Zelda/Sheik by japongt

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             ZZZZZZZZZZZ EEEEEEE LL      DDDDD       A 
             ZZZ      ZZ EE  EEE LL      DD  DD     AAA
             Z      ZZZ  EE    E LL      DD   DD   AA AA
                   ZZ    EE  E   LL      DD    DD  AA AA
                 ZZZ     EEEEE   LL      DD    DD  AA AA
                ZZ       EE  E   LL      DD    DD  AAAAA
              ZZZ      Z EE    E LL    L DD   DD  AA   AA
             ZZ      ZZZ EE  EEE LL   LL DD  DD   AA   AA

                  SSSS   HH   HH    EEEEEE  II   KK   KKK
                SS  S   HH    HH   EE      III  KK   KKK
               SSS     HH     HH  EE       III  KK  KK
                SSS    HH     HH  EEEEEEE  II   KKKKK
                  SS   HHHHHHHHH EEE       II   KKKK
                   SS  HH     HH EE        II   KK KK
                     S HH     HH EE        II   KK  KKK
             SSS    S  HH    HH   EE   EE  II   KK   KKK
              SSSSSS   H    HH      EEEE   I    KK     KK

                Super Smash Bros. Brawl Character Guide
                            By Mega-Japan

                             Version 2.0


04/13/08 - Ver. 0.8
FAQ is almost done, need to double check certain things.
Is rejected by GameFAQs.

04/15/08 - Ver. 0.9
Zelda & Sheik's Pros and Cons were added.
FAQ finalized and accepted by GameFAQs, still a lot of mistakes though.

04/17/08 - Ver. 1.0
Fixed some typos, added more info to the "From Melee to Brawl" section
of Zelda & Sheik, and explained the difference between Zelda and Sheik's
Light Arrow launching angle.

04/30/08 - Ver. 1.2
More typos were fixed.
Easter Eggs/Interesting Facts section was added.
Strategies for FFA and Team Battles were added.
Overall Difficulty and Wiser Choice for specific characters were added.

04/31/08 - Ver. 1.3
Even more typos were fixed...
More questions added to the FAQ section.

05/10/08 - Ver. 1.5
Details on everyone of Zelda's ground and aerial moves have been added.
Details on everyone of Sheik's ground and aerial moves have been added.

05/31/08 - Ver. 1.7
After a lot more of experience fighting some characters, their
difficulty and information might have changed.
Some advance techniques and questions were added.

06/30/08 - Ver. 2.0
HUGE update. The size of this Faq has nearly doubled.
Match up against every character has been separated for using both Sheik
and Zelda separately.
A whole bunch of more mistakes were fixed and some information was
Added a Miscellaneous section as well as information on trophies
regarding both Zelda and Sheik.

07/03/08 - Ver. 2.1
New Advance Techniques added for Sheik.
Several typos were fixed.


                     T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S   

01) About
02) The Basics
03) Moves
  +3.1) Zelda
  +3.2) Sheik
04) Into Brawl
  +4.1) As Zelda
  +4.2) As Sheik
  +4.3) Against Zelda
  +4.4) Against Sheik
  +4.5) Zelda's Pros and Cons
  +4.6) Sheik's Pros and Cons
  +4.7) From Melee to Brawl
05) Brawling with
  +5.1) Bowser
  +5.2) Captain Falcon
  +5.3) Diddy Kong
  +5.4) Donkey Kong
  +5.5) Falco
  +5.6) Fox
  +5.7) Ganondorf
  +5.8) Ice climbers
  +5.9) Ike
  +5.10) Jigglypuff
  +5.11) King Dedede
  +5.12) Kirby
  +5.13) Link
  +5.14) Lucario
  +5.15) Lucas
  +5.16) Luigi
  +5.17) Mario
  +5.18) Marth
  +5.19) Meta Knight
  +5.20) Mr. Game & Watch
  +5.21) Ness
  +5.22) Olimar
  +5.23) Peach
  +5.24) Pikachu
  +5.25) Pit
  +5.26) Pokémon Trainer
  +5.27) R.O.B.
  +5.28) Samus
  +5.29) Snake
  +5.30) Sonic
  +5.31) Toon Link
  +5.32) Wario
  +5.33) Wolf
  +5.34) Yoshi
  +5.35) Zero Suit Samus
06) Advanced Stuff
07) Frequently Asked Questions
08) Easter Eggs/Interesting Facts
09) Miscellaneous
10) Contacts/Credits

---------------------------[   01) About   ]-----------------------------

Um, hi there, I am japongt (better known as Mega-Japan elsewhere),
I have done several FAQs and guides before but never Character FAQs,
I expect this one to be a success as I put quite a good amount of
time writing it.

As much as I loved Zelda, I never really got into her back in Melee
and instead, I used Sheik much more. However, it seems I prefer
Zelda a lot more this time around as she has been significantly 
buffed. I hope this FAQ is able to help other Zelda/Sheik players
such as myself and become better brawlers.

-------------------------[   02) The Basics   ]--------------------------


Strength: Medium
Speed: Medium
Weight: Light

 -The Legend of Zelda
 -The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
 -The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
 -The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
 -The Legend of Zelda: Oracles of Seasons
 -The Legend of Zelda: Oracles of Ages
 -The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords
 -The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
 -The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
 -The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
 -The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
 -The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

 Zelda is the Princess of Hyrule whose role changes depending on each
game. For example, she's a random pirate sailing the sea in LoZ: Wind
Waker and nothing more than a sleeping Princess in LoZ II:  Adventure
of Link. The Hylian princess is able to cast powerful magic spells
and it only takes one of these spells to allow her to change skin and
eye color so that she takes the persona of Sheik as seen in LoZ: Ocarina
of Time.

 If used right, Zelda is one of the strongest character in the game,
many of her attacks allow her to build up damage at a fast pace and
others have a high KO ratio. Her speed is average and easy to deal with,
however, her weight is quite light she can be KO'd by a powerful attack
at a low percentage easy but if used right, her recovery is one of the
best around. Not the best for beginners.


Strength: Weak
Speed: Fast
Weight: Light

 -The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

 Sheik is an alter ego of Zelda shown in LoZ: Ocarina of Time. Zelda
passes herself off as a Sheikah and takes the identity of Sheik. Her
role within the game is to teach Link new songs to aid him on his
quests. Sheik's new design in Super Smash Bros. Brawl is based off a
concept model created for consideration in LoZ: Twilight Princess.

 Sheik's most significant difference from Zelda is Speed. She falls in
at least one of the top 5 fastest characters in the game, however,
unlike Zelda, her attacks are not quite as strong and has more limited
KO moves. Her weight class is a little lighter than her Zelda self,
meaning relatively easy to KO as she falls in the Light weights as well.

----------------------------[   03) Moves   ]----------------------------

I personally use the Wiimote/Nunchuck controllers for this game as I
found it to be my favorite, however, in order to avoid confusion
between the whole controller stuff I decided to name attacks by either
their original given names (for special attacks) or simple DTilt (Down 
Tilt), UTilt (Up Tilt), FAir (Forward Air Attack), etc... for
standard attacks.

3.1) ZELDA

-Standard Attacks

Neutral Attack (Tap A):					Damage: 02%
Neutral Attack (A + A + A):				Damage: 06%
Zelda will extend her left hand creating little magical sparkles.
This move is not really too great and deals very little damage as
most other Neutral Attacks out there. The great thing about this
attack is that it has absolutely no start up lag and almost
insignificant ending lag. You can use this attack over and over
again and eventually hit the enemy before they get the chance to
touch you. It is mostly used to distract the opponent into
thinking that you simply did that weak attack but you can then
follow up with her FSmash which has a slighter longer range and
blow them away.

Forward/Back Attack (Tilt > or < + A):			Damage: 13%
Zelda will wave her beautiful magical arm horizontally in front
(or back) of her and deal decent damage and knockback. This move
is very good to follow up with a Dash Attack or an Aerial. The
range is also good enough to keep the opponent away from you as
long as your spacing is good enough. This move is also strong
enough to KO an opponent at high damage, rare but possible.

Down Attack (Tilt v + A):				Damage: 07%
Zelda does a little low kick, kind of like one of those that
those Hitmonlee fellows do all the time. While this moves seems
lame at first, it isn't. It does low damage, but it can be used
repeatedly, specially for juggling. For example, when opponent
has low damage, this move can easily be spammed as it is very fast
and when opponent has high damage, opponent will "bounce" upwards
where you can easily combo with a USmash or UTilt. Don't overuse
it though as some character may be easily get out of it and hit
you or simply grab you during your juggle.

Up Attack (Tolt ^ + A):					Damage: 11%
Zelda will wave her hand above her head creating a magical semi-circle.
This move is surprisingly strong and good for KOing enemies. It
is also much faster in duration time than the USmash but also loses
some of its priority. It covers Zelda's north, north-east and north-west
directions, protecting her from any enemy coming from above, with
good timing of course.

Dash Attack (Tap > or < + A):				Damage: 09%
Another one of Zelda's super awesome attacks. This move is very
powerful and you are open to nothing as long as you land it. If
the opponent blocks it be prepared for an easy shield grab though,
as the ending lag time of this attack is slow. Try to do it when
the opponent isn't expecting it or is simply wide opened and you
need a quick reaction to take advantage of that.

-Aerial Attacks ==

Neutral Air Attack (A while in midair):			Damage: 13%
During this move, Zelda is under the impression that she is a
bayblade so she spins around hitting anything surrounding her.
Most Zelda players fail to realize that this move is actually a
pretty good and strong attack. While it has nearly not knockback
and its range is not that great, it is quite an strong attack and
that it has no start up lag and nearly no ending lag either. This
move should mostly be used when shorthopping right next to your
enemy to inflict the 13% damage, if not, you are likely to inflict
less damage, otherwise, do this when you are in the air and not
sure what other move to use, its priority is good, but not great.

F/B Air Attack (Tilt > or < + A while in midair):	Damage: 04%
F/B Air Attack (When sweetspotted):			Damage: 20%
Zelda performs a weak-looking kick with her very shiny sandals
(or is it magic? The world may never know...). You would need a lot
of practice if you really want to master this move as it is not
easy at all to hit a good moving player with it. Fail the sweetspot
and it become Zelda's weakest move, do it correctly and it turns into
her most powerful. It can KO opponents at very low percentages when
sweetspotted. To sweetspot you need to hit the opponent with Zelda's
heel, not her tip, not her leg. Usually her BAir has higher chances
of getting a sweetspot due to it being almost "instantaneous" and
it also has a little bit of stronger knockback, it is hard to notice
the difference but there IS one.

Down Air Attack (Tilt v + A in midair):			Damage: 05%
Down Air Attack (When sweetspotted):			Damage: 16%
The Lightning Meteor, this move is awesome if you can spike with it.
Another weak-looking kick... man, no wonder Zelda is so underestimated
by many... Like her side aerials, this will barely flinch the opponent
if not sweetspotted and leave you wide opened for an attack. You will
never sweetspot this attack so you should never use it when the
opponent is flat on the ground. Use it only when you feel like the
enemy trying to recover near the ledge. It is very risky but if you
sweetspot it, it is a guaranteed spike KO. If the opponent's damage
is above 120% and you use the sourspot move when the opponent is on
the ground, they will slightly jump giving you the chance to follow
with a free UTilt or USmash.

Up Air Attack (Tilt ^ + A in midair):			Damage: 15%
Zelda will summon magical fire with her right hand and shoot it upwards.
This is without a doubt one of the best killing moves in the whole game,
the knockback is just incredibly strong, it can kill non-DI opponent
at VERY low damage. You can use this underneath platform like those in
Battlefield or Smashville. The actual hit is above Zelda's head, but
watch out for opponents who see the move coming and air dodge it,
which will leave you wide opened due to the move's ending lag time.

Note: Zelda's Lightning Kicks (aka Sweetspotted kicks) are some of
her most powerful attacks. In order to hit with them you must have
timing and precision upon landing your attack directly. You know
you have achieved the Lightning Kick when the game freezes for a
fraction of a second (can be noticed even when opponent blocks the
attack). Her Lighting kicks can KO opponents at very low percentages.

-Smash Attacks ===

Forward/Back Smash:					Damage: 17%
Charged Forward/Back Smash:				Damage: 23%
Zelda will extend her arms forward and create magical sparkles. This
attack creates a decent knockback and power that if landed, you will
not be wide opened to an attack. This attack will also last for about
a full second as it is a continuous that even if the opponent dodges
and has the timing off by a fraction of a second, you can still hit
it with the tip of the smash. Keep in mind that only the tip of the
smash will do decent damage and knockback and that the opponent can
use DI to avoid that tip. This attack can be used to cancel ground
and aerial attacks as long as it is not above or behind you. You are
also able to create a double smash by using this attack, which means
using it in a very quick motion so that there is barely a spot open
for your opponent to counter. This can be done with the C-Stick but
if you are good enough, it can also be done with standard smashes as
well. If the opponent is too close on you though, it is a much wiser
choice to use either Naryu's Love or the DSmash as defense because
if you use this smash instead, the opponent may use DI and move
towards your back which will leave you wide open.

Down Smash (In front of Zelda):				Damage: 12%
Down Smash (Behind Zelda):				Damage: 10%
Charged Down Smash (In front of Zelda):			Damage: 16%
Charged Down Smash (Behind Zelda):			Damage: 14%
Probably my favorite move and what I call the "GTFO" kick ^_^.
Zelda will do some super-quick spin kick hitting everything and
anything on her back and front, is without a doubt, one of the
fastest down smashes out there. This move doesn't have great range
so it should only be used when an opponent has closed up a bit too
much. It has a decent knockback send the opponent horizontally.
The move has almost no lag before and after the attack is performed
so it can be used consecutively, but try not to be predictable.
I recommend setting this move as a quick smash (like the C-stick)
so that you can use it often to defend yourself.

Up Smash:						Damage: 15%
Charged Up Smash:					Damage: 20%
Zelda will wave her hand above her creating a barrier of magic.
The knockback of this move is great and will keep your opponent
above you for about a full second while dealing great damage. It
has tremendous priority and can pick up any non-midget character
from the ground (don't even think about using this move when Olimar
is flat on the ground). Just like her FSmash, this USmash can be
DI-ed out of. This USmash can easily go through above platforms
while keeping her safe, a good example is Battlefield. Also, do not
forget that you can activate an USmash while running so this move
is good to chase opponents and kills them on the spot.

Note: In General, Smash attacks are the strongest in the game.
They are more or less the essential key to KO opponents depending
on the damage they hold or their weight class, use them wisely.
Also, keep in mind that when charged, the smash will not only do
more damage but will also increase the knockback significantly.

-Specials ========

Neutral Special: Naryu's Love				Damage: 11%
Zelda will scream like a ninja and surround herself with crystals.
Naryu's Love is more often used to reflect projectiles then it is
used as an offensive move. It can reflect nearly all projectiles and
items, specially straight-forward items such as Samus' missiles or
Link's Arrows. Indirect projectiles such as the PK Thunder will
reflect in a rather random direction depending on the angle at
which it was reflected. Strong explosives such as the PK Flash or
PK Freeze can't be reflected so don't try to use Naryu's Love
against them or you will run the risk of being hit by them. As a
regular offensive attack, it is only used when the opponent is close
right next to you and you are able to push them back. Its reflector
can't be hold like those of Fox, Wolf and Pit so you need timing
to use it properly. Also, it has nearly no startup lag, meaning
it is very fast but fail and you will be let wide open to any

Side Special: Din's Fire				Damage: 08-16%
Zelda will release a controllable magical fire ball out of her hand.
Din's Fire has received a huge boost since Melee. By launching
Din's Fire and holding the Special Move button, Din's Fire can
travel large distances. The farther it goes, the larger explosion
ratio and the larger damage it inflicts, 8% being the closest and
16% being the farthest. You can also control this move at will
with the control stick. If used in midair this attack is treated
as a Special Recovery move and won't allow you to jump or attack
again so be careful where and when you use it. This move is also
very strong and can KO opponent when they are near the top or too
close to the sides. If Zelda is hit while conducting Din's Fire,
it will travel independently to either its maximum reach or hit
a solid ground/object and blow up.

Up Special: Farore's Wind				Damage: 06%
Farore's Wind is not only Zelda's special recovery but also a good
offensive move if used properly and can be difficult to master.
Farore's Wind is a double hit move, it will inflict damage when
Zelda disappears and when she reappears, both dealing an amount
of 06%. If somehow you manage to hit both of them on the opponent,
you would be dealing a total 12% but of course that is hard to do
depending on the situation. Once you activate this attack, you can
control the direction she can reappear and moving your control
stick to that direction. Keep in mind that this move is not
limited to 8 directions and this is the trick that prevents people
from dominating the move. If you are very precise to where you
move your control stick Zelda can reappear ANYWHERE as long as is
in her move range and there is no obstacle in the way of course.

Down Special: Transform					Damage: None
For whatever arbitrary reason, the Transform move that allows Zelda
to turn into Sheik takes about twice the time it took back in Melee,
making it a lot less used for strategy purposes. It takes about 2.75
seconds or so for the full transformation to take place and allow
Sheik to move. During the transformation she is completely invulnerable
to ANY attack but once the transformation is finished, she's entirely
vulnerable for about half a second, enough time to prepare a full
charged smash and strike. Surprisingly however, this move can be used
to evade Final Smashes such as Cook Kirby or Critical Hit, but you
must have a heck of a timing though.

-Throws ==========

Forward/Back Throw:					Damage: 11%
Zelda will throw the opponent with decent knockback in front of her
or towards her back. If close to an edge, throw the opponent opposite
from the stage's direction to attempt KO'ing them or you may as well
follow up with an UAir or even the Lightning Meteor (DAir), just have
great timing doing so.

Down Throw:						Damage: 10%
Zelda will not exactly "throw" their oppoent, instead she will treat
them like evil minions and put them right below her skirt... omg...
Yeah so she will deal the damage and the opponent's knockback will
be dealt to Zelda's back, where you can follow up with a BAir
attempting to Lightning Kick them or simply dash after them and do
an USmash.

Up Throw:						Damage: 12%
She will throw her enemy directly above her. Being her most powerful
throw, it is a good choice but ironically, it is also the least used
for fear that the opponent may follow with an aerial attack from
above. This can also KO opponents once they have reached high damage
and if the have low damage, you can even follow up with your own

Grab Attack (Tap A while in grab)			Damage: 03%

Note: Zelda's grab range is short like most other grabs in the game
but also has nearly no lag to recover if fails so don't be afraid to
use it once you get the chance.

-Misc ============

Final Smash: Light Arrow				Damage: 42%
The Light Arrow is without a doubt one of the most powerful Final
Smashes there is, once it hits, the opponent is pretty much done for.
It hits ANYBODY horizontally in front of Zelda no matter the
distance. On average it can't really KO when opponent when they're
0% like Marth's Critical Hit but the fact that it can attack
several enemies even if they are separate from each other makes
it a better attack on free for all and team battles. It can KO
light weight characters at a minimum of 10% damage, medium weights
need to have about a minimum of 15% damage and heavy weights about
20% damage for them to be KO'd. It counts as two hits, the first
is dealt when the camera zooms at the character being hit and
automatically dealing a damage of 03% and the second is when the
real arrow is shot which deals the other 39% making it a total of
42%. Zelda's Light arrow launches the opponent at a powerful 45 degree
angle so they may have the chance to come back by gaining the downward
momentum as they fall (that is, IF they survive the attack).

Ledge Attack (When coming from a ledge):		Damage: 06%
Ledge Attack (When coming from a ledge with 100%):	Damage: 10%
Zelda comes back from the ledge and performs a spin kick on the spot.
If this is done when Zelda has 100% or more damage, she will do a
slap instead, this will create more damage and knockback than her kick.
Only do this when you know you are going to hit the enemy, otherwise
you could be easily hit by an attack from above or simply a shield

Trip Attack (Press A or B when tripped)			Damage: 05%
Yet another spin kick... I was right about her having the impression
of being a bayblade... Whenever she randomly trips, press A or B and
she will do her spin kick and hit anyone in the small area. This
won't send them anywhere far though.

-Taunts ==========

Up Taunt: Zelda poses and releases some small spell with her right
hand towards the sky.

Down Taunt (My personal favorite): Zelda waves her right arm towards
direction she is looking as if saying "Sayonara!" or "Adios!" to her

Side Taunt: Zelda focuses and releases a small spell with both hands
as if meditating.

On-Screen Appearance: Zelda will "magically" appear on the screen while
casting some... white magic? She looks awesome.

3.2) SHEIK

-Standard Attacks

Neutral Attack (Tap A):					Damage: 03%
Neutral Attack (A + A):					Damage: 06%
Neutral Attack (Hold A after combo):			Damage: 01-02%
Sheik will slice her hands forward as if trying to cut the enemy in
pieces. If you hold A after the A + A combo, she will enter into her
slicing animation that takes some time to and may leave her wide open
to projectiles if failed to hit though it is decent to annoy whoever
gets caught in it.

Forward/Back Attack (Tilt > or < + A):			Damage: 05%
Sheik will do some twirling kick that can be combo into the same
attack over and over again and eventually into an aerial, smash or
grab. This attack is unlike to kill anyone at all, but is easy to
combo into one that does. Do this to trap and annoy your enemy while
building damage.

Down Attack (Tilt v + A):				Damage: 08%
Sheik will do a sweeping kick underneath with a little less knockback
than her Forward Tilt but a little more damage. It does not really
have many used other than doing it when on crawling mode. It is hard
to combo such a move as it also has ending lag time.

Up Attack (Tilt ^ + A):					Damage: 13%
She will kick upwards and the bring her leg down to the opponent for
a double hit. I find it to be a good move as it is her strongest tilt
and is possible to combo it into something else, most likely an aerial.
It is also to do after a Forward Tilt.

Dash Attack (Tap > or < + A):				Damage: 07%
Unlike in Melee, this move cannot be combo with effectively. Sheik
will rush towards the opponent and do a cross attack with her hand
(is so fast that it looks as if she's doing a head butt, lol).
While it does not have decent damage compared to other moves, it is
still quite a fast move. Unfortunately it has a bit of ending lag
time leaving you wide open for a shield grab.

Note #1: Sheik's Up Attack is a 2-hit combo, only if both hits connect,
Sheik will deal 13% of damage, otherwise the first hit only deals
06% while the second hit deals 07%.

Note #2: Be careful when using Sheik's Down Air Attack, using it
carelessly may cost you a stock as it spikes straight down
leaving you without a chance of recovery if done on bottomless

-Aerial Attacks ==

Neutral Air Attack (A while in midair):			Damage: 05-13%
Sheik will launch a funny looking kick in the air. Its knockback
and range are decent only when done in a direct hit, otherwise it
is very weak and the opponent will barely flinch. Is good to use
this move when the opponent is approaching from the air. Because
it is very quick, it might even trick those Marth players that
mostly do aerial attacks.

F/B Air Attack (Tilt > or < + A while in midair):	Damage: 09-11%
The Forward Air Attack and the Back Air Attack are actually two totally
different moves with different properties. She will launch a small
punch with her FAir, so small that you will barely be able to see
it, and back kick with her BAir. For starters, her BAir will not
only do more damage (11%) but will also have higher knockback, unlike
her FAir which will do less damage (09%) and have very little knockback.

Down Air Attack (Tilt v + A in midair):			Damage: 10%
Sheik will pause for half a second in the air and then shoot down with
a kick. It is faster than fast falling but not faster than other DAirs
such as Toon Link's. It is not a good edge guarding move and has very
laggy start up and landing time, I do not recommend using it unless
you know you are going to hit.

Up Air Attack (Tilt ^ + A in midair):			Damage: 06-11%
Sheik will shape herself like a drill and shoot a kick upwards, like
a drill... It has decent range and damage but low KO potential. The
direct hit is obviously better than the late hit in both knockback
and power. If you hit with the direct hit, you are most likely safe
from a counter, but if hit with the late hit, you may be left wide
open due to the move's lag landing time.

Note #1: Sheik's Neutral Air Attack can deal either 05% or 13%
depending whether it is a direct hit or not.

Note #2: Sheik's Up Air Attack can do different damage whether it
is a direct hit from the start (11%) or whether it is a late hit (06%).

-Smash Attacks ===

Forward/Back Smash:					Damage: 14%
Charged Forward/Back Smash:				Damage: 19%
Sheik will perform a side double kick. The first one has like no
knockback at all and will lead to the second one that does. Both
are likely to hit if opponent has low damage and doesn't use DI
to get out of the way. It can KO at about 130% damage as long as
the opponent doesn't use DI.

Down Smash:						Damage: 11-13%
Charged Down Smash:					Damage: 14-18%
As the winner of several breakdancing contests, Sheik would gladly
show off her skills with her DSmash move. She will spin upside down
sending kicks left and right. It has decent knockback and the closer
you do it to the opponent, the more damage it will cause.

Up Smash (Upper hit):					Damage: 17-18%
Charged Up Smash (Upper hit):				Damage: 23%
Up Smash (Side hit):					Damage: 12%
Charged Up Smash (Side hit):				Damage: 16%
Sheik will thrusts her hands upwards then bring them down to her sides.
It hits in two different way, the strong upper hit which is when she
has her hands upward will hit hard with a strong knockback and the
unimpressive side hit which will still cause some damage but no
significant knockback.

Note #1: Sheik's Forward Smash is a two hit combo, the first dealing
a total of 05% (07% when charged) damage and the second dealing
the other 09% (12% when charged). Only the second hit has a
significant knockback.

Note #2: Sheik's Up Smash is also a two hit combo even if it doesn't
look like one. If you are very close to the opponent, you will hit
him/her with both causing a damage of 29-30% when uncharged or 40%
when charged, that's a lot of damage for just one move...

-Specials ========

Neutral Special: Needle Storm				Damage: 03%
By activating the Needle Storm Attack Sheik can start storing
needles. She can store up to 6 needles in total, each needle
amounts for 03% of damage each, making it a total of 18% if
all 6 land. By pressing the special move button again while
charging Sheik will release all the needles she stored up
until then or a single needle if you pressed it right away.
If you use this attack while in midair she will charge them
or launch them at a 45 degree angle. This attack can also
cancel other projectiles and still hit the opponent.

Side Special: Chain					Damage: 03-05%
I find this move not to be very effective combat-wise as it will
leave you wide open to any attack if you happen to miss. You can
slightly control the direction of the chain with the control
stick while holding the special move button and can also land
multiple hits. By becoming in contact with the chain, the enemy
will take of 03% per hit or 05% if enemy becomes in contact with
the tip of the chain. This move is mostly useful for tether

Up Special: Vanish					Damage: 15%
Vanish is just another name for Farore's Wind because the move is
practically the same. Unlike Farore's Wind, Vanish can only hit
the enemy as Sheik "vanishes" and its knockback and damage is much
greater theb Zelda's Farore's Wind, however, Vanish does absolutely
nothing at the spot where Sheik reappears. The move is as hard to
master as Farore's Wind and the teleportation distance is also
shorter so don't forget to use her Chain to grab the ledge if needed.
It is also nearly impossible to sweetspot the ledge with this attack.

Down Special: Transform					Damage: None
Absolutely no difference other then instead of taking about 2.75
seconds to transform into Sheik, Sheik takes about 2 seconds flat
during the transformation into Zelda but the half a second of
vulnerability is about the same so just watch out when and where
you decide to transform.

-Throws ==========

Forward/Back Throw:					Damage: 02%
Just like you thought, Sheik will slam her opponent towards her front
or back. This is usually not strong enough to KO anybody so do not
hope to kill anybody with it. This is good however, to send the
opponent off the stage and follow up with a FAir attempting to spike.

Down Throw:						Damage: 03%
Sheik will put the opponent the ground and slam him/her/it with her
right foot on the stomach, that must hurt, so why is it only 03%?
>.>'. Anyways, this will send the opponent upwards giving you time
to combo with a short-hopped UAir, which often works.

Up Throw:						Damage: 02%
Sheik will put herself on the ground with the opponent above her and
kick the bastard with both feet. This should hurt even more and yet
it does only 02% -_-'. Anyhow, if at low damage, this can be combo
similar to her DThrow.

Grab Attack (Tap A while in grab)			Damage: 03%

Note: Not only Sheik's grab have shorter range then Zelda's but
also the damage she deals while grabbing is very unimpressive.
Grabbing doesn't seem to be her favorite move, but at high damage,
she's able to hit the opponent continuously making her able to deal
great additional damage.

-Misc ============

Final Smash: Light Arrow				Damage: 48%
For some strange reason, even though is the same "Light Arrow",
Sheik's Light Arrow seems to be better then Zelda's damage-wise
by a significant amount of 06% while still having the same
powerful knockback, it still can't KO opponents at 0% though.
The attack still counts as two hits, the first being dealt
when the camera zooms at the character being hit and
automatically dealing a damage of 03% and the second is when the
real arrow is shot which deals the other 45% making it a total of
48%.However, the 06% difference in damage isn't the only thing, if you
bother to take a closer look, you would notice that unlike Zelda's
Light Arrow that launches the opponent at a 45 degree angle, Sheik's
Light Arrow launches them straight forward at a 0 degree angle.

Ledge Attack (When coming from a ledge):		Damage: 08%
Ledge Attack (When coming from a ledge with 100%):	Damage: 08%
She will come back from the ledge like any other character and do
some kick or do and elbow attack if her damage is 100% or more.
Nothing impressive here though just watch out what the opponent
waiting for you will do as you can easily be shield grabbed
once you come back.

Trip Attack (Press A or B when tripped)			Damage: 05%
Sheik will stand through a short breakdancing. She's a pro breakdancer
alright... Kicking both right and left, is not a great move or anything
but if you can hit your opponent with it after your random tripping
then just go for it.

-Taunts ==========

Up Taunt: Sheik stands upside-down with her left hand.

Down Taunt: Sheik does some Martial Art sign while vibrating her
left hand.

Side Taunt: Sheik pulls out her chain and... shows it to the

On-Screen Appearance: Like Zelda, Sheik will magically appear on-screen
except she won't be doing any white magic with her hands... or is she?

-------------------------[   04) Into Brawl   ]--------------------------

4.1) As Zelda:

Zelda is awesome, period... I wanted to write just that but then this
FAQ would have never been accepted... Anyways, she has had a very
significant buff since Melee, and I consider her one of the top
characters in the game hands down. If used correctly, her Din's Fire
can entertain the enemy for quite a while. That move has a fire ratio
can hit the enemy even if they don't fall within the attack's
animation. Let's say you grab an opponent, you can toss him/her aside
and start using Din's Fire to build damage. If the enemy has quite a
large amount of damage, you may even KO him/her with it. This tactic
works best on opponents that play close-range only (ex: Marth, Bowser,
etc...). If you are fighting a projectile character (ex: Samus, Link,
etc...), be prepared to use Naryu's Love at any time so that you
can reflect that powerful Charge Beam or that fully charged Arrow
and follow up with your own projectile attack, Din's Fire.

When fighting heavy and strong character, be very, VERY careful.
Zelda's most noticeable weakness is her weight, two of Dedede's
FSmash and she's likely out of bounds. For this type of fight just
stay away from them and... guess what? Yeah, you guessed right,
Din's Fire, just don't let your guard down and start spamming the
and the next second you have the opponent right in front of you
and about to do a smash. If fighting someone big such as Bowser,
you might as well try to play close-range, why? With characters
that big is hard NOT to do a Lightning Kick on them.

For average characters (ex: Mario, Link, etc...) just play safe,
these kind of characters can be quick pulling out their attacks
so you just have to be faster than they are and push them away
your powerful smashes or your Lightning Kicks. A simple trick is
to use Farore's Wind and playing with their minds having them
to guess where you will reappear. Depending on the situation,
decide if you want to steal their spot by reappearing right
where they are and dealing damage or simply playing safe by
teleporting away, just make sure you're not hit before you
manage to actually teleport or you will be wide opened and
Farore's Wind will be canceled.

Fast and Light characters can be a trouble when playing Zelda.
Characters such as Sonic or Toon Link are a pain everywhere,
it is not wise to continuously use Din's Fire on them as they
will be right in front of your eyes before you even manage to
hit them. Naryu's Love are effective against both types, to
reflect their projectiles or to push them away when they are
ACTUALLY in front of your eyes. Her FSmash and USmash take
about a full second to execute so even if they spin on you
(Sonic's Dash or Side Special) you can easily push them
back with these kind of smashes.

Her smashes are quick to use and can be done repetitively
quickly IF your fast enough. Her weight is a little average
so she is not too easy to get rid of. Nayru's love is her
best close range move. Her down toss from her grab would be
the easiest to link to a combo along with her up toss and
UAttack Her aerial back kick is her STRONGEAT move nest to
her aerial down kick and her UAir getting the back kick to
always be critical there is a secret to. Treat it as if you
were doing a smash.

Push the control stick in the direction of your target and
press A together if done right it should always be at full
and send your target. A good trick? Block then after the
attack was blocked up lightly and use her side kick. Running
grabs are a great thing to use with Zelda. Farore's wind makes
a good surprise attack as well as a great trick. Warping into
the same spot you stood is a move no one ever expects.

4.2) As Sheik:

If you used to main Sheik back in Melee, you would notice
right away that she has been nerfed... big time. I find
her to be a tad slower (still pretty fast), her aerial
moves have less knockback and her grab is nearly useless.
You can no longer combo the Needle Storm as easy, most
noticeably in midair and it just seems like most of her
regular attacks have been shrunk in both damage and
knockback. Sheik's most useful attack is probably
her Needle Storm, not only it can cancel out most
other projectiles but also it can pass through them
and still hit the enemy.

She plays like most fast characters and her most often
used moves are the dash and midair attacks. She is still
quite good at air juggling. Without L-Canceling though,
her DAir has quite a wide lag and that could turn out
very ugly. For her to KO characters is also a challenge
due to little knockback.

If used properly she's good against both Light and Heavy
characters, however, be careful with projectile spammers
as Toon Link's Boomerang/Arrows or Samus' Missiles. In
these cases, Sheik should get close to them as fast as
possible before the enemy starts building ridiculous
amount of damage onto her, don't try to cancel all those
Missiles with Needles, just roll/jump your way towards
enemy as quick as possible and strike.

If you manage to send an opponent far away, jump towards
them and Vanish right in their faces and back to the stage,
this move is likely to finish them off and you fall back
on the map. You may as well just stand a little far from
the ledge and pull out your chain and use it as a toy
moving it around not letting your opponent get back as easy,
this move is mostly useful as a recovery when thrown away

4.3) Against Zelda:

As if I would tell you how to beat me... *sigh*... fine,
ugh. Zelda's weakness is against a heck lot of Power or
a heck lot of Speed. What do I mean? I mean if you are
playing the type of opponent that you get killed and you
don't know what hit you, Zelda is not the best choice.
I often have trouble against Sonic pro player because of
their super fast juggling and lightning speed. Think about
it, while in Brawl Zelda is considered better then Sheik
by most, usually in a Zelda pro Vs. a Sheik pro, the Sheik
pro will win.

So what about that "heck lot of Power"? Simple, about two
or three Falcon Punches and you are out... As mentioned
before, Zelda's light status is quite the troublesome
handicap. While these sort of attacks are easy to dodge,
is not like Zelda is super fast so just wait for the right
moment to strike. Characters like Ike usually ring out
Zelda within a few minutes, perhaps seconds. 

When the Zelda player starts spamming Din's Fire, just
dodge/roll out of the explosion and go towards them in
a flash. Also, when opponent tries to come back using
Farore's Wind, jump and hit them before the teleportation
is a success, this move has about a second of vulnerability
before it is finally executed.

4.4) Against Sheik:

Don't be afraid to go full force against Sheik. Like Zelda,
she's relatively easy to ring out. If you are a slow
character, you may have a heck of a time against them,
she's not as fast as Sonic but still reaches the
speed of sound (considering that Sonic is the speed of
light). Most Sheik players will try to charge their Needle
Storm whenever possible so don't get distracted and let them
fully execute the Needle Storm or you might regret it.
At this time, rush or jump towards them and strike during
their charging time, even if they roll away, during that
fraction of a second of vulnerability, you may still
hit them.

Because of Sheik's "not so awesome" recovery, they can be
very easily edge-hogged. Why? Sheik's recovery special,
Vanish, does absolutely nothing at the spot where Sheik
reappears so even if it seems like Sheik can grab the ledge,
as long as you are on the spot, she's done for, this is all
besides the fact that Vanish can't travel as long as
Zelda's Farore's Wind can. Watch out if the opponent decides
to use Tether recovery though, as Sheik's chain can hit you,
however, chances are that once the Chain hits you, it won't
stick to the ledge giving Sheik a horrible lag time making
her unable to come back.

4.5) Zelda Pros and Cons

-Pros ============

-Din's Fire travels at a fast speed.
-Incredibly good aerial moveset, specially if sweetspotted.
-Din's Fire denotes at a quick speed.
-Naryu's Love contains a few invincibility frames.
-Farore's Wind strikes when disappearing and appearing.
-Smashes have decent range.
-Easy to catch an enemy off-guard by doing combos with Din's Fire.
-All smashes have decent knockback and damage.
-Smashes are quick and can be spammed if you are fast enough.
-Din's Fire has a huge explosion radius.
-Is very floaty, allowing her to break from most chaingrabs.

-Cons ============

-A tiny lag if smash is blocked or dodged.
-Transform move is WAY slower.
-Din's Fire disallows her to move if used on midair.
-Is a light weight.

4.6) Sheik Pros and Cons

-Pros ============

-Is fast, very fast!
-Has high jumps.
-Needles are still powerful projectiles.
-Good for combos.
-Can chain grab into combos.
-Good at building up damage quickly.
-Needle Storm flinches the opponent.
-Chain can be used for Tether Recovery.

-Cons ============

-Awful at making KO's when low damage.
-Is a light weight.
-Recovery is much worse than Zelda's.
-Nearly all of her attacks have very short range.

4.7) From Melee to Brawl

-Zelda Buffs =====

-Zelda's Naryu's Love is her best close-range attack and has become
 slightly more powerful.
-Zelda's lightning kick is easier to pull off.
-Naryu's Love is also executed faster.
-Farore's Wind is now an attack more then a recovery.
-Din's Fire is much easier to control.
-Din's Fire is about twice as powerful.

-Zelda Nerfs =====

-Transform for both Zelda and Sheik takes MUCH longer.
-Transform for both Zelda and Sheik leaves them extremely vulnerable.

-Sheik Buffs =====

-Chain is faster.
-Chain is easier to control.
-Vanish's power increased and can KO an opponent with about 60% of
 damage (when not using DI), rare but possible.
-FSmash hits harder and hits those who use DI easily.
-Is able to crawl and cling onto walls.
-Vanish's landing lag has significantly decreased.

-Sheik Nerfs =====

-Transform for both Zelda and Sheik takes MUCH longer.
-Transform for both Zelda and Sheik leaves them extremely vulnerable.
-Sheik's Needle Storm is much harder to combo with.
-Sheik's FAir doesn't have much KO potential anymore.
-Needles are weaker not being able to cancel projectiles as easy as
 they did in Melee.

4.8) VSing in FFA

When playing in a free for all game, such as those in "Basic Brawl",
the wiser choice (in my opinion) is Zelda, why? Take a guess. Unlike
Din's Fire, Needle Storm which is Sheik's only projectile will usually
hit only one player at a time while Zelda can just blow up everyone in
the area with Din's Fire amazing radius and speed. Also, Zelda's
also add up, specially her USmash as it can throw anyone around up in
the air followed up by easy combo with her UAir or Lightning Kicks.

4.9) VSing in Teams

When playing in Team battles, the main factor that changes everything
is whether Team Attack (aka Friendly Fire) is on or off. When Team Attack
is off, there's really not much strategy involved, is more like a ffa or
simply like a 1v1  but when it IS on, which is frequently used in tourneys
and whatnot, it's everything about strategy, every move counts. Good
team partners will rarely, if ever, hit each other, newbies and team
battles will just embarrass each other to death. So first question is
whether Sheik or Zelda is better... For normal Team battles (where Team
Attack is off), either will do but is wiser to use Zelda since her Din's
Fire can hit both enemies withing the Fire's radius and her smashes can
just rape them on the spot, so can her Naryu's Love. For those where
Team Attack is on, I recommend Sheik. While it is normal to think that
Zelda would do better (and perhaps she might), she is most likely to
end up raping everybody (including your own partner) most of her attacks
just hit everyone around her.

There's also that situation where you are using Zelda and your partner
is using someone with a reflector (such as Pit or Fox) where Team Attack
is on, if both players have good timings, you can do some crazy damage.
Pit's FSmash can also cancel out Din's Fire on the spot canceling the
damage to Pit while also dealing that FSmash to whoever is in front of
him, so Zelda + Pit = Super Choice. Otherwise just use Sheik and keep
the fight close range with the proper opponent.

-----------------------[   05) Brawling With   ]-------------------------

5.1) Bowser:

Wiser Choice: Either

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Easy
Ordinary Bowser players are usually no match for either Zelda or
Sheik. That's what I used to think until I found myself with a
really deadly Bowser pro. Just never allow them to do their
kamikaze move on you (you know, the side special...). Use Zelda's
Din's Fire or Sheik Needles to build damage from far away and just
spot dodge their smashes follow by one of your smashes, that's
usually easy to do. Zelda's Naryu's Love is able to reflect or at
least cancel Bowser's Fire Breath in case your opponent decides
to play with that. As with most large characters, Zelda is able
to easily land a Lightning Kick on Bowser.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Easy
Sheik's Speed will overwhelm most Bowsers but they are still not
to be taken lightly. Sheik is mainly a short-range character, the
distance where most Bowsers would attempt a DSmash, short-hop a DAir
or even short-hop their Flying Slam. Great Bowser will jump over
you like 4 times in a row trying to grab you or hit you with aerials,
during this time they are hard to hit so I recommend using Vanish as
this will probably hit the turtle flying above you. Tactics against
Bowsers are simple, really, so just hit him normally and use Vanish or
USmash for finisher.

5.2) Captain Falcon:

Wiser Choice: Zelda

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Easy
After his huge nerfing operation, most characters are good against
him, if played correctly of course. There is nothing to really fear
here other then a random Falcon Punch coming out of nowhere and
knocking you out. Just use your usual smashes and specials to get
the job done. A dodging game is best against him as his moves are
fast yet predictable. Also, watch out for random Knees as they
may KO you once you have a few digits of damage on your counter.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
Really good Falcons will know how to use his Falcon Punch wisely,
and I am telling you now, if that thing hits you when you have anything
over 30% when as Sheik, just do not bother, even with DI this will
send you flying to no return and Sheik's not-so-good recovery does not
help at all. He is still very manageable as an opponent though so
play him casually. Also, try not to go after him when edge guarding,
his Raptor Boost's spike effect will have you done for.

5.3) Diddy Kong:

Wiser Choice: Zelda

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
Peanuts and Bananas can get REALLY annoying, BUT guess what? You
can use that annoyance against that annoying monkey. Naryu's Love
seems to be the key against the ape, while it is not that awesome
at reflecting peanuts (and really, nothing is...), it can turn
annoying banana peels into friendly ones. Once your reflect the
banana peels when they're thrown at you, not only do they make
your opponent fall on his apy butt but also does absolutely
nothing to you. The rest is just like fighting any character,
smash, special, smash, good bye...

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
While Sheik is still faster than the chimpanzee, she can still
be easily tricked into his mind games, banana peels included.
He is better to deal with at close range, and Sheik is pretty
good at that. Grabs, Dash Attacks and Aerials work pretty good
against him as well, try not to trip on the peels as that can
decide the fate of the battle. If the Diddy is good at mind games,
yours must surpass his, do not let peanuts scare you.

5.4) Donkey Kong:

Wiser Choice: Zelda

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
While some people really underrate Donkey Kong, he is surprisingly
a very good character. He is not as slow as someone like Ganondorf
(and be honest, who is?) and he hits hard, and I mean HARD! All of
his smashes are to fear. Watch out for the obvious combo of Head butt
followed by a charged Giant Punch, this can be super devastating
to the light Zelda/Sheik. As with most big slow characters, just roll
away or shoot projectiles at it to get the job done. Zelda's smashes
play a big roll here as she's good at landing them on such characters.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
Believe it or not, even with Sheik's large difference in speed,
Donkey Kong is still a very tough opponent, if you have played
Donkey Kong pros (Bum anyone?) then I am sure you have seen how
deadly they can be against fast characters. His BAir kick is a move
used very often by the Kong, so try to avoid it as that can build
up quite the damage. As if that is not enough, his Spinning Kong
move may be annoying at times and the damage it builds up is
crazy, so shield-grab it whenever possible.

5.5) Falco:

Wiser Choice: Zelda

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Easy
Piece of cake... You know, for some reason I used to be afraid of
the space animals, maybe because those Fox pros left some trauma
in me back in Melee, but now, they're not that great and can be
dealt with fairly, especially when using Zelda. If he's a camper,
you are in luck, Zelda is a camper hunter. When Falco starts
spamming his Blaster, just use Naryu's Love to reflect the love
back at him. Only thing to watch out is the annoying reflector,
not because he will reflect your stuff but because it's
knockback is just plain annoying, not such a big deal though.
Another good thing is that Zelda's floaty ability prevents her from
being stuck in a chaingrab, this is good so you don't have to worry
of being gimped so often. Just jump whenever you see he DThrows you.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Hard
Sheik has a lot tougher trouble dealing with the blue bird than
Zelda would. First off, Sheik is fast and agile, but not floaty and
this makes her a target for chain grabbing for the first few
hits. Another thing is that she cannot reflect the lasers making
her an easy target for yet another annoying tactic, the laser lock.
So what to do? Just be fast, very fast and unpredictable. Use reverse
grabs and all techniques you can think of on him. Aerials, lots of
aerials and keep him at close range at all cost while avoiding his
grab and Reflector. Watch out at the edge when the intend to spike
you with a DAir as this could end the match right on the spot.

5.6) Fox:

Wiser Choice: Either

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
Just keep this mammal at close range, even if you keep reflecting
his Blaster, not only it might not reach back at him but he would
just keep shooting you... Follow him at all times and smash him
whenever possible. If this was Melee you would probably stand no
chance, but this is Brawl, Mr. McCloud isn't the Lion King anymore.
Also, watch out for his annoying UTilt, try to DI out of it and
counter with a DSmash or Naryu's Love.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
Similar tactics applied with Zelda also work with Sheik. Try to keep
him at close range so that Fox does not camp half the match shooting
lasers at you. His UTilt is still annoying and will be likely followed
by an USmash, try to DI or jump out of it. Watch out for the obvious
combo of DAir followed by DSmash, if you have high damage, this is likely
to finish you off, but if you hold down your DI and use the chain in the
direction of the ledge at the exact time when he DSmashes you, you will
survive no matter how hard the hit.

5.7) Ganondorf:

Wiser Choice: Zelda

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Easy
Din's Fire, Din's Fire, Din's Fire! Just keep this very dark fellow
away from you. Nearly all his attacks can destroy Zelda/Sheik within
a hit or two. If he manages to get close to you just use Naryu's Love
or simply roll out of the way. Watch out for his Warlock Punch,
have to hate that thing, thankfully it doesn't hit very often...
Ganondorf is a fellow you must like to mess with, nearly anything hits
him. Always watch out for his guard-breaking Flame Choke, if he
predicts your move after it, this could decide the fate of the match.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
Sheik can still do pretty well against the Ganon, there's really nothing
he can do about Sheik's Needle Storm but block, dodge or jump, which
may give you the chance to rush towards him, grab and follow up a combo
as he is an easy target for that. Aerials work pretty well on him as
he's a large target and he is usually a ground player. Still watch out
for his deadly Thunder Stomp and Wizard's Foot, both can rack up a lot
of damage and have very high KO potential as pretty much all of his
moves. Also, keep in mind that when Ganondorf is doing the Warlock
Punch, the hit is in the punch itself, meaning it could easily be
crouched with Sheik.

5.8) Ice Climbers:

Wiser Choice: Zelda

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Easy
Separate them, as simple as that, otherwise you will be fighting 
them all they. Watch out for their Ice Shots as they cannot be
reflected with Naryu's Love so try to jump over them and counter
with Din's Fire. It is also relatively easy to appear into either
of them with Farore's Wind and dealing damage, same with Din's Fire.
These guys guys are vulnerable to nearly anything so just have them
away from each other and you will have the easiest fight yet. Also,
watch out for their annoying chaingrabs, these can follow up with
devastating attacks Ice Climbers mainers have mastered and apply
them on you through out the entire battle, so just dodge their grabs
and follow up with a FSmash.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Hard
As said above, Ice Climbers experts will have dozens of chaingrabbing
combinations, whether they have Nana doing a DAir after a DThrow or
a simple chaingrab, it is all unexpected what they will do next.
These two fellow can do the unpredictable. You may try to rush into
them but you may have a hard time doing so due to their Ice Shots or
Squall Hammer attack which is almost as good as Donkey Kong's Spinning
Kong. You may go ahead and try and Needle Storm them or catch them in
your FTilt lock, but just watch out as you may catch one, the other
may hardly punish you.

5.9) Ike:

Wiser Choice: Sheik

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
Ike is one annoying fellow no matter who you use. Even though Sheik
may be a wiser choice for fighting Ike, I still think Zelda does
surprisingly well against him, as attacking him close-range with Sheik
is not the brightest of all ideas in my opinion. Watch out for his
Quick Draw as Ike players use it very constantly, and try to blow a
Din's Fire right where they appear. Is not hard really, hard will be
if he manages to hit you with one of his FSmashes.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Easy
Most would still agree that Sheik is a better match up against Ike for
several reasons. First, the FTilt lock works like a charm against him,
as he is a tall character with the perfect weight. Because of the lag
within most of his moves, Sheik's quick ground attacks can punish him
from every angle. His not-so-fast running speed can also allow Sheik
to send Needle Storms at him and can work very effectively. Have a few
hits on him and do a USmash for a finisher, it usually works pretty well.

5.10) Jigglypuff:

Wiser Choice: Sheik

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
Never pick an air fight with a Jigglypuff player, you will lose. Not
only is hard to hit that pink marshmallow but her midair attacks are
quite good, this is known as "The Wall of Pain". May be very annoying
if you just do not know what to do while you are receiving hit after
hit by him. Her FSmash is also surprisingly good, better than Kirby's.
Do not worry about her specials as most of them are not really good
EXCEPT for her rollout which is rigged O.O'. It goes about as fast as
Sonic's running speed, can go back and forward, significantly decreases
shield, it is very hard to dodge and a very HUGE knockback >_>. It can
however easily be stopped but projectiles, but Zelda's Din's Fire will
not be able to keep up so if possible, try to jump or grab a ledge
when you see it coming.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
When you have been caught in the wall of pain, all you want, in that
case, is keep her away from you, needles is a good strategy and Sheik's
chain might actually be useful. Sheik's aerial are also pretty good to
fight back, and even her Vanish may easily get a hit. If you see the
Rollout coming (that is, IF you see it coming...), use Needles, but
FAST, even if it is a single Needle to break the round thing from its
rolling move, because if it hits you, it may be it for you. Watch out
not getting put to sleep by her Sing and followed up by a Rest, as
good Jigglys actually manage to do that often, I do not know how but
they do...

5.11) King Dedede:

Wiser Choice: Zelda

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Easy
While both Zelda and Sheik do fairly well against King Dedede, Zelda
is significantly a better match up against him any day, anywhere.
As Ganondorf, just keep this fat fellow away from you. You certainly
do not want to test whether his FSmash is the strongest in the game
or not. While his Waddle buddies may be effective against characters
like Link and whatnot, they are little to nothing against super Zelda,
as Din's Fire can easily pass through them and strike the penguin.
Because of Zelda's "floatyness", King Dedede's chaingrabs will usually
fail, though watch out, because as Donkey, the love doing that BAir
kick. And do not forget the Jet Hammer, it kills, remember that o.o'.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
By all means, please do not be one of those people who go into Dedede's
mouth when chasing after him while trying to edge guard... Unlike Zelda's
strategy in this match up, try to be close to the King or you will
have Waddle nightmares, as they block your Needles and that is all you
have for long range attacks. Lock the penguin in the FTilt if possible
and follow by hitting him with the tip of your USmash, you just cannot
miss. Most of Dedede's ground moves have ending lag, whenever you see
an opening, use that chance to grab him and follow up with a deadly

5.12) Kirby:

Wiser Choice: Zelda

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
Last time I underestimated this walking pink jelly I ended up paying
quite a large debt. Kirby's most annoying attack however has to
be his Final Cutter, even if you do manage to reflect the little
projectile it releases, it won't get back to him, get to close and
he will slice your head like bread. I usually have a hard time against
good Kirbys, but that is probably just me. Watch out for his DAir >
FSmash combo of his, it can be quite deadly. Din's Fire works fairly
well on him, and so does Farore's Wind if used as an offensive move.
Nothing much I can say as he's pretty hard to hit. Also, watch out
for his Stone move when trying to KO him upwards with an UAir, I
have committed that mistake countless times...

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Hard
First, do not let him suck you up, you do not want your
super needles to fall into the wrong hands. Second, roll or spot dodge
his hammer, fail and it will send you flying quite the distance,
a good KO move against you. They will often run towards you and do
either the Hammer or DAir > FSmash combo. At this point, either do a
DSmash before he gets to hit you, Vanish or simply dodge and counter.
You may also try dodge whenever he uses the Air Cutter, its ending
lag allows you to punish him severely after it is executed.

5.13) Link:

Wiser Choice: Sheik

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
My number one main on Melee, while I do not find him as good as back
in the Cube days, he is still quite powerful. His smashes can well KO
Zelda or Sheik at about 40% so watch out. Reflect his lightning-speed
arrows right back at him, same with his Gale Boomerang follow up by
Din's Fire. Play carefully and he's all yours. Link has the advantage
of being a strong close-range character and also one of the best long
range ones. I would suggest close-range combat as half of his arsenal
will not be at hand. He is also a character you can juggle with, a few
smashes and even an easy meteor target. Just watch out for his deadly
DAir when trying to KO him from below.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
I find Sheik to be a better match up against him for simple reasons,
combo target. Like Ike, Link is a combo hot spot for having the perfect
weight and height. Your aerials are superior to his to use them wisely.
Focus on close-range, use FTilt lock and moves like Vanish for finishers.
If you manage to block his Spin Attack, rush and grab him and he is
entirely vulnerable if the hit fails. Do DThrow, UAir and follow your
combo from there. Try to be unpredictable, use reverse grabbing and dash
attacks when less expected.

5.14) Lucario:

Wiser Choice: Zelda

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
This Anubis dog usually does not really stand a chance against Zelda,
unless the skill difference between players is too much. He is part
steel so Din's Fire is super effective against him... right? Um...
Too bad Brawl does not follow much logic. Aura Sphere is one of the
easiest attacks to reflect, throw it back at him and adios. The
rest of his attacks are not that powerful, but they have huge range
and KO power once you are at high damage, so just kill him fast
while at low percentage or else you will have some trouble due
to his masochist "more damage, more strength" tactic. Most Lucarios
also tend to edge-guard by throwing Aura Spheres into the air trying
to hit you as you come back, avoid this at all cost, they hurt.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Hard
Fighting the Pogeyman as Sheik can be pretty challenging, after all,
Needles are not very effective against Steel-type pogeymanz, oh wait...
So yeah, you may have lots of trouble fighting the thing, he is a much
faster slider than Sheik would ever be, so try to attack him and he will
usually roll behind you, follow with a DSmash, Force Palm or a grab.
Speaking of Force Palm, watch out for his Force Palm chain and his
A, A, Force Palm combo, as most Lucarios do both tactics pretty often.
Whenever Lucario attempts to counter you with Double Team, grab him as
this is not countered by Double Team and do your stuff from there.

5.15) Lucas:

Wiser Choice: Sheik

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Hard
I hate these psychic wannabes, the PK Barrage is annoying as they come.
What to do? You can see this attack coming from a mile away so simple
roll out of the way or something. PK Fire probably goes too fast for
you to reflect so simply dodge it and get back at him. Spamming
Din's Fire is a BAD idea! You will just end up bringing him back
to life as he draws his PSI Magnet. Be careful with his deadly USmash,
as it has insane knockback and inflicts high damage, otherwise, just
beat him up while at close range with regular attacks.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
Thankfully Sheik's Needles are not made of magic, or are they? We can
assume they are not as Lucas is unable to absorb them with his PSI
Magnet, but um... wait... but can reflect them? Sure he can, by using
his little stick as a bat Lucas can reflect any projectile throwing
at him as well. Pretty tough, eh? Try to keep him at very close range
preventing him from using his little PK Stuff... Watch out for all of
his aerial, they have very good range and damage so try to keep him

5.16) Luigi:

Wiser Choice: Zelda

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
Luigi is a pimp, and by pimp I mean his is a tough fellow. His aerials
are probably the fastest zero-lag in the game, meaning they are really
good and that is what most Luigi mainers are all about, aerials. He can
do four FAir in a single jump, try doing that with any other character.
His ground game is not bad either, his FSmash is crazy strong and let's
not even talk about his Super Jump Punch. Do not bother reflecting his
Fireballs unless you are really close to him as its range is surprisingly
lame for the power it has... What you should try and do though is do
your smashes before he does, shield-grab him whenever a move fails as
he has some ending lag on them. As for when he is in the air, try to
roll away or USmash him, whatever the case, never do a move with high
ending lag (like Farore's Wind or Naryu's Love) unless you are sure
you will hit or else you will get a big Super Jump Punch in the face
ending the match on the spot.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Hard
Luigi has a lot of recovery options so getting rid of him is quite a
pain. Watch out for his Green Missile whenever you try to edge guard
Luigis tend to use either that or the Luigi Cyclone as primary recovery
options and not his Super Jump Punch. Unlike Mario, Luigi has no cape
so you are free to throw dozens of needles at him whenever he is on
ground, the air is what will likely become your problem. Try to use
Sheik's standard attacks to build up damage until an opportunity
arises and you are able to land a free USmash or Vanish on him to
do the finishing blow.

5.17) Mario:

Wiser Choice: Zelda

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
Good Marios tend to use the Cape very often, this allows Mario to
prevent damage from moves like Din's Fire and the likes, however,
if timed wrong by the slightest second and the move will still hit.
I am telling you now though, DO NOT attempt to use Din's Fire while
Mario's F.L.U.D.D., is fully charged, at least nowhere near an edge,
because Mario will pretty much say "screw the fire, you are going
down" and just laugh while watching you fall helplessly with no
way of recovering. His Fireballs can be tricky but also predictable
so simply return them with Naryu's Love and follow with a DSmash
if he is close to you or Dash Attack or grab if he is taking his

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Hard
Standard tilts and smashes are best against Mario, really, his Cape
prevents nearly anything from touching him, while also inflicting
damage and turning you around, OMG...  In fact, the Cape does 8%,
surprisingly one of his strongest moves besides smashes... F3aR du
CapeZ D=. Anyways, Needles will not be of much use due to the fact
that they can be turned against you, but you may try and use them
for mind games and from afar so that they do not turn back and hit
you. Try to destroy Mario with your standard attacks, a few FTilts
and a DSmash here and there, Vanish to finish the job.

5.18) Marth:

Wiser Choice: Sheik

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Hard
One of the problems I can see when fighting him is the annoying
counter, but thankfully, the Counter's lag time has increased
since Melee forcing Marth players to use the move less often
(unless they are some kind of psychic geniuses able to predict
your every move) and yet you can simply grab them whenever you
see that counter is activated as it is not affected by the grab.
Try to keep him at a distance as Marth is a close range character
only (good spacing applies). Also... watch out for the tip of
his blade, is quite annoying... He is also very fast in case you
intend to camp half the battle, use Din's Fire, he will easily
dodge it and tip the heck out of you so yeah, he is tough stuff.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
Sheik's speed can easily keep up with Marth's. Marth's spacing
and tips will hit less as Sheik is a contact character, staying
close to full blade and away from tip. When away, she can always
resort to her Needle Storm, it usually does charm. FTilt lock
him and combo until there is no tomorrow. Try to be faster than
him and dodge his continuously FAir attacks, as that is what
most Marth resort to. Also, either shield or roll their Dancing
Blade, as this attack can easily be punished if missed. Definitely
watch out for his Shield Breaker, as his name suggests, you know
what would happen if you get hit by it, punish it if dodged.
Dolphin Slash can also be very deadly if hit at point blank as
this will sent you flying horizontally possibly finishing Sheik
for good as her short recovery may not bring her back.

5.19) Meta Knight:

Wiser Choice: Zelda

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Hard
As I and many others like to call him, "SpamKnight". This guy is SO
annoying if you fight him close range, and he is also fast enough
to get back to you if you try to run away. In this case, let him
follow you while shooting Din's Fires towards him and do a FSmash or
something of the sort when closed up, just don't let him use that
extremely annoying and broken (not to mention spammable) Mach Tornado
on you and try to punish him whenever he does, and avoid whenever he
uses that annoying Drill Rush on you. Zelda's DSmash is quite effective
against him.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Very Hard
Needle Storm, hands down. Sheik may not be a good match up or anything
but Needles are a good option to keep the distance while dealing damage,
even though SpamKnight is fast enough to get to you wherever you try
to hide. He has six jumps, his entire movelist can be used for recovery,
and his specials can bring him back from whenever you send him to, oh
and add gliding to that, wth? Gotta hate the masked midget. Good luck
finding a blind spot to his countless disjointed hitboxes...

5.20) Mr. Game & Watch:

Wiser Choice: Sheik

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Intense
I don't want anything to do with this shadow... I never thought he
would become such a good character this time around. His DSmash has
like 0 lag. Shadow pros tend to use that attack a lot and trust me,
is very effective. Also, NEVER use Din's Fire on him, don't even
THINK it. He'll pull out his super bucket a backfire at you with
Oil Panic which is probably better then his own Final Smash. His
BAir turtle can be extremely annoying as it is a shield stabbing
move, his DAir has absolutely no ending lag whatsoever, his USmash
is uberly strong, isn't he a bit TOO overpowered? Such a really
good recovery that if it wasn't that he is the 2nd lightest character
in the game, he would probably be banned... If you attempt to fight
him with Zelda, I suggest to... I do not even know what to suggest,
just do your best <_<;.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Very Hard
Sheik has a slightly little less trouble with the drawing, as "it"
is unable to absorb Needles into his little bucket. You have to be
faster than he is if you want to stand a chance. Also, watch out
for his Judge attack, the 9 is pretty much a 1 Hit KO and if he
pulls out an apple from number 7, do your best to get it first.
When caught in his DThrow, as Mr. Game & Watch players tend to do
a lot, try to quickly roll out of the way or you will most likely
be hit by its DSmash. Oh and when you do get hit by the DSmash,
I wouldn't be surprised if you have a trauma where you tell to
yourself, "I got DSmashed...".

5.21) Ness:

Wiser Choice: Sheik

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Hard
Same strategy as used against Lucas, except that his PK Thunder and
PK Fire are probably more annoying. Once again, do not use Din's Fire
on him or you will just be healing him. If you successfully reflect his
PK Thunder with Naryu's Love, he'll be wide open so use that chance
to annihilate him at full force and send the kid back to PK Land.
Be careful with his super kick, the BAir, it is almost as deadly as
Zelda's Lightning Kick except that it doesn't need any sweetspotting.
Try to use a lot of tilts against him, the DTilt lock works pretty well
followed by a DSmash or UTilt. By no means get hit by his PK Flash,
that thing KILLS. If you see it coming, neglect it with Naryu's Love
or simply get out of the way and rush to hit Ness. PK Flash will not
explode if Ness is hit.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
Ness is still kind of tough even for Sheik. Watch out for his DTilt
lock which is similar to Zelda's but with shorter range. His yo-yo
moves are also very tricky and can deal damage from many angles,
for example, his USmash covers him as a whole. Also, when edge
guarding, try to rush towards him and purposely get hit by his PK
Thunder when he attempts to recover, this will give you a little bit
of damage but in return, you will see him fall helplessly into the
dark pit of death, lol. Use your Needles effectively as his PSI
Magnet is unable to absorb them. If you get caught on his PK Fire,
DI out of it as soon as possible or he will follow with either his
FSmash or a grab.

5.22) Olimar:

Wiser Choice: Zelda

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Very Hard
This midget is actually pretty freaking good... So unpredictable,
most of his attacks are about throwing Pikmins around while camping,
try to keep a fair distance from him and well, Din's Fire his colorful
buddies. Watch out for his Meteor as it has like no lag at all and
the floaty thing can juggle you like nothing. I believe Olimar is
far too strong, he can rack up 100% in no more than 3 moves, >.>'.
His Pikmin Chain is like "ZOMFG, did u jus did liek did mah dumaga!1".
His grab is WAY too good, nearly no penalty lag for such a good range.
The only "not-so-great" thing about Olimar is his recovery, and really,
were it to be any better and he, along with Mr.Game&Watch (with  higher
weight) and it probably would be banned.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Very Hard
Sheik would have just as much trouble with him as Zelda does. The
Pikmins are able to block the Needles preventing them from reaching
Olimar. Since 99% of the Olimars are all about camping while throwing
Pikmins at you and finish it up with grab or smashes once you are
at high damage, all you can do as Sheik is chase after as fast as
possible before your damage meter goes above all else. Watch out
for his strong UAir attack and careful not to get smashed by a purple
Pikmin because that will probably it. If you think you have a chance
to hit him while he is doing his Pikmin Pluck, go for it, you probably
will not have another chance for the remaining of the battle. If you
also get the chance to edge-hog him, please do not hesitate to or you
will be sure to regret it.

5.23) Peach:

Wiser Choice: Zelda

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Easy
As I've said before, no character in this game should be underestimated.
Try to do stay close her and use your grabs and standard attacks and
maintain her grounded. What 98% of Peach users do is use her floating
to place right above you and kick you on the face a bunch of times,
followed by her FAir to do the KO. What you should do is that instead
of letting Peach come to you, you rush to her and burn her legs with
your USmash magic, or simply an UTilt will do the job. Also, if you
can predict her turnips, you may as well reflect them with Naryu's
Love and send them right back at her, specially that ugly looking
turnip that does 30% power and creates a huge knockback. She should
be an easy target for most Zelda players but remember, do not get
caught in her floaty legs, they could be quite annoying.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
While Sheik may not have as an easy time as Zelda does, she can still
give the Mushroom Kingdom Princess a good fight. Her USmash is
unlikely to reach Peach's legs so a better choice would be to do the
FTilt lock and follow with an UTilt. Also, Needles win over Turnips
(unless we are talking about the super-knockback-ugly-30%-turnip),
so use Needles whenever you see that Peach's floating engine has ran
out. Avoid her FAir and NAir at all cost, those are her primary
killing move and counter with your own aerials if possible.

5.24) Pikachu:

Wiser Choice: Zelda

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
Most. Annoying. Rat. Ever. While theoretically Zelda seems to have
the advantage in this sort of fight, Pikachu just tends to be too
annoying to deal with. First comes his smashes, all of them except
probably for the USmash do a significant amount of damage and have
very powerful knockback. While his Thunder Jolt can be easily reflect,
it may be used to take advantage of Naryu's Love lag time and launch
a powerful strike, most notceably his Thunder. He is not much of a
threat if you can get rid of him fast though as he IS a light weight
as well. Do not forget that Thunder can be reflected with Naryu's
Love and most Pikachu players are unaware of this, so if you are
above the Pikachu and you predict Thunder, immediately pull out
the love.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Hard
Now Sheik will indeed have a tough time with the yellow rat bastard.
I do not find Needles to work against him and using the chain
offensively in this fight would be pretty useless. Vanish does not
seem to be that great either unless you KNOW you have him, otherwise
you will likely be punished for it. Try to stay under a platform at
all times to prevent his Thunder unless of course, you are playing
in Final Destination or perhaps SmashVille where there is little to
none of the sort. If his Iron Tail (USmash) hits you at point blank,
you are likely to die so try to attack him with Dash Attacks or
throws in order to confuse him and avoid whatever he throws at you.
As for Thunder Jolts, good luck dealing with that... What I suggest
is you jump above them and immediately rush towards him before he
gets a chance to spam them.

5.25) Pit:

Wiser Choice: Zelda

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
I find him to be quite the easy target for Zelda. His Mirror Shield
is unable to reflect Din's Fire (and no reflector in the game is) but
it can negate its damage. His attacks have shorter range than Zelda's
and his Palutena's arrow is easily reflected right back at him with
Naryu's Love UNLESS that is he purposely tilt the arrow so that when
it is reflected, it goes against the floor or sky and still hit you
with it if you fail to reflect it. Watch out for his Angel Ring though
as neither Naryu's Love or Farore's Wind can drop out of it. If Angel
Ring fails, try to roll to his back and do a DSmash, knowing that he is
a medium weight he may not be thrown aside easily but don't give up, his
insanely good recovery will bring him back in no time so be prepare to
do a Lightning kick on him while in the air or simply play it safe by
casting Din's Fire from far and burning his precious Wings of Icarus,
and just laugh afterwards to see that his wings have become nonfunctional,
what a shame.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Hard
As expected, Sheik would have a harder trouble with him than Zelda would.
Sheik is unable to absorb or reflect Palutena's Arrows by herself,
and her Needle Storm are easily sent right back at her by Pit's Angel
Ring or Mirror Shield. Pit's smashes and aerials can easily juggle Sheik,
so do not let this happen to you, slam your control stick whenever
you seem to have trouble with him in the air and shake him off with
a NAir. Watch out for his BAir as it has very high KO potential. Try to
get close to him and short-hop your aerial attacks, BAir work very well.
And whenever you get caught into his continuous A, A, Hold A attack,
DI out of it as soon as possible, that thing builds up damage very fast.

5.26) Pokémon Trainer:

Wiser Choice: Either

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
There are several strategies that you must watch out for and others that
you can use in your favor. For example, I find Squirtle to be the most
troublesome out of the three little pets as his Withdraw is hard to hit
when coming at you BUT if the opponent tries to come back to stage with
that attack, do a little of Din's Fire on it and the midget turtle will
turn and fly towards the opposite direction and possibly causing him to
get KO. Squirtle is most noticeable for his aerials, he is really good
at those, not as good as Luigi but still very good. All you can do is
either shield-grab or follow up with tilts. Like Mario's F.L.U.D.D.,
watch out for his Water Gun when performing Din's Fire, it may be your
last. When fighting Ivysaur all you have to watch out for is his USmash,
do not just stand there to test whether it is the most powerful USmash or
not, just get out of the way as soon as possible or you will regret it.
Watch out for his Vine Whip attack whenever you are sent flying as it
is good, as well as his continuous A attack on ground. Reflect his Razor
Leafs with Naryu's Love. DI out of Bullet Seed if you get caught. As for
Charizard, since he has no long range attack and is relatively slow, just
play away from him and use your very own projectiles. Don't let yourself
hit by one of those Rock Smashes or be caught in Fly as both move can be
devastating. Shoot a Din's Fire at it, oh wait... it's not very
effective... oh wait... He is easy to juggle for being a large target
so do not hesitate to land a few Lightning Kicks on him if possible.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
Sheik will be just as good as Zelda for fighting Ash/Red/whoever he is.
She would probably have more trouble with Ivysaur than Zelda would but
easier time with Squirtle. Both would normally own Charizard. For the
little blue teenage mutant ninja turtle, it is best to attack him from
afar with Needle Storm whenever possible, specially during his Withdraw.
His Water Gun can also be devastating when trying to get back on the
stage because of Sheik's not-so-great recovery, but it has no effect
once you use Sheik's Chain to grab the ledge as a tether recovery.
When fighting Ivysaur, just avoid his Razor Leafs and run towards
the flower vegetable and send him crying back to his Pokéball. Watch
out for his FSmash and USmash as they are very strong, same with his
UAir and DAir. You will probably have some trouble if you get caught
in his Bullet Seed as it builds up damage quickly so DI out of it.
As for Charizard, what you should watch out for are pretty much all of
his specials, including Fly. Rock Smash has insane knockback if hit
directly, Flamethrower builds up damage quickly and can lock you for
a while just like Bowser's Fire Breath and well, his Fly kills people.
You FTilt lock should work pretty well on him though, and hitting him
with the tip of your USmash should not be hard.

5.27) R.O.B.:

Wiser Choice: Zelda

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Easy
Not a big deal really, his attacks are quite predictable, strong but
still predictable. Try to play away from him if possible as his smashes
are something you do not want to taste. You are able to reflect the Robo
Beam, block it and even dodge it, if you have fast hands like me and are
good at predicting, you will always see it coming from a mile away and
reflect it with Naryu's Love, follow your attack with a Din's Fire. 
If he decides to pull out his Gyro, simply hurry and try to reflect
it with Naryu's Love as this is probably his most predictable attack,
if he manages to grab it and tries to throw it at you, reflect that
too. Once the Gyro is reflected and it starts spinning, you can now
grab it since Naryu's Love has claimed possession of it, or you can also
simply leave it there to that it may hurt ROB whenever he gets close
to it. Once his damage is at a high percentage, go to him and finish
him off. Being a large target also makes him an easier match up for
Zelda as you all should know by now, Lightning Kick works like a charm
on them, and even the Lightning Meteor as ROB attempts to use his
insanely good recovery move.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Hard
Sheik will definitely have a much harder time fighting the plastic toy.
She can, however, stay at very closed range to him preventing him from
charging the Gyro and allow him to abuse his short-hopped NAir, and
honestly that probably his most used move due to its enormous range
and massive power. His BAir and DAir are similar and also hurt a lot.
Definitely watch out for his DAir whenever getting back on a stage as
it is an easy spike move for him. FTilt lock works really good on him,
follow up with USmash and you may have the match down. Dodge the Robo
Beam whenever you see it coming and when he attempts to use the Robo
Burner to get back on stage, go after and hit him with whatever aerial
you can think of, BAir works the best. If Needle Storm is used, watch
out as his Arm Rotor can reflect those Needles.

5.28) Samus:

Wiser Choice: Zelda

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Easy
Half of Samus' special attacks are projectiles that are very easy to
reflect right back at her. When fighting against Samus, it is better
to go with Zelda and fight it at mid range so that she doesn't have
time to block her own reflections while you are still able to predict
her moves. Good Samus players tend to use her double Super Missile
attack, the one done during Missile canceling so that she can fire
two consecutive missiles in a row with much lag. Well, this is double
her doom because if timed right, Zelda's Naryu's Love is able to
reglect both missiles with the single move. However, it is possible
that the Super Missiles won't get back to her so if you are a bit
too far you may try to follow up with Din's Fire, if not, you may go
ahead and rush towards her and attack her on the spot. Another little
trick Samus players tend to do is the DAir > Screw Attack combo which
surprising works very well, but if you manage to perfect shield or
dodge the DAir, its ending lag will cause Samus to be open for half
a second where you can counter with your USmash or even an UTilt.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Easy
Sheik would normally have a little bit harder trouble with Samus
than Zelda would but nothing much significant, really. Sheik's moves
are too fast for Samus to keep up and as long as Sheik can keep her
close range, Samus cannot use her little Missiles. Samus is yet
that Sheik can easily lock in her FTilt and follow up with a smash
attack. Moves like Sheik's FSmash will easily double hit Samus, not
to mention that in case you were to play against a campy Samus, you
can pull out Sheik's Chain and blow up all the Missiles thrown at
you before they get to touch you, as long as you swing the Chain
around in front of you of course. Whenever you see Samus coming from
above in her Morph Ball mode doing he DAir, do not be afraid of the
Bombs as they do not blow up on contact so simply do what ever aerial
you see fit at the moment to knock her out of it.

5.29) Snake:

Wiser Choice: Zelda

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
This guy is too broken so just give up, -_-'... Nah, he may be broken
but not so much against Zelda who I find to be exceptionally good
against him. Ugh, hi tilts are so broken... Anyways, I would personally
suggest to fight Snake at long range with Zelda. His projectiles can
easily be seen from miles, this include his Hand Grenades and Nikita.
For the grenades, use Naryu's Love whenever you see them coming at you,
this may send the grenade back to Snake. Do not do it if the grenade
already has a while outside as this risks you from being blown up by
them right when you attempt to reflect them. As for the Nikita, you
may try to reflect it if it comes right straight at you, however,
nearly no Snake users do this from long range, instead they will drop
it right at your foot or try to release it above you so that it may
blow up on you, in this case, rolling away is the best option. When
edge guarding and Snake attempts to recover with his Cypher, go after
him, he is very vulnerable during this move, allowing you to aim and
perform a Lightning Meteor or Lightning Kick on him, either is almost
guaranteed to finish him. Another thing is to never use Farore's Wind
as an offensive attack against Snake as you run the risk of him
dropping a grenade, shielding, and having you blow up for detonating
the grenade he just dropped.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Hard
First thing to do when fighting close range as Sheik is to avoid the
tilts. I know the have broken range and crazy knockback and ridiculous
power and no lag whatsoever and... Just avoid the friggin tilts...
Attempt to lock Snake in your FTilt whenever possible allowing you
to deal damage quickly and follow up with an USmash or UTilt or even
Vanish can work pretty well, just do not do it when a grenade is
right below or somewhere near you. Also, always be careful where
Snake places his mines and C4, because if you are used to running
around with Sheik (and who isn't?) then one of those could cost you.
If Snake attempts to recover with Cypher while very close to the
stage's edge, grab him, if you successfully do this WITHOUT hitting
him or inflicting any sort of damage onto him and release him by
default, he will helplessly fall unable to reuse his Cypher.
Sheik's Needle Storm does not really work all that great against
Snake as you may expect, as Snake can just throw away Hand Grenades
washing away some of the needles, therefore reducing the damage taken
while also leaving you with an explosive right by your foot so you
must watch your every step.

5.30) Sonic:

Wiser Choice: Zelda

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
I never thought this blue hairy thing would be so fast... If used
correctly, this guy can combo even more than Meta Knight can and at a
much faster speed too. Block his Spin Dash whenever possible and just
stay very close to him. What Sonic will usually do is the "every-sonic-
user-knows-combo" which is the Spin Dash followed by a jump, followed
by an UAir which is then followed by a Spring Jump which later followed
by another UAir, -_-'... Either that or the even dumber combo of doing
a Homing Attack right after the first UAir. How to break this "combo"?
Pretty easy, just do not get hit by the initial Spin Dash >_>'. They
are so predictable that if you dodge it and immediately do an USmash,
it is almost guaranteed that you will hit them. Either that or the
overall strategy is to patiently wait for them to dash at you with
either Spin Dash or Spin Charge and right when you see him coming,
release your FSmash, time it right and you will ALWAYS hit him.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Hard
As expected, Sheik may have a bit more trouble with the blue pest.
The lag in Sheik's smashes are so large that Sonic's speed could take
advantage every single time. If Sonic's spin attacks are predicted,
you can always Needle Storm him out of the way and go for the KO.
When he attempts to do the combo listed above, you have several options,
to shield or dodge and follow up with Vanish or a short-hopped NAir/UAir
or to jump over the Spin Dash and attack as you see fit. The ways Sonic
can kill are very limited, like doing that UAir at the end of the "combo"
to pretty much take you out of the boundaries at the top, also his BAir
and FSmash once you have high damage, and well, that is about it. As long
as you block and avoid these moves accordingly, Sonic has more trouble
killing you than Sheik would.

5.31) Toon Link:

Wiser Choice: Zelda

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
One of the characters that is considered "cheap" by many Brawlers who
play against him, is little to no match against a good Zelda player.
Apply Link's strategies but at a much faster pace, however, unlike Link,
try to play him a little more at long range and reflect his Boomerang,
Arrows and even his Bombs with Naryu's Love. His smashes are far too
deadly for you to challenge him to a hand-to-hand combat. Din's Fire
here and there and Dash Attack whenever possible. You must watch out
for moves like his DAir, it really hurts and can be follow by more DAirs
if you are at low damage or an UAir if at overall damage. His BAirs are
as annoying as you may think as they have good knockback, damage and
can also be combo easily into other attacks. Because of his light weight
status, if you are a respectable Zelda player, the midget in the green
tunic won't stand a ghost of a chance.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Very Hard
Even if you think you are much better at using Sheik than Zelda, I still
suggest you resort to using Zelda over Sheik no matter what, because the
difficulty difference is huge. Sheik can be juggled with Toon Link's
projectiles alone without really getting the chance to touch him, as a
good Toon Link player will know how to do just that, build up damage
with his projectiles and finish the job by sending you away with one of
his insanely strong smashes, because all three have the force to knock
you out of the stage. And what about your projectile? Even the use of
your Needle Storm is limited as Toon Link's Hero Shield will block any
projectile as long as he is... just standing there... What I can think
of doing is jump over his arrows, boomerangs and bomb at all times and
try to counter with an aerial and attempt to follow with a smash, if you
can. Good luck fighting this toon brat, he is tough.

5.32) Wario:

Wiser Choice: Zelda

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
I don't know whether making a strategy to fight Wario is a good idea or
not, his moves are some of the oddest out there making him quite hard
to predict. If this Wario user is the one that loves to spam the Wario
Bike (extremely super mega easy to dodge in my opinion) the roll towards
the other side and Din's Fire his butt, pretty easy don't you think? But
nah, good Warios are not dumb enough to do that, instead, the love to
short-hop his DAir attack which is nothing more than an annoying shield
stabbing move and unless you block the whole thing, it will hit you no
matter what, unless you avoid it as a whole. Feel free to FSmash him to
death and do that GTFO kick that us Zelda players love, the DSmash =).

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Hard
Nearly everything is harder for Sheik this time around, eh? Guess that
is the difference in tiers for you, than again, tiers are for queets,
lololololz... Anyways, Wario should not really be that hard, except that
you will probably have much trouble with his Wario Bike than Zelda would,
but even than, it is something you see coming and can easily dodge.
Whenever you attempt to Dash Attack him, just be sure not to get caught
in his Chomp, and whenever you see him "glowing" or "blinking", it is
pretty much telling you "don't get caught in his dumb fart you dumb
bastard!". Even his Corkscrew could be threatening, so make your moves
wisely, and make them count.

5.33) Wolf:

Wiser Choice: Zelda

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
The last but not least talking animal is one of the deadliest characters
around, some consider him to be one the best around. What do I think?
Zelda >>> Wolf. Wolf doesn't have much originality, if any at all.
Most Wolf players tend to spam his FSmash like if there is no tomorrow
hoping for the hit to land, however, after seen it so many times, the
move has become so predictable and easy to avoid. Wolf's Blaster is
one of the slowest projectiles out there and can be avoided with your
hands tied. His Reflector has nearly no difference than Fox's and his
Wolf Flash and Fire Wolf aren't that good, so what makes him great?
Being a relatively fast, heavy-medium weight and his attacks hurt pretty
bad. Play him at your best, no real strategy is needed against him. Do
your best to avoid his DSmash as it is surprisingly fast a packs quite
a knockback. Do not use Din's Fire on him as it will be neglected by
Wolf's reflector and possibly leaving wide opened for his attacks, so
simply avoid him accordingly and counter with you smashes.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Hard
Boo... Bah... Bleh... I believe keeping Wolf pressure is the key to
winning against him, stay really close to him so that some of his
attacks, specially the FSmash, lose its effect while having Sheik do
her best attacks on him, this include the FTilt lock which works well
on Wolf, the USmash and even Vanish. If he pulls out the Blaster on
you, crouch it, yes, Sheik's crouch is almost as good as Snake's and
can easily avoid the Blaster and you may follow up with a DTilt and
combo it into something else. If you see his Fire Wolf coming from a
distance, shield it and it will stop right in front of you with some
ending lag, immediately counter with something like a FSmash. And do
not hesitate to use your Needle Storm against him, even if they are
reflected by his Reflector, they are unlikely to get back to you so
use that time to re-counter him.

5.34) Yoshi:

Wiser Choice: Zelda

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Easy
Another easily underrated characters, as an old friend always says
"it's the quite ones you have to watch out for", right Snake? His
offense may not be great and his projectile may not be the best
(still quite annoying though) but if you are good, you would have no
trouble against him, just try not to get caught in his aerials and
smashes, those hurt, fighting outside his Egg Throw attack range
and you will be fine. Most of his attacks have huge ending lag where
even a noob would use to counter with a good smash or even the DTilt
lock as it works great on the dino. If he uses Egg Throw at mid-range
against you, use Naryu's Love, it will actually get back to him before
hatching. As for what to do about his Egg Roll, it is nowhere as good
as Jigglypuff's Rollout as it is much MUCH slower and a lot less
deadlier, you can even stop it with a good Din's Fire thrown at him.
Sending him flying into the air with an USmash and follow up with a
UAir usually works pretty good against him.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
You should always watch out for Yoshi's FAir, it is one heck of a good
spike and they tend to use it often for edge-guarding. His Egg Roll
can easily be stopped by Sheik's Needle Storm, even if it is just a
single needle, it works pretty well to knock him out of it. His Egg
Throw on the other hand can be a pain if fighting him from a long
distance, so try to shield it and run towards him. As expected, the
FTilt locks work really well on this green Barney, and it is also fairly
easy to get him with the tip of Sheik's USmash. What i suggest for Egg
Lay is the same thing you should do when you are grabbed, start smashing
buttons like crazy to break out of the egg as quick as possible, the
more damage you have, the longer you will stay inside that egg. The
Yoshi Bomb is also pretty good and has the same effect as King Dedede's
Super Dedede Jump, it shoots little stars from the side when landing
to prevent quick countering, but it still has enough ending lag to
allow you to punish him with projectiles from afar or if you simply
dodge the move.

5.35) Zero Suit Samus:

Wiser Choice: Either

As Zelda-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
Zero Suit Samus can be such a pain playing against, ugh... But is all
good since she is so cool... Anyways, if you have played a really good
Zero Suit Samus pro like I have, you have learned to fear her uber
deadly combos. Omg, have you seen that DThrow > Plasma Wire > DSmash >
DSmash > BAir? Yeah, so have I, the hard way... What you have to watch
out the most are two things, her DSmash and her Plasma Whip. The Plasma
Whip because it is her main killer move and her DSmash because she can
stun you with it, deal damage and you are pretty much guaranteed to get
hit by something else after it. Zero Suit Samus' Paralyzer can be
reflected though it is likely that it won't get back at her, but if
it does, you have a wide open woman in a blue athletic suit waiting
to be tossed aside. I suggest you keep your distance since she is not
a long range fighter, unless she uses her armor pieces, which you can
reflect with Naryu's Love. Shoot Din's Fires at her but do not lower
your guard as if you miss, she is fast enough to show up right next to
you and grab you.

As Sheik-
Overall Difficulty: Normal
However, when fighting Zero Suit Samus as Sheik, it can be benefitting
for a good speed mind game, where Sheik may have the advantage due to
Zero Suit Samus' lag in attacks. Zero Suit Samus would be wide opened
if her smashes are dodged, and you can follow with your usual A, A, A
combo or even with an FTilt lock after she attempt to stun you with her
DSmash and you successfully blocked it. However, she is likely to have
advantage in the air, her Plasma Wire can drag Sheik right to her feet
for a free FAir or BAir possibly ending the fight. Use Needle Storm to
slow her down and do not try to prove that your Chain is better than
her Plasma Whip, because it isn't... One more thing, when you are
recovering, try not to use the Chain as tether recovery if possible
because if Zero Suit Samus does her Flip Jump right when you do it,
it is pretty much the end for you as that is one heck of a spike move.

-----------------------[   06) Advanced Stuff   ]------------------------

-Accurate Wind ===

Ok, if you are the kind of Zelda player who suicides often when trying
to recover and grab the ledge then here's a tip or two that might
help you out, think of this as the controller stick:
 /   \   Ok, so maybe the "O" in the middle is some extremely small
|  O  |   joystick so just ignore that, concentrate on the weird,
 \___/    weird looking octagon. Now, you would normally think that

when teleporting you're limited 8 teleporting directions because of the
eight corners in the octagon, right? Wrong, if you are somehow able to
move the joystick in-between those sides, your Farore's Wind or Vanish's
directions have just been doubled. Let's say you are at 290 degree from
Final Destination's left ledge, you would think it is nearly impossible
to comeback because if you do Farore's Wind tilt up, you will die,
tilt right and you will die, tilt up-right and you STILL die because
you will just end up knocking yourself against Final Destination's
horrible edge and well, go straight down until you die... Now, if
you concentrate enough and move that joystick in-between the top corner
and the top-right corner of the joystick, you will end up grabbing
the ledge. The first attempts are likely to fail, but if you concentrate
enough and have a good precision, you will end up grabbing the ledge
and saving yourself from a horrible death.

-Naryu's Jump ====

Ok, so this is quite an advance advanced technique that will require
you to try it several times until you finally get it, this technique
requires you to play as Zelda and Zelda only, Sheik has absolutely
nothing to do with this, hence the name "Naryu's Jump"... So here's
how it goes:

When using Zelda and you are sent flying up high in the air, and the
hit animation starts to show (this hit animation is  shown when you
have some decent damage on you and are sent flying, you will notice
that you are in the hit animation when Zelda is spinning sideways,
as if she is dizzy and falling, you have seen this animation countless
times I'm sure), press the jump button and the special button at
nearly the same time. What I mean is, press the jump button (X/Y in
the GCN Controller, C in the Wiichuck) and about 0.20 seconds later
(0.20, that's 1/5 of a second) press the special button (B on both
GCN controller and Wiichuck).

If done correctly, you will notice that Zelda will "float" a high
vertical distance while performing her Naryu's Love attack. Not
only will this protect her from projectiles while getting back on
the stage but will also hit the enemy in case they come to pursue

-Vanish Glide ====

This is done by using Sheik (yes, a Sheik A.T.), with her, all you
to do is dash towards the edge and right before you are about to
slip, use Vanish right out of the dash. The timing where you do the
Vanish will determine how much you will "glide with" with it. 

Keep in mind that if you have tap jump "on" it may become a little
harder as you will probably jump instead of pulling out Vanish after
leaving the edge. This is best used to edge-guard with Vanish (and
we all know is a killer move) or to simply do a fance edgehog which
also works fairly well.

You will know you did a Vanish Glide when you "float" away from the
edge and Vanish on the air horizontally to the edge. And of course,
turn the control stick towards the edge after you Vanish, you don't
want a meaningless suicide going on.

-Mortal Chain ====

Whether this is considered an Advance Technique or not, it is extremely
useful and most Sheik players do not realize they are able to do this.
You can pretty much do fortyish damage if you pull it right and it is
pretty easy too.

If you are very close to your opponent, pull out your Chain (Sheik
obviously) and start moving your Chain very, VERY fast Down and Down-
Right (or if you prefer, South and SouthEast) if you are to your
opponents left or Down and Down-Left (South and SouthWest) if you are
on your opponent's  right. Do it right and you will do MASSIVE damage
in an instant.

It really has to be close because if you hit from afar, you will only
touch them with the tip of the chain sending them away unable to trap
them on it.

-----------------[   07) Frequently Asked Questions   ]------------------

Question: Do you like pie?

Answer: Sorry, Zelda/Sheik related questions only.

Question: Is it possible to reflect an opponent's Din's Fire with your
own Nayru's Love?

Answer: In a Zelda-Zelda fight, it is impossible to reflect an opponent's
Din's Fire with your Naryu's Love, however, Naryu's Love WILL cancel
it so that you won't take damage from it.

Question: How can one start the battle as Sheik without having to undergo
the Transform move?

Answer: In the Character Selection screen, you see in the in the box
where the character's artwork appears, once Zelda is selected, move
your hand cursor over to Sheik and press A, by doing this Sheik will
be highlighted by being in front of Zelda instead of Zelda being in
front of Sheik (same thing can be done with Pokémon Trainer). And the
name "Sheik" will appear instead of "Zelda". If you remove the hand
cursor from that box and place it there again, you will hear the
announcer say "Sheik" instead of "Zelda".

Question: What is DI? What does it stand for?

Answer: DI stands for "Directional Influence".
Basically it is a fancy word for slamming on the joystick to get out of
a combo or continuous attack. For example, if you are caught in Bowser's
Fire Breath, you can slam left and your character slowly moves left.

--------------[   08) Easter Eggs/Interesting Facts   ]------------------

-You can reflect Pikachu's thunder attack, even when you are high in the
air though it doesn't really makes sense why this is able to happen.

-The lag between connecting with a lighting kick and your enemy is not
usually that useful, but if you happen to have grabbed a timer item, the
lag is magnified for your enemy to a significant extent (assuming the
timer works like it should.)  They are left sitting there for around a
second for you to, say, fast fall then jump back up and nail them with
another lighting kick.  And probably to repeat the process, as the
second-long lag period restarts each time you kick them, until the
timer runs out. Of course, this works best against fat characters like
Bowser, and only when you're near enough to the ground.  And it definitely
doesn't happen too often, but it's very satisfying, especially since you
get to wave good-bye with your down taunt after you've ensured your foe's

-As you all know. Zelda and Sheik's transform move take quite a while to
execute, however, it only takes as long as the Wii needs in order to
"produce" the new character, however, if you already done a transformation
before or there is a Sheik on the screen and you are Zelda, the
transformation time will be considerably shorter and vice-versa. This also
applies to Pokémon Trainer and that's why some Pokémons take longer to
than others.

-Another thing to notice about the transformation. Because how Brawl
works, that a move's damage and knockback is decreased after using it
several times, if you transform into Sheik from Zelda or vice-versa,
all of Zelda and Sheik's move will be reset to do the regular damage
and knockback. So whenever you get the chance, try transforming and
transforming back, gives good results.

-If you happen to be playing with items on and you are Sheik and have
found a Blast Box, you can do Vanish right on the box, reappear on the
exact same spot and Sheik will take absolutely no damage whatsoever
when the box blows up. This is because the Vanish attack is executed
once Sheik is already gone and the explosion's radius spread in the
quarter of a second that Sheik isn't on the screen.

-----------------------[   09) Miscellaneous   ]-------------------------

-Trophies ========

-Zelda (Legend of Zelda, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)
The princess of Hyrule. In other games, her role changes between titles.
In Ocarina of Time, she was hunted by the would-be conqueror, Ganondorf.
She deceived him, however, by adopting the persona of Sheik. In Twilight
Princess, she surrendered to Zant and was held as his prisoner.

-Light Arrow (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) [Zelda]
Princess Zelda's Final Smash. She wields a mighty bow of light with
which she can attack from afar. Her arrow travels in a straight line
and flies through all characters unlucky enough to be in the way. This
attack cannot be blocked. The more enemies there are, the higher the
chances to get them all with one shot. More is always better!

-Sheik (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
The persona Zelda adopted to escape from Ganondorf. She completely hid
all traces of her Zelda identity and appeared to Link as the last member
of the Sheikah tribe. She taught Link essential ocarina melodies and
then vanished in an instant. She didn't appear very often--rather, she
would show up to support Link in crucial situations.

-Light Arrow (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) [Sheik]
Sheik's Final Smash. After grabbing a Smash Ball, Sheik will be able to
wield a bow of light. The arrow fired from this bow has the power to
pass through multiple targets, so it will damage all enemies in the
direction it flies. This, coupled with its shield-breaking power, makes
it even more terrible. Even in Sheik form, Zelda's ability as an archer
is undiminished.

-Robed Zelda (With Hood) (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)
The princess of Hyrule, loved and trusted by the people. When Hyrule is
invaded by Zant from the Twilight Realm, Zelda is resolute in opposing
him...but she chooses to protect her people and must surrender. From
then on, she is imprisoned in the Twilight Hyrule Castle. In memory of
the lost people of Hyrule, Zelda wears a black robe of mourning.

-Zelda (The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker)
The rightful successor of the throne and descendant of the true royal
bloodline of Hyrule. She strove to put an end to the ongoing battles
with Ganondorf. As the bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom, she became a
target of the resurrected Ganondorf. Although she was hidden in Hyrule
Castle, Ganondorf managed to find and kidnap her.

-Tetra (The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, The Legend of Zelda:
Phantom Hourglass)
A pirate captain who roams the seas in search of sunken treasure. Her
disposition garners trust from her followers. Even she doesn't realize
that she's THE Princess Zelda. Once Ganondorf learns of her existence,
the King of Red Lions explains to her the truth about her true self.
She is often recognized by her cute pose, where she crosses her arms
and winks.

----------------------[   10) Credits/Contact   ]------------------------

-Credit ==========

Me, I and Myself. I took a while writing this FAQ, maybe about 58 hours
or so, counting all of the updates and I'm pretty sure I still have lots
of mistakes but I hope to fix them all eventually.

Miresu for helping me in a few things I was missing such as Zelda/Sheik's
Pros and Cons.

Flamedtechno for telling me about Zelda and Sheik's Light Arrow angle
difference which I seemed to have overlooked.

Sleddog116 for e-mailing me with details some of Zelda & Sheik's buffs
and nerfs since Melee.

GameFAQs for hosting this FAQ. Even after having it being rejected the
first time, I didn't give up, added a few more things and wollah!

Nintendo for publishing a good game and making it Wi-Fi enable. Nintendo
fan forever!

You for reading this FAQ.

-Contact =========

If you have any questions or comment RELATED to this FAQ, please feel
free to e-mail me at japongt@yahoo.com, kk sayonara ^_^.

This Guide is ©Copyright 2008 Mega-Japan and may not be used in any website 
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