Wolf by Heifer_of_doom

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         /| |       \
        / | |        \    OO   O   O OOO  OOOO OOO
       /  | |         \  O     O   O O  O O    O  O
      |   | |          |  OO   O   O OOO  OOOO OOO
      |   | |          |    O  O   O O    O    OO
      |___| |__________|  OO    OOO  O    OOOO O O
       \__   _________/
        \ | |        /              OO  O     O   O    OO  O  O
         \|_|_______/              O    OO   OO  O O  O    O  O
                                    OO  O O O O  OOO   OO  OOOO
                                      O O  O  O O   O    O O  O
                                    OO  O     O O   O  OO  O  O

                          OOO  OOO   OOO   OO
                          O  O O  O O   O O
                          OOO  OOO  O   O  OO
                          O  O OO   O   O    O
                          OOO  O O   OOO   OO .

       OOOOOOOO     OOOOOOOO       OO      OO        OO  OO
       OO      OO   OO      OO    OOOO     OO        OO  OO
       OO      OO   OO      OO   OO  OO     OO      OO   OO
       OOOOOOOO     OOOOOOOO     OO  OO     OO      OO   OO
       OOOOOOOO     OOOO        OOOOOOOO     OO OO OO    OO
       OO      OO   OO OO       OOOOOOOO     OO OO OO    OO
       OO      OO   OO  OO     OO      OO     OOOOOO     OO
       OOOOOOOO     OO   OOOO  OO      OO     OO  OO     OOOOOOOOOO

(The above is my first attempt at keyboard character art. Insult me
only privately… please.)

Copyright 2008, Michael Mann

Wolf Guide

Table of Contents

1. Copyright Stuff	-	[CS]
2. About the Guide	-	[ATG]
3. How to Unlock		-	[UNL]
4. Pros and Cons		-	[P&C]
5. Move List		-	[ML]
6. Final Smash		-	[FS]
7. Tactics			-	[TX]
8. Misc.			-	[MSC]
9. Vs. (?)			-	[VS]
10. Stadium Challenges  -	[SC]
11. Version History	-	[VH]

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2. About the Guide								[ATG]

Okay, so seriously... this is my first FAQ/guide (except for my
Legendary Pokemon Guide for Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby, which was in a
format incompatible with gamefaqs.com). In other words, there will be
many mistakes and overlooked sections that will probably need to be
corrected by you readers. Don't hesitate to email me at
MTMann92@gmail.com with corrections, suggestions, flames, and social
security numbers (okay, scratch the last one.)

Anyways, I’m writing this guide because I have repeatedly played every
character in Super Smash Brothers Brawl, and have finally decided that
Wolf is my favorite character, and he will remain so until I can find a
truly exploitable weakness in the way I play. I have been checking
gamefaqs daily for a guide on Wolf, but have been let down every time.
I have finally decided to write my own. Without further ado, here’s my

Disclaimer: I assume you know the basic functions and jargon of this
game. If you don’t know what a KO, Smash Attack, or an aerial is, you
may be confused by this guide.

3. How to Unlock									[UNL]

Wolf is a very good character, but unfortunately, he is annoying to
unlock. In fact, he is the last character to unlock, for many people.
To unlock him, you can do one of three things:

-Play 450 brawls
-Beat Boss Battles with either Falco or Fox
-Enter the secret cavern in the Ruins after beating the Subspace
Emissary. To do so, follow these instructions:

Enter the Ruins and follow the level until you reach the descending
platform with all the spikes coming out of the wall. When you get to
the bottom, do not head right as if normally would, but there should be
a red door at the bottom. Go through it and see Wolf.

As with all other unlockable characters, you must face Wolf and beat
him to finally unlock him.

4. Wolf – Pros and Cons								[P&C]

-Delicate balance between strength and speed makes him a formidable
-A reflector
-A projectile (and spammable, too!)
-Nasty aerials
-His final smash is downright awesome
-Two meteor smashes
-Imo, he has the second most annoying taunts in the game—second only to
Pikachu (“PIKA PIKAAAAA!!”)
-All of his smash attacks are powerful, making for easy star KOs, spike
KOs, and regular KOs.
-Most physical attacks have extended range due to claws.

-Bad recovery (you can make it average with practice, but it is a
difficult learning curve. I will explain)
-Easy to SD
-Meteor smashing is the primary means of KOing heavies
-Landings have significant lag time

Many FAQ-writers mention the ease at which their respective character
can be KOed. I would have done so, but Wolf is so incredibly average
that I couldn’t decide which to put it in. Also, his throws are
average, so they weren’t mentioned either.

5. Move list									[ML]

My format is this--


I’ll begin with the basics

4a. Physical attacks

Move: A
Damage: 3
Knockback: Low
Rating: 2 out of 5
Explanation: Wolf’s fastest, but most useless attack. He slices with
his claw. It can be used to cancel other short ranged moves, but that
is its only use.

Move: A+A
Damage: 5 (3+2)
Knockback: Low
Rating: 2 out of 5
Explanation: Wolf swipes once, then slices again. Ditto the above.

Move: A+A+A
Damage: 9 (3+2+4)
Knockback: Low
Rating: 3 out of 5
Explanation: Wolf slices three times in succession. This move is used
sparingly, ultimately only when the opponent has a low damage
percentage. If you use B neutral immediately afterwards, it’s nice for
quickly racking up damage.

Move: Forward A Strong
Damage: 11
Knockback: Low
Rating: 4 out of 5
Explanation: Wolf slices in an open-fan fashion with both hands--Fast
and to the point. Because of its decent range, use while approaching
while walking.

Move: Down Strong A
Damage: 6
Knockback: Low
Rating: 1 out of 5
Explanation: Quick, fast, but weak. The upside? It can trip opponents.
I don’t use it too often though. If you want to put it in your fighting
style, go ahead.

Move: Up Strong A
Damage: 10
Knockback: Low-Medium
Rating: 3 out of 5
Explanation: A quick move you might want to pull every once and a while
to catch your opponents off guard. Maybe if you’re ending your juggle
and want to get them on the ground for a smash, you can do this to keep
them in the air, but bring them down gently. Another use is, when you
use an A^ smash, your opponent might shield. Afterwards, launch this
move for a surprisingly quick and unexpected attack.

Move: Side Smash A
Damage: 15 (does two hits, 5+10—19 when charged)
Knockback: Medium-High
Rating: 4 out of 5
Explanation: For a side smash, this move is pretty good. It’s not
exactly going to KO a heavy at 50% (we have meteor smashes for that :)
), but it does the trick. This move has incredible range. It’s easy to
use this move to slide across the stage, catching an opponent in an
endless cycle of 15% damage hits. Any good SSBB player will know how to
roll out of it, however.

Move: Up Smash A
Damage: 18 (6+12, the first hit has range and catches the opponent, and
the last hit launches them skyward—25 when charged)
Knockback: Medium-High
Rating: 5 out of 5
Explanation: Wolf does a scissor-like kick into the air with his feet.
The first hit will catch the opponent, and the next one will launch
them into the sky for an easy star KO. If your juggling hasn’t paid off
and you can’t seem to KO them in the air, try this move. It’s a nice
way to KO Light/medium-weights at 80-120% damage.

Move: Down Smash A
Damage: 14 or 13 (depending on which slash you are struck by—19/18,
respectively, when charged)
Knockback: Medium and Ideal
Rating: 5 out of 5
Explanation: Wolf crouches down and does two quick slashes with his
claws; the first hit does 14 damage and hits in front of him, and the
second one does 13 damage and hits behind him. As you can see, I’ve
added two words to the knockback report. This knockback is ideal
because it’s horizontal. It is perfect for setting up the Av aerial.
Meteor smashes are your best friend!

4b. Aerials

Move: Neutral Air (Nair)
Damage: 8 max, but 6 if caught in the spinning afterwards.
Knockback: Low
Rating: 2 out of 5
Explanation: Wolf does a somersault in the air. The first hit will
knock opponents away, but the rest will make the opponents caught in it
and they will receive minimal damage. I like to do this move when
people are dashing at me. I just jump and immediately hit my A button,
resulting in a quick 8 damage.

Move: Forward Air (Fair)
Damage: 11
Knockback: Medium
Rating: 4 out of 5
Explanation: This is one of Wolf’s nasty aerials. He slashes violently
at the air in front of him. It’s fast, strong, with the downside of low
range. The move has about a 70 degree upwards knockback if hit
correctly, which makes it nice for juggling.

Move: Back Air (Bair)
Damage: 13
Knockback: Medium-High
Rating: 4 out of 5
Explanation: Tired of juggling with Uair? Try finishing them with this
kick. It’s got decent range (for a kick) and does 13 damage. It’s
rather difficult to aim and time, though.

Move: Up Air (Uair)
Damage: 12
Knockback: Medium
Rating: 5 out of 5
Explanation: This, my fellow Wolfers, is the one of Wolf’s single most
spammable moves he has. Nothing is more satisfying than doing 60 damage
to someone by repeatedly jumping and slashing their bottoms with this
move. Even with its speed and strength comes formidable knockback, and
it is very possible to star KO with this move. Uair away!

Move: Down Air (Dair)
Damage: 15
Knockback: High
Rating: 1/0 out of 5
Explanation: If you think the last air was good, I’ve saved the best
for last. This move is a tide-turner—the spike. When, after much
practice, you learn how to spike, it will be your best friend. Wake up
and talk with this move over breakfast. Take this move to the movies.
Share a quick drink with this move! Learn how to spike, and you will
reach the summit of Wolf’s awesomeness.

4c. Miscellaneous

Move: Dash Attack
Damage: 9
Knockback: Medium
Rating: 3 out of 5
Explanation: Wolf does a back flip out of a dash. This is basically
Fox’s A^ Smash, but without the crazy knockback. It’s a “meh” dash
attack. Use to get opponent in the air.

Move: Ledge Attack 1
Damage: 8
Knockback: Low
Rating: 3 out of 5
Explanation: It’s a ledge attack… seriously.

Move: Ledge Attack 2 (occurs when Wolf’s damage surpasses 100%)
Damage: 10
Knockback: Low
Rating: 3 out of 5
Explanation: Ditto the above.

4d. Special Attacks

Move: B Neutral (Blaster)
Damage: 9 max (4 on the draw, 5 when too close or too far away, and 6
when at medium length)
Knockback: Low
Rating: 4 out of 5
Explanation: The only reason that this receives such a high rating is
that it is Wolf’s only projectile. The rating system I used is all
relative to the other moves that Wolf has. This move will be used
against heavy characters without projectiles and fast characters played
by aggressive opponents. It can also be used to get someone away from
you at close range when you can’t seem to get him off you.

Move: B Side (Wolf Flash)
Damage: 3, 10, or 15 (3 if caught in the trail, 10 if hit at the tip,
and 15 if you hit directly into the opponent’s body)
Knockback: Medium-High
Rating: 4 out of 5
Explanation: Wolf launches himself at a thirty degree angle. This works
as a good recovery move, and also as a spike. If you nail someone with
this move while you are over a ledge, they will plummet to their
certain dooms. No matter how often I hit my opponents with this move,
they never seem to be able to dodge it (although it is rather hard to
aim). I think Wolf is the only character with a move of this angle.
It’s just so hard to anticipate. It is possible to cancel, but very
difficult. There are three frames through which Wolf passes on the way
from his beginning point to ending point. Pressing B during any of
these will cancel. Remember that there are three places (i.e. frames)
where you can cancel. After this move, your character will enter
helpless mode.

This is truly the most amazing move Wolf has. If his aggressive “hello
face, meet Mr. Claw!” manner didn’t intrigue you enough, having a move
that spikes, is capable of doing 15 damage, can KO, and has range is
insanely good. On top of that, it can be used to hit edge-guarders. If
someone is standing at the tip of the edge, you can time this move just
right and do a 15 damage wonder to them.

This move can also be used for edge glitching, which I will explain

Move: B Up (Fire Wolf)
Damage: 13 (if all 9 hits land)
Knockback: low-medium
Rating: 3 out of 5
Explanation: This is Wolf’s recovery move. It’s not all that great, and
should seldom be used as an attack, much less in the air. I do like
being on a small stage and catching my opponents in this move as I soar
across the stage. It is also quite useful because of its difficulty to
anticipate. It gets a low rating because its primary purpose is a
recovery move, and it is one of the worst recoveries in the game. After
this move, your character will enter helpless mode.

Move: B down (Reflector)
Damage: 3
Knockback: Low
Rating: 5 out of 5
Explanation: It’s a reflector. Seriously. It gets 5 out of 5. Secondly,
it can be used as a counter-attack. You become invincible for the split
second upon which you activate it. Sadly, it isn’t a true counter-
attack, as it only does 3 damage. Use this move to stun your opponents,
after which you can A> smash attack them. Other than that, it is used
for reflecting annoying projectiles. (Tip: If you are playing casual,
i.e. with items, you can use this to reflect curry into the face of he
who has eaten it.)

Note: Projectiles are reflected at 2x the original speed.

4e. Throws

Move: Neutral
Damage: 1
Knockback: None
Rating: 3 out of 5
Explanation: Wolf knees the face of the person he grabbed. I like to
hit the person twice with this before I throw them. It just adds to the

Move: Front Throw
Damage: 7
Knockback: Low-Medium
Rating: 2 out of 5
Explanation: Weak, and not much knockback. Not worth using unless you
just want to chuck the opponent away from you.

Move: Back Throw
Damage: 7
Knockback: Low-Medium
Rating: 2 out of 5
Explanation: Ditto the above.

Move: Up Throw
Damage: 7
Knockback: Low
Rating: 4 out of 5
Explanation: Alright, so if this move does just as much damage as the
front and back moves, why did it get 4 out of 5? Well, it’s the ideal
move for setting up a juggle. Throw, Up Aerial, Up Aerial, Up Aerial,
Up Aerial… Taunt. It’s that simple.

Move: Down Throw
Damage: 12
Knockback: Low
Rating: 4 out of 5
Explanation: It does 12 damage, which, when coupled with 2-3 damage
from Wolf’s “knee in the face” move, is quite impressive. Try aerialing
after the knockback.

6. Final Smash – Tactics							[FS]

“We’re gonna have fun with this thing!”

Alright, so Wolf has, in my opinion, the most stacked final smash in
the game (except Sonic, who has 18 seconds of golden glory). He has 12
seconds to fly an enormous tank around the screen. It is stronger than
both Fox’s and Falco’s, and has the maneuverability of both. The con is
that it has 6-second shorter lifetime.


Move: Use the control stick.
Turn: Tap the control stick twice in the opposite direction.
Fly: Hold down the jump button

Here are the moves…

Move: Calling in the tank
Damage: 5
Knockback: Low
Rating: 2 out of 5
Explanation: When Wolf flies into the air before getting his tank, you
can hit people next to you on your ascent.

Move: Roll
Damage: 15
Knockback: High
Rating: 4 out of 5
Explanation: The tank does a quick roll, launching anyone on top (or
under) around the screen. This move can only be used on the ground

Move: Plasma Cannon
Damage: 18
Knockback: High
Rating: 4 out of 5
Explanation: This is a move that, if you position yourself properly,
can result in the death of any particular character. One shot will send
them careening horizontally of the screen, and the next will finish
them. Spam away.

Move: Fly KO
Damage: None
Knockback: Instant KO
Rating: 5 out of 5
Explanation: (Alright, this isn’t exactly a move, but I felt like
writing it anyways.) When people take the top of your tank for refuge,
hold down the jump button and fly them to the top of the screen. BE
warned that if you fly TOO high, you can also die. Also, if anyone is
in the air, you can fly under them and fly them to their dooms. It’s
really an annoying move to use, so if you’re that kind of person (like
me), knock yourself out.

Move: Tank Pwnage
Damage: 15
Knockback: Medium-High
Rating: 3 out of 5
Explanation: Fairly simple. Just ride the tank into an enemy. They’ll
get hit.

Overall, this is an amazing final smash. Use it well.

7. Tactics										 [TX]

Alright, I’m going to run through some basic tactics that I constantly
use while playing Wolf. These tactics aren’t particularly special.
They’re just a few basic tricks I like to pull when playing against my
opponent. A few of them involve timing and a thorough knowledge of the
moves and the speed at which they hit. If you have trouble following
along, go play some level 6 computers with Wolf, using as much variety
in your moves as possible. (For practice reflecting, turn on all
projectile items and face Link, whose special moves are 75%
projectiles. Chances are, there will be frequent projectiles. If not,
always be aware of projectiles, because they will occur eventually.)


This is the most basic tactic for playing in both multi-player and
single-player. To roll, you must hold your shield button and tap in one
direction or the other. If you roll forwards, you character will face
the opposite direction of the way he was originally facing. This is
good for getting behind characters and following up with an smash. Any
will work, depending on what you want to follow. To juggle, do A^; to
set up a meteor smash, do an Av; and to just cause mayhem (assuming the
former two don’t anger your opponent into causing mayhem), do an A>.


This technique is similar to rolling in the sense that you are
invincible while you are doing it. At the same time, it is different
because you don’t move while you are doing it. To sidestep, hold you
shield button and press down on your control stick. This can be used to
dodge anticipated moves and counter-attack quite successfully.


I’ve already gone over this briefly. This section should expand over
the next couple of weeks as I add to the list of things that can be
reflected. Some things can and can’t be reflected. As for right now, I
will say that anything that must fly through the air before hitting you
can be reflected. If you can email me with exceptions to this rule, I
would appreciate it.

Cannot be reflected:

Zelda’s B Side move, Din’s Fire

|Meteor Smashing|

Sometimes called “spiking,” this technique can turn the tide of even
the most lopsided battles. The procedure works like this. The opponent
is sent over the edge by any move that does that sort of thing (Wolf’s
Av smash works best), you jump over their head, and do an Av aerial. If
the move connects, the opponent will plummet unceremoniously to his
death. Be more careful meteor smashing at first—the recovery afterwards
can be difficult sometimes.

NOTE: I have gotten many comments from people who think that I play up
meteor smashing to be more important and necessary than it is, so let
me give my spiel. Meteor smashing is not necessary in the sense that
you do not need meteor smashing to win. I do, however, believe that
meteor smashing is an insanely good tactic to master. Meteor smashing
when you’re up by one stock can seal a battle, and it can slip you
right back into the swing of things if you manage it while you are down
one stock. Secondly, meteor smashing is Wolf’s primary means of killing
heavies, as I mentioned in the Cons section at the beginning. The
reason I say this is because you don’t want an enemy to stick around
for too long (especially Lucario). If they get up to around 150%
damage, that means that they too have been damaging you while you got
them up that high. This is why I believe that it is completely
necessary to meteor smash heavies. Lighter characters, however, can be
KOed easily at around 100%, and meteor smashing is merely optional.

Bottom line: Meteor smashing is practically necessary against heavies,
completely optional against other opponents. Just remember that a
meteor smash is useful at any time. In fact, I attempt one every time
my enemy is recovering from below or horizontally.

|Blaster Spamming|

This technique is pretty straight-forward. If someone is standing at a
distance and waiting for your approach (e.g. Kirby, in an attempt to
exploit your awful recovery by inhaling you and jumping off the edge),
fire the blaster in their face repeatedly until they decide to leave
their camping spot.


Again, this is a technique that is easily mastered, as long as you know
how to work Wolf’s A^ smash. Jump, smash—when they begin their descent,
jump, smash again. It’s surprisingly simple and difficult to get out
of. On the other hand, if you find yourself caught in a juggle, try air
dodging their up smash. If you land before the air dodge ends, your
opponent might hit you back into the air, in which case you must start
all over again. Keep dodging until you land. If you have a counter
move, use that.

|Edge Glitching (Scarring)|

This is an advanced technique and requires some quick fingering. When
you are hanging from a ledge on levels with a thick base and slanted
edges, you can perform this trick. While hanging, press down to fall
and then do a B> move immediately afterwards. Wolf should go through
the edge of the level with his Wolf flash. It takes some practice to
perfect, but when you do, you can remove edge-guarders quite
effectively. I personally prefer to Wolf Flash them while falling,
seeing as it is easier to do, but when you are recovering from the
bottom of the stage (e.g., after a botched meteor smash attempt), you
might need to try this move.

8. Miscellaneous/FAQS								[MSC]

I’m just going to run through some basic things that you might need to
know or might just have a curiosity to know. I’ll start with the

7a. Taunts

Wolf has some pretty annoying taunts, which, when used repeatedly, can
vex your opponent into a rash offensive barrage. My favorite is the
side taunt, but the up taunt is just as annoying.

Up Taunt: Wolf rears back his head and howls loudly
Side Taunt: Wolf kicks three times in front of him and asks, “What’s
the matter…scared?”
Down Taunt: Wolf slaps his paw against the ground and roars

These are fun to do during a Star KO, when your opponent has nothing to
do but watch his own character fly into oblivion.

7b. Training

Some people might want to know how to train with Wolf. Since Wolf
shines primarily in the spiking department, I like to play against
three level 3 computers with three stock on Final Destination and spike
as many as I can.

If you want to be better at 1v1s, face a level 8 or 9 computer on Final
Destination. Level 8s and 9s will air dodge to avoid your spikes and
juggles, but this shouldn’t stop you from beating them in the classic
style… roll, A> smash, roll, AAA, roll, Av smash, etc…

If you hate fighting computers because you think it’s boring… play with
a sibling. If you have no siblings, play on the internet. If you have
no internet, invite a friend over. If you have no friends… I am very
truly sorry.

7c. Recovery

Alright, I’m going to try and explain why Wolf is so bad at recovery,
but you can learn how to make him better at it. Wolf has two average
jumps, and then an average B^ move. Doesn’t this give him average
recovery? Well, not exactly. After your B^ move ends, Wolf will fall at
a remarkable rate towards the pit below.

Another problem with the B^ move is that when you land, there is a
half-second or so lag. This is just enough for an enemy to nail you
back over the edge, or even KO you. To solve this, you must learn how
to aim the B^ move to hit the ledge directly below or next to it. My
favorite method is this:

       W                  W = Wolf starting point
        \           _____ w = Wolf ending point
         \     __  w      J = Jump
          \   /  \ ^      ^ = B^ move
           \J/    \^      \ + / + _ = Path

This looks fairly simple (if you actually understand what’s going on. I
really wish I could have drawn it better). The problem is getting the
B^ timing right. If you are moving sideways during the execution of the
move, Wolf will slide slightly with his momentum before actually flying
in a straight line upwards. It is a very slight movement, but it can be
enough to completely destroy your chance of recovering.

Another option is this:

W            ______  W = Wolf starting point
 \    (B>)  /        \ + / + _ = Path
  \     /
   \ /
So, Wolf does his B> move to grab the edge. The problem with this is
that I have noticed a glitch with the B> move recovery. Occasionally,
if you do it just right, Wolf will flicker on the ledge for a second,
and then he’ll fall. You get your mid-air jump back, so it shouldn’t be
too hard to recover from it if you have quick reflexes. Use your B^ as
soon as possible because you will be directly under the ledge.

The third method of recovering should be used when you are recovering
from above the stage but don’t want your opponent to take advantage of
your laggy landings and grabbing the ledge is too risky. I mentioned
this in the description of B Side. Try to line yourself up so that a B
Side will hit the opponent standing near the ledge.

7d. Smash Taunt

This is amusing to watch if you are a fan of the Star Fox series. If
you go to the Lylat System stage while you are facing Fox, you can
perform this trick. All you need to do is tap the down for a split
second, and then wait for the stage to warp. A dialogue should begin.
Don’t do this unless you are fooling around with friends. If you can
pull this off in a serious battle, props to you.

9. Vs. (?)										[VS]

These are listed in the order that they come on the game screen. To do
a search, just put a bar at the end of the character’s name, e.g.


Difficulty: 2 out of 5

Mario is designed to be an average character. Wolf is similar to Mario
in that he is just as fast. Your advantages are the projectile
(stinking fireballs are so easily spammable), more KO moves, and an
easier meteor smash.

Overall, this fight shouldn’t be too hard, since Mario was nerfed from
his N64 version. Apparently game developers thought that Mario was too
easy to learn.

Basic Strategy: Constantly roll, juggle, and meteor smash when


Difficulty: 3 out of 5

He’s a slower, stronger Mario with better moves. Beware the B Side move
which will KO you at 60%+, and also watch out for the Fire Punch (B
Up). If you’re constantly rolling, as I mentioned in the tactics
section, you’ll have no problem avoiding this and exploiting Luigi’s
horrible lag when failing this move. Be wary of his air game. He’s got
above average aerials.

Basic Strategy: Similar strategy to Mario’s, but juggling will be


Difficulty: 3 out of 5

Peach is pretty annoying. Her recovery is insanely good—her horizontal
recovery is practically unlimited. Reflect her B down move if she
enjoys spamming projectiles, spam her with the B neutral, and don’t let
her get a good smash attack on you. Her A^ smash is particularly
powerful. Juggling will work because her down aerial isn’t particularly

Basic Strategy: Spam B neutral, roll often, reflect the turnips. Don’t
bother meteor smashing because peach is very light. Try for a star KO
via juggling.


Difficulty: 1 out of 5

Bowser is a piece of cake. He has no projectiles, so spam your B
neutral. When he gets close, roll behind him, Av smash, and meteor
smash the largest character in this game. It is possible to reflect his
fire. Every tactic works on this bulging hunk of noobishness. However,
don’t let him get a one-up on stock because his B> is a really cheap
and annoying way to win a match. Keep your distance and approach

Basic Strategy: Bowser isn’t even good, and imo he is the worst
character in the game. Roll, Av smash, and meteor smash. It’s that

|Donkey Kong|

Difficulty: 2 out of 5

Donkey Kong has some good moves, but, as with all projectile-less
enemies, your B neutral will be useful here. Donkey Kong is also huge,
so meteor smashing him is easy. The percentage at which you meteor
smash him doesn’t matter because his vertical recovery is awful.
Remember that Donkey Kong also has a slow fall time, so juggle away.

Basic Strategy: Donkey Kong is the perfect victim for all of your
tactics. Use B to build up damage at a distance to about 30%, use
smashes to get him up to about 60%, then use Av aerial to do a meteor
smash (he will not be KOed any other way until at least 150%).

|Diddy Kong|

Difficulty: 5 out of 5

Diddy Kong is the opposite of Donkey Kong. He’s small, fast, has
projectiles, and also has amazing vertical recovery. Reflect the
stinking peanuts and watch out for those annoying banana peels. If you
slip on one, Diddy will take advantage of you. Don’t let it happen. The
only upside is that his Up B has prep time, leaving him open for meteor

Basic Strategy: Reflect the peanuts, use AAA + B neutral to rack up
damage. Meteor smashing is difficult, but possible.


Difficulty: 4 out of 5

Yoshi rides the line between heavyweight and lightweight, exactly like
Wolf. He is strong enough to kill you at 80%+, and fast enough to do it
easily. His B Side move is a treat, because it is easily rolled
through. You can reflect Yoshi’s eggs.

Basic Strategy: B neutral and your faster smashes (Av and A> should
work) will be used to accumulate damage.


Difficulty: 4 out of 5

Wario is annoying. He is slower than Wolf and has no projectiles, but
he has some freaking powerful moves that you should watch out for: A>,
B Down (when charged), and his final smash. Juggling is not a good idea
here because of Wario’s eccentric fall. Meteor smashing is slightly
difficult here because a good Wario player can use his A^ aerial (which
is amazing).

Basic Strategy: None of Wolf’s tactics really work here except for
meteor smashing. For this fight, use the strategy that you would with
any other character: smash, smash, smash…

| Link |

Difficulty: 3 out of 5

Link has been severely nerfed from his godly N64 clone, but he still
formidable. Getting in his face would be a good idea, because after
being knocked away, his instinct should be to launch a projectile… one
of his three, that is. That’s right—3 out of 4 of Link’s special moves
are projectiles. Whereas you might think this is a good thing, a good
Link will have a bomb in his hands at all times, meaning that at any
moment he can launch any of his three. This makes it difficult to
anticipate the reflector time. The other problem with Link is that his
Down A aerial(the only move that hasn’t been nerfed—22 freaking
damage!) prevents juggling, giving him his only difficulty point.

Basic Strategy: A> smash works well, and meteor smash at will because
Link is a relatively large target. Do not juggle.


Difficulty: 4 out of 5

Zelda is no pushover, as she her moves have been jacked up from her
Melee counterpart. Din’s fire is powerful and cannot be reflected. Even
worse, she can reflect your neutral B. To top it all off, if you get
too close, Zelda will pummel you with one of her three godly smashes…
That’s not very lady-like.

Basic Strategy: Keep on rolling, use AAA + B neutral to get damage up.
Juggle often.


Difficulty: 3 out of 5

Shiek has been nerfed, but not to an unformidable level. She’s still
extremely fast, and she has decent power. Unfortunately, she also has a
A Down aerial move like Zero Suit, making her impossible to juggle.
Meteor smashing is possible because of her B Up lag, but it’s still

Basic Strategy: B Neutral and AAA + B Neutral will work well here. A>
smash will work well, and meteor smash when possible.


Difficulty: 2 out of 5

Ganondorf isn’t exactly all that challenging. All of his moves are
slow, he’s big, and easy to juggle. I give him a point for difficulty
because he can KO at extremely low damages. All tactics except for
reflecting apply.

Basic Strategy: Get in his face, but never stop attacking. Meteor smash
to kill.

|Toon Link|

Difficulty: 4 out of 5

Toon Link is an annoying character who is basically Link, but better.
He’s smaller, faster, stronger, and has better recovery. I really don’t
see what balances him with Link. The only thing I can think of is that
Toon Link has shorter range and is lighter.

Basic Strategy: Basically, the same strategy as Link’s applies, but be
more cautious while approaching.


Difficulty: 3 out of 5

Samus is a treat, if played correctly. Her signature move becomes
feckless against your purple ring of death (Translated: You can easily
reflect her neutral B). Reflect the missiles as well. On top of this,
Samus has abysmal recovery (unless the player knows how to bomb jump,
something probably mentioned in a Samus guide). Meteor smashes almost
won’t be necessary here, because she is that bad. Beware that juggling
is difficult because of her B down.

Basic Strategy: Reflect and the AAA + B neutral combo will work well.
A> smash will probably be enough to kill her.

|Zero Suit Samus|

Difficulty: 5 out of 5

If only Samus’s alter ego was just as easy. Zero Suit Samus is fast,
has strong moves, and her A> smash attack has an even longer range than
yours. Be sure to reflect her stun gun, because when it will result in
either a free smash attack on her or you. She is also impossible to
juggle because her Down A aerial rockets her towards the ground. On top
of all this, she is difficult to meteor smash because her primary
method of recovery is a tether. This, however, can be exploited. If you
can manage to grab the ledge before Zero suit can grab it, she will
merely hit you with the tip of the whip and fall to her doom.

Basic Strategy: Block her A> move and counter with your own. Use your
grabs because most of her moves have lag. AAA + Neutral B is another
good method of damage. Sorry, but you’ll have to KO this one in the
hold fashioned way because neither juggling nor spiking will work. Gimp
as necessary ;).


Difficulty: 3 out of 5

Pit is challenging, but not all that difficult. He is very fast, but he
lacks any real KO moves (A> smash is your biggest worry, but not below
100%). Your Neutral B should not be used at all except for when you’re
in the air and when Pit gets close enough that his melee attacks hit.
If he uses side B, back out of it and wait for him to stop before you
counter-attack. You can blaster him or jump over his head and Av aerial
him if you are able. Juggling and meteor smashing are acceptable.

Basic Strategy: Reflect the arrows, Av smash, and meteor smash. Use
juggling to rack up damage.

|Ice Climbers|

Difficulty: 3 out of 5

The Ice Climbers have power and speed at their disposal, as well as a
projectile. You know how to handle projectiles by now, I assume. The
difference here is that when both of them are alive, the projectile
will just be cancelled. This is because they are actually launching two
projectiles, and the second cancels the first. Juggling is useful
against these guys since their fall is average speed. If you get rid of
NaNa, PoPo shouldn’t be too hard to kill because his B Up is
practically useless without her in the bunch. Meteor smashing shouldn’t
be necessary.

Basic Strategy: Nothing too special with the Ice Climbers. All of your
moves have some use.


Difficulty: 2 out of 5

R.O.B. is a heavyweight with amazing recovery and projectiles.
Fortunately, he is frighteningly easy to meteor smash, which will be
your primary method of killing this metal noob. Juggling is also
acceptable, but be cautious with your own projectile because he can
reflect them. Reflect projectiles as needed—He has a two of them.

Basic Strategy: Juggle + Meteor Smash = Win


Difficulty: 3 out of 5

Kirby isn’t exactly easy. He may be relatively slow, but he’s a
powerhouse. Avoid B> and Bv at all costs. Kirby has the ability to copy
moves, which creates a great irony when he hits the person from whom he
copied the move with the move that was copied. A double irony is
apparent, however, when Wolf reflects the copied blaster move back into
the face of the copier.

Basic Strategy: Meteor smashing and Juggling will work here. B Neutral
will work, too.

|Meta Knight|

Difficulty: 4 out of 5.

Meta Knight is so freaking fast. Not to mention, your rolls can be
cancelled very quickly with an Av smash from his laser-fast sword.
Nothing’s worse than rolling into an attack. Instead, you should shield
the frantic sword attacks and grab-counter. Use the Up throw to begin a
juggle, after which you can use a side throw to set up the meteor

Basic Strategy: I think I covered it pretty well in the description.

|King DeDeDe|

Difficulty: 2 out of 5

DeDeDe has insane power and low speed. The roll and smash tactic will
work well with him. Use Av to set up the meteor, then carry it out with
ease. Reflect his waddle-dees, doos, and gordos.

Basic Strategy: All strategies will work here.

Difficulty: 4 out of 5

Olimar is not a very easy character to master, but when he is mastered,
he is a formidable opponent. His pikmin do most of the fighting for
him, but his smash attacks are still quite powerful. Reflect flying
pikmin, and do not attempt a meteor smash. Instead, grab the edge while
he tries to recover (see Zero Suit Samus). Fortunately, Olimar’s low
weight makes him easy to KO.

Basic Strategy: Don’t meteor smash. Use B Neutral and reflect the
pikmin. AV and A^ will work to KO him.


Difficulty: 5 out of 5

The guy is a beast. He has speed, power, and a projectile fast enough
that you can’t reflect it perfectly. Juggling him is hard because of
his extended Av aerial. Beware his A^ smash. The only weakness he has
is the charge time on his B^ move, which make meteor smashing slightly

Tip: When Fox rushes you, blaster him and then do a counter-attack.

Basic Strategy: B Neutral often. AAA + B Neutral will work, too, and
use Av to set up the meteor smash, which should be your secondary
method of KOing.

Difficulty: 4 out of 5

Falco is slightly slower and stronger than Fox. He is the middle ground
between Fox and Wolf. Imo, he should be eliminated from the game (I
can’t even begin to imagine how many people disagree with me). Don’t
take him lightly though, because he has all of Fox’s moves. On the
upside, his Av aerial isn’t as extend as Fox’s, so juggling is easier.
Your biggest worry will be A> smash. If you avoid this, you should do
reasonably well.

Basic Strategy: Same as Fox’s, but juggling is easier.

Difficulty: As difficult as you want it to be.

You know Wolf’s weaknesses. Exploit them.

Basic Strategy: N/A

|Captain Falcon|

Difficulty: 3 out of 5

Captain’s Falcon is a beast in the air. His A> aerial should be your
biggest worry, because it does crazy damage and has the knockback of a
Falcon Punch. If you are B> moved, beware the falcon juggle, because it
is formidable. His B^ move is also beastly—it does 19 damage and can KO
at higher percentages. Fortunately, Captain Falcon is not a very good
edge-guarder (primarily because his down smash doesn’t touch the
ground), so you can probably recover very easily.

Basic Strategy: Use your B Neutral—Falcon has no projectiles. Don’t get
suckered into being falcon punched. Meteor smashes and juggling are


Difficulty: 5 out of 5

This little guy was my original main for a reason: He is fast, has nice
aerials, is small, and has a spammable Bv move. On top of that, he has
a projectile. Watch out for the B> move as well. If you can roll it, do
so and counter. I personally like to use the reflector to cut this move
short. Meteor smashing is difficult because of his crazy small size.
Juggling and B Neutral are your only hope.

Basic Strategy: Juggle and A^ smash for the kill.


Difficulty: 2 out of 5

Lucario can very easily be a pushover. He’s big, slow, and laggy. His
projectile is slow and easily reflectable. Lucario also falls at a very
slow rate—he practically floats to the ground. Juggling him will not be
a difficult task, even if the person controlling him does the tap-dance
down aerial; just time it to get in between. Next to all of this,
Lucario is big, making him the target of—you guessed it: the meteor
smash. You should meteor smash not only because it’s amazing,
theatrical, and a humiliating finisher, but also because if you don’t,
Lucario will grow stronger and stronger as you damage him. This is
where Lucario gets his difficulty point.

Basic Strategy: All tactics apply. Beware the counter.


Difficulty: 4 out of 5

Squirtle is annoying. He is fast, strong, and destroys with his A>, A^,
and A< aerials. Fortunately, his Av isn’t very powerful. If you’re
going to go in for an aerial attack, do it from the bottom. Don’t
attempt to meteor smash the stupid turtle… he’s too small to be able to
aim correctly.

Basic Strategy: A lack of projectiles makes Squirtle a nice target for
your B Neutral. KOing him in the old-fashioned way will normally do the


Difficulty: 2 out of 5

Ivysaur is a heavy and is difficulty to meteor smash, which, as I
mentioned, was the primary method of killing heavies. This may bring up
some problems. Basically, you’ll be on the defense for this fight.
Reflecting the B> will be necessary, and B Neutral will be one of your
most frequently used attacks. I’m not saying that he can’t be smashed—
by all means, don’t be afraid to Roll and smash. I’m just saying that
if you want to have an overall successful battle, remain on the
defensive. Try not to approach Ivysaur from above, because his a^ and
Neutral B are gruesome and have nice range.

Basic Strategy: B Neutral + Roll and smash. It’s that simple. Juggling
is optional.

Difficulty: 2 out of 5

Charizard is Ivysaur without the meteor-smash problem or projectile. On
the downside, his smashes are a lot more powerful. Beware B> and juggle
this guy to get damage. I have tested Charizard’s fire move, and it can
be reflected.

Basic Strategy: Like I said, juggle to get damage, and B Neutral works
whenever the opportunity arises.


Difficulty: Either 1 out of 5 or 4 out of 5.

Jigglypuff is either amazing or terrible. When she’s terrible, you
shouldn’t even need a guide. When she’s good, well, here’s the help
you’ll need. Don’t juggle Jigglypuff. In fact, she’s more likely going
to be juggling you. “Jugglypuff” is a more fitting name for her. On the
upside, she has no B^ recovery move, so all of her recovery will come
on 5 floaty jumps. This makes it easy for her to be meteor smashed, but
you won’t really need to. Jigglypuff is the lightest character in the
game. The move you will use to KO will be A^ smash.

Basic Strategy: Stay on the ground, use your blaster. A^ to kill.


Difficulty: 4 out of 5.

Marth is a very difficult match for Wolf, primarily because of the
counter. A good Marth player can counter a Wolf smash very easily.
You’ll want to roll around constantly, getting in smashes during the
lag after the counter. Remember, however, that the counter doesn’ stop
grabs. Don’t attempt a juggle, because Marth’s Av aerial is fast enough
and has enough range to hit you surprisingly. Keep this fight on the
ground. When you do juggle, only hit him twice and let the fight come
back down. You’ll want to alternate frequently.

Basic Strategy: Roll and wait until he counters before you attack
again. The blaster should work well here.


Difficulty: 2 out of 5

Ike is a powerhouse. Fortunately, he’s a slow powerhouse. Keep this guy
in the air at all times, because his aerials aren’t all that great for
a heavy. His B> move is difficult to avoid Roll and smash are very
useful against Ike. Use it often.

Basic Strategy: Whereas Marth and Ike may not be very similar in terms
of special moves, the way you KO them should be similar. Juggle and
meteor smash.


Difficulty: 2 out of 5

Ness is relatively slow, and this should be exploited by Wolf. Dash
attacks are good against Ness because his smashes are slow. Ness has
three projectiles, two of which are reflectable. Don’t be afraid to
juggle, and there’s also a very cheap way to KO Ness… When he does his
B^ move to recover, jump into the PK Thunder. Ness will fall to his
doom, and you still have two recovery moves left. This is an
alternative to meteor smashing.

Basic Strategy: Dash attack, Cheap KOing, and juggling will be good
against Ness.


Difficulty: 3 out of 5

Lucas is actually more difficult than Ness. He is faster and his
smashes are better (beware the A^). Also, to KO Lucas by getting rid of
his PK Thunder, you must reflect it in order for it to succeed. Lucas’s
PK Thunder goes through opponents. Other than that, the same strategies

Basic Strategy: Same as Ness’s

|Mr. Game & Watch|

Difficulty: 5 out of 5

This will be a defensive battle. Game and Watch was jacked up from
Melee and has become the single most annoying character for me. All of
his smashes are good, and his B^ move gives him amazing horizontal
recovery. Do not use your blaster, because every time you do, you give
him the opportunity of filling his Oil Panic. When he has two
projectiles absorbed, you must not use any projectiles against him at
all. Oil Panic is an insanely good move. Game and Watch is easy to KO
in a practical manner.

Basic Strategy: AAA + B Neutral will work against him. Use the counter-
grab to block his A> smash. Do not juggle (stinking key move). KO with
A> and Av.


Difficulty: 4 out of 5

Snake is slow, and all of his KO moves have some lag. Use this to your
advantage. He has two projectiles, both of which can be reflected.
Don’t hesitate to juggle this guy, but be cautious with the meteor
smash. Snake has an eccentric recovery. Beware, because a good Snake
will know how to use his tilts properly.

Basic Strategy: Not much special here. Juggle and do a practical KO.


Difficulty: 5 out of 5

Sonic is the fastest character in the game, has amazing recovery, and
also has an Av aerial that prevents you from juggling him. On top of
that, he is difficult to meteor smash because of his small size. Use
your B Neutral often to stop his annoying B side move. If he spams the
homing attack, roll dodge and hit him with the tip of your A> smash.

Basic Strategy: Use your Av move and B neutral moves often. Take
advantage of the range of your A> move. You must damage him in whatever
manner you can. The KOing isn’t hard.

10.	Stadium Challenges						[SC]

9a. Target Smash

Alright, so I’m not able to tell you how to beat the target levels
quickly. Instead, I’ll give you a universal strategy that works with
all characters.

|Target Smash Level 1|

Figure it out, smarty.

|Target Smash Level 2|

Jump up and hit the target above you at the very beginning, then jump
and aerial the one above that in the little alcove shaped like an L.
Then, grab the smart bomb on the ledge and throw it directly upwards.
Head through the opening to your left and aerial the target that the
smart bomb didn’t destroy. Aerial the next target (it will be floating
right there), and then grab the cracker launcher. When you grab it,
you’ll be in perfect position to shoot the target up and to the right.
Afterwards, walk straight off the ledge and lean your control stick to
the right so that you can shoot the box. Shoot the box. Turn around and
smash the target in front of you. The box will hit the last two

|Target Smash Level 3|

When you start, immediately walk into the launcher thing. It is
possible to grab the smart bomb a split second before you land, but
it’s only necessary if you need to shave that extra second. When you
grab it, there is a way that you can hit three targets: the moving one,
the one next to the moving one, and the one below the platform that the
moving one is near. You’ll notice that when you jump off the ledge,
you’ll see a smaller platform; throw it right after you pass it—like
literally, the smart bomb should graze the bottom of that platform. If
done correctly, you should have hit all three targets. After that, jump
to the right and hit the target on that ledge, and then down aerial the
target at the top of the moving platforms. After that, run down the
moving platforms and Nair the one over the pit. Jump and then B^ into
the spikes above. That should give you momentum to the 9th target on the
other end of the stage. Hit it, and then double jump. Use the B^
special move to hit the spring (this should be kind of difficult. As I
mentioned, Wolf’s B^ move is annoying because he plummets after it’s
over. Use the spring to reach the target #10. B> works best to get it.

|Target Smash level 4|

This is the hardest target smash level in terms of the challenge that
you have to beat. At least they gave you more time for this one than
they did for target smash level 5. Anyways, when you start, jump and
aerial the one to your upper-left. After that, jump onto the platform
to your right and wait for the target. When you hit it, immediately
dash to your left and hit the moving one in the alcove left of where
you started. At that time, the target that rotates around the entire
stage should be moving up from the bottom. Hit it. Drop down, run to
your left and then do a quick Uair to hit that target. Dash to your
left and drop down. If you were fast enough, the target that moves in
and out of the ice should be ready for breaking. Use A> to get it. Run
to the left and up aerial the target moving horizontally, and then wait
for the next rotating one to come. Hit it when you have the
opportunity. After that, run to the left and use the same strategy you
used to get the one hanging over the pit in target smash level 3. The
B^ move should be enough to grab the ledge. After that, dash to the
side and jump and B^ move the final target.

Note: Don’t expect to beat the challenge with this strategy. Sonic is
actually the best for this one.

|Target Smash level 5|

Jump and immediately Uair the target above you. Land, and then run to
your left, doing a Fair as you come close to it. Freefall to the next
tairget and Nair it. Jump, and grab the ledge (this may take some
practice. It’s difficult to recover after that move. When you jump up
from the ledge, jump into the lower alcove to your right, and then jump
up into the one above that using a double jump. If you get it just
right, you can B^ and hit it without landing. Jump to the falling
platforms to your left and make your way up. Grab the cracker launcher
and fall onto the lower “/” thing. From there, shoot the cracker
launcher at the one you’re pointing at, and then throw the cracker at
the bottom of the “/” thing next to you. It should fall between them
and break the target in the middle. After that, jump down and grab the
beam sword. Chuck it into the air as you pass underneath the stationary
target above you, and then Fair the target on the other side of the
wall. Land quickly, because you’re going to catch the beamsword on its
way back down. When you do, immediately throw it at the two stationary
targets in front of you. The beamsword should it both. Congratulations!

9b. Home-Run contest

When I used Wolf for the Home-Run contest, I used the universal
strategy at first: Grab the bat and chuck it at the sandbag as many
times as possible. This worked, and I got about 1500 feet out of it.
After some experimenting, I came up with this:

Do an A^ smash immediately when you start, and then do a Bair into it.
Before you land, you should be able to get a Uair into it. The sandbag
should land close to its original spot. Proceed with the bat-chucking.

I got 2000+ feet this way.

9c. Alloy Brawls

|10-Man Brawl|

If you need help with this, you fail and should not have bothered
reading this guide.

|100-Man Brawl|

Spam your smashes in the center of the stage (exactly where you start).
Av should be the one you use constantly, and A^ if one spawns right
above you.

|3-Minute Brawl|

Same strategy as 100-Man Brawl. You should survive long enough.

|15-Minute Brawl|

I really can not figure out any way to do this. The only thing I can
think of is spamming your blaster constantly and using A> when the
alloys come too close. It doesn’t work long enough to be effective,

|Endless Brawl|

Use the same strategy as 100-Man Brawl’s.

|Cruel Brawl|

This is a huge challenge. My most effective strat is to dash to the
right ledge when you start and Av to get some damage on them. Make sure
they don’t touch you. When they start to crowd around each other and
stop trying solo stuff, jump away from the ledge and then B> move into
the crowd. Those who stayed on the ledge will be blown back by the
move, and those who jumped off after you won’t be able to recover.
Stand back on the ledge and Av smash to prevent them from recovering.

9d. Boss Battles

Again, I can give you the general strategies, but that would take too
long. Instead, I’ll give you the link to another gamefaqs page where
you can read all about the individual bosses. I will give some specific
strategies, however. This is the Boss Battle guide, thanks to
MogAzure10: http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/wii/file/928518/52134

|Petey Piranha|

This guy is pretty easy. You can blaster spam from the side, or double
jump and aerial him while he’s swinging the cage. The safest, longest
way would be to blaster-spam from the side, but the riskier, faster way
is the aerial approach.

|Master Hand|

If you stand directly under Master Hand’s wrist, you can Strong A^ him
very quickly. Reflect the pistol hand thing. Take advantage of the
loads of time he gives you during his finger laser things. Just pelt
him with aerials.

|Crazy Hand|

Sadly, the A^ strong doesn’t work on him as well as against Master
Hand. Just jump and do Bairs against him. When he does his hand spasm
thing on the ground, blaster spam him. He doesn’t have the pistol hand
move :(.

|Meta Ridley|

This guy is a piece of cake. If you jump in front of his face during
the fireball move and reflect, you can reflect every one of his
fireballs. It works better with Fox, though (I used him to…almost… beat
intense mode on Boss Battles.)


There’s nothing too special about this guy. I think that MogAzure10
covered it pretty well in his guide (the link is above). The only thing
I can think of is to blaster spam him when he shrieks and blows wind at


Alright, so this is pretty much my least favorite boss. He’s the only
one that I have never gotten a perfect on. You can’t reflect anything
at him and he can KO you in one hit on intense mode. I’d go into
details about how many times this guy has ruined my runs on intense
mode in boss battles, but I might start crying. The only thing I have
to say is, when he dashes at you, you have to double jump and B> move
over his head.


With Galleom, you can sit between his legs and Av smash him. It does
loads of damage and is really fast. Do it whenever he’s not attacking
(which, on intense mode, is not very frequent.) When he does his “happy
hops” (as I like to call them), sidestep dodge the first three, and
then aerial him as he lands the fourth time.


You can reflect one of Rayquaza’s big Hyper Ball moves. The one where
Rayquaza puts the majority of his body on the ground and fires the ball
across the ground is the one you can reflect. Don’t get it confused
with the one where he rears back his entire body and fires the ball
diagonally at the ground.


This guy is also annoying. Since Wolf’s only range move is his blaster,
which doesn’t fire very quickly, you might have to aerial him. Do not,
however, aerial his blue side. He can KO you in one hit as well, even
at 0%. One of his attacks is reflectable, too. When Duon lowers his
arms, he will shoot a series of purple lasers, all of which can be

11. Version History								[VH]

1.0: Original guide, gamefaqs rejected because of “Lack of Content.”

1.01: Added “Vs. Specific character guide.” Rejected again because of
“Lack of Content.”

1.02: Added Stadium guides: Target Smash, Home-Run Contest, Alloy
Brawls, and Boss Battles. Crossing fingers desperately.

1.1: Gamefaqs accepted! Realized that underlining doesn’t show up in
gamefaqs—fixed. Added disclaimer. Put in new move for Final Smash +
damages. Minor structural corrections.

Version 1.11: Added edge glitching section. Added to the B> move
section. Fixed Down Throw info. Minor grammatical and structural

Version 1.2: Added some info on final smash. Changed Av strong
description. Added reflector note. Added numerous changes in the “Vs.
Specific Character” section. Added smash taunt section.

Version 1.21: Added a pro and con. Minor modifications to Vs. Specific
Character” section. Added to recovery section.

Version 1.22: Added to B moves section (nearly every one). Added the
“scarring” clarification. Added to the Peach guide. Added long and
boring speech about meteor smashing. Fixed name mistake in Ike’s guide.

Version 1.23: Made various changes to the vs. specific character guide
(primary changes: Link and Toon Link were given a difficulty point
because of my initial underestimation).

Version 1.24: Minor typo fixes. Changed Lucario’s vs. specific
character guide.

Version 1.3: Minor typo fixes. Added a search system present in most
guides on gamefaqs :P. Changed Samus’s and Lucas’s guide. Modified some
final smash advice. Added reflection idea to Duon Boss guide.

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