Star Fox Taunt Script by Shadow_StarWolf

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Star Fox Taunts Script

Table of Contents
0.0 Disclaimer
a.1 About the Guide
b.2 General Information
c.3 Fox's Taunts
d.4 Falco's Taunts
e.5 Wolf's Taunts
f.6 Credits

0.0 Disclaimer

Characters are owned by Nintendo. This guide is owned by me. Use it. Share it.
Don't profit from it.

Problems? Suggestions? E-mail me.

a.1 About the Guide

People are asking on what Star Fox characters (Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi,
and Wolf O'Donnell) say during their special taunts at Lylat Cruise. I decided
to make a transcript of those taunts. I also included the ones found in the
Melee stage Corneria, although Wolf doesn't have special taunts there (he
wasn't playable back in Melee after all).

Oh and just in case people get confused.
64 - refers to Star Fox 64
Assault - refers to Star Fox Assault
Command - refers to Star Fox Command

b.2 General Information

To perform the special taunt, you have to perform the third taunt repeatedly
until you see the character go into a kneeling stance while shaking their
fist. The third taunt can be done by pressing the following buttons (assuming
you are on a default key configuration).

- Down on the d-pad (GCN controller and Classic controller)
- Down and A at the same time (Wii remote)
- Button 2 (Nunchuk + Wii remote)

Keep hitting the button until the character does the pose. If the character
completes the whole animation (kneeling while shaking fist, and then standing
up and performing a salute), the secret taunt has been activated.

There are certain things to consider though.

- You can only perform one special taunt per match.
- When you are hit during the animation, the special taunt will fail to
  execute. You have to do another match to perform the taunt.
- When someone performs a Final Smash or completes a Dragoon, the taunt is
  automatically canceled.
- When the character who activated the taunt gets knocked out, the taunt is
- In Melee stage, Corneria, the special taunt has a chance of failing. Fox and
  Falco will explode (yeah, weird) instead of calling their teammates.
- There are a total of four special taunts in Melee: Corneria, per character
  (minus Wolf, who doesn't have any). They are picked randomly.
- There are a total of five special taunts in Lylat Cruise per character. The
  dialog depends on the background of the stage after a space warp.
- In Lylat Cruise, The special taunt won't immediately start after the pose.
  Instead, it will begin right after the background does a warp. However, if
  the character finishes the special taunt pose right after the warp, the
  dialog will immediately start.
- The backgrounds in Lylat Cruise have no specific order. The background
  doesn't repeat twice however.

Lylat Cruise has five backgrounds which determine the special taunt of the
character. The backgrounds are:

- Blue planet. Not sure if it's Corneria (Peppy says it is, but Leon doesn't
  seem to think that it is Corneria).
- Starry space. Just a plain starry field.
- Skirmish. You see a bunch of fleet firing at each other.
- Asteroid field. Asteroids at the background appear while an Arwing appear
  to shoot it (it seems that the Wolfens are also there, judging by the
  dialog, but I don't see them).
- Dogfight. Star Wolf vs. Star Fox with Great Fox flying.

As far as voice acting goes, here are the ones who did the voices.

Fox McCloud - Jim Walker
Falco Lombardi - Dex Manley (he was ROB64's VA in Assault)
Wolf O'Donnell - Jay Ward (he also did the intro in Metroid Theme music)
Krystal - Alesia Glidewell
Slippy Toad - Mike McAuliffe
Peppy Hare - ??? (he was voiced by Henry Dardenne in Assault)
Leon Powalski - ??? (he was voiced by David Scully in Assault... the dude
 who voiced Sergeant Johnson in Halo)
Panther Caroso - ??? (he was also voiced by David Scully in Assault)

Before I close this section, I just want to remind the people - these dialogs
have very little to do with Star Fox as far as canon goes. The Arwing and
Wolfen designs are new but are more or less close to the 64 design than
Assault or Command. The Great Fox being used at the background is the 64
version. This creates a problem because Panther wasn't introduced until
Assault. Krystal's dialog seems like she has been on both teams, which is
fine if you consider Command, but then Panther talks as if he is a newcomer
to Star Wolf, which would be completely off because in Command he is already
known. Heck, Pleiades, the arena-ship you fight on, doesn't exist in Star
Fox at all!

In other words - take the special taunts with a grain of salt in terms of

Also, I find it odd that Falco talks a lot more than Fox and Wolf.

And of course my favorite of all special taunts is Wolf's skirmish taunt!

c.3 Fox's Taunts

-Blue Planet-

Peppy: Look, we're passing Corneria. Protecting this planet sure has been a
 lot of work.

Falco: Yeah, it's kept things from getting too boring around here.

Wolf: Don't think you can take a breather just yet, Team Star Fox!

Peppy: Ahhh! Star Wolf!

Wolf: You know you are all like us. Our fates are intertwined. We are
 determined to meet in battle. After all, what fun is there to be had in
 peace and quiet? A true warrior can only live in the battlefield!

Falco: Then why don't you show me what a real warrior's like, fuzzball! I'm
 ready if you are!

Slippy: Boy, those guys are always itching to fight, huh?

-Asteroid Field-

Peppy: We've hit an asteroid field! Protect the main ship at all costs!

Falco: Take it easy, Peppy. We just need to blow up some of these asteroids,

Slippy: Don't worry about us, Fox! We've got things covered here. You just
 focus on the battle!

Krystal: Don't let us down, Fox!

Slippy: Blast 'em once for me, buddy!


Peppy: We're in the middle of an interplanetary skirmish. Stay sharp and keep
 an eye on your six!

Slippy: Eeeep! This place is a war zone!

Falco: Heh, what are you worried about? These guys are weaker than overcooked

Peppy: Overcooked noodles? What's that supposed to mean?

Krystal: That's not a terribly good comparison, is it?

Falco: ...

(Actually, this makes sense in the Japanese dialog. "Somen" is a type of
noodle, but it also means "injury". Peppy mistakes "somen" as a noodle
instead of the latter.)


Falco: Pff! We meet again, Star Wolf!

Krystal: Uugh! These guys are no joke!

Leon: Heh, I'll make sure to work you over real good before I turn you into
 scrap metal.

Panther: Do you see my red rose? It marks your imminent death!

Wolf: Listen close: I won't let a single one of you leave here alive! And
 Fox, remember this! I'm the one who's going to take you down!

-Starry Space-

Falco: Fox looks like he's got his hands full.

Krystal: Yes, he's putting up quite a fight, though.

Peppy: You know, he reminds me of his father every day.

Slippy: Hey, this is no time for chitchat guys! Shouldn't we be worried about
 Fox? He's out there with no air! How's he supposed to breathe?!

Peppy: Bah! Way to go, Slippy. No one would've eben noticed if you hadn't
 opened up your big yap!

-Melee: Corneria 1-

Slippy: Use the B button and the Control Stick combos for special moves!

Peppy: Press Up or the X or Y buttons to jump!

Falco: What? You're now just experiencing the controls?!

-Melee: Corneria 2-

Slippy: Wow! I almost feel like going for a swim!

Falco: You swim in the ocean too?

Slippy: Don't make fun of me, birdbrain!

Peppy: Ahh, to be young again...

-Melee: Corneria 3-

Peppy: Fox! Be careful! I have a bad feeling about this.

Slippy: What? Everything's fine - I'm here!

Falco: That's what worries me the most...

d.4 Falco's Taunts

-Blue Planet-

Fox: Looks like we made it to Corneria. Falco sure is a sticking it to 'em
 out there.

Krystal: Yes, but don't you find it... odd? I've never even seen some of his
 opponents before.

Fox: Well it is a brawl, after all. Everyone's in on the fight!

Peppy: That gives me itching for some action. I want in!

Slippy: No way! Old-timers like you ride the bench. This fight's mine!

Krystal: What are you two thinking? I'm the only one who can come through in
 a fight like this.

(Well... In my opinion... LANDMASTER!)

-Asteroid Field-

Fox: It's an asteroid belt. We've got to clear a path!


Peppy: Get ahold of yourself, Slippy! Falco's counting on us.

Krystal: If we let a fragment fly off toward the ship, it could cause serious

Slippy: I wouldn't worry too much. Falco's a tough old bird. He can take care
 of himself.

Peppy: Well... yeah, I guess you've got a point there.


Slippy: Wow! We're in the middle of a full-sclae skirmish!

Fox: Keep your hat on, Slippy!

Peppy: Yeah, look at Falco. He's not letting the skirmish slow him up one bit.

Krystal: Yes. He's a fighter, all right. Who else would have the guts to
 open a communication channel during a fistfight?

Peppy: Just the same, watch yourself, Falco. Don't go getting yourself
 toasted by a stray laser!

Slippy: Good luck, Falco!


Wolf: Playtime ends here, Star Fox!

Fox: Star Wolf!

Leon: Hey there, boy, how do you like my new ship? Want to see what it can

Panther: I am known as Panther Caroso. I salute you, my enemy.

Krystal: Hmph, it looks like the gang's all here.

Peppy: Good enough! Come on, Fox, let's get 'em!

Slippy: Hey, don't forget about me!

-Starry Space-

Fox: Ah, finally a day free of space combat.

Krystal: That may be so, but it's looking like a regular war zone on top of
 the ship.

Peppy: Falco! If you lose this one, I'm never going to let you live it down!
 Go, Falco! Never give up! Trust your instincts!

Slippy: Ha! I think I've heard that line before!

Peppy: Erm, sorry, Fox. I kind of channeled your dad there.

Fox: Yeah, I noticed, Peppy.

(Did Peppy just made a short rickroll?)

-Melee: Corneria 1-

Peppy: Look out, Slippy! Enemies behind you!

Slippy: Fox! I think someone's on my tail!

Fox: Get out of there, Slippy!

Slippy: Thanks, Fox! I thought I was done for!

-Melee: Corneria 2-

Peppy: Falco! Don't let them get you!

Slippy: This has gotten interesting! I'm on the edge of my seat!

Fox: Falm down! This is where the real battle begins!

-Melee: Corneria 3-

Slippy: Hold the A button to charge up shots!

Peppy: Cut your way through with a boost!

Fox: Aren't you guys thinking of something else?

-Melee: Corneria 4-

Fox: All ships report in!

Slippy: This is Slippy! I'm all right! I'm all right!

Peppy: Peppy here! I'm a little shaken, but I'm OK. Sorry... I've always
 wanted to say that.

e.5 Wolf's Taunts

Note: Wolf has no Melee taunts.

-Blue Planet-

Leon: A blue planet... It's actually quite breathtaking, isn't it?

Slippy: Boy, I'll say! Look at all that water! It's a paradise for guys like
 you and me, huh? Without a quick dip in the water now and then, we get all
 dried out!

Leon: Listen, I'm no frog. Don't try to stick us in the same group!

Slippy: But, you've got a long stretchy tongue just like me, right?

Leon: Didn't I just tell you to drop the subject?

-Asteroid Field-

Leon: Star Wolf is here in the asteroid field.

Krystal: Oh my. This looks like it's going to be rather nasty.

Panther: Worry not, my dear. Should you find yourself in harm's way, I would
 use the very ship I pilot to protect you.

Krystal: Oh, I feel so much better hearing that. You're such a gentleman,

Falco: Do me a favor and get creamed by an asteroid while you're at it! I'll
 sleep better at night once you do.

Panther: Cease your jabbering, parrot!

Falco: What did you just say?!

(Despite what some people *coughfanboyscough* say, Krystal was sincere when
she thanked Panther. Heck, the Japanese dialog showed that she was flirty
with him.)


Panther: A skirmish... Just the place for a bunch of space drifters like

Leon: Star Wolf is really giving it his all otu there. I'm more than a bit
 envious of him. Those razor-sjarp claws. Those keen fangs. He moves wildly
 and fights with the spirit of a warrior possessed! Any prey he sets his eye
 on is doomed to be shredded to pieces!

Panther: Umm... Leon? Are you feeling all right?

Leon: Yes, of course! Fine! Just fine. Haa ha haaaaa ha haaahaaa...

Panther: Set me straight here Leon. Are you envious of the shred-DER or the

(Any prey he sets his eye on is DOOMED to be SHREDDED to PIECES!!!!!!111!!)


Panther: You're foolish to anger me, bird. You must have a death wish!

Falco: Feh! You guys just won't learn your lesson, will you?

Leon: Impudent fowl! You will kneel before me!

Slippy: Ahhh! Guys, Falco's in trouble!

Falco: Can it, Slippy! The tougher the scrape, the brighter I shine! Keep
 back! I'll be the one to bag this cat!

-Starry Space-

Krystal: My, the stars out here are so beautiful.

Panther: Oh, but not as beautiful as yoru radiant self, my dear Krystal.

Krystal: Oh Panther, you always were quite the flatterer.

Panther: Amazing, isn't it? To think that the two of us were fated to cross
 paths in such a sparkling, endless galaxy. Even if we were on opposite sides
 of space, I would speed to your side, faster than a shooting star. Krystal,
 know that my beating heart burns red hot for you, as red as the rose I hold.

Falco: Good grief! Where do you come up with this stuff?! Enough already!

f.6 Credits

Thanks to my parents for raising me up.

Thanks to GameFAQs for hosting this.

Thanks to you, reader, for reading this.