move you're using until you hit them with it.

*Short range. This is Wario's biggest weakness. On the ground, his longest
ranged attack is his strong side attack, which clocks in at about one Wario
of length. Given that there are characters that eclipse that with standard
attacks, you can see what an Achilles' heel this is for Wario.
*Slow. Although Wario's attacks come out fairly quickly, they frequently lag
afterwards, and Wario's running speed is undesirable (although his Wario Bike
goes quickly).
*Only one Wario Bike can be onscreen at any time. Without it, you lack a
very powerful ability for speed, defense, and recovery. If you lose the bike,
get to it and either get back on, eat it, or throw it at someone.
*Wario Waft takes time to charge. If you head straight into a 2-minute match,
you'll only be able to use the Wario Waft once near the end (maybe a bit
earlier if you get the Smash Ball), and people will generally look out for it.
Unless fully charged, the Wario Waft is fairly useless.


3. Movelist [MOV]

In order to use any character properly, you need to know just what all of their
moves can do. This section will only cover non-special moves. If you want to
learn about Wario's special attacks, go to that section.

In order to perform these moves, you use the A button (Classic, Gamecube,
Nunchuck controllers) or the 2 button (Wiimote controller). I will call this
the "attack" button further on.

Standard attack: One-Two Punch (press attack twice)
Wario does a basic punch, followed by a low uppercut. As far as standard moves
go, this one isn't half bad. Wario steps forward a bit with the first punch,
and the second tosses people up into the air a tiny bit, even at low damages.
Good for starting up juggles and such.

Strong side attack: Windup Punch (attack while walking sideways)
Wario winds up his fist behind him, then tosses it out in front of him quickly.
This is an all-around decent move: good knockback, not too slow or weak, and
most important of all: decent range. Any move Wario has that amplifies his
horrid range gets honorable mention. This move can also be directed up or down
with most setups by tilting the Control Stick up or down a bit, to change the
damage and knockback (higher for more damage, lower for more knockback, I
think). If people are trying to play keepaway with Wario, use this move to
catch them unawares.

Strong up attack: Raise the Roof (attack while holding up)
Wario tosses both hands in the air, sending opponents upward. This move covers
an area all around Wario, and has a pretty large hitbox at that. A good juggle
type move, but lags a tiny bit after use. It also works all right to disperse
crowds a bit, if you get caught, although I prefer his down smash.

Strong down attack: Low Poke [WRK] (attack while crouching)
Wario pokes out a finger low to the ground. I don't know much about this move,
but it seems to have okay knockback and it's pretty quick to deploy. It also
has a pretty good range, so there's that going for you.

Smash side attack: Shoulder Bash (tap sideways and attack)
Wario dashes forward a small bit with his shoulder. This is your killing move
on the ground. However, it has two big problems to it: it lags a good amount
after use, and it's range is almost always shorter than you think. The best
time to use this attack is when your opponent either can't stop it or doesn't
see it coming. It can also break up crowds pretty nicely, though. As a last
benefit, Wario might not flinch if he gets hit while using this attack.

Smash up attack: Spinning Headbutt (tap up and attack)
This attack's sort of hard to describe, but what it looks like is Wario
spinning in place with an enlarged head. It hits multiple times and does some
pretty good damage, but it's not the easiest move to KO with. The windup time
is a bit noticeable, though.

Smash down attack: Break it Down (tap down and attack)
Wario spins around on the ground like a maniac. This is his fastest Smash move,
and further, it also continues to attack for a while. It's a nice crowd-breaker
move, as the knockback is decent. However, if you miss, characters with long
range and high attack (Ike, Dedede) can usually ready a big honking attack as
you're busy spinning around, so use this move defensively.

Dash attack: Sliding Dive (attack while running)
Wario does a sliding tackle of sorts. This move is what's known in the industry
as a "sexkick", which describes a move that doesn't work instantaneously, but
rather can still damage and knock back even a bit after it's used. The odd bit
is that sexkicks are usually aerial moves. In any case, this move can protect
Wario as you approach decently, but as far as actually attacking goes, you have
several better options. Watch out, this actually slows Wario's dash down a bit.

The following are all air attacks. They can only be used by pressing a
direction in midair. I'll use the abbreviation "xair" to describe them, where
x is the first letter of the direction (f = forward, b = back, n = neutral,
you get the idea).

Nair: Roundabout
Wario sticks out his arms and legs and spins around once. This move is good
for getting people away from you, since it hits a good area all around Wario
and lasts for a little bit, plus it's a sexkick, which means you can use it a
bit early and still be safe. The damage isn't that great, though. The priority
isn't half bad either.

Fair: Flying Kick
Wario kicks forward with his squat little leg. Low range and knockback for this
move, but on the upside, this move strikes quickly and has very good priority,
meaning that this attack will usually hit first if two attacks meet. As such,
it's a good attack to use if you're approaching the foe.

Bair: Leaning Headbutt
Wario thrusts his head backwards quickly. The lag when you land from this move
is undesirable, but the knockback, damage, and deploying speed are all pretty
good. This is one of your more reliable moves in the air, and should be used
commonly (although not so commonly as to become predictable).

Dair: Spinning Dive
Wario flips over and spins around, head pointing to the ground. This attack
hits multiple times, and the last hit has a bit of knockback (although not
much) to it. I like to use this move in tandem with a short-hop to do damage
and disrupt the enemy, although if you land with this, it lags a bit. Not a bad
move, though.

Uair: Mega Clap
Wario claps both hands above him. This is your midair killing move, as it has
great knockback and the damage is good, too. The lag if you miss, though, is
pretty big, so be careful. Also not half bad for racking up damage.

Throws are usually orchestrated by pressing the shield button and then the
attack button. This makes a grab attempt, and if it succeeds, you can then
either attack the foe while grabbing them, or throw them. The general tactic is
to grab the enemy, attack a few times, then throw before they break free. [WRK]

Grab attack: Mean Punch
Wario jabs the opponent in the face with his free hand. As far as grab attacks
go, it's about average speed, It's no Lucario, but at least it's no Jigglypuff

Forward throw: Wario Swing-a-Ding
Okay, I didn't make the name. Wario grabs his victim by the feet, spins around,
and chucks them forward. A good distance throw, but it takes a while to start,
and unlike Mario's back throw, it doesn't damage foes that the throw victim
hits while they spin.

Back throw: Flab Bump
Wario smacks the opponent away with his flabby butt. Not exactly a pretty move.
The knockback isn't too good, but if you wanted to grab the foe to interrupt
their combo and start your own, this would be a decent throw to use (although
the down throw is probably better).

Down throw: Ground Pound
Wario sets them on the ground and does the iconic Mario series butt-pound. If
you want to set up combos, this is the move you should use, probably. If you
want to send the opponent away, find another throw. It is possible to chain
this throw, I think.

Up throw: Soccer Headbutt
Wario sets the opponent up for a soccer-style headbutt, sending them skyward.
A pretty good all around throw: faster than the forward throw, although a bit
less knockback.


4. Special Moves [SPE]

Special moves have been instrumental to Smash Bros. since the first game, and
are one of the best tools for differentiating characters from each other. Wario
has, like every other character, four special moves, and each of them has it's
own unique qualities. To use special moves, either press B (Classic, Gamecube,
Nunchuck setups), or 1 (Wiimote setup).

Chomp: Standard special move
Wario opens his mouth to ridiculous proportions (he must be able to unhinge his
jaw or something) and holds it open for a little over two seconds (if you hold
the special move button) before biting down. This move has a few separate uses
to it. If it makes contact with a character, Wario bites down on them, and you
can hit either the attack or special button to chew on them and do continual
damage. After a while, Wario will automatically toss them away. If you hit an
item with this move, Wario will swallow it (although bigger items take longer
to down). The best uses for this move include catching projectiles that are
thrown and performing Wariocide (that is, grabbing a foe in your teeth over a
pit so you both lose a life). If you eat an explosive item, you will take a bit
of damage, but also do damage to any people near you as Wario expands a bit and
emits smoke. Trust me, it is far more preferable to eat a Smart Bomb than to
dodge it initially and get caught in the blast later. You can also eat the
Wario Bike, which is good, because it prevents you from losing it.

Wario Bike: Side special move
Wario pulls out a stylish red-and-yellow chopper from who knows where, hops on,
and races around on it. The controls for the Wario Bike are a bit different:
move forward to speed up, back to turn around, up to perform a wheelie, and
attack to dismount. In midair, use back/forward to tilt the angle of the bike
for better landings. While on the bike, any attack that hits just the bike but
not Wario will not hurt you (which makes this move good for stopping projectile
spammers), although if Wario himself gets hit, he is knocked off of the bike.
If you hit with the front wheel, you can knock people forward: you can use the
wheelie to catch people in midair more effectively. However, you can't use this
move if the bike is elsewhere on the stage. The bike itself counts as a heavy
item (like a crate) which doesn't travel far when thrown, but can do multiple
hits. If destroyed, the bike can sometimes explode, and always leaves two
wheels behind that can be thrown. You should try to keep the bike available
at all times, because it can help with recovery significantly. If you get near
an abandoned bike, you can either perform this move again to get back on, or
treat it like a normal heavy item (i.e. throw or eat it). I recommend eating
the Wario Bike if you have the time, because it's not a given that it will be
destroyed if you throw it. You can also use this special move to steal other
Wario player's vehicles.

Corkscrew: Up special move
Wario does a spinning jump. This is probably his dullest special move, although
you can use it like Samus' Screw Attack to land multiple hits and juggle
enemies. Do not use this move for recovery unless you have already used the
Wario Bike, and you do not want to waste a charged Wario Waft on recovery. Odds
are, you'll only rarely use this move, although it's okay when you can use it.

Wario Waft: Down special move
Wario unleashes a fart, which can either trip foes, or blast foes away and
launch Wario into the air, depending on the charge. This move takes a little
under two minutes to fully charge, and unless it is fully charged, it tends
to be pretty useless. However, this makes it an excellent trump card, to be
used when the enemy least suspects it. At it's highest charge, it can be used
for recovery, as a quick killing move, and even hits people if Wario makes
contact with someone on the way up. You can even combo this with a footstool
jump (jump on someone's head, and while they're still stunned, use the Wario
Waft). Again, you'll want to wait until the charge is complete (a little under
two minutes) before using, and then use it as a trump card. Wario will blink a
plain yellowish-brown when the move is charged, and unless people know what to
look for, this won't give away the move's charge.


5. Final Smash [FIN]

A new addition to the Smash Bros. series, in Brawl, is the Final Smash. This is
a single-use, high powered ability available to a character only after
destroying a Smash Ball. Wario's Final Smash is the transformation to Wario-Man
which seems kind of dull, but once you know how to use it, you can see that it
is one of the strongest Final Smashes in the game. Wario-Man features a boost
to all of his abilities, as well as the addition of several qualities to many
of his moves. The following abilities are more or less standard:

*Invincible. Wario-Man suffers no knockback or damage for any attack.
*Boosted speed/jumping. If you've used the Bunny Hood item a lot, you should
get the idea here.
*Faster attacks with stronger knockback. Almost any attack can be used rapid
fire style, and several of them pack a lot more kick.

In addition to these basic changes, Wario-Man's existing moves sport a number
of odd qualities. I don't think I've discovered them all, so if you are able to
find any others, please notify me.

*His standard attack can combo indefinitely, and since he takes a step forward
with every other punch, this makes for a powerful move for racking up damage.
*His side smash now sends him traveling a long distance in whichever direction
you attack in, allowing him to cover lots of distance with a powerful attack.
*His up smash sucks people in towards him, which is good for keeping people
from fleeing.
*His midair moves (with the exception of his dair) each let him jump up a bit
in the air, allowing him to fly indefinitely. His nair seems to rise the
*His dair immediately dives for the ground very quickly, which is good for if
people on the ground escaped your midair combos.
*His Wario Bike has ridiculously boosted speed, such that it is very easy to KO
yourself with it. However, if you can master it, people will find it very hard
to escape from you.
*His Wario Waft charges faster, and if there is no charge, it can stun people
nearby. If fully charged, it is effectively a one-hit KO.

Wario-Man doesn't last for very long, though, so if you can't catch anyone as
him, it's possibly one of the worst Final Smashes there is. Practice with the
new abilities this grants you, against fleeing targets.


6. Specific Tactics [TAC]

Knowing the moves available to a character is only a small part of being truly
skilled with them. The following are a few tactical tips for using Wario in a
fashion that works:

*Be unpredictable
Several characters, in fighting games, have moves that just strike you as "dude
what the hell was that?" Some games have characters where all of their moves
are like that (for example, Yoshimitsu). Wario is another of those characters.
Keep people wondering just what moves you're going to pull on them, but don't
go overboard. Always look for chances to screw with people's heads.

*Go for midair combos
Wario has a good deal of moves that put his foes in the air, and a bunch of his
midair moves are good at striking quickly. Any time someone is sent in the air
(usually with something like the standard combo or his strong up/down moves) go
up in the air after them and keep hitting. Remember to move back occasionally
so you let them think they have an opening. Wario is fast enough in the air to
allow this.

*Let them go first
Wario has horrid range. This has already been established. However, if you run
in just after they attack, you have enough time, usually, to make up the time
that was left over. This works especially well for slower characters or those
who rely on counter moves a lot. Let them waste time with their move, then hit
them quickly.

*Advance with the Wario Bike
Seriously, that thing is great. It sends them into the air, it can absorb some
projectile hits, wheelie for additional unpredictability, and you can dismount
after hitting to go straight into a midair combo. Try not to overuse this, as
they'll pick up on it and hit you off the bike before you get close. Also, if
you lose the Wario Bike, get it back or destroy it as quickly as possible.

*Dodge like a nut
Wario doesn't exactly have the best of side rolls, but his standing dodge is
pretty useful if you can master it. If people try to keep you at range, use
a side roll to get around to their backside. If you see a big heavy hit coming,
use a standing dodge (sort of like the "let them go first" strategy) and then
punish them. Speaking of which...

*Punish their mistakes
As one might expect from his character, Wario is a master at capitalizing on a
foe's mistakes. Any time they give you an opening, use it to do as much damage
as you can. The strong side attack is a nice one to punish light foes, and you
can use your fair for slower fighters, usually, but figure out what the current
situation demands, and again, remain unpredictable.


7. Matchups [MAT]

You might be the best Wario player there is, but if you don't know about your
foe, it's all for naught. This section covers all of the possible matchups that
you can run into. This does mean it will spoil secret characters, so if you
don't want to hear about it, just close the guide now and nobody gets hurt.

Vs. Mario
Mario was originally designed to be an all-around character meant for anyone to
be able to pick up and use. However, he's not quite the star he used to be, so
Wario shouldn't have too much trouble with him. He has the cape of doom, which
can reverse the direction of the Wario Bike, but aside from that he can't quite
stop your recovery, and his range is only a little longer than yours, so go to
town any way you like. 

Vs. Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong isn't really meant to be a top-tier threat, but he does have his
share of unexpected tricks. He's got a mix of power, range, and speed, but he
doesn't particularly excel in the range department, so you can probably beat
him if you can keep him from landing too many hits. You can use the Wario Bike
to approach him in most cases safely. In the air, most of his moves (except his
bair and uair) are far slower than yours, or not a big worry, so try to fight
him in the air if you can.

Vs. Link
Like Donkey Kong, Link has power and range, the latter moreso than Donkey Kong.
However, he lacks speed, which helps a bit. Sadly, not only are his basic moves
as far-reaching as your longest, but he also has a ton of projectiles he can
hit you with. Arrows are fairly predictable, provided your dodging skills are
up to par. Bombs can be swallowed, although it still damages you, and if you're
careful, you can even catch them. His Gale Boomerang damages on the way out,
and brings you closer on the way in. Again, the Wario Bike is a good way to
approach him, and your air game is better than his, although he falls fairly

Vs. Samus
Samus has projectiles and decent range, which is bad, and her midair game is
pretty good too, which is also bad. On the upside, she's nowhere near as agile
as Wario in the air, so use that to your advantage. To my knowledge, you can't
eat her projectiles, but most of them are predictable enough that you can dodge
them without too much trouble. Additionally, your attack power with close-range
moves probably is higher than hers, so there's that. Don't try to ride the Bike
through her projectiles, because her missiles stop you like that.

Vs. Zero Suit Samus
Zero Suit Samus has a ridiculous amount of range on all of her attacks. Also,
her dair is a diving kick, which a few other characters are also capable of
doing, so KOing off of the top of the screen is a bit tougher. She's fast to
boot, and has a mean Paralyzer and a Flip Kick that, if well-timed, can knock
you off of the Wario Bike. However, she is pretty light and only has a few good
kill moves, so any hit you land is a good hit. The Wario Bike is still a good
way to approach, provided you don't overuse it, and your midair attacks may be
fast enough to get through her long-range whip moves.

Vs. Kirby
Kirby has a midair game to match Wario's, as well as multiple midair jumps, and
he can inhale Wario and copy his Chomp move. Fortunately, Chomp isn't something
most Kirby users would want, and it's mechanically close to Inhale anyway. The
best thing about this matchup is that Kirby is a lot easier to send flying than
Wario is, although his recovery abilities are on par with yours. Also, Kirby
has just as poor of range as you do, so consider this matchup to be in your

Vs. Fox [WRK]
Fox is fast. Fox is faster than Wario. However, he also falls much quicker than
Wario. This is good because it makes KOs easier, but bad because it makes
juggling more difficult. As far as his specials go, his blaster is annoying,
but you can usually catch/approach him with the Wario Bike, and I think the
Fox Illusion can be intercepted with Chomp. You've generally got more power and
your range is about equal (his is a bit better, specials aside), so I'd call it
an even fight.

Vs. Pikachu
Now this is your all-around character. Pikachu has a number of tricks and moves
it can pull, and it is faster than Wario. The range between the two is about
the same, and Pikachu is lighter, but it also has some very strong moves. The
best thing to do with Pikachu is to lure it into using it's strong, slow moves
(Thunder and it's down smash), and then attack after they finish. The Wario
Bike can ride through Thunder Jolt, and you can catch it in Skull Bash with

Vs. Diddy Kong [WRK]
The thing to know about Diddy Kong is that his special moves are suck, but his
aerial moves and Smashes are very good. Diddy is a good deal faster than Wario,
and has about equal range, probably a bit better. The thing is, he can do
damage and knock back just as easily as Wario can, and I don't think he's any
lighter. On the upside, his recovery is pretty bad, so if you can get him far
enough off the stage, it's a win for you. You can eat his banana peels, but
I don't know how Chomp interacts with his Popguns or the Monkey Flip.

Vs. Zelda
Blah blah blah they're the same character whatever. Most people only use one
or the other, so I'm going to cover them separately. Zelda's been boosted a lot
since Melee, in a number of regards. Din's Fire can catch you on the Wario Bike
pretty easily, her recovery and power are both good, and her midair attacks do
a lot of hurt. Fortunately, she is neither as fast or maneuverable as Wario, so
if you can get in close, you should be okay.

Vs. Sheik
Contrary to Zelda, Shiek is faster than Wario and can get damage done quickly,
but has a lot of trouble sending you off the stage. Fortunately, Wario isn't
exactly a slow hulk, so if you get him/her in the air, you'll probably get the
upper hand. Mind her dair, though, since it dives like Zero Suit Samus, and can
stop your juggles right quick.

Vs. Pit
Already I've heard people complaining about the large number of Pit/Ike users
on online play, and encountered my fair share of both. Wario can deal with Pit
very nicely, though. His Wario Bike can drive through most of Pit's arrows, and
he can almost pursue Pit into the air. If Pit does try to escape into the air,
just wait for him to come down and turn it into a juggle. Pit's recovery is
even better than Wario's, but he's a lot lighter, too, and he doesn't have much
in the way of power moves.

Vs. Meta Knight
This is another new, popular character. Meta Knight plays a bit like a cross
between Sheik and Pit, boasting good recovery and midair powers, as well as
repeated strikes. His Drill Stab cannot be caught with Chomp, and usually stops
the Wario Bike, so watch out for that move. Also, his range is a bit better
than yours. That said, his only real killing move is the Shuttle Loop (and also
his forward smash, which is tougher to detect), and if Meta Knight whiffs it,
you gain the upper hand, more or less. Call it about even, maybe in your favor.

Vs. Pokemon Trainer
Unlike Zelda/Sheik, they'll more or less have to shift between Pokemon with
this guy, so I'll group them all in one set. Squirtle's Withdraw probably can't
be approached with the Wario Bike, but you can jump on it to render it immobile
and helpless. Squirtle is fast, but it's range is comparable to yours, so go
nuts. Ivysaur, however, has much better range than you, and is excellent when
used against people in the air. A Wario Bike approach is probably your best bet
here, although if you are going to juggle Ivysaur, do it starting from the
ground. Charizard is the slowest and strongest of the three, with decent range
as well. You can probably juggle Charizard fairly easily, although it has some
tricks in the air, so be careful there. Don't become too predictable, or they
may switch on you and take advantage of your predictability.

Vs. Ike
Okay, this is a pain. Ike is stronger than Wario by far, and not only that, but
his range is ridiculous. You can't use Chomp to block his Quick Draw move, and
he can use Counter to catch you midway through a combo. I'm not entirely sure
what approach to take here, although I think if you can get him off the stage,
you should be okay. Remember, Wario is faster than him, even without the Wario
Bike (which Ike is pretty good at hitting Wario off of). Also, Ike can't stop
your grabs or Chomp with Counter, so use those in your combos when you can.
Even if you're pretty good, Ike will put up a solid opposition.

Vs. Peach [WRK]
I've not really found any solid Peach users, and I couldn't stand using her in
Melee (thanks to that squeaky as hell voice), so I don't know much about her.
She has projectiles, but you can eat these. She doesn't have a lot of power,
she's pretty light, and most of her attacks only have a bit of a range
advantage over you. I think she probably has good priority with her attacks,
but then, so do you. This shouldn't be too tough of a matchup for you.

Vs. Yoshi
Yoshi is also supposed to be an aerial character, I think. The difference is
that Yoshi isn't very good at it, but it has a lot of powerful midair moves
anyway. Yoshi's recovery is also a lot worse than yours. However, the moves
Yoshi has that are good have both range and power, which is generally a bad
thing for Wario. You can generally approach with the Wario Bike, though, and
then combo in midair as normal. Getting Yoshi off of the stage is also an
option, although Yoshi's midair jump protects it from knockback. Not very
difficult at all.

Vs. Ice Climbers
The obvious gimmick here is that there's two characters to your one. Both of
them have powerful attacks, and can be fairly quick. The Blizzard move can stop
the Wario Bike and freeze you, neither of which is good, and Chomp only catches
one of them at a time. However, in midair, you have a bit of an advantage, if
you can avoid their attacks. They also have a projectile, but it's ground-based
and the Wario Bike can stop it. It's a tough matchup, but if you can defeat one
of the pair, you can probably handle the remaining one with little trouble.

Vs. King Dedede
This character is also very slow and powerful, but he possesses multiple midair
jumps and a few dangerous fast moves. I'm not sure if you can eat the Waddle
Dees and such that he throws, but my base inclination is no. Generally, you can
get by them with the Wario Bike. As usual, if the character is slower and
stronger than you, use your speed to your advantage, and don't be afraid to go
after Dedede off the stage while he tries to recover (although his recovery is
pretty good for a heavy). Watch out for his horizontal midair moves: both are
pretty quick for Dedede and can do some damage.

Vs. Bowser [WRK]
While Bowser is also slow and strong, he has a few tricks of his own. His Fire
Breath, given time to aim, can catch you on the Wario Bike. He's a pretty quick
faller, which means juggling might be tougher. However, he doesn't have much in
the way of defense, so if you can start a combo on him, you're pretty much set.
His midair maneuverability is poor, but his midair attacks hurt, so be careful
up there.

Vs. Wario
Normally, this is the part where I'd be a lazy jerk and say "Conquer yourself!"
and leave it at that. But I'm a good person, so here's a few tips. You can use
the opponent's Wario Bike if it's abandoned, and if they throw the pieces at
you, you can use Chomp to catch them. I don't know if using the Wario Bike of a
foe lets them use a new one, though, but you can use theirs to make the 
retrieval of the bike a lot more difficult. If you can, take the opportunity to
play a range game here, using your longer moves to annoy the opponent.

Vs. Olimar
Olimar looks like they might be a fairly weak character, and to be sure, his
recovery is suck, so getting him off the ledge is usually the way to go. That
said, he can use his Pikmin to cover a wide variety of situations. Especially
good players will know what attack to use for each Pikmin (throw the white,
smash with the purple, et cetera). If you can figure out the trends for a
player's Pikmin, you get a good advantage. The thing here is that it's sort of
difficult to tell just what sort of move Olimar is using, so be careful

Vs. Lucas
Protip: Wario can eat PK Fire. Don't ask why. However, Lucas can also use PK
Fire to blast you off of the Wario Bike, as well as PK Thunder, so that may not
be an ideal approach method. Lucas has an odd midair jump, which he can use to
confuse you and mess up your midair combos. However, Lucas is also pretty light
and doesn't have many attacks with range (aside from, of course, his special
moves), so get up in his face and beat him into submission.

Vs. Captain Falcon
This dude is fast. Not only is he fast, but he packs a kick AND easily trumps
Wario's range. This is going to be a tough fight any way you slice it, but bear
in mind that several of his attacks in the air have a slight startup, so a good
midair dodge can set up an opening for your midair attacks. On the ground, try
using your crawl to go under his high-aiming attacks and striking with the low
poke move.

Vs. Falco
Huh. Well, this guy falls fast and jumps much more effectively than Wario does,
so air combos are more or less out of the question. Falco seems to favor spikes
and repeating attacks, so my advice is to let him strike first, then hit him
with whatever works best. A standard combo might not get him into the air very
far, but he might fall into another ground-based attack, so try setting up
combos with the intent for ground combat. Treat his specials in the same way as

Vs. Ganondorf
Ganondorf might be slow as molasses, but he actually can fight in the air about
as well as Wario can. However, where he has boosted range and power, he also
has low speed. You can usually outspeed him in the air, and keep him from
landing any moves. Be careful approaching from below, as his dair hurts a lot, 
and bear in mind that he falls fairly quickly. 

Vs. Jigglypuff
This is the one character that can outmatch Wario's midair agility. Fortunately
for you, it is also one of the lightest characters there is. I think Chomp can
intercept Rollout, but I don't know about Pound. In any case, the Wario Bike
still works as a nice approach, although since Jigglypuff gets around by means
of hopping, you may have trouble hitting, even if you wheelie. Just hit hard
when possible, and use your attacks with good knockback to end the fight easily
and quickly.

Vs. Lucario
If you've heard anything from people on the Internet, you know about Lucario's
unique power that affords better attacks at higher damage rates. With this in
mind, try to KO Lucario early on. It's a fairly floaty foe, so that shouldn't
be too tough. Midair combos work out pretty nicely here, and also lets you
avoid its grab-punch (which is ridiculously fast). I think Lucario can hit you
off of the Wario Bike with Force Palm, and if it's near the edge, Double Team
will probably hit too. If you do trigger Double Team, just prepare a dodge and
you should be okay.

Vs. Luigi
Unlike Mario, Luigi has a fair number of tricks he can pull, and it's easy to
underestimate him if you've never fought a good Luigi. His aerials are all
fairly quick and strong, and he has a good jump (although his maneuverability
isn't so good), so a midair fight may not be in your best interests. The Bike
is, as usual, a safe way to approach, but going into a midair combo here may
not be ideal. I think Chomp can intercept the Green Missile. Also, his Luigi
Cyclone can be used in a number of ways, so be on the watch for it. All in all,
provided you know what Luigi can do, you should be okay.

Vs. Marth
Not only does Marth have good range, but his damage improves if his enemies are
kept at range. This is a bit of a mixed situation for Wario: if you can get in
close, you'll have more of an advantage than normal, but if Marth can keep you
at a distance, you'll have rough going. Watch out for Counter: a good Marth
user will keep this ready should you start up a combo. It doesn't catch Chomp,
however, so mix that into your combos to keep them guessing. He's pretty light,
and he depends on edgeguarding for most of his kills, so this works out to be
about an even fight.

Vs. Mr. Game & Watch
Like Luigi, you underestimate Mr. Game & Watch at your own peril. He has a good
variety of moves, much like Wario, and his dair drops him to the ground quickly
which can shut down your midair combos quickly. However, he is also fairly
lightweight, so you can usually still get in a good amount of combos. Even in
midair, though, he has much more knockback than you would expect of him, so try
to keep yourself aware of his attacks. You have no projectiles, so Oil Panic is
usually not a problem, but Chef can stop the Wario Bike if used early enough.

Vs. Ness
Most of what could be said for Lucas applies here. His recovery is poorer, but
lots of his attacks differ from Lucas' in a significant way. For one thing, if
you don't dodge or eat PK Fire, it will immobilize you for a while. PK Thunder
doesn't deal multiple hits, so once it lands, Ness regains mobility. His midair
moves are also a bit stronger, so I place Ness just a bit tougher than Lucas.

Vs. R.O.B.
Having practiced as R.O.B. for a bit, I can tell you that it's much too good in
the air for midair combos to be an option. Additionally, its range is much
better than you'd expect, and the Robo Beam (as well as a well-aimed Gyro) can
hit you off of the Wario Bike. However, R.O.B. is slower than you are, and you
can definitely use that. Don't try to chase it off of the stage if you do so,
instead see if you can catch him with a Corkscrew or a Mega Clap on the way
down (like Pit).

Vs. Snake
Snake has a good mix of fast and powerful moves available to him, as well as a
mess of unorthodox techniques. One thing almost all of his moves have in common
is a significant range advantage over Wario. Additionally, many of his special
moves have a good area of effect, which can blast you off of the Wario Bike,
and although it is possible to use Chomp to catch grenades, they will still
damage you (although it will not send you flying, it will stun you). However,
Snake's midair moves aren't very quick, so midair comboing remains viable.
This will still be a difficult matchup, though.

Vs. Sonic [WRK]
We all know by now that Sonic is fast. This is nothing new. However, Sonic also
possesses incredible recovery, and has midair capabilities that almost match
those of Wario. However, he is also much lighter than Wario, making juggling or
midair combos both a viable option. However, you'll want to get him in the air
before he gets you in the air, since his Spin Dash can lead to midair combos.
The Wario Bike, while not quite as fast, still can be used to approach, and
Chomp tends to catch most of Sonic's dashing moves (with the possible exception
of Homing Attack). Consider letting him come to you, using Chomp, then going in
the air after him.

Vs. Toon Link
Toon Link has a combination of good range and fast attacks. However, his power
isn't exactly the highest, so Wario has that advantage over him. Toon Link also
has many projectiles, two of which can usually be stopped by the Wario Bike,
and the third can be Chomped to negate knockback and reduce damage. He has a
big mess of aerial options, though, so midair combos become fairly dangerous.
Fortunately, his recovery isn't so good. All in all, not too tough, although
most likely a bit more challenging than Link is.

Vs. Wolf
Although Wolf looks like just another Starfox clone, he's got two big changes
you should be aware of: surprising range and higher attack. He's slower than
Fox or Falco, but that's not saying much. He's still a threat comparable with
Ike. Use the Wario Bike to catch him off guard, and try for an aerial combo
to rack up damage. He's fairly heavy to boot, but his recovery is a bit wack,
so try to get him off the stage and keep him there.


8. Credits/versions [CRE]

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Thanks to Nintendo and those for making the game.

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