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Super Smash Bros: Brawl
Version 1.2
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The purpose of this guide is to explore the different effects resulting from
breaking open pokeballs in the game. Split second timing when your opponent
opens a pokeball can mean the difference between a win and a loss and for many
pokeballs there are things you can do to get out of the way. 
Pokeball Trophy Description
"An item used for capturing Pokemon and calling them out to battle. Pokemon
live in these items which, despite appearances, actually contain a wide, 
comfortable, Pokemon-friendly world inside them. In Super Smash Bros., Pokemon
give temporary support to whoever calls them out. You never know which Pokemon
you'll get, but some of them are devastatingly powerful."
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Version History
1.0 - First Edition
1.1 - Meowth is indeed in SSB:M, fixed trophy description for Celebi, added
	strat for Manphy, Ho-oh was also in SSB:M
      Credits to: doublechao777, azncellistben, GuitaristCal, celfron, 
	bubblebluejay, aericron, Ray, JKiii
1.2 - typos, New Piplup Strategy
	Credits to: Anthony Locopo, Booga
Additional Information
All of the information collected in this guide was obtained by me personally
unless otherwise stated in the credits section of this FAQ directly following
the food guide.  I have tried to make sure that all the information collected
is completely accurate but mistakes can happen so please let me know if you   
find one.  
Pokeball Guide
1.0 General Information
A maximum of 3 pokeballs can be on screen at any one time regardless of options.
The appearance of pokeballs can be turned on and off in item options for brawl.
To use a pokeball pick it up with A and then throw it by using A again. 
Pokeballs can be throw as projectiles at oponents as well and have have a small 
knock back and damage on impact. 

1.1 Background
Pokeballs first made their appearance in red and blue versions of pokemon for
the game boy in 1998. After weakening a pokemon trainers would "throw" a 
pokeball at it in order to "capture" a pokemon. The pokemon could then be
released in battle by "throwing" the pokeball which was housing them.
Super Smash Bros for the N64, Super Smash Bros: Melee for the GCN, and now
Super Smash Bros: Brawl for the Wii all featured the inclusion of the pokeball
as one of the items in the game that players could use. 

1.2 Pokemon featured in SSB and SSB:M
Articuno (SSB:M)
Beedrill (SSB)
Bellossom (SSB:M)
Blastoise (SSB, SSB:M)
Celebi (SSB:M)
Chansey (SSB, SSB: M)
Charizard (SSB, SSB:M)
Chikorita (SSB:M)
Clefairy (SSB, SSB:M)
Cyndaquil (SSB:M)
Ditto (SSB:M) [Only through Action Replay cheat] 
Electrode (SSB:M)
Entei (SSB:M)
Goldeen (SSB, SSB:M)
Hitmonlee (SSB)
Ho-oh (SSB:M)
Koffing (SSB)
Lugia (SSB:M)
Marill (SSB:M)
Meowth (SSB, SSB:M)
Mew (SSB, SSB:M)
Moltres (SSB:M)
Onyx (SSB)
Porygon2 (SSB:M)
Raikou (SSB:M)
Scizor (SSB:M)
Snorlax (SSB, SSB:M)
Starmie (SSB)
Staryu (SSB:M)
Suicune (SSB:M)
Togepi (SSB:M)
Unown (SSB:M)
Venusaur (SSB:M)
Weezing (SSB:M)
Wobbuffet (SSB:M)
Zapdos (SSB:M)

SSB Total: 13
SSB:M Total: 29 (30 with Action Replay cheat)
Pokemon overlapping versions: 6

1.3 Pokemon featured in SSB:B
Bellossom (also in SSB:M)
Celebi (also in SSB:M)
Chikorita (also in SSB:M)
Electrode (also in SSB:M)
Entei (also in SSB:M)
Goldeen (also in SSB, SSB:M)
Ho-oh (also in SSB:M)
Lugia (also in SSB:M)
Meowth (also in SSB, SSB:M)
Mew (also in SSB, SSB:M)
Moltres (also in SSB:M)
Snorlax (also in SSB, SSB:M)
Staryu (also in SSB:M)
Suicune (also in SSB:M)
Togepi (also in SSB:M)
Wobbuffet (also in SSB:M)

New Pokemon: 16
Returning Faves: 15
	Previously in both versions: 3
	Previously in SSB only: 1
	Previously in SSB:M only: 11

1.4 In Depth SSB:B Pokemon
Pokemon: Bellossom
Rarity: Common
Game Versions: SSB:M, SSB:B

Trophy Description: A Flower Pokémon. After spells of cloudy weather, 
Bellossom will gather to call out the sun by performing a dance. When exposed 
long enough to the sun, the leaves on its body will spin around. A Bellossom's 
Speed is also known to increase with sun exposure. Its main specialty is 
Grass-type attacks. Also, Bellossom will close its flowers when sleeping. 

Sticker: [Grass] Attack + 8 (Pokemon Trainer Only)

Physical Description: Bellossom has yellow and green leaves fanned out like a
skirt around its body. On its head are two red flowers and it has stubby pale
green arms and a cheery expression on its face.

Effect: Bellossom puts characters in the surrounding area to sleep that come in 
contact with the cloud it puts out. If you fall asleep you wont be able to move
until this pokemon goes away or until you are attacked. The pokeball thrower is
immune to this effect.

Strategies: Stay away from the powder! Use ranged attacks on those in the cloud
if you did not throw this pokeball to do damage while avoiding getting put to 
sleep. If you threw the pokeball charge up a strong smash attack on the now
helpless opponents.
Pokemon: Bonsly
Rarity: ???
Game Versions: SSB:B

Trophy Description: "A Bonsai Pokemon. It looks like a plant, but its history 
reveals it is actually a Rock type. Its best move among all its specialty moves
is Fake Tears. As it grows, it will become skilled at using Mimic, which allows
it to copy an opponent's previous move. If it levels up under certain 
conditions, it evolves into Sudowoodo."

Sticker: [Leg] Attack + 3

Physical Description: A short stubby tree like creature with three circular
green balls poking out of its head and a pear shaped brown trunk.

Effect: It wanders around the stage and can be picked up much like Mr. Saturn.
Being hit with it may knock you off the stage even at below 50% damage and does
a decent amount of damage. 

Strategies: This attack can be reflected by Fox's reflector. Other characters
are best to dodge it. It is heavy and does not fly far so its best used for
short range thrown attacks.
Pokemon: Celebi
Rarity: Super Rare (1 in 493)
Game Versions: SSB:M, SSB:B

Trophy Description: "Celebi has the power to travel through time, and thus 
wanders from one age to the next. It is considered a deity by the forests: 
plants and trees are said to grow in abundance wherever Celebi visits. Like 
Mew, Celebi is shrouded in mystery. Its special techniques blend grass and 
psychic powers."

Sticker: [Grass] Attack +14 (Pokemon Trainer only)

Physical Description: A pixie like creature light green in color that floats
around. Its head is much larger than the body with big blue eyes and antennae.

Effect: It drops trophies. The first time you see it you will get a notice 
saying you have seen him for the first time "It is a rare event indeed"

Strategies: Collect the trophies. 
Pokemon: Chikorita
Rarity: Common
Game Versions: SSB:M, SSB:B

Trophy Description: "A Leaf Pokemon. It loves sunbathing and can use the leaf 
on its head to check the temperature and humidity around it. Chikorita releases 
a sweet aroma from its leaf to becalm opponents into a slumber. It can also 
learn moves to help recover all Pokemon allies. Chikorita evolves into Bayleef 
by leveling up."

Sticker: [Aura] Attack +13 (Lucario only)

Physical Description: A light green creature that walks on four stubby legs. It
has a long dark green leaf growing out of its head and a necklace of green
diamond shaped leaf stubs growing around its neck.

Effect: It shakes its head and shoots out leaves that travel in a straight line
damaging whoever they hit. 

Strategies: The leaves cause damage on contact and it is hard to get out of the 
stream once you are in it so best to dodge it which is rather easy. The attack 
lasts for a short period of time.
Pokemon: Deoxys
Rarity: Rare
Game Versions: SSB:B 

Trophy Description: "A DNA Pokemon born through the mutation of the DNA of a 
space virus. It has multiple formes, and the abilities it possesses and the 
techniques it can remember change from form to form. It has four forms: 
normal, attack, defense, and speed. It can be made to forms by using 
the power of a meteorite in Veilstone City."

Sticker: [Slash] Attack +10 (Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff)

Physical Description: A tripod shaped body with 4 long spindly arms and 2
stabilizing legs. Red and blue in color with a greyish chest that has a purple
gem on it. Its head comes to a point with two pointed ears sticking out the 

Effect: It flys upward and then shoots a white beam of light downwards which
sends anyone who touches it flying.

Strategies: When you see it fly up, get out of the way!
Pokemon: Electrode
Rarity: Uncommon 
Game Versions: SSB, SSB:M, SSB:B 

Trophy Description: "A Ball Pokemon. The more electricity it stores in its body 
the quicker it moves. One danger of storing that much electricity is that the 
slightest stimulus may cause it to explode. Moves it specializes in include 
Selfdestruct and Explosion. Its love of electricity often causes it to gather 
in groups near power plants."

Sticker: [Explosive] Attack + 7

Physical Description: A round ball divided across the middle into two sections
with the top white and the bottom red. He resembles an upside down pokeball 

Effect: It will sit there and turn darker and darker until it explodes doing
damage to everyone in the area. Sometimes it will not explode. Other times it
will appear to not explode only to go off a few seconds later. True duds can be
picked up and thrown. 

Strategies: Even if you threw it get out of the way, it will hurt you too. Stay
away from it even if you think its a dud. Using it as a thrown weapon is not
effective enough to risk being blown up by a faker electrode.
Pokemon: Entei
Rarity: Rare
Game Versions: SSB:M, SSB:B

Trophy Description: "A Volcano Pokemon. When Entei barks, a volcano erupts, and 
it's said that a new Entei is born every time a volcano appears. A proverb 
claims that the warmth of summer is created by Entei racing through the clouds. 
Entei uses Fire Spin, a flaming vortex that traps and damages foes for multiple 

Sticker: [Flame] Attack + 20 (Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff)

Physical Description: A brown doglike creature with greyish wings and a white
mane sprouting from its back. Red and yellow highlights ont he face, grey paws.

Effect: It will rare and stand on its hind legs then a column of fire will 
surround it dealing 70% damage with the thrower being immune. It also features
a vertical knockback effect. 

Strategies: Unless you threw it get out of the way when you see it rear up. Try
to stand on a lower platform or further off to the side. 
Pokemon: Gardevoir
Rarity: ???
Game Versions: SSB:B

Trophy Description: "An Embrace Pokemon. Despite its elegant, feminine 
appearance, there are both male and female Gardevoir. A Psychic type, it has 
the ability to predict the future and levitate. It's a brave Pokemon that will 
risk its own life to protect its Trainer. It uses the ability Synchronize to 
pass on status problems like poison, paralysis, and burn to its foes."

Sticker: Shield Resistance + 9

Physical Description: A graceful tall pokemon with green hair and arms and a
flowing white dress like train. 

Effect: Walks around the stage with a circular barrier up which cannot be
penetrated by thrown objects and projectiles. You can walk in and out of the
barrier without effect. Lasts about 15 seconds. 

Strategies: Don't try to throw or shoot while the barrier is in place. Continue
with melee attacks as normal completely unaffected.
Pokemon: Goldeen
Rarity: Common
Game Versions: SSB, SSB:M, SSB:B

Trophy Description: "A Goldfish Pokemon. In contrast to its elegant appearance, 
it has a wild temperament, and its attack with its horn is severe. Among the 
techniques it can master, Horn Drill is especially reliable. It evolves into 
Seaking, but if it's raised without evolving, it can learn the powerful 
Bug-type move Megahorn. There are male and female Goldeen--the male's horn 
is longer.

Sticker: Leg Attack + 4 (Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff)

Physical Description: An orange and white fish shaped like a goldfish with a 
long horn on its forehead.

Effect: It flops around on the stage completely harmlessly. 

Strategies: Laugh if you didn't throw it, cry if you did. A real dud. Does
not even do anything if there is water.
Pokemon: Groudon
Rarity: Rare
Game Versions: SSB:B 

Trophy Description: "A Continent Pokemon. In ancient times, it brought about 
droughts to save people who had suffered from floods. It is normally found in 
the profound depths of the earth, where it slumbers in magma. With a mighty 
roar, it uses Earthquake to shake the ground and mow down enemies. In battle, 
summons sunlight to bathe the area. It once had an epic battle with Kyogre."

Sticker: Flame Resistance + 14 (Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff)

Physical Description: A very large creature with a scaly red and black hide. It
stands on its hind legs and has a spiky tail and pointed head shape.

Effect: He causes damage to anyone that touches him but does not actually move
around. He is about the size of Giga Bowser. 

Strategies: Try to knock opponents into him for extra damage. Otherwise defend
the areas of the stage furthest away from him. 
Pokemon: Gulpin
Rarity: Common
Game Versions: SSB:B

Trophy Description: "A Stomach Pokemon. While it's a carefree Pokemon with a 
loveable face, it can swallow something the size of itself in one gulp. Its 
stomach is filled with gastric juices strong enough to dissolve whatever it 
eats. As it matures, it can learn Wring Out, which is as strong as the 
remaining strength of the opponent Pokemon. It evolves into Swalot."

Sticker: Electric Attack + 16 (Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff)

Physical Description: A tan coloured pokemon shaped like an onion with a little
tan leaf coming out of his head. His eyes are squinted shut and he has very
stubby arms sticking out the front of his body.

Effect: He stays where summoned and swallows those who come near him. The
damage they take depends on how long they are inside and if the pokemon is 
damaged while they are swallowed. He spits them out a few seconds later.

Strategies: Try to knock opponents near him. If he swallows someone do damage
to the pokemon to further hurt the swallowed player. 
Pokemon: Ho-oh
Rarity: Rare
Game Versions: SSB:M, SSB:B

Trophy Description: "A Rainbow Pokémon. On sparking wings of seven colors, 
Ho-Oh leaves a rainbow behind as it flies. Legend says that Ho-Oh suppressed 
a war that scorched the land in ancient times. Its attack Sacred Fire can melt 
ice in an instant and also damage the target with burns. Ho-Oh will show its 
solemn figure only for the most righteous Trainers."

Sticker: Flame Attack + 12

Physical Description: A flying pokemon with a yellow crest on its head, red 
and green feathers, and a yellow and white tail with a long orange beak.

Effect: It flies up into the air and to the back of the screen. It then 
shoots a column of fire which deals massive damage and cannot be escaped.
The pillar of fire can sometimes interfere with vision. 

Strategies: It takes 7 seconds before the fire is launched so try to get far
off to one side. The summoner is not damaged by this attack. The attack will
always deal damage from the location of the pokeball so stay away from that
point and make sure you have noted its location.
Pokemon: Jirachi
Rarity: Super Rare (1 in 493)
Game Versions: SSB:B 

Trophy Description: "A Wish Pokemon. It's said to awaken for seven days once 
every thousand years, with the ability to grant any wish asked of it. It is 
truly a Pokemon of which dreams are made. In combat it uses its wish power to 
attack. Its attack Doom Desire, which causes light to rain down from the 
heavens to do tremendous damage, is especially powerful."

Sticker: Arm, Leg Attack + 7 (Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff)

Physical Description: A white body with a triangular shaped head that is yellow,
it has yellow dangling earlobes and 3 blue rectangles that hang off each of the
three points of its head. Wide wing like yellow protusions from the white body. 

Effect: It drops a bunch of stickers and the flies off. 

Strategies: Collect the stickers. 
Pokemon: Kyogre
Rarity: Rare 
Game Versions: SSB:B

Trophy Description: "A Sea Basin Pokemon. It brought about heavy rains, which 
formed seas and relieved droughts. It is usually found slumbering at the bottom 
of an ocean trench. Its attack Sheer Cold is a technique so powerful, it causes 
any opponent it strikes to faint instantly. In battle, it causes clouds to form
and drenches the area in rain. It once fiercely battled Groudon."

Sticker: Flinch Resistance + 42

Physical Description: A blue whale shaped pokemon with blue wings and a trailing
tail. It has red detail work on the body and white under the chin with a couple
white circles on the back and white wing tips. 

Effect: It flies around and shoots water out of its mouth. Touching kyogre
causes damage but the water itself does no damage. The water does however have
a knock back and kyogre tends to chase after one character until it dies from
being pushed off the screen. 

Strategies: Dodge the water. Kirby can use his Down + B to turn into a brick
and avoid much of the knock back. Use recovery moves as much as possible or 
try to put your back to a wall to avoid being pushed off the stage.
Pokemon: Latias
Rarity: Rare
Game Versions: SSB:B

Trophy Description: Eon Pokemon. There are only female Latias and only male 
Latios. If they sense the presence of a human or an enemy, they will generally 
use the light-bending trait of their down coats to make themselves invisible. 
They use telepathy to speak to companions. They travel in herds, but even so, 
they are rarely seen. They're a combination of Dragon and Psychic types.

Sticker: Grass Attack + 22 (Pokemon Trainer)

Physical Description: A red and white pokemon with a very long neck and long
thin red winglike structures off its back that function like glider wings.

Effect: It disappears off to one side then zooms back and forth doing damage 
and knocking back anyone who touches it. Same as Latios.

Strategies: Move fast and try to avoid the attacks. Stay near the middle of the
stage for less of a chance you will be knocked off. Same as Latios.
Pokemon: Latios
Rarity: Rare
Game Versions: SSB:B 

Trophy Description: Eon Pokemon. There are only female Latias and only male 
Latios. If they sense the presence of a human or an enemy, they will generally 
use the light-bending trait of their down coats to make themselves invisible. 
They use telepathy to speak to companions. They travel in herds, but even so, 
they are rarely seen. They're a combination of Dragon and Psychic types.

Sticker: Grass Attack + 22 (Pokemon Trainer)

Physical Description: A blue and white pokemon with a very long neck and long
thin blue winglike structures off its back that function like glider wings.

Effect: It disappears off to one side then zooms back and forth doing damage 
and knocking back anyone who touches it. Same as Latias.

Strategies: Move fast and try to avoid the attacks. Stay near the middle of the
stage for less of a chance you will be knocked off. Same as Latias.
Pokemon: Lugia
Rarity: Rare
Game Versions: SSB:M, SSB:B

Trophy Description: "A Diving Pokemon. A legendary Pokemon often referred to as 
"guardian of the seas," it has the impressive ability to control the wind. 
Lugia typically spends its time quietly at the bottom of the ocean. Highly 
powerful in all areas, Lugia's Aeroblast move is especially powerful. It uses 
strong flapping of its wings to target damage on a foe's weak spot."

Sticker: Grass Attack + 18 (Pokemon Trainer)

Physical Description: A white pokemon with a long neck and long wedge shaped
wings. It has a bluish underbelly and a long tail with blue stabilizer fins.
Its head is angular with dark blue accents. 

Effect: Will fly off to the background and then will release an AeroBlast that
travels around the stage dealing heavy damage and killing even low percentage
players. Touching Lugia will also cause damage. 

Strategies: Do not touch the pokemon. Try to dodge the blast it shoots. The
Summoner is unharmed by this effect. 
Pokemon: Manaphy
Rarity: Very Rare
Game Versions: SSB:B

Trophy Description: "A Seafaring Pokemon. Eighty percent of its body is made 
of water. It has the ability Hydration, which allows it to heal status effects 
at the end of a turn if it's raining. It is the only Pokemon that can use the 
stat-effect-swapping move called Heart Swap. Place a Manaphy and a Ditto in a 
Pokemon Day Care, and they will produce an Egg that contains a Phione."

Sticker: Specials Direct Attack + 4

Physical Description: A blue pokemon with a large head and two antennae held
together over its head. IT has long sweeping arms and no real legs to speak of.

Effect: It swaps player bodies so you appear as your opponent. You will still
have your same damage count and lives total and falling off the stage will
impact your score. 

Strategies: Beat on the guy(s) you are NOT in control of and avoid being KO'd.

GuitaristCal writes "a great thing I have found is to jump off the stage right 
before it switches back and to have used the other players double-jumps and 
recovery moves so when switched they would typically fall helplessly which 
can be considered an easy kill."
Pokemon: Meowth
Rarity: ???
Game Versions: SSB, SSB:M, SSB:B

Trophy Description: "A Scratch Cat Pokémon. It's one of the most famous Pokémon 
and very fond of things that sparkle--the gold medallion on its head could be 
seen as an indicator of this infatuation. There are many Pokémon that resemble 
cats, but Meowth is the only one that can use Pay Day to receive coins at the 
end of battle. It evolves into Persian."

Sticker: Slash Attack +5 (Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff)

Physical Description: A cat that stands on its hind legs. Tan in color with 
brown back paws and brown tail. It has 2 whiskers out each side of its head 
and 2 out of the top of its head, dark brown ears and two small fanglike teeth.

Effect: It throws a barrage of coins at the opponent. You can become stuck in
the onslaught and take repeated damage.

Strategies: Avoid the coins he throws or wait out the duration. Does not
harm the person who threw the pokeball.
Pokemon: Metagross
Rarity: Uncommon
Game Versions: SSB:B

Trophy Description: "An Iron Leg Pokémon. When two Beldum combine, they evolve 
into a Metang. In the same way, a Metagross is the result of two Metang 
combining. It's said to have intelligence that can match a supercomputer. 
Though it weighs 1,212.5 pounds, it is somehow able to fold up its legs and 

Sticker: Launch Resistance + 23 (Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff)

Physical Description: A teal colored pokemon with a dome shaped body that has a 
silver X shape through its face and red eyes. It has two long arms that angle
from its body like spider legs and have silver claws on th end of them.

Effect: It slams its claws into the ground several times causing a shockwave
which damages heavy and simultaneously buries characters. It repeats this 
attack several times. 

Strategies: Stay out of the immediate radius until the attack is over to avoid 
being buried or damaged. The attack does not hurt the summoner.
Pokemon: Mew
Rarity: Super Rare (1 in 493)
Game Versions: SSB, SSB:M, SSB:B

Trophy Description: "A New Species Pokemon. An extremely rare Pokemon that 
contains the DNA of all other Pokemon, it is thought by many scholars to be a 
Pokemon ancestor, considering the wide range of moves it can use. On top of 
being able to make itself invisible, Mew can also transform into any opponent 
Pokemon and use characteristics and moves in exactly the same way."

Sticker: Body Spin Attack + 4 (Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff)

Physical Description: A pale pinkish white pokemon that is vaguely catlike with
a long tail, strong hind legs and skinner forelegs. It has blue eyes and small
catlike ears and floats around. 

Effect: Drops CDs and other collectables. You will receive a notice saying it
is the first time you have seen this pokemon. 

Strategies: Collect the collectables. 
Pokemon: Moltres
Rarity: Rare 
Game Versions: SSB:M, SSB:B 

Trophy Description:"As tradition has it, the onset of spring heralds the return 
of this legendary Pokemon from its southern home. Its bright orange color and 
fiery aspect lends to its overwhelming appearance. Sky Attack, the strongest of 
flying moves, is a perfect fit for this burning phenom, but it obviously also 
excels at powerful Fire-type moves."

Sticker: Flame Attack + 20 (Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff)

Physical Description: A flaming chicken like bird, although much larger. It is
primarily yellow in color with red/orange molten flames. It has a long orange
beak, a long neck, a huge wingspam and chicken claw like legs and toes.

Effect: It flies causing heavy damage to any player touchinng it and killing 
even those at low percentages. The knockback sends players flying to the top of
the screen. 

Strategies: The attack does not harm the summoner. Otherwise move fast and
avoid touching the bird while it is flying around. 
Pokemon: Munchlax
Rarity: ???
Game Versions: SSB:B

Trophy Description: "A Big Eater Pokemon. It's normally a slow-moving creature, 
but when it spots food, it moves surprisingly fast. It's native to the Sinnoh 
region and can be lured out by coating certain trees with sweet honey. Once 
it's attached to its Trainer, it will level up and evolve into Snorlax."

Sticker: Aura Attack +13 (Lucario)

Physical Description: A dome shaped blue head with two conical protrusions from
the top it has a tan chin and belly and tan feet poking under a blue almost
costume looking body which comes to a jagged hem above its feet. A gaping mouth
with two fangs and round white eyes. 

Effect: He wanders around eating items (does not eat pokeballs). If there are 
no items he just wanders around. 

Strategies: Collect any items you may want before he eats them otherwise
pay no attention. 
Pokemon: Piplup
Rarity: ???
Game Versions: SSB:B

Trophy Description: "A Penguin Pokemon. It's one of the starter Pokemon 
received from Professor Rowan when the player departs from the Sinnoh region. 
It's a Water type, so it's strong versus Rock and Ground types. It's very cute 
but filled with pride-- it hates to accept food from people. When it levels up, 
it evolves into Prinplup."

Sticker: Water Attack +26 (Pokemon Trainer)

Physical Description: He looks like a pale blue penguin with yellow feet and
beak. He has dark blue on his head and a dark blue color with some white on his 

Effect: Glides across the stage in his surf attack. If youg et caught in it you
will be washed away. 

Strategies: Avoid the surf or put your back to something so you aren't swept
off the stage. 
Anthony Locopo writes: "Piplup can also be reflected like a blast from Fox's 
Pokemon: Snorlax
Rarity: Uncommon
Game Versions: SSB, SSB:M, SSB:B

Trophy Description: "A Sleeping Pokemon. It's the ultimate loafer. Sometimes 
children like to play on top of its big belly. Once in a slumber, not even the 
hardest rain or the fiercest wind will wake it. Snorlax recovers health and 
restores its physical state by sleeping, and it proves daunting with its 
damaging Snore attack. Snorlax is the king of Sleeping Pokemon."

Sticker: Electric Attack +5

Physical Description: A big bear like guy with a tan belly and face and dark
colored body. He has stubby limbs and his eyes are almost always shut. 

Effect: He jumps up and off the screen, inflates himself and then descends doing
damage to anyone he touches. He ends up destroying bob-ombs or motion sensor 
bombs planted on the stage int he process. 

Strategies: He does not harm the summoner otherwise get far off to one side and
away from any bombs on the stage. 
Pokemon: Staryu
Rarity: Common 
Game Versions: SSB:M, SSB:B

Trophy Description: "A Star Shape Pokemon. It gathers in groups and flashes the 
red jewel in the center of its body in time to the twinkling of the stars in 
the night sky. If it loses appendages, it can regenerate them right away. It 
can also use Camouflage, which allows it to change its type to match the 
surrounding terrain. If a Water Stone is used on it, it evolves into Starmie."

Sticker: Special Direct Attack + 3 (Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, 

Physical Description: A star shaped creature with a brown body, yellow center
and a purple gem in the middle. 

Effect: It will fly around to find a character to shoot at and then shoot out
projectiles that cause damage. Touching Staryu will also cause damage. 

Strategies: Pit's shield cannot reflect the attack. The attack does not harm
the summoner. Otherwise get out of the way of the projectile stream.
Pokemon: Suicune
Rarity: Rare
Game Versions: SSB:M, SSB:B

Trophy Description: "This mystical Aurora Pokemon constantly journeys in search 
of places with pure flowing water. Suicune wields the power to instantly purify 
any contaminated water it finds. Some say Suicune is the north wind reborn. Its 
strange and dramatic story is told over the course of the Crystal version of 
the Pokemon game."

Sticker: Grass Attack + 17 (Pokemon Trainer)

Physical Description: A pale blue creature on all fours with a white underbelly
It has a flowing blue and purple mane sprouting from its back.

Effect: It shoots a powerful ice beam out in front of it that causes damage and
a knockback effect.

Strategies: Do not stand in front of the pokemon to avoid being caught in the
Pokemon: Togepi
Rarity: Uncommon
Game Versions: SSB:M, SSB:B

Trophy Description: "A Spike Ball Pokemon. It's said that its shell is filled 
with joy, and a proverb asserts that if you can get a sleeping Togepi to stand 
up, you will gain happiness. Togepi can lower its opponent's attack power using 
Charm. Once it has become friends with its Trainer, Togepi evolves into 

Sticker: Body Spin Attack + 11 (Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff)

Physical Description: It is the bottom half of an egg shell with blue and red
markings on it. The top half is a pale whitish pokemon with spiky hair and 
stubby limbs poking out of the shell. 

Effect: Does a random effect one of the following five:
-Plants a flower on the head of anyone in its radius which gradually does
damage the same as the Lip's Stick effect.
-A blast of ice that freezes characters in the radius with little knockback
-Puts characters to sleep with a powder
-Shakes the ground and imbeds characters that are near Togepi
-Creates a black aura which which obscures vision but does not seem to affect
computer characters. (rarest)

Strategies: If you get a flower put on you dash left and right repeatedly to
shake it off so you dont take as much damage, or simply stay away from Togepi
so you don't get it in the first place. The freeze effect either stay out of
the radius or wait to thaw. Stay away from the sleep effect or attack slept 
players at range. Attack imbedded characters from range and stay way from 
Togepi. In the black aura be careful not to fall off the stange, duck down
to stabilize yourself from attack, use a shield or Kirby can turn into a brick
with down + B for added protection.
Pokemon: Torchic
Rarity: ???
Game Versions: SSB:B

Trophy Description: "A Chick Pokemon. It's a Fire type that has a flame sac in 
its belly where it produces fireballs reaching 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit-- 
it shoots these out of its mouth. While Torchic is as cute as can be, it will 
evolve into the powerful Combusken when it levels up. It also then becomes a 
combination Fighting and Fire type."

Sticker: Flame Attack + 8 (Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff)

Physical Description: An orange chick with a yellow beak and feet. It has a 
tuft of yellow feathers out the top of his head and stubby yellow wings and 

Effect: He hops up and down using a strong fire attack.

Strategies: Stay away and out of the fire.
Pokemon: Weavile
Rarity: ???
Game Versions: SSB:B

Trophy Description: "A Sharp Claw Pokemon. The crown on its head resembles a 
fully opened folding fan. Its sharp, hooked claws and outstanding speed are its 
most memorable features. It's one Pokemon that can be expected to perform well 
on the front lines of battle. There are many Trainers who teach it the TM False 
Swipe and travel with it to catch rare Pokemon."

Sticker: Slash Attack +5 (Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff)

Physical Description: A purple pokemon standing on its hind legs with a dark 
red collar, head crest, and tail. It also has long grey claws.

Effect: It slashes causing 1% damage and no knockback but stunning anyone hit.
If you are in the air it has a huge knockback almost always causing a KO. 

Strategies: Stay grounded to avoid being knocked back. Attack players that are
stunned if you can but stay on the ground.
Pokemon: Wobbuffet
Rarity: Common
Game Versions: SSB:M, SSB:B

Trophy Description: "A Patient Pokemon. A nocturnal, cave-dwelling creature, 
Wobbuffet is calm and collected, but it will fight back viciously if its black 
tail is attacked--this hints at something secretive about its tail. If 
Wobbuffet is put into battle, the opponent cannot run away or switch. Females 
have lipsticklike markings around their mouths."

Physical Description: A blue angular blob with squinty eyes. 

Effect: He rocks back and forth when a player or item hits him. Contact causes
a minor knockback but no damage. The harder he is hit the harder he hits back.

Strategies: Throw opponents into him like a rebound board but beware of items
bouncing off him. The summoner can be affected by him. 
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