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Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Character Guide: Lucario

Version: 1.7
Author: J. Honaker (jehonaker)
Date completed: 8-07-2008

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=Table of Contents=
0. Version History [vhs]
1. An Introduction to Lucario [int]
2. Handling the Aura [chr]
3. Aura: Lucario's Gimmick [ara]
4. Terms and Techniques [trm]
5. Aura Tech: Ground attacks [grd]
6. Aura Tech: Smash Attacks [sma]
7. Aura Tech: Air Annihilation [air]
8. Aura of Special Type [spc]
9. Aura Tech: Flinging your Foe [thr]
10.Aura Tech: The Wrath of Aura Storm [fsm]
11.The Art of Recovery [rcv]
12.General Tips and Strategies [tip]
13.Jackal Gone Wrong: Versus the Others [mtc]
  -Mario [mar]
  -Luigi [lui]
  -Peach [pea]
  -Bowser [bow]
  -Donkey Kong [don]
  -Diddy Kong [ddy]
  -Yoshi [ysh]
  -Wario [war]
  -Link [lin]
  -Zelda [zel]
  -Sheik [shk]
  -Ganondorf [gan]
  -Toon Link [tli]
  -Samus [sms]
  -Zero Suit Samus [zss]
  -Pit [pit]
  -Ice Climbers [icc]
  -R.O.B. [rob]
  -Kirby [kir]
  -Meta Knight [mtk]
  -King Dedede [ddd]
  -Olimar [oli]
  -Fox [fox]
  -Falco [flc]
  -Wolf [wlf]
  -Captain Falcon [cfl]
  -Pikachu [pka]
  -Pokémon Trainer [pok]
   +Squirtle [sqr]
   +Ivysaur [ivy]
   +Charizard [chz]
  -Lucario [luk]
  -Jigglypuff [jgl]
  -Marth [mrt]
  -Ike [ike]
  -Ness [nss]
  -Lucas [lcs]
  -Mr. Game & Watch [gaw]
  -Snake [snk]
  -Sonic [snc]
14.Contact Twaddle [ctw]
15.Acknowledgements [ack]

=Version History= [vhs]
-Version 1.0: Started 8-03-2008.
              Completed 8-07-2008.
-Version 1.5: Completed 9-04-2008.
              Revised match-ups, fixed typos, and added how to unlock him.
              Added pros and cons.
-Version 1.7: Completed 9-22-2008.
              Added more info and fixed typos, and elucidated on Aura.
Need to add:
-Helpful terms
-Advanced Techs
-Questions and Answers

=An Introduction to Lucario= [int]
Lucario, obviously, is a Pokémon, being #448 out of 493. With most Lucario
being male, I'll refer to the blue jackal as a male.

His first appearance was in "Pokémon Mystery Dungeon", making a small cameo.
Since then, he's had a movie, and is a rather popular Pokémon in the Diamond/
Pearl generation of games, thanks to his odd Steel-Fighting type.

Many people see him as having replaced Mewtwo, the much-demonized fighter from
Melee who was largely panned for being utterly flawed. Honestly, the two are
about as similar as apples and eels are. While Mewtwo relied on staying away
and attacking from a distance, Lucario prefers close-quarters combat.

And while I miss my main from Melee, Mewtwo, Lucario is an excellent choice.
His current position in the SBR tier list is #9, in the High tier. There are
some problems you may want to be attentive to, but these aren't fatal.

Ah, yes...Lucario's an unlockable character. Here's how to unlock him:
+Play 100 brawls. The winner of the match will IMMEDIATELY battle Lucario
 on Spear Pillar.
+Beat all 5 levels of "Target smash!!" with a character. You will then fight
 Lucario on Spear Pillar.
+Play through the Subspace Emissary until Lucario joins you.
With the first two, you must beat him before he'll be unlocked.

=Handling the Aura= [chr]
So, how do Lucario's statistics compare to his brethren? He is a rather odd
mix of floatiness and speed, but his power is a bit...unusual.
+Land Speed: 3.5/5
 Lucario is a touch above average on the ground. He's not the most agile or
nimble of the Brawl cast, but he actually outpaces a lot of foes.
+Aerial Mobility: 4/5
 His floaty movements and excellent lateral movement work well for Lucario
in most battles. He does well in the air.
+Jumping: 4.5/5
 Lucario has two rather massive, floaty jumps. They won't match up to his
"predecessor", but they work well.
+Recovery: 3.5/5
 He has two massive jumps and the unusual ExtremeSpeed special to come back.
It has its benefits, but Lucario is easily edgeguarded and sabotaged.
+Weight: 2.5/5
 His weight is far from ideal, but at least Lucario has some staying power.
+Shielding: 5/5
 Lucario has lightning-fast dodges and a decent-enough shield size. It's one
of his best areas.
+Grabbing: 4/5
 Grabbing isn't good in this game, but Lucario has one of the best sets of
throws and options to use.
+Power: ???/5
 This is the wild-card. I'll explain it in the next section.
+Range: 4.5/5
 Deceptive. The extra pulse at the end of his attacks affords greater range
than would be expected. Fighting Lucario can be disorienting as such.
+Priority: 4/5
 The extra range his attacks have afford good priority. Usually, Lucario
wins out against most foes.

So, here are his pros and cons, summarized.

+Power increases as the match progresses.
+Excellent range and priority from disjointed hitboxes.
+Great air game.
+Solid recovery.
+Quick, erratic movements aided with an excellent shield.
+Can chaingrab.
+Can counter opponents.
+Floaty, with excellent lateral motion.
+Good overall power.
+Solid projectile (Aura Sphere).

-Average speed on the ground.
-Fairly light. Not Jigglypuff-light, but not that heavy.
-Slow smashes.
-Floaty, leaving him largely vulnerable to juggling.
-Weak at the start of matches, and has trouble returning from an unfavorable
 stock count.
-Recovery is susceptible to being blocked.

=Aura: Lucario's Gimmick= [ara]
If you're unfamiliar to Lucario but have heard of him on the Internet, you
probably know about "Aura". Here's the rundown of it:

Lucario's attacks start out weaker than most characters' attacks. As he takes
on damage, though, his power slowly starts to build.
It's tough to get a good read on how the damage rises, but it is easy to note
at around 30%-40% for the first time. The boosts stop at 200%, where his moves
hit for double power and knockback IF they use Aura. (Don't worry: only three
of his moves do not use Aura in them.)
Note that this figure isn't 100% accurate...the Aura cap is closer to 167%.

So...this means that Lucario's attacks power up by 5% every time his damage
goes up by 10%, or something like that. Five percent of, say, thirteen is not
very large. It's when they start stacking that Lucario becomes dangerous. The
5% boost is off of the base power, so his boost is 1.2 times at 40%.

Additionally, Lucario powers up slightly when he falls behind in a match.
This is actually a boon for Lucario. A thread on Smash World Forums states
that his damage output is impacted in the following manner:

~If Lucario is AHEAD BY 2+ STOCK/POINTS: [Aura Boost] * 0.8
~If Lucario is AHEAD BY 1 STOCK/POINT: [Aura Boost] * 0.9
~If Lucario is TIED IN STOCK/POINTS: [Aura Boost] * 1.0
~If Lucario is BEHIND BY 1 STOCK/POINT: [Aura Boost] * 1.2
~If Lucario is BEHIND BY 2 STOCK/POINTS: [Aura Boost] * 1.4

So, what does this mean? Here's an example.
If Lucario's tied for the lead, at 100%, his damage output is 1.5x the output
at 0%. If he's ahead by 2+, the multiplier falls to 1.2x. If he's ahead by 1,
the multiplier is 1.35x.
If he's behind by 1, the multiplier is 1.8x. If he's behind by 2+, it spikes
to 2.1x his output at 0%!
The maximum Aura multiplier is at a disadvantage of 2+, if Lucario is at
peak Aura (anywhere from 167%-200%), is 2.8x.

Problem is, Lucario is not particularly durable or heavy. He starts running
into danger at 110%, earlier against the extreme powerhouses. This is where
tactics come into play: do you stay away, or do you let your percentage rise
in hopes of increasing his power?

=Terms and Techniques= [trm]
These may help you as Lucario. Knowledge is power, da?
 A still image. 60 frames are issued every second.
-Stale Move Negation
 Decreased knockback and damage on repeated usage of a move.
 Shorthand for the forward-A, up-A, or down-A attacks.
 Hold L or R to use your shield. Tap left or right to roll, or tap up or down
 to spot-dodge.
 You can use attacks out of shield, like an up-tilt or an up-B, or jump.
 Grabbing is also a possibility out of shield.
-Air Dodge
 Tap L or R in mid-air to become temporarily immune to attacks.
 Tap L or R to convert falling momentum into a standing position or to cancel
 momentum as you impact a wall.
-Disjointed hitbox
 An attack that comes out away from the user, such that the opponent cannot
 hurt them if the attack is outprioritized.
 Mercilessly grabbing and throwing so that your foe is unable to escape.
 Lucario has a chaingrab, but not a conventional one.
 Grabbing, pummeling, and releasing a foe, then grabbing them once more before
 they regain control following a grab. Sometimes referred to as a "deathgrab".
 Lucario does not have one for or against him.
 Repeatedly tap the control stick so that you dash while being able to go into
 a smash or tilt.
-Dash Attack Cancel
 Using an up-smash out of a dash attack by cancelling it in the opening
 Preventing an opponent from grabbing a ledge, forcing them into the abyss.
 To destroy a recovery with an attack.
-Footstool Jump
 Springboarding off of an opponent to gain height. This is a spike that can
 be pulled off by anyone of a mid-air opponent, especially if they try to
 Meteor Smash you...
-Meteor Smash/Spike
 A Meteor Smash is an attack that launches downwards, hopefully into a void.
 A spike is a stronger version. I will use them interchangeably.
 An infamous "advanced tech" from Super Smash Bros. Melee, which entailed air
 dodging into the ground to slide along. This is NOT IN BRAWL, but Yoshi
 can perform a different variant of it.

=Aura Tech: Ground Attacks= [grd]
Here's the general format I will be using for his attacks:

+Button combination, assuming a GameCube controller.
Description: what Lucario does.
Damage: sliding-scale of damage, NOT factoring in stock-based multipliers.
Knockback: qualitative knockback comparison.
KO Potential: if you should use it to deliver the final blow.
Analysis: anything else to note about the attack, including commentary.

+Neutral-A Combo
Description: Lucario delivers two jabs and a kick, Aura at each end.
Damage: three hits, 7-14% if all three hit. Two weak hits, one strong hit.
Knockback: fair on last hit, poor on other hits.
KO Potential: probably not.
Analysis: One of the better jab combos, Lucario's three hits are fast and
fairly powerful. It's a good damage builder at low percentages, but the
final kick is often too strong at higher percentages.

Description: Lucario jabs forward, unleashing an Aura burst.
Damage: 9-18%.
Knockback: fair.
KO Potential: hopeless.
Analysis: This attack comes out quickly and with good range, but it has no
hope of killing at reasonable percentage.

Description: Lucario unleashes an Aura-tipped roundhouse kick.
Damage: 4-8%.
Knockback: decent.
KO Potential: nope.
Analysis: It's possibly the fastest move in Lucario's arsenal, and it's good
as a surprise or juggle-starter. It's not the best, though, at building up

Description: Lucario unleashes a low, Aura-tipped kick.
Damage: 5-10%.
Knockback: meh.
KO Potential: no dice.
Analysis: Another quick attack, its point is to trip the foe or merely shock
them with a bit of damage as a plus.

+Dashing Attack
Description: Lucario delivers a split kick.
Damage: 10%.
Knockback: passable.
KO Potential: no chance!
Analysis: This attack is a bit different. For one, it has no Aura augment.
This is good at low percentages, because it is a consistent, fairly fast
damage builder. But, it will quickly fall behind his other moves in terms of
damage output. Use it early, but abandon it at 70%.

+Ledge Attack
Description: Lucario leaps up and delivers a kick. Slows down at 100%.
Damage: 4-8%.
Knockback: meh.
KO Potential: nyet, nyet, nyet.
Analysis: It's a decent safety move. That is all.

+Floor Attack (after being knocked down)
Description: Lucario sweeps around him with an Aura-tipped appendage.
Damage: 5-10%.
Knockback: adequate.
KO Potential: Cheerwine!, no.
Analysis: It is quick and effective, but nothing special.

=Aura Tech: Smash Attacks= [sms]
+Forward Smash
Description: Lucario rears back and fires a blast of Aura.
Damage: 11-22%, uncharged.
        15-30%, charged.
Knockback: very good.
KO Potential: da.
Analysis: This is Lucario's strongest attack at full power, if you have the
time to charge it. The cone of Aura is wide and powerful, and Lucario at
peak power can kill the foe at 60% with an UNCHARGED one of these.
 There is a problem with this attack, though. Lucario has a distinct wind-
up motion for this attack, making it a bit slower than you would like. By
the time Lucario rears back, the opponent might be in your face...
 Fun Note: This attack was like Mewtwo's forward smash. Mewtwo's version,
though, was a fixed-damage blast of dark energy.

+Downwards Smash
Description: Lucario winds up and unleashes a shockwave of Aura.
Damage: 10-20%, uncharged.
        14-28%, charged.
Knockback: good.
KO Potential: eh...possibly.
Analysis: This attack is one of the rare down-smashes to hit on both sides
at the same time. Its range is decent, thougn a bit less than you'd like,
and it has a fair bit of force. It's the fastest of Lucario's smashes, but
it still has a bit of wind-up.
 This move shines, though, as a safety trick. It pushes foes away, and it's
not too slow. If you need a bit of breathing room, use it!

+Upwards Smash
Description: Lucario does a slow spin, firing an Aura shot upwards.
Damage: 9-18%, uncharged.
        12-24%, charged.
Knockback: excellent.
KO Potential: da.
Analysis: This attack is just strange. It has strange lag patterns, but is
best described as his forward-smash, turned 90 degrees.
 The difference is that the lag is mostly cooldown lag, and it has better
range than is immediately apparent. The blast hits both sides of the jackal,
and it hits pretty hard. It starts as a juggler and becomes a nasty vertical 

=Aura Tech: Air Annihilation= [air]
+Neutral Aerial
Description: Lucario spins in a tight circle, Aura alight in paw.
Damage: 7-14%.
Knockback: decent.
KO Potential: nyet.
Analysis: This is Lucario's aerial safety attack. It has good range and a
quick start-up. It's not too weak, but it has this horrific cool-down lag.
Use it only if you're not too far from ground, because it effectivelt ends
your aerial onslaught.

+Forward Aerial
Description: Lucario does a kick in front of him.
Damage: 4-8%.
Knockback: decent.
KO Potential: maybe, as a Wall of Pain.
Analysis: It's fast and effective. It's not much for damaging, but it is
gifted with good knockback. Lucario's air mobility lets him set-up a Wall of
Pain, forcing foes off of the stage with well-placed aerials. It's not his
best move, but it works.

+Backwards Aerial
Description: Lucario jabs behind himself.
Damage: 8-16%.
Knockback: good.
KO Potential: maybe.
Analysis: It has less-than-ideal range, but it comes out quickly and has the
force you need to maul foes.

+Upwards Aerial
Description: Lucario kicks very high, with the Aura coming overhead.
Damage: 7-14%.
Knockback: good.
KO Potential: da.
Analysis: Again, it's quick and has good force. It is a good way to net a
KO by pushing your opponent off of the screen vertically.

+Downwards Aerial
Description: Lucario pauses in the air and delivers two stepping kicks.
Damage: 11-22%, split over two hits.
Knockback: excellent.
KO Potential: da, da, da.
Analysis: Many players see this as Lucario's best move, and it is. The jackal
delivers two powerful blows underneath its feet. Even at low percents, the
victim will go flying a bit. With a damaged Lucario, it's as potent as a
tactical nuclear device.
 It soaks up all of Lucario's aerial momentum, aiding in recovery. Use this
move with frequency, as it clocks in as the Aura Pokémon's best move.

=Aura of Special Type= [spc]
+Neutral Special (B): Aura Sphere
Description: Lucario concentrates his Aura into a destructive blue ball.
Damage: 1-2%, hit by the charge.
        5-10%, uncharged Aura Sphere.
        13-26%, fully-charged Aura Sphere.
Knockback: increases with charge; excellent at full charge.
KO Potential: da, indeed.
ANalysis: Aura Sphere is Lucario's signature attack in the Pokémon games, and
it translates well here. It's a versatile projectile that can kill, and it
proves the best indicator of Lucario's Aura strength.
 Uncharged spheres follow a sine wave pattern, while fully-charged spheres
fly straight and true. They hit hard, and charging one when you get the chance
can never hurt you.
 This attack is the one most impacted by Aura: its size AND speed increase as
Lucario's damage does.
Fun note: This is another attack used to compare Lucario with Mewtwo. The
Shadow Ball Mewtwo packed was different, though: it always hit for 26% at full
power, and it had a hideously erratic path.

+Forward Special (Side-B): Force Palm
Description: Lucario charges and fires an Aura jet from its palm.
             If the foe is close, Lucario will grab and slap them away.
Damage: 7-14%, jet attack.
        9-18%, grab-and-throw.
Knockback: decent on jet, good on grab.
KO Potential: nyet.
Analysis: Force Palm is a mixed bag. The Aura jet is slow and not too damaging
for the charge tacked on. It does have decent range, but it still isn't good.
 The grab effect, though, is excellent. It can be turned into a "chaingrab",
which involves grabbing your opponent mercilessly, sending them to higher
percents easily. Even without that, it's quick and decently powered.

+Upwards Special (Up-B): ExtremeSpeed
Description: After honing his evil for a second, Lucario dashes in the path
             you guide him in. His trajectory can be arced.
Damage: no damage.
Analysis: This is not an attack, really. It is exclusively for Lucario to
move around and recover with. As far as such attacks go, it's merely decent.
 As a move, ExtremeSpeed suffers from hideous lag and being easily sabotaged
by non-damaging tricks. Lucario is vulnerable entering the move, but is not
able to be damaged during movement.
 Its benefit, though, is being able to curve its trajectory by up to 90
degrees. Lucario can easily bend around platforms, and colliding with a wall
will allow him to adhere like tape to it.
 It's not the worst recovery means, but it's far from excellent.

+Downwards Special (Down-B): Double Team
Description: Lucario assumes a defensive position. If attacked at the right
             time, he unleashes a sliding kick into the opponent.
Damage: 7-14%.
Knockback: excellent.
KO Potential: da!
Analysis: The bad news is that Double Team is easy to exploit and easy to
punish, thanks to horrendous lag at the end of the attack and a strange
timing to trigger it. It's vulnerable to grabs, and even using it correctly
may result in a self-destruct if Lucario slides off the edge.
 However, Double Team is an absurdly strong attack that can hit multiple
victims. Augmented by Aura, it can kill at 100%. Don't use this move to the
point of predictability, but it can stun your foe.
 If you're playing with items, it can block a Final Smash.

=Aura Tech: Flinging your Foe= [thr]
Lucario seems to have been gifted with a good set of throws. Here are his
tricks in that realm:

+Grab (Z): Lucario reaches out to grab the foe.
+Pummel (A): A quick Aura jolt is unloaded. 1-2%, very fast.
+Forward Throw: The victim is launched by a burst of Aura. 7-14%.
+Back Throw: Lucario spins and flings the victim. 10%, is not an Aura attack.
+Up Throw: Lucario delivers an Aura-powered uppercut. 4-8%.
+Down Throw: Raising them up, Lucario smashes the foe into the ground. 10%,
             does not use Aura.

Decent, but not apocalyptic. Lucario can net a kill with the Aura-powered
throws at higher percentages.

=Final Smash: The Wrath of Aura Storm= [fsm]
"Watch the power of Aura!"
Lucario's Final Smash deserves mention, because it does not operate like the
bulk of his attacks.

+Final Smash: Aura Storm
Description: Lucario leaps skywards and comes down from the sky. Charging
             up, he unleashes a steady beam of Aura that can be aimed. Lasts
             about 5 seconds.
Damage: 10%, contact on ascent.
        up to 28-56%, actual Aura beam if hit for full time.
Knockback: good on ascent, extreme at the end of Aura Storm.
KO Potential: hell, yes!
Analysis: Aura Storm is one of those Final Smashes that depends on the foe you
are up against. If your opponent can fly or has a lot of jumps, it will miss.
If you are on a larger stage, it probably will miss.
 That being said, this Final Smash does have a nice bit of power on it. It has
one-shot potential if Lucario's at peak power, and it kills at 90% without any
power boost. It is predictable and avoidable, but it looks cool and has enough
to keep it from absolute suckitude.

=The Art of Recovery= [rcv]
He may not have wings or rockets, but Lucario has a decent recovery. Here are
the things to keep in mind while recovering:

+Lucario has but one midair jump, but it is a massive one. His fall rate is
slow, so duping your opponent will help you out.
+His downwards aerial, the double Aura stomp, halts aerial momentum. This can
be used to keep from dying, aiding in stopping a knockout.
+Your aerials are fast and safe, so use them.
+You can cling to walls, and Lucario's wall jump is the largest in the game.
+Only use ExtremeSpeed if you need that extra boost to return. It is laggy,
but you can curve the trajectory to suit your needs. The distance gained is
that of Mewtwo's Teleport from Melee.
 If you hit a wall, you'll cling to it. Note that you won't regain jumps or
use of ExtremeSpeed, but you CAN use aerials.

=General Tips and Strategies= [tip]
Regardless of your foe, here are tips for you to use in battle:

+Remain unpredictable. If your opponent notices a pattern in your attacks, you
will be punished harshly. Plus, overusing attacks will make them weaker.

+Don't toy with your opponent excessively. They will be pissed, and it will
leave you open. Lucario is sometimes a bit frail.

+Know which attacks you can take. You can't take Warlock Punch very well,
but projectiles are a good way to boost your own damage.

+At the same time, avoid being reckless for the above reasons. 

+Never concede. Nobody is unbeatable, but some are tougher. The Aura boosts
are a boon in allowing you to come back.

+Always charge Aura Sphere to use if the opportunity arises.

=Jackal Gone Wrong: Versus the Others= [mch]
Any characters that you're having trouble against? This section is to help
you prepare for matchups, with advice on how to maul the opposition.
I will present data like this:

+Character Name
Difficulty of match-up: scale of 1-7. 1 is good for you, 7 is bad for you.
General strategy: What to do to prevail.
Look out for: attacks that can particularly hurt.

In general, you'd think the powerhouses are the shredders and the weaker
hitters the shreddees. This holds solid for about half of the cast...but
some characters defy this trend.

And, here we go.

+Mario [mar]
Difficulty: 3/7
General strategy: Eh, Mario is nothing special. He has some ways to make the
match interesting, but his lack of killing power is a bonus to Lucario.
 There are three big ways he can do you in: using his Cape to block your Aura
Sphere or recovery, his F.L.U.D.D. to edgeguard, or his forward-aerial spike.
If you remain vigilant, those aren't really lethal. He does have one main
killer on the ground, his forward-smash, but it can't kill easily until the
100% range. 
 Play carefully, and the worst plumber will die easily. Keep to the air, 
because Mario is not good in the skies.
Look out for: his Cape. It can reflect Aura Sphere and stop your recovery.

+Luigi [lui]
Difficulty: 4/7
General strategy: Luigi is a match that can give you woe if you've never
fought a good Luigi. Lucario is good in the air, but Luigi largely matches
your prowess. He has better power than the red plumber, and his recovery
isn't the worst.
 Your aerial game is marginally better, and your reach is superior. Do not 
play him like his brother, or you will pay. Notably, he is open to Aura Sphere
due to his lack of recovery.
 If you play with items on, I will only say this: Luigi's Final Smash is the
WORST one to be caught in. Keep him away from the sphere at all costs.
Look out for: Fire Jump Punch, his up-special. It is a twitchy attack, but
it can take you out at around 70%. If Luigi blows it, smash him.

+Peach [pea]
Difficulty: 2/7
General strategy: Easy match, really. Peach is fairly slow and floaty, but
she's plagued by a lack of killing power. This is a bad thing for the dainty
princess, because Lucario is not good news for one like her.
 The killing moves she does have are telegraphed, but she has an odd way of
playing. Her Toad can counter Aura Sphere and other attacks, but don't let
that stop you. Her floating can segue into her aerials, which are her best
killers (though not especially deadly).
 The jackal easily mauls the princess. Don't let yourself be surprised by
her odd attacks, and you cannot lose.
Look out for: her side-special, Peach Bomber. It comes out with an obvious
indicator, but it does hit hard and can surprise you with the explosion of
loathe afterwards.

+Bowser [bow]
Difficulty: 2/7
General strategy: In theory, Bowser's tendency to hit very hard would give
him the advantage. However, his utter sloth gives Lucario the advantage.
 That being said, Bowser DOES hit hard and can take Lucario out at 80%. You
outrange the big turtle, though, and your attacks are faster. If you can get
him airborne, use that chance to pound him into submission.
 Bowser's weight may keep him alive longer, but his inability to reliably
hit you with his powerful attacks gives you the advantage.
Look out for: his forward-smash. It's slow and obvious, but it hits like a
train and can tack on 43%, charged.

+Donkey Kong [don]
Difficulty: 5/7
General strategy: The big ape is not a fun match for Lucario. He has the
strength to keep you from taking advantage of Aura AND the range and speed
to keep up with you.
 However, Donkey Kong is not blessed with ways to take projectile abuse, and
his attacks do have lag on them. He is none too nimble in the air, so you can
get ahead with your superior air game in a dogfight. He does have a good
backwards aerial, and he'll use it to approach, so be cautious.
 If DK starts putting damage on you, you won't last long. Let him build you
up a bit, but rely on Aura Sphere and your range more than usual.
Look out for: Giant Punch, his normal special. It has a long charge and a
telltale indicator of its charge, but it WILL maul you.

+Diddy Kong [ddy]
Difficulty: 2/7
General strategy: The chimpanzee tries to use his banana peels and his speed
to control the match. Again, though, his power is poor. His smashes are not
lacking in power, but they lack range. All of this will help the jackal to
reach climax quickly.
 Fight as normal, using your aerial prowess to trounce Diddy. You do outrange
him, and you overpower the primate. This isn't too tough, really.
Look out for: his banana peels! He can keep two out on the field at any time.
Keep track of them, because they prove integral to his evil.

+Yoshi [ysh]
Difficulty: 3/7
General strategy: Ah, the green dinosaur. Yoshi is one that can be tough to
handle if you have not faced a competent one. The trademark second jump
makes his recovery tougher to punish.
 Fortuitously, Yoshi isn't particularly strong. His killers are not very
good, and most attacks exist to build up damage. Keep Yoshi on the ground,
though: his aerials hurt more than you'd think, with his Flutter Kick and
his up-aerial as the pinnacle of his evil. He can use his backwards aerial
as another effective damage builder.
 Fight on the ground, and keep enough distance to dodge his smashes. You
shouldn't have it too tough in this match.
 I will mention, though, that Yoshi has access to a pseudo-wavedash that
can catch you off-guard. Be wary of it.
Look out for: his upwards-aerial. It's a strong tail flip that can easily
kill you at 90-100%. This attack is why you want to fight him on the ground.

+Wario [war]
Difficulty: 3/7
General strategy: Wario is unlike any other character. He's floaty, with
aerial prowess to rival yours. The portly plumber, though, is cursed with
piss-poor range.
 What may make this fight tough is the fact that Wario's moves all have a
choppy animation, placing lag only at one end. You easily outrange him, but
Wario up-close and personal is not fun.
 Use Aura Sphere and your aerials to maul Wario. Don't get above him, or
his up-aerial will make you pay the price. 
Look out for: all of his aerials. They hit hard, but they lag on landing.

+Link [lin]
Difficulty: 2/7
General strategy: Poor Link, cursed by slow attacks and a mediocre ranged
game. His recovery sucks, and his attacks are too slow to be of danger on
a consistent basis. His projectiles serve to make you stronger, too.
 He has strong attacks, but his sloth hurts him. Keep away from Link's
sharp sword as best you can, and you'll kill him. Get him off of the stage,
and the odds are not good of Link returning.
Look out for: Link's forward smash. It comes out as two slashes, the second
of which is usually cataclysmic. It's slow, so don't panic.

+Zelda [zel]
Difficulty: 5/7
General strategy: Zelda is one wicked sorceress. She moves slowly, but her
attack speed isn't slow. Worst of all, she fights in your ideal range 
without needing to build up power.
 Everything Zelda does packs a punch. While Aura Sphere may seem like it
will help, Nayru's Love will bounce it back at you. Dodge often to get in,
and take advantage of her slightly slower attacks and your better range.
 Thankfully, Zelda is fragile, dying around 100%. But she still is not an easy
Look out for: Din's Fire. It has a massive range with a massive hitbox. If you
can, use Aura Sphere as she deploys the magical fireburst.

+Sheik [shk]
Difficulty: 1/7
General strategy: Sheik is a light-hitter with practically no power. She does
have some tricks, but it's a chore for her to kill at under 150%. This is a
boon for the Aura-powered jackal. 
 Sheik is fragile, relying on blistering attack speed to overwhelm you. Be
patient: she can't do much to you, but you can.
 This is an easy match-up. If she changes to Zelda, punish the shift.
Look out for: her up-smash. It's her only reliable killer below 150%.

+Ganondorf [gan]
Difficulty: 2/7
General strategy: Ganondorf, as far as characters go, is an utter catastrophe.
He has only one area of note: power. Problem is, he is the strongest character
in terms of killing power.
 His sheer power will force you to keep far, far away. But his attacks are
very laggy, so you may get out of danger with careful timing. Aura Sphere is
your friend in this showdown.
 Ganondorf will have trouble getting to you, but he is capable of flooring
you at 30%! Yes, that early. I can't emphasize how badly a good Ganondorf
can maul you...but you still have the advantage.
Look out for: Warlock Punch, his neutral special. It hits for 32% and an
absurd amount of knockback...but it has a long charge-up. If it hits, though,
you WILL die at 40%. 

+Toon Link [tli]
Difficulty: 4/7
General strategy: Toon Link is what his realistic counterpart wishes he was.
He sacrifices a bit of range for attack speed and general speed. This makes
him much tougher in general.
 His shorter range, though, plays into Lucario's paws. You outrange him with
his nastiest attacks, and your projectile beats his three. Toon Link is not
as effective in the air...but do NOT get under him, or you will pay.
 Toon Link is a solid opponent, but the master of Aura is a good match for
him. His projectiles are good for building your damage up, so you can kill
the cel-shaded swordsman easily.
Look out for: his downwards aerial. It spikes, hits for about 13%, and
can hit twice. Dodge him and punish the ending lag!

+Samus [sms]
Difficulty: 1/7
General strategy: Samus just isn't a good character. She has four projectiles
and a decent set of attacks, but no killing power. This is good for you and
bad for her...because Lucario loves to soak up damage, like a little voodoo
doll, really.
 This shouldn't be tough, really. For one as floaty as she is, her aerial
game SUCKS, mostly serving to rack up your damage. Her power shortage is not
one that helps her. If you face Samus, have fun with the armored woman.
Look out for: her downwards aerial, which spikes. It's slow, but be wary of
her using it as you approach from below.

+Zero Suit Samus [zss]
Difficulty: 2/7
General strategy: Zero Suit Samus packs a bit more power than her less armored
counterpart, but she still isn't a tough foe. Lucario has the advantage in all
ways, and you will easily brutalize her.
 She can be a bit squirrely, so play carefully. Her best attacks tend to lag,
so use that to your advantage. She has few killers, and those are telegraphed
and easy to dodge. She CAN kill you earlier than 100%, so be wary. 
Look out for: her neutral special, Paralyzer, and the down-smash. Zero Suit
Samus will use those to great effect as set-ups for the kill.

+Pit [pit]
Difficulty: 3/7
General strategy: Pit is widely considered a cheap little piece, oops.
The angel has two spammable moves that all notably lack killing power. Stupid
angels can rack up your damage percentages faster than Congressional approval
ratings plunge...but at your benefit.
 For having wings, Pit is actually worse in the air. He can use Palentua's
Arrow to slow your advances, but your aerials work well. Aura Sphere is not
a good idea, because Angel Ring and Mirror Shield rebound it.
 His recovery seems good, but it is not. Nail him as his wings glow, and it's
game over for the winged dirge. 
Look out for: Angel Ring, his side-special. It builds damage AND deflects all
of your projectiles. Truly annoying, really.

+Ice Climbers [icc]
Difficulty: 5/7
General strategy: Nana and Popo are unusually dangerous. They hit hard, they
can chaingrab you to hell, and two targets are usually tougher to handle than
a single opponent. They actually have quick attacks, and they don't lack power
like you'd expect. This makes the battle tough for Lucario.
 The best way to fight is to focus on only one Ice Climber at a time. It is
advantageous to get rid of the CPU player, because one Ice Climber is about
60% the average character in many ways. They aren't durable, but they hit
hard, especially when both are alive...
 Get them into the air, if possible. They are none too good in the air. Plus,
they can't chaingrab you in the air.
Look out for: their tandem attacks in general. When together, they hit for
the same damage expected from a heavyweight.

+R.O.B. [rob]
Difficulty: 6/7
General strategy: R.O.B. is actually deadly. It has power, speed, and prowess
on all areas. Arm Rotor rebounds Aura Sphere, and its close-quarter tricks
will hurt you.
 The robot is good in the air and on the ground. Double Team is oddly useful,
because it deals well with the quick attacks it delivers. Your aerials are of
necessity in this battle, especially the down-aerial.
 I'll be blunt: R.O.B. is a tough foe. You can take it, but the toughness of
nailing down a single reason the robot is tough shows how tough it is...
Look out for: his gyro. It has some charge-up time, but it hits hard.

+Kirby [kir]
Difficulty: 3/7
General strategy: Pink and fluffy, Kirby sucks. He's a solid character, but
Kirby is not extremely deadly. Lucario outranges and outmuscles him, and the
pink wonder isn't a powerhouse.
 Kirby has a Hammer and his Stone attack as killers, but Lucario has little
trouble mauling the laggy finishers. The jackal outperforms him in the air,
and he outperforms him on terra firma. Aura Sphere is good, and Force Palm
will pierce Kirby's Stone (as will grabs). Inhale may be used in a suicide,
so be wary if he sucks you up near an edge.
 The pink puff is not a miserable opponent, but Kirby can be tough. Lucario,
though, is better (and cuter).
Look out for: his Stone attack, his downwards special. 18% damage and 
protection from damage is not fun to cope with. It's vulnerable to grabs,
and it lags at both ends, but it's still good.

+Meta Knight [mtk]
Difficulty: 5/7
General strategy: Meta Knight is a paradox. He's a light hitter, so that would
scream "Aura bait". But the wee warrior hits FAST.
 You do have the air advantage, because Meta Knight's bat wings are none too
condusive to lateral movement. Ground-wise, though, the wee warrior will
annihilate you with his blazing onslaught.
 Your Aura will keep you in the battle, but Meta Knight is fierce. Be wary
of him ending your recovery with his aerials.
 It is tough to really advise about the way to beat him...he is just good.
He is light and has no answer to Aura Aphere, and your full-power Aura Sphere
and forward aerial break his annoying Mach Tornado.
 Take full advantage of Aura boosts, and make every blow count.
Look out for: Shuttle Loop, his up-special. It's his main killer, and it comes
out quickly. Good luck.

+King Dedede [ddd]
Difficulty: 5/7
General strategy: The portly penguin is nasty. Range, agility, and power are
all melded into a lethal package, and Lucario is at the wrong end.
 The King churns out enough damage to inhibit Aura from its full force...but
the bulk of Triple-D leaves him vulnerable to Lucario's down-aerial and
his chaingrab. Keep airborne to avoid the worst of what the King has to use,
and be ready with Doule Team.
 The King needs to get close to kill you, because his ranged options usually
only serve to empower you. Problem is, he has a LOT of those close killers.
Look out for: his forward smash. This attack, if landed like one clubs a baby
seal, will kill you at 30% if charged. It's slow, but don't underestimate how
it can kill you.

+Olimar [oli]
Difficulty: 3/7
General strategy: Some opponents have a tough time against lightning-fast
Olimar and his Pikmin, but Lucario doesn't. It just seems as if the Aura-
charged assault is made for the lower power Olimar has.
 Lucario's attacks are made to ward off Pikmin and kill stragglers. It is a
daunting prospect to fight Olimar from the sky, but his aerials are hurt
by poor range. The captain is crippled by poor range, but his attack speed
makes up for it.
 This can be tougher, but Lucario has the edge. Don't screw up.
Look out for: his smashes. All three are quick and well-ranged, and they hurt.

+Fox [fox]
Difficulty: 3/7
General strategy: Of the three Space Animals, Fox is the easiest one to face.
He hits quickly, and his combo ability is excellent. Only thing is, his
killing power isn't THAT good, and most Fox players will build up damage.
This is good for Lucario.
 Reflector can cause a measure of trouble, acting as the "shinespike" and
neutralizing your Aura Sphere. His attacks have less range than yours do, so
his speed advantage is slightly negated.
 Double Team isn't a poor option in this battle. Keeping the battle in the
air is wise, because Fox falls very fast. Lucario should not have a lot of
problems in this battle.
Look out for: his Reflector. It can spike, it can reflect, and it can cause
a good deal of problems.

+Falco [flc]
Difficulty: 4/7
General strategy: Falco has a lot of differences from his captain, making the
match slightly tougher. Again, Falco has problems killing, thanks to his
slow, obvious killers, but he has the Blaster and other attacks to get you
into danger. His infamous chaingrab is less effective on floaty Lucario, so
that's something you need not worry about as much.
 His reliance on high percentages and spiking you early effectively requires
you keep in the air. Reflector will block Aura Sphere and keep you away. The
Blaster is his friend: he'll short-hop and slowly advance while slowly
building up damage.
 Oddly, you outdo the bird in the air, no matter how much he prefers it. The
best solution to Falco is to rely on your many tricks and your greater power
to pluck his feathers. This is an even match, really.
Look out for: his Blaster. It has enough stun to keep you from getting close,
and it lets his killers hit that much harder.

+Wolf [wlf]
Difficulty: 4/7
General strategy: He may not be the "best" of the Space Animals, but Wolf is
more than a good match for Lucario. He combines the nastiest features of
the other two into a sleek, feral package.
 Reflector works differently, outright making him invincible. Wolf Flash
has a strange angle, but it can KILL you. He moves quickly and has fast moves.
Thankfully, Wolf is much poorer in aerial combat. As a bonus, Wolf has a tough
time killing you, and his poor aerial mobility will make it less likely you
will be spiked.
 Abandon Aura Sphere, but don't be afraid to get in his face. Wolf will have
difficulty finishing you before 120%, barring a spike. His recovery is truly
bad, so punish that. It's an even match, all in all, no matter how much he
can't let you do that.
 Ah, lest I forget...if you end up against a Landmaster, run and stay off of
the top of the tank.
Look out for: Wolf Flash, his side-special. This attack has a strange angle
(30 degrees), but him hitting you at the move's end will spike or kill you
at decent percents. The strange angle makes this attack fearsome.

+Captain Falcon [cfl]
Difficulty: 1/7
General strategy: Captain Falcon beats you in the style department and loses
massively in the actual realm of fighting prowess. This has to be the easiest
match-up for Lucario.
 The F-Zero pilot is jinxed by having laggy attacks that, while decently
powered, are easily outprioritized and outranged by yours. His only killers
are very slow or extremely tough to nail, and your damage will go up rather
quickly on his watch.
 Aura Sphere exploits his lack of projectile protection. Your tilts and
smashes maul him, and his aerials pale in comparison to yours. If you lose
this match, your horns must droop in shame.
Look out for: FALCON PUNCH! Seriously, this attack is not one you want to be
on the other end of. It hits for 27%, with enough force to kill you at 70%.
Thankfully, everything you do outprioritizes it and its 52 frame charge-up.
 Also, his Knee Smash merits notice. Its sweet-spot is wee, but it is a nasty
horizontal killer if sweet-spotted.

+Pikachu [pka]
Difficulty: 5/7
General strategy: You want cheap? The cheapest battler has to be this little
piece, oops. I kid you not, though, because his smashes and electrical
attacks are spammable AND excellent. While this isn't bad for Lucario, Pikachu
has killing power unlike other lightweights, which is not good.
 Pikachu will drop Thunder every chance he can. When you hear the roar of
"PIKA!", beware of the bolt. He moves quickly, but his aerial assault is very
poor and is better employed with lightning bolts. It may not be wise to come
in by air because of the threat of Thunder.
 A fully-charged Aura Sphere breaks the Thunder Jolts sent your way once
Lucario's damage rises. You largely outrange Pikachu, but he's faster. The
key to winning is to stop Thunder and his down-smash: your smashes will send
the evil rodent flying early because of his lack of weight.
Look out for: Thunder and his down-smash. His down-smash will hit for 15%
with good knockback, and Thunder can spell the end of you if you are in
the air.

+Pokémon Trainer [pok]
Because you don't actually fight the Trainer, I'll just jump into the three
Pokémon he controls.

+Squirtle [sqr]
Difficulty: 1/7
General strategy: Of the three, Squirtle is meant to be the light-hitter. He
fills this role well, but the light-hitting characters fare poorly against
 Squirtle has arguably the worst set of specials in the game, and he is
horribly open to Aura Sphere. He is lightweight, flying far from an attack
others might weather. He is plagued by horrid range, but he does have some
power here and there.
 Water Gun can screw your recovery over, but not often. This isn't a tough
match, really. Smash, tilt, and aerial your way to victory. Your down-
aerial is best here, killing early the Tiny Turtle.
Look out for: Withdraw, his side special. He's invincible, but he acts a lot
like a Green Shell. It can't kill you, but it can build up damage. Jump on
him when he uses it.

+Ivysaur [ivy]
Difficulty: 4/7
General strategy: The spotted one is a tougher match for Lucario. While he
moves fairly slowly and has a horrible recovery, Ivysaur has good range AND
power, and Bullet Seed and Vine Whip do wonders for stopping your best
approach: the air.
 The way to win is to get Ivysaur off the stage and remorselessly edgeguard.
Throw him off and build damage with Aura Sphere and Force Palm, and use your
tilts carefully. You NEED to get him off of the stage, because Ivysaur has
unusually good killing power and falling behind is not good for Lucario.
Look out for: Bullet Seed, his neutral special. It will trap you and can tack
on 40-60%. Thankfully, it lags a bit, and you can punish Ivysaur if it fails
to trap you.

+Charizard [chz]
Difficulty: 3/7
General strategy: The winged lizard is the cutest and second-easiest of the
three Pokémon for Lucario. He's the fastest heavyweight, but he's also one
of the slowest in terms of attack speed. He is heavy, affording much in
the way of survival.
 He can breathe fire (good for you), unleash a cone of flame (also good), and
use his well-ranged, hard-hitting smashes (bad) from afar. Though winged,
you beat Charizard in aerial combat, so turn to your aerials and your
best-ranged attacks. Like many large foes, he has little answer for the
blue sphere of doom.
 He hits hard, but slowly. This match is easier than you would expect. 
Look out for: Rock Smash, his forward-special. It comes out slowly and with
poor range, but it can hit for 20-40% AND kill.

+Lucario [luk]
Difficulty: 4/7
General strategy: You know how to fight yourself by now, I'd hope. Play at
your best, and try to kill quickly with your smashes.

+Jigglypuff [jgl]
Difficulty: 3/7
General strategy: Jigglypuff is an exteme character. She's the slowest on
the ground and the lightest, and her range is poor. But she rules the skies
like no other can, fixing her range problem and zipping around. She's
oddly powerful, hitting with greater force than expected. The best way to
describe her is an aerial version of Kirby...their attacks even look
similar to the other's attacks!
 Her power is there...but she is the lightest character. This is good, for
you have hard-hitting attacks. She'll fight in the air, so don't take her
on in the skies. Her ground game is bad, so exploit that. Also be wary of hurts and can kill at 50-60%.
 Though semblant of pudding, she isn't that weak. But she dies around 70%
from a smash, so you've the clear advantage.
Look out for: the Wall of Pain. Jigglypuff uses a string of forward and
backward aerials to force you off the stage to where you cannot recover.
The timing is very twitchy, though, so be prepared if an opening arises.

+Marth [mrt]
Difficulty: 7/7
General strategy: The original lord of Fire Emblem is one of the best
characters in Brawl, and he is a tough foe for Lucario. The problem is that
Marth fights well in Lucario's comfort zone, because him "tipping" his
slashes magnifies damage and knockback greatly.
 No doubt, this is tough. Aura Sphere might work, but Marth advances quickly
and can cancel with his Falchion. His attacks are lethal and quick, and you
are not heavy enough to survive long if he keeps tipping his blows.
 He can Counter like you can, and his aerials are good. Still, the air is
your only hope. You must be better than Marth, or you will lose.
Look out for: Honestly, all of Marth's attacks can be lethal if he lands
them at the tip. That shows how dangerous he can be.

+Ike [ike]
Difficulty: 1/7
General strategy: Ike is best described as the "bricks in pillowcase" fighter.
He is strong, but very awkward and cursed with poor mobility. And he hates
projectiles. This is good for you indeed.
 His sword actually outranges you, but his attacks are SLOW in execution.
This makes him bait for Aura Sphere and Double Team. His backwards aerial,
Aether, jab combo, and Quick Draw are his fastest attacks...which is sad.
 Keep in the air. Pelt him with aerial carnage and your distance attacks, and
the spiky-haired swordsman nobody cares about will die.
Look out for: his forward-smash. It will club you like a baby seal...if
it actually hits. It does kill at around 40%, charged.

+Ness [nss]
Difficulty: 4/7
General strategy: This is where the match-ups start becoming odd. Ness is an
peculiar character, relying on a graceful chaining of attacks to maul the
opponent. Nonetheless, Lucario isn't deep-sixed in this epic battle.
 Ness has PK Fire and PK Thunder to set up combos, squashing advances from
the ground and the air, but they merely fuel your Aura tricks. He's good in
the air (beware of the Step Kick) and on the ground. The attacks you need to
be wary of are PK Flash and PSI Magnet: the latter means that Aura Sphere and
Force Palm are too risky.
 Thing is, his PSI augments are outranged by your attacks (barely, though). He
isn't very heavy, and his recovery is VERY tough to use. If you stop the ball
of electricity, he'll die.
 Ness can surprise you, so you must know what his attacks are capable of.
Look out for: PK Flash, his neutral special. Of his attacks, this one has the
most power behind it. If he's using it, deploy Aura Sphere, because 37% is
nothing to sneeze at.

+Lucas [lcs]
Difficulty: 4/7
General strategy: Where his counterpart is a technician, Lucas is described
best as a powerhouse. Pound for pound, he has more power and less chaining
potential. This is normally not a good thing, but his attacks are just slow
enough to keep this match even.
 His specials are stranger than the other PSI user: PK Fire is a single hit,
PK Thunder pierces with greater damage, PK Freeze is bad, and PSI Magnet will
punish a misaimed Aura Sphere or Force Palm. His attacks tend to be a bit
telltale, so Double Team works well. You beat Lucas in the air, so take note
of that.
 Lucas hits hard, but is a bit laggy. And we know how Lucario loves to whip
laggy foes.
Look out for: his up-smash. It comes out slowly, but 18-23% is not anything
you want to be caught in. Be careful and cautious, and punish the charge.

+Mr. Game & Watch [gaw]
Difficulty: 6/7
General strategy: Mr. Game & Watch is truly vicious. His attacks have little
in the way of lag, and they hit very hard. The range is there, and the 2-D
terror is very tough.
 Oil Panic shuts down Aura Sphere and Force Palm quickly, so those should not
be used. His aerials are quick and disjointed, and his smashes have the same
benefits. He's a heavy-hitter in a lightweight package.
 Truth be told, he has only two weaknesses: his recovery is predictable, and
he is the second-lightest character. Try to kill him quickly, because he is
rather fearsome in an extended showdown.
Look out for: his down-smash, Vermin. It hits with heavyweight-like power,
it has good range, and it's game over at decent percentages.

+Snake [snk]
Difficulty: 5/7
General strategy: Snake? Snaaaaaaaaake! ...sorry, couldn't resist.
 Snake is probably one of the worst matches for Lucario. While most power
characters have trouble landing their attacks, Snake does not. He hits
very hard and very quickly, and he's durable. His range is about the same as
yours, and he can end a stock at around 80% with a perfectly aimed blow.
 Your best hope is, oddly enough, is to get close to him. Snake has nasty
attacks, but he thrives on mind games and ranged combat. Get close and keep
pounding him. He hates being pressured, and your priority is about on par with
 This IS tough, but Lucario isn't screwed. Snake's aerial game is solid, but
lacklustre in comparison to yours. That may be the best route.
Look out for: While many attacks he has are deadly, C4 is one you need to
be wary of. It can kill you at 100%, and it's tough to know where it is.

+Sonic [snc]
Difficulty: 1/7
General strategy: Sonic is all about speed, as he'll have you know. He has
nothing else, though: no range, no priority, and no power.
 So, how do you kill him? He's squirrely, so be patient. His killing power is
piss-poor, so he needs to get you up to 120% to kill. From there, you can
Aura smash him to hell, where he belongs. Don't get frustrated by his speed:
it's all he has.
 In addition to no power, he's lightweight. This is good news for you.
 (Fun fact: Kirby gets nothing from copying Sonic or King Dedede. He already 
sucks. Sorry, just had to add that.)
Look out for: his forward smash. It's a wind-up punch that is obvious, but
still delivered with Sonic-like speed. It's his only notable killer.

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