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Version History
May 12, 2008
        Finally decided to write this guide
        Planned out what sections to write
        Wrote the cool “IKE” symbol above

May 14, 2008
        Wrote Introduction
        Wrote About Ike
        Wrote WE LIKE IKE...or not

May 15, 2008
        Tested and retested Ike’s attacks for Damage, Knock-back, and range
        Wrote Basic Attacks
        Wrote Special Attacks
        Wrote Final Smash
        Wrote Taunts
        Recovering written
        Man Am I tired of writing, but I must push forward, ALL FOR IKE
        Tactics Written in full

May 16, 2008
        Rejected for incorrect format. Re-did entire guide, submitted again

May 20, 2008
        Rejected for lack-of content. Added General Character-Type Fighting
        Submitted Again
May 21, 2008
        Got sick of getting rejected/ I HAVE ANGER AT GAMEFAQS!, taking
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June 27, 2008
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July 14, 2008
        BRACELESSNESS...........ah, what a wonderful feeling!
August 4, 2008
        I AM RISEN! Ok, I'm back, starting to finish this guide.
        Made minor changes and rechecked EVERYTHING for content
            and correct format.
August 8, 2008
        Wrote Specific character Fighting Strategies from Bowser-Ike
August 19, 2008
        Man...........I take LONG BREAKS. Ok, continuing Guide
        Ivysaur-Lucas written.
August 21, 2008
        Luigi - Sheik finished in Specific Character Fighting
August 22, 2008
        Snake - Zero Suit Samus finished. SPFTS finished. Guide
December 3, 2008
	Added some extra content including Combo Breaking, and more Aerial Tips
March 9, 2009
        Remembered that I had this guide and needed to update it. Added some
        stuff in the tactics section and fixed a few organization/numbering


[INTRO]     Introduction

[ABIKE]     About Ike

[WLIPC]     WE LIKE IKE...or not (The Pros and Cons)

[BAATK]     Basic Attacks

[THROW]     Throws

[SPATK]     Special Attacks

[FNLSM]     Final Smash

[TAUNT]     Taunts

[RECOV]     Recovering

[TACTC]     Tactics for Fighting

            1) Basic Tactics and Tips

            2) Combos

            3) A>A>A Combo Canceling

            4) Mind Games

            5) 180 Pain

            6) Edge-Guarding

[GCTFT]     General Character-Type Fighting

[SCFTS]     Specific Characrter Fighting Strategies

[LEGAL]     Legal Stuff

Introduction                                                         [INTRO]
As you can (hopefully) tell, this is a guide for the power-house of doom,
IKE! I used to main Roy in melee, and when I saw Ike was a playable
character in Brawl from the Dojo, I knew that I was going to main him. To
my surprise, even though he seemed to be a Roy replacement, he was a much
different character, and it took a while to learn and adapt. After much time,
well-spent time mind you, I got used to Ike and all his parameter,and so I
am writing this to help all you other Ike-mainers get better and become one
with your IKE!!!!!!!!!!!

About Ike (spoilers for his games, beware)                           [ABIKE]
Ike has stared in the two most resent Fire Emblem games to date in both
Japan and the US: Fire Emblem: Pathof Radiance for the GameCube, and Fire
Emblem: Radiant Dawn for the Wii. In both, Ike serves as the protagonist
sword-wielder who leads an army of rag-tag fighters from across the land for
the greater good. In Path of Radiance, he starts out in his first days as a
mercenary in a band lead by his father, but ends up going on a journey to
save his country from the grasp of another and return its lost princess to
power. In Radiant Dawn, Ike now starts fighting in another war to save the
fate of a country, but ends up in battle against the Goddess of the land to
prevent the end of mankind. In both, he fights as one of, if not the greatest
sword-fighter in the world, along with his trusted sword Ragnell, blessed by
the Goddess herself. Ike lets nothing stand his way, but cares for the well
being of his friends and the people above all else. His devotion to the good
for everyone and skill with a blade make him well renown by all, making him
one of the most famous men in the history of the world of Telius.

Here, in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Ike returns for more chances to fight the
strong, still accompanied by his trusty sword Ragnell. Ike comes as one of
the heavier characters, but he can dish out the damage like no other
character. He can fight on equal footing with all other characters, but it
takes skill and practice to be able to do so.

WE LIKE IKE…or not (The Pros and Cons of Ike)                        [WLIPC]
Very Strong
Long Range (Disjointed hitbox)
Hard to KO (heavy)
Good knock-back with most attacks
Two Recovery attacks

Slightly slow running speed
Long lag after attacks
Attacks has slow start-up
Short grab range

As you can see, I believe the pros HIGHLY outweigh (pun not intended) the
cons of Ike, making him one of the best characters ever to grace the Super
Smash Bros. series.

 Basic Attacks                                                       [BAATK]
Damage will be given in the percent that the enemy’s health goes up.
Reach and Knockback will be given as: Poor, Bad, Ok, Good, Great

Damage: 4
Range: Poor
Knockback: Poor
Description: Ike punches once with his left hand.
Usefulness: Use at anytime the enemy is close to you and a smash or tilt is
not available. Good to start up combos with.

Damage: 4-5 (9)
Range: Poor-Bad
Knockback: Poor
Description: Ike punches with his left hand, then follows up with a kick
with his right foot.
Usefulness: Use at anytime the enemy is close to you
and  smash or tilt is not available. Good to start up combos with.
Note: This technique becomes VITAL in high level Ike combat. Will be
explained later.

Damage: 4-5-7 (16)
Range: Poor-Bad-Ok
Knockback: Ok at low damage, Good at high damage
Description: Ike punches with his left, follows with a right kick, then
slashes downward with Ragnell.
Usefulness: Use at anytime the enemy is close
to you and a smash or tilt is not available. Good to start up combos with.
Can kill at higher damage.

Side Tilt A
Damage: 15
Range: Good
Knockback: Good-Great
Description: Ike slashes horizontally in front of himself with Ragnell
Usefulness: Great if the enemy is unable to dodge and is a good distance from
you. A good attack to hit with from a slight distance. Can kill from mid to
high damage.

Down Tilt A
Damage: 14
Range: Bad
Knockback:  Ok-Great (sends them Upwards)
Description: Ike slashes the ground in front of him with Ragnell
Usefulness: Great for combos and edge-guarding (See Edge-Guarding section
later). Hit the enemy when they least expect it to send them in the air,
perfectly set up for combos.

Up Tilt A
Damage: 9
Range: Bad-Ok
Knockback: Bad-Great
Description: Ike holds Ragnell horizontally and pushes it upwards above his
Usefulness: Got a pesky person jumping or flying over your head? Use this
one to surprise them. It had low start-up lag, and can send them flying if
at high damage. Does good damage. Great for combos.

Side Smash A:
Damage: 22-30
Range: Good
Knockback: Great
Description: Ike charges Ragnell, then slams it down into the ground in
front of him.
Usefulness: POWER OVERLOAD POWER OVERLOAD. This move kills. If you can
hit your enemy with this, do it. I’ve seen it kill at under 50%. Problem
is, it has huge start-up and ending lag. Use at own risk. Although seeing
the enemy fly away like a meteor, you can’t abuse this move.

Down Smash A:
        First Swing: 13-18
        Second Swing: 16-22
Range: Bad
Knockback: Ok-Good
Description: In this two part attack, Ike slashes Ragnell toward the ground
in front of him, then behind him with a little more kick to it.
Usefulness: Surrounded by pesky Pikachu, use this! Great for free-for-all
matches when you are surrounded by enemies. Has quick start-up, so is also
useful is 1 vs. 1 duels to surprise your enemy.

Up Smash A
Damage: 17-23
Range: Good
Knockback: Good-Great
Description: Ike slashes first from his left side, up above his head, then
to the right of him in one large arch…………an arch of PAIN!
Usefulness: Good move to protect yourself as it can hit all around you.
Use it to take out enemies above you in conjunction with his Up Tilt.
Has bad ending lag, so don’t abuse this move.

Neutral Air
Damage: 9
Range: Good
Knockback: Bad-Ok
Description: A 270 degree arching sweep starting in front, going below him,
and ending behind Ike.
Usefulness: Great to take out a falling enemy or for combos. Use to hit
your enemy as the jump back up from an edge-grab. Also good for starting
combos. A great overall move.

Forward Air
Damage: 13
Range: Good
Knockback: Ok-Great
Description: Ike slashes the air in front of him with a strong downward slash
of Ragnell
Usefulness: Great to end a combo with or take out an air-born enemy. Although
risky to use, also good for edge-guarding.

Down Air
Damage: 12-16 (If Sweet-spotted)
Range: Ok
Knockback: Ok-Great
Description: Ike stabs the air below him with Ragnell.
Usefulness: A universally awesome move. If the enemy is on the ground, it
bounces them into the air for more comboing, if they are in the air, spikes
them to the ground. Great attacks for edge-guarding for its meteor smash
properties, albeit a risky move to use.

Up Air
Damage: 14
Range: Bad
Knockback: Ok-Good
Description: Ike spins Ragnell over his head like a helicopter rotor.
Usefulness: Good for when you and the enemy are in the air, with you below.
Not much else use. Good here and there, and it can kill if needed.

Back Air
Damage: 14
Range: Good
Knockback: Good-Great+
Description: Ike slashes the air behind him.
Usefulness: GAME! You’ll be hearing that a lot after using this move. To put it
bluntly………IT PWNS LIKE NOTHING ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With virtually no start-up
lag, this move comes out of nowhere for some insane carnage. Useful anytime you

Damage: 7-8
Range: Great
Knockback: Ok
Description: While running, Ike throws Ragnell out in front of him with sliding
to a stop.
Usefulness: Hit the enemy when they are trying to get away or are already far
away from you. From the moment you push the attack button, Ike slides while
attacking, giving it added range. Good for use. Abuse-able.

Throws                                                               [THROW]
Like every other character, Ike can grab and throw the enemy. Problem is,
Ike has a short grab range, making his grabbing pretty bad. If practiced,
they can become very helpful attacks and combo starters for surprise attacks.

While Holding Enemy (Tap A)
Damage: 3
Description: Ike head-butts the enemy repeatedly.

Forward Throw
Damage: 6
Knockback: Bad-Ok
Description: Ike delivers a painful kick to the stomach. The guys are
thankful that Ike doesn’t miss often.
Usefulness: Good for throwing an enemy off the stage IF they have high
damage and are near the edge. This can lead into Ike's strong edgeguarding
or spiking............I love spiking.

Down Throw
Damage: 6
Knockback: Bad-Ok
Description: Ike throws the enemy to the ground, then jumps on them,
bouncing them into the air.
Usefulness: Can send enemy into the air BEHIND Ike, perfectly set-up
for a Back Air. Can you say "OUCH!"

Up Throw
Damage: 6
Knockback: Ok
Description: Ike delivers a finishing upper cut.
Usefulness: Perfectly sets up for an Aether. Back Air is also a
possibility if thrown up high enough, giving you enough time to run
forward and jump next to them before the ground decides to spoil your

Back Throw
Damage: 6
Knockback: Ok
Description:  Ike spins around, throws the enemy, then kicks them in the
stomach. Looks quite painful.
Usefulness: <See Forward Throw>

Special Attacks:                                                     [SPATK]
Ike has some of the most awe-inspiring Special Moves in this game, and they
don’t just look awesome, they all are kick-ass too *melts from amazingness*

Neutral B
Name: Eruption
Damage: 10-37 (No charge to Full charge)
Range: Varies. Poor-Bad in front of Ike, but the more it charges up, the
higher the pillar of flame above goes.
Knockback: Ok-Great
Description: Ike charges up Ragnell, then plunges it into the ground, with
a pillar of fire erupting around the sword.
Usefulness: A good all-around move. Can kill fairly easily and is also
good for edge-guarding. I find it most convenient to use while in mid-air,
to strike the enemies underneath you.
Special Note: While performing, not charging this attack, Ike is
unflinchable. He won’t flinch, but will still take damage. Also, when fully
charged, does 10% damage to Ike himself.

Side B
Name: Quick Draw
Damage: 9-16
Range: Great+
Knockback: Ok-Great
Description: Ike charges the attacks, then when unleashed, dashes across the
stage, stopping to slash the first enemy he reaches
Usefulness: A great move. Has ridiculous range. Use it when the enemy is
trying to retreat, as they recover, or as they are falling and about to hit
the ground. Good move to use to keep distance between you and your enemies.
I find it useful to charge it in midair and unleash as I hit the ground.
Special Note: Unlike Fox/Falco/Wolf’s Side B, Ike will not fly off the stage
with this move. If in the air however, that danger is ever present.
Special Note 2: Recovery move.

Down B
Name: Counter
Damage: 1.2 * Damage of attack Countered (I don't know where I got this from,
heard it somewhere, but probably many places)
Range: Doesn’t really matter.
Knockback: Bad-Good
Description: Ike goes into a defensive stance and when hit, will counter the
enemies move with his own slash. Does more damage with the strong the move
Usefulness: Great to catch the enemy off guard with. I love using this for
mind games.Don’t abuse, or the enemy will wise-up to you, use sparingly.
Also, Ike only will counter the moves he is hit with when he is flashing.
Special Note: Does minimum of 10% damage.

Up B
Name: Aether
Damage: 3-25 (all 6 hits)
Range: Great (above) Ok (in front)
Knockback: Poor
Description: Ike throws up his sword, jumps after it, grabs it, does two
front flips while holding out Ragnell, the plummets to the ground.
Usefulness: A great move for many different situations. Use it to start
a combo, to  get an air-born enemy, grab that smash ball that just appeared,
and even for edge-guarding. It just freaking awesome.
Special Note: While performing, not charging this attack, Ike is unflinchable.
He won’t flinch, but will still take damage.
Special Note 2: Recovery Move
Special Note 3: DO NOT SPAM THIS MOVE. People will hate you and call you
n00b if you spam this move. Use over-and-over-again AT OWN RISK.

Final Smash                                                          [FNLSM]
Because of his great strength, Ike has no trouble breaking open that random
floating sphere we call a smash ball. Once you have acquired said smash ball,
press the special attack button to active, in my opinion, the most
awe-inspiring move in the game:

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GREAT AETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With this move, Ike slashes Ragnell in front of him, shooting out an arch of
flame for good distance. Anyone caught in the flame or Ragnell will be spent
skyrocketing into the air. Ike quickly jumps after them, and, while the
enemy(s) magically spin in mid-air, never moving, Ike bombards them with a
series of kicks and slashes and stabs, all of which explode with fire as they
connect. After the bombardment, Ike charges Ragnell over his head, then
plummets to the ground with the enemy, unleashing a finishing explosion on the
ground. In the end, the enemy(s) is pummeled with 17 separate hits, ending in
64% damage. If the enemy starts with over 40% when hit with this, consider

Taunts                                                               [TAUNT]
Every character comes with three unique taunts. Ike is no different.

Up Taunt – Ike slashes Ragnell in front of himself, holds it out, and does a
sort-of DBZ power up stance. Wind also comes up and blows his cape out as he
does so. Pretty bad-ass.

Side Taunt – Ike brings Ragnell from his side, in front, up, then behind him,
holding it upwards, and taunts you with the phrase: “Prepare Yourself”

Down Taunt – Ike stabs Ragnell into the ground, and crosses his arms, and
looks down at the ground at his feet. More wind blows to make his cape flap.
It is his most well known taunt, and his coolest of them all.

Recovering                                                           [RECOV]
Although Ike is one of the heavier characters, he will be thrown from the
stage every once in a while by some player. Hopefully not a Falcon Punch
though.  Anyway, in order to get back on to the stage, every character has
at least one move the gives them a way to jump back onto the stage, but Ike-y
here has two such moves: Aether and Quick Draw.

Aether – Aether gives a large amount of vertical recovery distance, and even
a bit of horizontal distance, both forward and backward. Use when you are
knocked off the stage lower and far to the side. In order to recover well
with Aether, wait until you are almost directly under the corner of the
stage, the activate the move. Ike will get a huge jump, which is usually
enough to get back. After a while, you will be able to judge the distance
on the spot, it just takes practice.

Also with Aether, when Ike throws the sword up, it will go through the
stage. This is useful in order to interrupt would-be edge-guarders from
hitting you in your attempt to once again grasp at life, make them look
like idiots, and recover at the same time.

Quick Draw – Quick draw gives a variably different horizontal recovery
distance.  Useful when  you are knocked off the stage high and far. When
you realize that you are flying off the stage and are a considerable
distance above said stage, begin to charge your Side B. If possible, charge
it to it’s full level (you will hear the ping) and the release. It almost
always give enough distance at full charge. Over time, you will be able to
guess/judge the distance you will get with Quick Draw compared to the charge
time. It just takes practice.Most people believe that Ike’s recovery moves
are as good as Captain Falcon is womanly or Marth is manly, but I find them
to be very useful. With practice, Ike has two recovery moves that give
tremendous distance both vertically and horizontally. Both moves, used in
combination, make Ike even harder to kill once you master using them to recover.

Tactics for Fighting                                                 [TACTC]
Ike is a very unique character when it comes to his moves in conjunction
ith his speed and lag. Here, I will give a few basic tips to beginning
fighters with Ike, as well as some of my favorite combos, mind tricks,
and edge-guarding.

1) Basic Tactics and Tips
With Ike comes the hassle of mastering timing. Ike has a long start-up lag
on many of his attacks, as well as long ending lag. In order to become good
with Ike, you must learn to time the hits of his and how much time you will
have. Try to go into battles with low level computers and learn to time how
long your attacks will take to start up, and practice hitting them. Slowly
move up to strong computers and faster characters, and you will subconsciously
memorize the timing.Next comes the range of Ike’s attacks. The same strategy
comes in handy here. Go into battle with low level computers and practice
hitting the enemy, memorizing how long each of his attacks reach. Now here is
the time for my various tips and suggestions for fighting.

1.	DO A BARRELL ROLL. Sorry, by that I meant, dodge roll…… a lot. With
        Ike being as slow as he is to attacks, you need to find an opening
        in the enemy’s defense before you can attacks. Dodge roll around most
        attacks until you see an opening, then strike.
2.	Don’t grab... a lot. Ike has fairly weak grabs, BUT! they can be used
        well. If you aren't confident, don't use them often.
3.	Start off slow. When the battle begins, or just after the enemy
        respawns, don’t try to go off and start with strong smashes and crazy
        combos, it won’t work. Start off with small combos and only a few hits
        here and there to wear the enemy down. With Ike’s strength, after only
        a few short combos, the enemy will be killable with one good smash
        or Eruption.
4.	COUNTER! Counter is your friend, when you are having trouble hitting
        the enemy for whatever reason, try to predict their stronger attacks,
        and counter them, it will throw them off, and give you an opening to
        strike. Afterward, they will become wary of hitting you with strong
        moves for fear of another COUNTER!
5.	DEFEND YOUR CASTLE…..I mean defend that edge. Ike is the best edge-
        guard that I have ever used in the SB series, so practice it. More
        will be explained in detail later.
6.      Turn up the gravity. Once you feel a bit more confident in your skills
        begin to throw in fast falling aerials. Fast falling is when in the air,
        you jam down on the control stick, causing your character to fall much
        faster than usual. Use this to surprise your enemy, and fast fall with
        a neutral air to start a combo, or forward/back air to kill. The fast
        fall will surprise the enemy and let you hit them faster than usual,
        when they are usually ready for your attacks.

2)	Combos
Here, a list of some of my favorite combos and mind tricks to use to overwhelm
my opponent. *APPR = as an approach. Attack does not hit, just gets you closer*

-	Dodge Roll > A>A>A > Dash Attack
-	Dodge Roll > A>A>A > Dash Attack > Down Air
-	Dodge Roll > A>A>A > Quick Draw
-	Quick Draw(APPR) > A>A>A
-	Quick Draw(APPR) > Up Tilt
-	Quick Draw(APPR) > Up Tilt > Neutral Air (at low damage)
-	Quick Draw(APPR) > Up Tilt > Down Tilt
-	Quick Draw(APPR) > Up Tilt > Back Air (at high damage)
-	Aether > Side Tilt
-	Dash Attack > Dash Attack > Dash Attack
-	Dash Attack > Back Air (when hit straight up)
-	Let enemy charge you > jump to dodge hit > Neutral Air to attack
-	Down Tilt > Back Air
-       Down Throw > Back Air
-       Up Throw > Aether
-       Up Throw > Back Air
-       Forward/Back Throw > Down Air (Spike)
-       Forward/Back Throw > Aether (Spike)
        (More Combos Covered in the Next Section)

        Feel free to come up with your own, or more complicated ones. These
        are mostly just some that work at any occassion. Mostly, you will hit
        an opponent, then just go with it, doing the next attack that comes to
        mind, and your combos will never be the same.

3) A>A>A Combo Breaking
        Early on in your training, you will almost always either hold down
        the A button, or press A several times very fast and do a normal
        A>A>A combo, but with this technique, you don't. Practice the timing
        between the different hits in the normal A>A>A combo, until you get
        the feel for the maximum time allowed between seperate presses of A
        to continue the chain. Now, practice doing an A>A combo, and adding
        in extra attacks in place of the third hit. My favorite ones are:

-       A>A > Down A > Air Combos
-       A>A > Jump > Fast Fall Neutral Air > Any Combo
-       A>A > Jump > Fast Fall Forward Air
-       A>A > Down Smash (this is quite a quick and powerful smash, works well)
-       A>A > Grab > Down Throw > Back Air
-       A>A > Grab > Down Throw > Forward Air
-       A>A > Grab > ANY THROW (the Combo Cancel into A Grab is one of the best
            techniques there are for Ike. It is easy to hit with, and sets up
            perfectly for strong Air Moves like Back/Forword/Fast-Fall Neutral
            or even Aether)

        By adding in this new "COmbo Breaking" technique, it adds a new level
        of  mind games to the battles, and confuses your enemies, or keeps them
        second guessing themselves as to which technique you will do...Combo
        Break, or normal A>A>A. Once mastered, you become SO much more skilled.

4) Mind games, or things you can do to trip up your opponent to really
confuse them.
-	When falling, hit with a surprise Eruption
-	When falling, counteract an enemy trying to juggle you with a surprise
-	Charge an enemy as if your doing a Dash Attack, but actually do a Counter,
        if they attack, you just made them wide open for a combo.
-	Charge an enemy, quickly jump backwards when close (hopefully dodging an
        attack too), charge up Quick Draw and release to nail their head (OUCH!)
-	This is a complicated move, but it is awesome once you can do it almost
        subconsciously. Charge up to the enemy. When close, quickly spin jam the
        control stick in the other direction to turn around. Jump almost
        instantaneously, then unleash a Back Air into their face. It will
        through them for a loop or 29 or so, and they will never expect it.
-       Very similar to the previous one, which should be used mostly at higher
damage levels. In this one, you use the neutral air instead. The back
        of the attack hits, knocking them in the air, ready for combos.

5) 180 Degree Pain
One of the best moves for Ike is of course his Back Air (insanely fast and
but it can be a bitch to hit with. There is, however, a great set-up for it. I
just touched on it about 12 lines up, but here I am giving it it's own section.

    Execution: 180 Degree Pain
Quickly charge up toward the enemy. Once close, without stopping, you jam
controll stick in the opposite direction, making Ike spin 180 degrees.
instantaneously, you jump in the air and release a Back Air, sending the

This is difficult to do at first, but with practice you should be able to do it
subconsiously. I use it very often with big enemies (it's not too great with
enemies) and it all ways hits it's mark.

BUT WAIT...THERE IS MORE! This move also has too other uses! The leser of them
just as a dodge. If you start to charge the enemy and you see an attack comming,
it is sometimes possible to do this move earlier so that you don't run into
range, then use a Quick Draw instead to get out of there.

The next use of this is very good. It may seem useless at first, but will prove
helpful with the next section. One of Ike's big strong points is spiking and
Edge-Guarding. Since he can't jump (I mean come on, he's white) his main method
of returning to the stage with edge-guarding is Aether. One downside to Aether
that it goes forward more naturally, so using it while Ike's back is too the
isn't always a good idea. That is where this move comes into play.

Very often, if I pay attention to the way I play, I, without realizing it, often
find myself doing the 180 Spin-Jump when reaching the edge of the stage when I'm
trying to Spike someone. The thing about it is, is that it helps in 2 different
    1) It spins Ike around so that he has a better chance to recover with Aether
    2) It almost perfectly solves one problem with Ike's Down Air Spike, in that
in order to perform it, Ike needs to do a quick double-jump it order to
     himself floating as he hits, and not flying downward with the enemy (I hope
     you know what I mean). When you do he 180, Ike is perfectly set up with a
     double-jump, which is a perfect set-up for a Down Air Spike, and then you
     are, once again, facing the stage for an easier Aether Recovery!

PRACTICE THIS MOVE! It wil serve you well. You will find yourself doing this
and again once you master it.

6) Edge-Guarding
A major aspect of Ike’s game is the ability to get the enemy off the side of the
stage, and keep them off. In order to do this, Ike has a myriad of moves to
finish the job. Here is the list.

	- Side Smash
	- Eruption
	- Down Tilt
	- Aether
	- Forward Air
	- Down Air
	- Back Air

The first two are a bit worse and more less likely to work against more skilled
opponents, but the rest are good for anyone. Here I will go into detail about
using the last five.

-	Down Tilt – Stand close to the edge of the stage when the opponent is
        trying to recover and is mostly parallel to the edge of the stage, then
        hit them with this baby. As long as they are off the side of the  stage
        in the air, they will be smashed downward in a surprise meteor smash.

-	Aether – Wait for the enemy to come up near you, and when in range, hit
        them with Aether. If they have already used their Up B to recover,
        they will instantly be shot downward with the last hit of Aether, with
        no way to recover. If they haven’t used their Up B, they will need quick
        reflexes to get back. Ike will grab onto the edge of the stage as he
        falls as long as he started Aether on the edge itself. NOW, then enemy
        won’t have a way to grab the edge, almost certainly dead. Aren’t you
        proud now you little edge-hog you.

-	Forward Air – Pretty basic. Wait for the enemy to get close to the edge,
        jump after them, and slam then with this. It will usually do enough to
        blast them off the side to their doom. Use Aether to return to the stage
        Risky if you try to get an enemy too far away from the edge.

-	Down Air – Same basics as Forward Air. If you hit the enemy with Ike’s
        sweet spot (virtually be inside the enemy when performing this move),
        it will act as a meteor smash to send them to their doom.
        MUAHAHAHAH. Again, use Aether to recover, be careful not to do it too
        far from the edge.

-	Back Air – Same thing as the last two, but with much more of a kick
        that Forward Air. They will die if hit by this, hands down. Nothing
        short of a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick will have enough power to knock
        them back onto the stage. There is another situation in which you can
        you this move as well...Lets say the enemy has grabbed the edge already,
        they jump up as the climb back to the stage, trying to get past you by
        air. XXXXXXXX WRONG. Stay a few feet back, time you hit and then BAM,
        nail them before they hit the ground. Now, they are right back to there
        they began, and you are in prime position to get them with another
        edge-guarding move. (Neutral Air can also be used in this manner)

General Character-Type Fighting                                      [GCTFT]
There are many different types of fighters in Brawl, and here I will
classify them and give different basic tactics in order to combat these
specific type. The 5 types I will be classifying are:
        - Speedy and Weak (Diddy/Squirtle etc.)
        - Powerful and Slow (Ganadorf/Bowser etc.)
        - All-Around (Mario/Peach etc.)
        - Distance Spammers (Fox/Link/Snake etc.)
        - Aerial (Kirby/Pit/Metaknigt)

 1. Speedy and Weak
With Ike, you will have to be careful fighting these characters. They may
not be able to kill you too easily, but they will make it very hard to hit
them if they can keep you juggled with their quick, weak attacks. The key
here is to lay back, DO NOT CHARGE AND SPAM! Dodge a lot, spend some time
figuring out their basic combos, style etc. If you rush in, they are going
to dodge you and then combo you. Just lay low. These characters only need a
few hits before Ike can launch them with his SWORD OF DOOM!, so only a few
"weak" attacks from you are needed to set them up for a kill
Favorite Moves: Counter, A>A>A, BARREL ROLL (Dodging)

2. Powerful and Slow
The complete opposite of the last group, and the group that Ike himself falls
into. You are evenly matched here, for the most part. In my opinion, Ike can
destroy all of these guys, so feel free to charge in and go crazy. You will be
on equal footing for most of the fight, so they won't be likely to dodge and
combo like the faster characters are. All attacks will be effective, even
Favorite Moves: Smashes, Meteor Spikes, Counter

3. All-Around
Not much to say here. These are the characters that balance themselves up with
strength, speed, lag-time, and weight. No specific strategy works here, except
a combination of everthing. When at low damage yourself, feel free to charge in
like in a battle against group 2. When you are risking death, lay back and go
more technical.
Favorite Moves: All

4. Distance Spammers
From bows and arrows, to lasers, to aura and energy balls, this group has
everyone of Ike's worst nightmares: projectiles. Ike has a fairly hard time
fighting this group because when at a distance, they will try to spam their
projectiles for cheap damage thats hard to dodge and hard to approach the
character against. The key here is simple: DON'T STRAY FAR AWAY! Keep in
their faces. Now I don't mean don't stop attacking, just stay close. Dodge
around them a lot, attack when openning present themselves. If they roll away
and try to distance themselves, you roll away with them. To quote Kratos
from Tales of Symphonia: (amazing by the way, go play it if you haven't
Favorite Moves: Dodge Rolling, Jumping

5. Aerial
These characters are the most fun to fight with, since Ike too is a great
fighter in the air. Only a few characters should cause a problem for Ike,
and will be noted in the following section. Most of these characters will
fall before Ike, but, as I said, some will need caution. If you feel
confident in your aerial skills, feel free to join them in the air. Ike
has his Back Air for killing, Neutral for defence, and Down for death.
Favorite Moves: All Air-Moves, Up Smash, Up Tilt, Jumping

Specific Character Fighting Strategies                               [SCFTS]
Here, we will dive deep into the strategies to take on ANY opponent in SSBB
and find out their weaknesses, strengths, and how to fight them. Have fun!!!
P.S. I HATE THIS SECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Bowser  __________________________________________________________________

One of the slow characters. Ike actually has a big advantage over the other
heavy/slow characters since he is arguably (OMG I CANT SPEEL (that was done
perpuslee) (that too)) the fastest of them, and the strongest. Watch out for
Bowser's side-B move being used as a suicide. I believe you can somewhat
control the direction that Bowser moves when preforming this move, so use
that to your advantage. As an overall strategy, dodge his attacks, then hit
him with combos before he can recover, seeing how he is a slow character,
he too has lag after his attacks, so take advantage. Bowser is a big
character, so hitting him should be easy enough, also making Ike's down-A
spike a good possibility for edge-guarding Bowser.

  Captain Falcon  __________________________________________________________

SHOW ME YA MOVES! Yes, it is the now legendary Captain Falcon himself, now
ready to take you on as Ike. He may seem a formidalbe opponent, but he isn't
too bad. Captain Falcon is quite fast, so you are probably going to have to
sit back a lot and wait for an opening in his attacks. DO NOT try to just
pummel him, since he is MUCH faster than you, and WILL dodge your attacks
and take advantage of your slower speed and lag. Start with small combos
like a simple AAA, and as his damage builds up, and he starts flying farther,
throw in more moves. Ike is good in the air and as an anti-air fighter,
but CF has ways of getting out of your way. When juggling him, watch out for
his Falcon Kick to fly downward into you. Try to avoid spiking him for kills,
since his smaller body and superior speed make it very hard. And watch out
for his FALCON PUNCH! When you see that, COUNTER! It will hit him hard.

  Charizard  _______________________________________________________________

Another heavy character, very similar to Bowser. A very easy match overall,
just pummel him, he won't have much to throw at you that can do as much to
you as you to him. His Side-B can be devastating, but it's slow enough that
you can dodge or Counter it; Counter is the better choice. Spiking is a
great way to take him down fast, just lure him to the edge, smack him off,
jump over to him and Down-A his ass.

  Diddy Kong  ______________________________________________________________

Diddy Kong, ass very fast, very annoying character. He is also very small,
making hitting him quite annoying some times. Dodge roll a lot, keep on the
move. When you see an opening, go in with small combos, slowly getting bigger
and more deadly. Countering isn't a good choice since his attacks are pretty
fast and Ike's counter doesn't activate very quickly. His Side-B, the monkey
flip IS NOT COUNTERABLE, so don't try to. I am guilty of this and it doesn't
help me at all. Avoid his bananas, or just pick them up and use them to your
advantage. Spiking is not a good choice again.

  Donkey Kong  _____________________________________________________________

famous DONKEY KONG! He is, yet again, SLOW SLOW SLOW. Ike is faster and
stronger, so just go in and pummel him. His attacks are slow enough to
predict, see, and Counter, so do it as you please. Him Neutral-B, Giant
Punch, is deadly, but very Counter-able, so feel free. Spiking is a great
way to take him out, since he is heavy and harder to KO by normal means.

 Falco  ____________________________________________________________________

Falco fights very similarly to Fox and Wolf, so refer to here for both of
them as well. They are all a good balance of attacks, but their Lasers
are the most important attacks to pay attention to. Meaning, DON'T LET
THEM USE IT. Stay close to them to avoid letting them spam the lasers
for damage. They are also pretty fast, so don't try to charge in with
strong attacks, use smaller, weaker attacks to start off. Spiking is a
possible tactic to get kills, but don't try unless you are fairly
confident on your skill.

  Fox  _____________________________________________________________________

<See Falco>

  Mr. Game and Watch  ______________________________________________________

GW is a very strange character, with an even stranger array of attacks.
First of all, his Side-B, HAMMER OF JUDGEMENT, does varying things
depending on the number that appears. From what I know, 4 damages GW, 7
makes a piece of food appears, 8 Freezes you, 5 burns you, and 9 is like a
Home-Run bat, so beware. GW is pretty fast, so dodge a lot and start off
slow. His Turtle (Back Air) is as deadly as yours, so be cautious. His
Down-B is very deadly, but Ike has no attacks that can fill it up, so your
safe there. GW is a great combination of speed and strength, so be on your
toes. countering may save you here.

  Ganondorf  _______________________________________________________________

YET ANOTHER slow heavy character. Ganondorf boasts many of the same moves
as Captain Falcon, but slightly altered, slower, and more powerful. Ike can
easily hammer Ganondorf, and Spiking can lead to a fast match. Countering
is very easy and can do massive damage, especially against his Warlock
Punch Neutral-B attack. It is very slow and easy to Counter, also doing
MASSIVE damage.

  Ice Climbers  ____________________________________________________________

TWO FIGHTERS! THATS NOT FAIR! Ike has got his hands full as both Nana and
Popo are ready to pummel Ike with their hammers of fury. This battle may
be a hard fought victory. Every attack of theirs is a dual strike, making
Countering very difficult. You may begin to Counter the first hit, then the
second hits you before you finish. It is not a fun experience. If possible,
separate Nana and Popo, then go after Nana, she is almost helpless on her
own, and will make for an easy kill. With her gone, Popo will be virtually
done. At this point, you may feel free to unleash the Power of Cheese...I
mean Ike. Popo will fall without Nana to back him up. If you kill Popo, but
Nana lives, that STILL counts as a kill, and Nana will dissapear as they

  Ike  _____________________________________________________________________

WHATS THIS? Someone cloned Ike, and has now pit (pun intended and not at
the same time) him against you. There really is no true strategy to take
yourself on, everything you do to him, he can do to you. Just stay calm
and try to predict the opponent's moves, this will lead to victory.
Counter is also your friend here.

  Ivysaur  _________________________________________________________________

.............A dinosaur with the unstopable power of.........grass?
ALRIGHT! TIME TO KICK HIS GRASS! His Neutral-B is annoying because it can
prevent Ike from using his Air Game. But really, who has that many seeds?
Side-B  (Razor Leaf) can be annoying, but isn't deadly. Think of it as
half of Link's Boomerang. Its Power and Speed are very balanced, so
virtually everything can work. Spiking and Counter make things go faster.

  Jigglypuff  ______________________________________________________________

One of the more annoying characters to fight, but not a hard one. In
regards to Jiggly's Rollout, or whatever it's called, Counter will just
own it, so that attack is a Zero on the Threat-O-Meter. Jiggly has no
recovery attack, but has multiple jumps. Feel free to attack past the edge
of a stage, since she won't be going anywhere too soon. It's singning will
put you to sleep, so be wary. It's down be IS DEADLY, if gotten off while
"in" you, it is like getting hit by a home-run bat. But fear not, it is
very hard to do successfully, so only becareful against VERY experienced
Jigglypuff fighters. One thing to watch out for is the Side-B punch.
Jigglypuff has a nasty habit of hitting you when off the stage, jumping
once, using it, jumping once, using it, jumping once.....LATHER RINSE,
BUT STOP REPEATING DAMMIT! Eventually, it just tries to knock you off
the side with it. Stupid Jiggly.

  King Dedede  _____________________________________________________________

Giant Penguin! Anyone else hear Aang going ".....PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!" as
fight this guy? ANYwho...this is easy. A heavy character fails here
against Ike. This guy is super prone to just pure pounding. One thing to
watch out for is his Chain Grabbing. Dedede has the ability to grab you,
throw you, grab you, throw you, grab you, throw you.....................
...................................................grab you, throw you.
ITS ANNOYING! It is almost impossible to get out of. Just jump until you
do get out. My hint: Don't fight Dedede on the Bridge of Eldin. Also,
don't be surprised when you see a GIANT PENGUIN walking at you with a
Rocket Powered Hammer ready to Clobber you...........just use Counter.
Oh, he floats just like Jigglypuff can.

  Kirby  ___________________________________________________________________

The famous Pink puff-ball himself. First note: DON'T STEAL HIS CAKE! I mean
it. Ok, Kirby has the very unique ability to absorb the Neutral-B powers of
his enemy. In your case, ERUPTION! Although as some might think, his is not
faster or weaker to accommodate his natural skills. Just don't let him use
it, it takes a lot of skill to use that attack, which an non-experienced
Ike player doesn't have. Kirby also can float (multiple jumps) (MAN, 3 in
a row, it's like an omen............a floating omen). Kirby is such a small
target, he can become an annoying character to fight...or hit! Stick to
small attacks and quick hits. Big devastating attacks won't work to well.
P.S. Don't try spiking.

  Link  ____________________________________________________________________

The MasterSwording-Wielding, Bow-Shooting, Bomb-Throwing, Boomerang-Launcing
Fairy-Loving, Non-Talking Caped Crusader is here to try to take you down.
Wait...he doesn't have a cape.........well, for the sake of this guide, he
will. Link has an array of Distance Attacks, so you will want to stay in
close to prevent these. THEN, he has his sword. Key strategy is to stay with
quick hits until he flys like the Wright Brothers, but without the whole
plane thing. Link used to be a horror to fight with his Fire Spin Up-B, but
it was horribly nerfed in this game, since it now needs charging. It was his
one major threat, now gone. He also has a new Boomerang, the Gale Boomerang,
which produces a miniture tornado around itself to drag the enemy, thats you,
back to Link as it returns to him. BE SURE to avoid it on the return trip, or
it will set you up for a Master Sword to the face. If you are confident though,
you can use it to your advantage. Wait for it to come back at you, time the
strike, and hit Link as the Gale Boomerang brings you are it for you. He will
never see the sneak attack coming. Spiking and Countering are a fun and easy
way to take this dude down.

  Lucario  _________________________________________________________________

DAWG! No, I'm not gangster, but you are now fighting an Pyschic Dog with...
"THE POWER OF AURA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ok, his main threat is the Aura Sphere,
which is very similar to Mewtwo's attack from Melee. Really, just dodge it.
I always end up trying to hit it with another attack, but that won't stop it.
Just dodge. Lucario has major recovery, since his Up-B has huge distance,
and Lucario can wall cling, then do it again. Lucario also has a counter-
like attack. Be careful. It isn't as good as Ike's or Marth's, but it is
still annoying. A big note with Lucario is his unique Aura, which makes him
more powerful the more damage he gets. This, however, doesn't apply to much
to Ike, since he specializes in killing fast. If not killed quickly however,
watch out for the added Aura Damage.

  Lucas  ___________________________________________________________________

The second in the line of Pyschic children fighint in this game (Ness being
the first). Lucas fights very similarly to Ness, so both will be outlined
here. Psychic powers abound here. Be prepared to here PEEKAY <insert word
here> a lot! PK Fire can get you stuck, set up for a nice smash to your
face. PK Thunder can launch Lucas/Ness at you at blinding speeds for
nice damage. Their Down-B's are energy shields that recover their health
when hit by energy attacks, which Ike has none of (BOO! But yay for this)
The last PK moves are powerful and partially directable, so watch.
Lucas's Up-Smash is absolutely DEVASTATING!!!!!!!!!!! So stay on the ground
and away from this attack. Ness also has some great Air Attacks, so try to
stay low and below.

  Luigi  ___________________________________________________________________

Luigi is one...........unique character overall, but he fights somewhat
similarly to another character here on the Brawl roster (Mario). One thing
to look out for is Luigi's Side-B, where he launches himself at you. It
kinda looks like he farts and flies headfirst at you, but he is trying to
kill you with this. It can be charged up for massive damage, and has a 15%
chance to become explosively powerful. Your best bet is to counter this
attack to send Luigi flying, doing WAY more damage to him than you would
ever noramlly do. Overall, Luigi is a balanced character in terms of speed
and power, dodge the strong attacks, then PUMMEL when you see an opening.
Spiking is, once again, a fun way to make things go faster. Side note: if
Luigi does his signature taunt, DO NOT ATTACK HIM! It goes against every-
thing I stand for.

  Mario  ___________________________________________________________________

Mario fights very similarly to Luigi, so here I will just outline the
differences between the two. Mario's new Down-B is his F.L.U.D.D. It charges
up and shoots water at you, but does no damage to you. It's only purpose is
to push you off the stage or keep you from the edge of the stage. Mario's
Side-B is a cape that switches the direction you are facing. Always be ready
to turn around to attack. Mario is farely fast, with power to boot, don't
under estimate him. For both Luigi and Mario, the air will be your friend.

  Marth  ___________________________________________________________________

Ike's variable rival, and one of his hardest foes to fight. If you mained
Roy in Melee, then switched to Ike in brawl, you probably, like me, HATE
MARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just because everyone ridicules you for using Roy
when Marth was "sO mUcH bEtTeR!1!1!1!" Anyway, Marth is one tough cookie to
fight. But fear not, I AM HERE! Firstly, Marth is a very fast, agile, yet
weak character, the opposite of Ike, so stay on your toes and dodge often.
Marth will hit you, a lot, but he barely does any damage. If you think
you are getting pounded, don't lose hope. In all reality, you aren't far
behind because Marth barely does any damage. Just take the combos flat out,
then pound him when he is vulnerable. Ok, His Neutral-B, Shield Breaker, is
a chargeable thrust that does exactly what it's name suggests, breaks your
shield. DO NOT SHIELD THIS ATTACK. This attack is perfect for Ike players,
since you can counter it for serious damage. Marth's Side-B, is a 4-part,
assault, if you see it, dodge backwards, otherwise, you'll get caught in
it. Marth also has a counter, like Ike, so be wary with using Strong
Attacks, as they can be reflected back at you. At this point, your
probably thinking to take to the skies..XXXXXXXXXXXXXX WRONG XXXXXXXXXXX
Marth can attack very quickly and multiple times in the air, so be careful
when taking to the air. Focus on dodging and short quick hits. Eventually,
Marth will go down.

  Meta Knight  _____________________________________________________________

AH! The TRUE caped crusader arrives, as a small round body shrouded in a
dark mask and cape. Meta Knight is one tough cookie (whoa, Deja Vue).
He is VERY FAST, and small as well, making him very hard to hit. Main thing
to watch out for, his Mach Tornado. It is an easily spammable  move that
is hard to get out of. Try to dodge EVERYTHING he throws at you until
you see an opening. He also has a drill attack that has huge range, but you
can just Counter it. MK also has a teleport-ability to dissapear and re-
appear, and can also attack coming out of it. If you see him do it, dodge
TOWARDS where he was BEFORE he teleported. MK will usually go behind you,
so that is your best bet to dodge him. DO NOT try to spike him either, his
Up-B will launch him up back at you, and it will hit YOU, not YOU hit HIM!
Countering isn't a good idea. His attacks are almost all weak and very fast.
Chances are, you will miss the counter since his attacks are too fast, and
then it won't do too much damage. It isn't worth the risk.

  Ness  ____________________________________________________________________

<See Lucas>

  Peach  ___________________________________________________________________

The Princess has finally decided to stop letting Mario fight for her, and has
stepped onto the battlefield. Peach comes out looking weak, but can put up
a good fight. First off, Peach has a Counter (Toad), but it isn't too good,
so don't really worry about it. Second, Peach can pull turnips from the
ground and throw them at you. Usually, it isn't the problem, but once in a
while, it will be a deadly, deadly vegetable. When it looks like it is about
to spew on the stage, WATCH OUT! That thing will kill you. Peach also has a
decent array for strong physical attacks. Countering can really help you.
Peach can also float in mid-air. Beware when in the air, she can stop and
float above you, putting you in a very vulernable position. Overall, just
dodge when you can, and counter the attacks you can predict, and she will

  Pikachu  _________________________________________________________________

It's everyone's favorite yellow, electric mouse. PIKA PIKA!!!! Pikachu can
be one of the most annoying characters to fight. Why you ask? THUNDER!!!!!!!
Pikachu's tend to spam their thunder attack, and it literally drive you
insane. Because it is a major threat to anyone in the air, stay on the
ground. Pikachu can also send thunder streaming along the ground, trying to
get you into the air, perfect for a Thunder attack. Don't fall for it. Just
jump lightly and close the gap between you and him. Then, PUMMEL! Hit Pika-
chu into the air, then smash him away with Back or Forward Air. If you see
him recover in mid air, back off, or Ike will get an unwelcome electro-shock
therapy. Pikachu also has a chargeable Skull Bash, similar to Luigi, so just
Counter that if possible. Try to avoid spiking, for fear of the THUNDER!

  Pikmin and Olimar  _______________________________________________________

Those Pikmin can really do some damage. If Olimar throws them onto you,
attack to knock them off. If you let them stay on, you can watch your damage
sky rocket (pun and Pikmin reference intended). Olimar can pull out several
different kinds of Pikmin: Red are Fire, Yellow are Lightning, Blue are water,
White are Poison and will poison you if they attack you, and Purple are
heavy and strong, but go less of a distance. Try to avoid the White and
Purple ones above all else. If you get the Pikmin away from Olimar, attack
them to kill them, then see their little souls float away. Poor, poor Pikmin.
Aside from throwing the Pikmin on you, Olimar has no other noteable tricks,
so feel from to go wild.

  Pit  _____________________________________________________________________

The Angel from Kid Icarus from the original Nintendo Entertainment System is
back. Pit is one touch cookie (OMG DEJA VUE AGAIN!) One thing to note: his
bow. It can fire energy arrows, quite fast, and Pit can curve them. DO NOT
stay far away from Pit, or you will start racking up damage as volleys of
arrows are hurled at you (or you have a friend that just runs from you,
firing arrows all the time, then you are out of luck). Pit also has a shield
that will refleft energy attacks, of which Ike has none, but it will also
block normal attacks (I believe). Pit also has argueably the best recovery,
his wings. He can fly very high, very far with his recovery, so air battles
aren't a good choice, since Pit can just avoid you. Use your trust Aether
to bring him down to the ground, then OWN him there. Pit's attacks are fast,
but you shouldn't have too much trouble hitting him.

  R.O.B  ___________________________________________________________________

A robot seems like a very strange combatant in Brawl, but nonethelesss, ROB
is here. ROB comes equipped with a Laser that charges itself over time, so
stay cautious, because it can do major damage. He also can charge a pro-
jectile item to throw at you, but it is easily dodgeable. He has a recovery
similar to Pit, so stay out of the air. ROB also has very deadly Air attacks,
so that is another reason to stay on the ground. Again, use Aether to bring
him down.

  Samus  ___________________________________________________________________

A woman in a battle suit...sounds deadly (and for you strange people out
there........s-Mech-xy). Samus comes with an array of weapons. Her
Energy Blast can be deadly, but it is usually easily dodgeable, so do just
that. Her rockets can be one of two things: Tracking  or Super. The tracking
rockets will track you, but are slow and weak. They are very avoidable. The
Super rockets are green and round, and the are very fast and more powerful.
They travel in a straight line, so just jump to dodge them. Samus is also
pysically powerful, but on the slow side, so countering can help big time.

  Sheik  ___________________________________________________________________

Zelda's alternate personality is back in Brawl, with a new revamped Twilight
Princess look (even though he isn't IN Twilight Princess. That reminds me,
lets settle the gender debate around Sheik. Sheik is SUPPOSED to be a man,
a disguise of Zelda's to hide from Ganondorf. Although HE is played by a
woman, HE is meant to be a man. I.E. SHEIK = MALE!) Sheik is a very agile
character, so focus on dodging. Sheik's side smash can be very deadly, and
is a two-part hit, so be SURE to avoid this, or you will be dead. Sheik also
has needles that he can charge up and throw at you. Jump when you see they
are thrown to avoid. Beware, you CANNOT see them. Sheik also has a whip/chain.
It can be used as a shield/attack that can be spun 360 degrees around Sheik.
When you see this, stay away. It will make a barrier between you and Sheik,
but it's range is small. Stay sharp and dodge, getting in attacks here and
there. Sheik is tough, but is light and will die faster than most characters
(unless the person your fighting as Sheik has a tendancy to NOT DIE EVER!!!)

  Snake  ___________________________________________________________________

Snake!? Snake!?!? SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
The legendary Tactical Espionage Stealth Agent and Ultimate Battlefield
Soldier is here to fight with you, and he has brought an arsenal of weapons
to use against you. Snake is, without a doubt, THE most unique character in
SSBB. This, of course, is a bad thing, because all the tactics you normally
were used to seeing and using are WORTHLESS here, since Snake is very very
different. On top of this, Snake is pretty good as a character, although
hard to use, but if you get a person who is skilled at using Snake, watch
out. Ok, Snake can be a very tricky character, considering the fact that he
can plant claymores and C4 on the field. His Down Smash  plants a Claymore
on the field, the longer it was charged, the stronger it is. If someone,
even Snake himself, walks over this, it will blowup. Your main focus is to
stay away from that area, OR, try to lure Snake into it. Go past it, lure
Snake over to you, or throw him onto it. Snake's C4 is also an explosive,
but Snake has to set it off himself. The good thing is that you can see it
on the field. Again, stay away from it, or go over to it, and just MAKE Snake
set it off, and dodge it, then Snake won't have it. I believe Snake can also
set it on you. ALWAYS pay attention to Snake, you can see him throw the C4,
and hear it, so watch him carefully. Snake also has a remote controllable
rocket launcher, the Nikita who those of you familiar with his games. Snake
shoots it out, then can controll the direction in which it travels. If it's
angle doesn't change for a moment, it will speed up, but will slow down when
it changes direction. The good thing is, it is usually easy to dodge, AND
Snake is vulernable and cannot move when using the Nikita. Also, Snake can
disengage controlling the Rocket so he can move again, but this will cause it
to fall straight down. So beware if you let it get above you. Raining explo-
sives are bad. On THAT note, Snake's Up Smash also rains explosives down on
you. It charges up a mortar and fires it into the air. The longer it is
charged, the higher it goes. At the top of it's arc, yes, it will arc in-
flight, it falls back down, so if you dodge the mortar going up, it will come
back down onto you. So WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!! Snake also has grenades, but they
aren't that deadly, just watch out and charge him when he throws one at you.
Snake also has a variety of Physical attacks, which are usually very good for
countering, so feel free. One last note, he has a very gimp-able Recovery.
If you hit Snake while he is using his recovery move, he won't be able to use
it again, so feel free to attack him while he is using it for gimping fun and
death to Snake. GIMP AWAY!

  Sonic  ___________________________________________________________________

The little blue hedgehog himself has joined to fray, and GOD DAMN is he fast.
Sonic is, without a doubt, THE fastest character in Brawl. Ike will not have
fun while fighting this blue blur. Like all fast characters, just going after
him with strong attacks isn't going to work, you need to time attacks and
dodge often. His main attacks, his specials, use his signature ability to
spin and launch himself at you. His Neutral special is a lock on move, but if
you move enough, he won't hit you. His Side and Down specials move across the
field like Jigglypuff's Rollout, but I still haven't found a big difference
between the two. From what I can tell, his downone is chargeable, and his Side
one lets him jump in the middle of it to launch him/his enemy into the air
for comboing. The good thing with all of these is that, with decent timing,
are all counterable. With you stopping him everytime he uses a special, he
will go down easily. Also, when he uses his Recovery while on the ground, the
Spring he uses will stay on the ground for a few moments. If you get bored,
feel free to jump on it. :P

 Squirtle  _________________________________________________________________

This thing is basically a small bouncing PAIN IN THE ASS!!!!!!!!! It's like
a miniture Sonic on steroids when it comes to moving around. Countering is
virtually the only thing you can do to stop it from bouncing around.  Since
Squirtle is so small, he is a pain to hit, so start with countering, THEN
hit him with combos and such. Squirtle also has a Water Gun attack, IDENTICAL
to Mario's F.L.U.D.D, so just watch out when you are off the stage, as
Squirtle WILL try to push you away from the edge.

  Toon Link  _______________________________________________________________

The new and improved Young Link, Toon Link is the version of Link from Wind
Waker, coming with his unique cell-shaded body and the usuall array of
weapons. Toon Link is, in all reality, a smaller, faster, weaker, more agile
version of Link. Toon Link is actually more deadly than his older counterpart,
since he still has a good deal of strength with his higher speed. One thing
to note them apart is Toon Link's down attack while in midair, which is now
an attack where Toon Link plummets to the ground instead of floats to the
ground like Link does. The same strategies work here as from Link (except for
the Gale Boomerang stuff, since he doesn't have it), except you will need
to dodge more, and maybe counter a little less.

  Wario  ___________________________________________________________________

Wario finally makes his debut in the Super Smash series, and he comes with
a vengance. One thing to watch out for, is his gas. Not joking here, one
of Wario's attacks is him FARTING, and it charges over time, getting to a
dangerous Level 5 class Fart of Pain.When I figure out how to stop/counteract
this attack, I will get back to you. Next, is Wario's Bike, which he rides
across the field and tries to run you over. Thing is, this is easily
counterable. Wario can also ditch the bike, allowing it to be picked up
and thrown. If the bike is attacked enough, it will break apart, into many
different items to be thrown. If you have anger issues, feel free to take it
out on the bike. Aside from that, Wario has a usually array of attacks, all
moderately good to counter. Spiking is a good choice since Wario is a large
enough target to hit. One last note, he has a nasty habit of bitting people.
Yeah, he can bite you as an attack. I will also get back to you when I figure
out how to stop this.

  Wolf  ____________________________________________________________________

Wolf, as already mentioned, is very similar to Falco and Fox, so only his
key differences will be outlined here. For one, you don't have to worry
about his lasers as much, since they are fired much more slowly and have a
shorter distance, although they are more powerful. His "Wolf Illusion" also
has a slight difference in that it goes up at an angle as well as sideways.
Overall, Wolf is a stronger version of Wolf and Fox, making him the deadliest
of the trio. Also, watch out for his Side Smash, it has a surprisingly long
range. One last thing.................."I can't let you do that Star Fox!"

  Yoshi  ___________________________________________________________________

Ok, lets just get this over with, I am DONE with this section. Bottomline,
Yoshi really hasn't changed from Melee, so he still sucks. The only better
thing is his Final Smash, but those aren't covered here. Yoshi still has a
rollout attack, so Counter that. DO NOT spike him, since he jump makes him
move very far, very awkwardly, so you will most likely miss. Yoshi is easily
pummelable, so feel free here. Yoshi really has no noteable moves or attacks
to be careful of. Sorry Yoshi.

  Zelda  ___________________________________________________________________

The wielder of the Triforce of Wisdom is back, and better than ever. Zelda
comes back with all of her normal magic attacks. Her Din's Fire is stronger
than ever, so keep track of it, and dodge, there is no other way around this
attack. This attack is very deadly. BE CAREFUL! Zelda still has her Nayru's
Love Ice shield around her, but it isn't really a threat except for deflecting
projectiles, which Ike has none of. Problem with Zelda is that her Physical
attacks are much stronger. Most notably is her Forward and Back air attacks,
which if sweetspotted, are very dangerous. Staying out of the air can't hurt.
Good thing is that Zelda flies pretty easily, so not much damage is needed to
get a KO. Counter when you feel like it, combo it out, just beware of her in
the air and Din's Fire.

  Zero Suit Samus  _________________________________________________________

Ok, Samus has taken her power suit off, but don't think that makes her any
less deadly. Infact, she is probably deadlier now. She is very agile now,
and has a plasma whip as a new primary weapon. Main thing to look out for
is that her range with the whip is pretty damn large. Stay away from her
and time your attacks while dodging hers. Get too careless and the whip
will pick you off from behind. Countering is a bad choice due to both her
great speed and fact that her attacks reach farther than most of yours,
so you won't always be able to reach her with the counter if she can reach
you. One last thing, for all you pervs out there, DO NOT get distracted.
SHE ISN'T REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SHOULDN'T GET ATTRACTED
TO PIXELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG I'M DONE!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!

Legal                                                                [LEGAL]
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info from this guide for your own guides, just please give credit to me,

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Have fun playing as Ike now!