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                    Boss Trophy Capture Guide

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Boss Capturing Basics [bscs]
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Boss Capture Strategies [strtgs]
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     Porky [.03]
     Galleom [.04]
     Ridley [.05]
     Duon [.06]
     Meta Ridley [.07]
     Tabuu [.08]
The Boss Trophies [trphs]
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     Rayquaza [.b]
     Porky [.c]
     Galleom [.d]
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I was always curious about the boss trophies, but it was very 
difficult trying to obtain those trophies. The bosses donít give 
up and submit to you willingly. They put up a fight. Itís one 
thing to kill a boss, and another completely to capture it like a 
Pokemon. (It wasnít easy in those games, and itís not easy here, 

This guide should contain everything you want to know about how 
to turn bosses into trophies, from whatís required to the best 
characters to individual capture strategies to what stickers 
should be applied. Iíve even written down the trophy descriptions 
if you want to see them.

This guide is especially for those having trouble with the 
trickier bosses like Meta Ridley and Duon, or if youíre not 
entirely sure how to capture a boss. If youíre one of those 
people, welcome! If youíre not one of those people, who cares? 
Youíre still welcome! Read on!

And also be aware that this guide contains some spoilers. If you 
donít want the rest of the Subspace Emissary bosses revealed to 
you or donít want to see the trophy descriptions, either tread 
carefully or turn back.

But otherwise, I hope this guide is of great assistance, whatever 
your trouble is, be it boredom or an oversized lizard with wings.

 - Version .3 (3/17/09): Completed the table of contents, 
introduction, e-mail, boss capturing basics, and recommended 
characters. Iíll probably add more characters as time goes on.

 - Version .55 (3/18/09): Added another character to the 
recommended characters and completed the recommended stickers, 
the intro to the boss capture strategies, and Petey Piranhaís 

 - Version .8 (3/19/09): Finished the individual boss strategies. 
Now I just need to finish the boss trophies.

 - Version 1.0 (3/20/09): All done!

 - Version 1.01 (4/28/09): Added Supercheats to the Special 
Thanks section.

 - Version 1.11 (4/29/09): Answered a question asked before I 
even knew my guide was accepted. Howís that for speedy?

 - Version 1.21 (5/5/09): Put down some more suggestions, 
corrections, and answers submitted by many people. Thanks, 

 - Version 1.31 (6/26/09): Wrote what Trophy Drop stickers do, 
with thanks to Mike Laframboise for sending in that e-mail. Put 
him in the Special Thanks section.

 - Version 1.41 (7/14/09): Answered a question sent in by Paul 
Lavryshyn and added advice sent in by Prorok. Yes, you both are 
in the Special Thanks section.

 - Version 1.51 (8/8/09): Answered questions, added suggestions, 
and changed errors sent in by many people who are listed in the 
Special Thanks section.

 - Version 1.61 (12/27/09): Updated the guide with all kinds of 
e-mails, suggestions, and questions. Everybodyís been added to 
the Special Thanks section. Also put down that notice about 
recommended charactersÖ

 - Version 1.62 (3/17/12): Updated my e-mail and added in a question 
from Chris Colgan.

 - Version 1.63 (12/21/12): Added a bit about my website and blog. Happy 
end of the world, by the way. I'm still here, so I'll take that as a 
good sign.

 - Version 1.73 (3/30/13): Added Thor's various points of advice and 
overall polished some of my guide so it doesn't look so amateurish. 
It would need a complete overhaul to match my current standard, but 
I'm lazy, so I'll leave it be for now.

E-MAIL [ml]
If you need to e-mail me for some reason, hereís where I tell you 
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good to send an e-mail and expect it to get posted here when you 
completely ignore the rules. The e-mail will come AFTER the rules 
so that youíll read them. (Hopefully.) If your e-mail was posted, 
youíll get a spot in the Special Thanks section.

Please send in these e-mails:

 - Questions about the guide. Remember that the question has to 
a), relate to the guide, and b), not already be answered here. 
But if you have a question with something, even if itís with 
something as trivial as having trouble applying stickers (how are 
you supposed to apply the Big Boss sticker when you donít know 
how?), ask it, and if it meets all the requirements, itíll be 
posted in the FAQ.

 - Corrections. Whether I got a piece of information wrong or 
even if I didnít spell something correctly, point it out to me. 
Really, Iím not going to be bothered if you point out a grammar 
or spelling error. Send it in.

 - Your own strategies. Do you have a good way to get a bossís 
trophy or some other characters/stickers you might recommend? 
Send Ďem in! The more, the merrier, as they say.

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questions about trouble applying stickers, the effects certain 
stickers Iíve recommended have, why Meta Ridleyís trophy always 
falls into the bottom blast line before you can nab itÖif I 
talked about it at some point during this guide, feel free to ask 
something about it, but it has to relate.

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ďTrophy DropĒ stickers? If you want to get a point across, state 
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 - Recommended characters. Iíve received too many e-mails of 
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I think that pretty much cleared it all. Now we can get to my e-
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In case youíre new to this thing, letís go over whatís required 
to capture a boss. (I use the term ďcaptureĒ because the method 
required is sorta similar to Pokemon.) Itís very simple but not 
easy. It requires patience, skill, and sometimes persistence.

First of all, you do know of the item called the Trophy Stand, 
donít you? It appears only in The Subspace Emissary and looks 
sort of like a very large golden coin. You can use it to capture 
ordinary enemies and turn them into trophies; itís the only way 
you can get trophies of those enemies. You can do the same to 
bosses. Grab the Trophy Stand when it appears and hurl it at the 
boss to either cause damage if its health isnít low enough or 
turn it into a trophy if it is. Keep in mind that the throwing 
process is actually very slow, so itís going to take a second or 
two before your character throws the Trophy Stand after you hit 
the button.

Secondly, you canít just use the Trophy Stand when it appears and 
expect to get a boss trophy out of it, rejoice, stand up, and do 
a victory dance. Like I said before, itís rather similar to 
capturing a Pokemon in the Pokemon series of games. The bossís 
health must be low enough before you can throw the Trophy Stand 
at it and turn it into a trophy. If you hit it otherwise, it will 
take damage but remain the way it is. Youíll have to learn how 
much damage a Trophy Stand will do. Itís generally a considerable 
amount, but try and get the bossís health as low as you can 
before throwing it.

This poses problems, however. The biggest one? The items. Items fall 
frequently, and some of these are hazardous to the boss, and they may 
kill the boss if the boss, shall we say, upsets them. Items that pose 
problems include Bob-Ombs, Smart Bombs, Blast Boxes, and sometimes 
carriers as they may explode on impact instead of shattering safely. 
If you see one such item appear, grab it and throw it away quickly! 
Be careful not to upset them yourself, or not only will you take damage, 
but the boss may take damage, too. The Blast Boxes and Smart Bombs will 
likely pose the biggest problems because Blast Boxes are heavy to carry 
and Smart Bombs usually explode in midair when thrown, so the boss may 
run into the explosion and die.

According to the ever-helpful Thor's experience, Trophy Stands may not 
appear the first time you face a boss, so you may have to base your 
Trophy-capturing escapades on a rerun. Besides, let's face it: it's 
impossible to 100% The Subspace Emissary the first time through anyway, 
so you might as well go back and snag the bosses when the dust has 

Suddenly, capturing bosses may not seem so easy anymore. Well, 
thatís why my guide is here; to make it easier for you to get 
those coveted eight trophies missing from your collection. If you 
want to see a list of the hardest bosses from easiest to hardest to 
capture, go see the Boss Capture Strategies section. It should 
help you decide which bosses to tackle first.

Not all characters are cut out for boss battles in general, and 
nothingís more frustrating than grabbing the Trophy Stand and 
then getting launched by the boss before you can throw it. (Well, 
actually, I can think of a few things, but letís not get 
sidetracked.) Itís happened to me more times than I would like 
(meaning more than 0), and so I hope that the same doesnít happen 
to you. Some characters are naturals at defending themselves from 
bosses, and some just arenít cut out for that work. Letís go over 
which ones you should choose and which ones you shouldnít.

But before we go into that, let me announce something: I am no 
longer accepting recommended character e-mails. The reason why is 
because most of the characters recommended to me arenít 
recommended for very solid reasons. To elaborate, if youíre 
recommending a character to me because they have ONE move that 
may help or can survive well against a couple of bosses, that 
doesnít overall recommend the character for every boss. Weíre 
looking for quick characters with powerful moves, projectiles, 
and anything else that makes them near-perfect for capturing 
bosses (not DEFEATING them, but CAPTURING them). And besides, at 
this point, Iím going to have everyone on the Brawl roster 
recommended before long. What works for you may not work for 
someone else. Iím trying to find a balance in the system.

So, anywayÖ

These guys are naturals:

The best guy of all for Boss Battles. Heís quick, a high jumper, 
has fast projectiles, and can reflect projectiles. If you want to 
beat Boss Battles on Intense, Fox should be your first choice. 
Some strategies for the guy; #1: Use your reflector to reflect 
all possible attacks. You can take down a healthy Meta Ridley 
within seconds using this tactic, and avoid damage altogether. 
However, Fox cannot reflect Galleomís missiles (both tank form 
and normal form), Duonís triple lasers (fired from the pink oneís 
head), or Tabuuís dragonhead beam or particle spray (though Iím 
not sure if the final blast of his particle spray can be 
reflected or not). So donít put on your Reflector for absolutely 
everything that comes your way, because itís a sure way to a lot 
of pain. Use his Blaster whenever the boss is busy attacking 
repeatedly but missing or when you have a bit of distance; for 
instance, when Tabuu slices his hand repeatedly or when Master 
Hand drills down. Donít go overboard, however; physical attacks 
do more damage than projectiles.

I suppose you could use Falco and Wolf, too, but Fox is the best 
of the three. Both Falco and Wolf have projectiles that arenít 
quite good enough to be used consistently, and they both donít 
run very fast. Furthermore, Falcoís Reflector canít be held 
constantly, but rather is kicked out, and thus isnít ideal for 
reflecting attacks. Of the Star Fox crew, you should pick Fox.

Like Fox, Marth is speedy and a relatively good jumper. What 
really makes him good for bosses, however, is his Counter move 
which blocks damage from just about any move and smacks the enemy 
back. Use this as often as you can, because it tends to deal more 
damage than one of your strongest attacks would. Marth is 
excellent with aerial moves as well, so you should use those a 
lot and pop in a smash attack when you can.

Now, you may be wondering why Marth is good for boss battles but 
Ike--powerful, Counter-using Ike--isnít. Several reasons, 
actually. Probably the biggest reason is because Ike isnít a very 
good jumper. There are some charging attacks that Porky, Galleom, 
and Duon have that must be jumped over, and Ike canít do it. 
Also, his attacks may be powerful, but theyíre slow, and you may 
not recover in time to defend yourself from an attack. And 
thirdly, his Counter move can be hard to use since it takes a 
tiny bit before he protects himself. Ike is my favorite 
character, so itís unfortunate, but not much can be done about 

Toon Link
Toon Link is a high jumper, speedy runner, has a gazillion 
projectiles, and can smack enemies repeatedly with his down A 
aerial move. Use his projectiles wherever appropriate, like when 
a boss is busy attacking repeatedly but missing or when youíre 
jumping at the boss. You can string combos together by jumping at 
the boss and then using several projectiles, like boomerang, then 
bow and arrow. Toon Link is generally best with his aerial moves, 
so you should use those a lot. Be careful when using his down A 
aerial move, because, although itís good at constantly staying 
above a boss and whacking them repeatedly, if you use it over a 
pit, you can say goodnight.

Link is not the same as Toon Link. Heís slow, an okay jumper, and 
honestly feels more awkward to use in Brawl than he did in the 
past two Smash Bros. games. If youíre going to go for one of 
them, use Toon Link.

Meta Knight
Meta Knight is a quick character, has four different third jumps, 
can fly, and has excellent aerial moves. This naturally makes him 
ideal for boss battles. You should stay airborne most of the time 
and repeatedly use attacks - his upward aerial attack tends to keep 
him airborne if you use it over and over again, so you can take this 
approach to both stay off the ground for awhile and deal a good bit 
of damage in a short time (thank you, Thor). Since flying takes longer 
to go up than ordinary jumps, when you need to jump over an attack, 
do it sooner than you normally would so you can actually clear it. You 
probably shouldnít use any Special Moves because they can leave you 
with your defense down after use and donít really do a whole lot of 
damage. In addition, Meta Knight's dodges are quick and don't take him 
very far, so don't rely on them too much for evading large enemy attacks.

Luigi is a high jumper and can use about a million aerial moves 
in just two jumps. His fireballs arenít as effective as, say, 
Foxís Blaster when it comes to damaging enemies, but you can 
still use them without losing your tempo, especially when 
jumping. Aerial moves should be your main choice because you can 
do so many of them at once. When knocked away, remember that you 
should use his Green Missile until you get close to the stage, 
then use your Super Jump Punch to leap back on. Charge it if you 
have the time. If you're fond of using his fire-based attacks, you may 
want to apply some stickers that increase the damage his fire techniques 
do (thanks once again, Thor), but staying airborne should be your 
primary strategy, and make sure not to kill the boss by accident with 
your flame attacks.

Charizard was recommended to me by Nate Hutchings. Use his Smash 
B move (Rock Smash) on a boss to cause a ton of damage. However, 
remember not to go overboard with it, as it can kill a boss much 
quicker than youíd think. Also remember that Charizard is pretty 
slow and not great in terms of defense, so donít concentrate 
entirely on offense. Also, Nate has mentioned that Squirtle is 
practically essential to fighting Tabuu, so if youíre using 
Pokemon Trainer, switch when you come to him. When using the 
Pokemon Trainer at all, switch to Ivysaur when fighting Ridley 
and Meta Ridley, says Matthew Denton. His Bullet Seed (Neutral B) 
move is effective at whittling down their health quickly if used 
right beneath them. Just donít go overboard and sit there too 
long, or theyíll do some attack when you havenít recovered and 
kill you.

Kirby was recommended to me by Sunfalcon8. Kirby is relatively 
quick and is also about as easy to hit as it is hard to spell 
Schwarzenegger. (Hey, I did it!) Unfortunately, heís also 
lightweight, so heís typically not ideal for surviving for a long 
period of time unless youíre good at dodging. His attacks also 
donít do much damage. I suppose you could use his Hammer, but 
itís slow and can be hard to time. Use it in the air to hit the 
boss twice. I donít recommend using his Down B move (Stone) to 
avoid damage because when phasing in and out of stone form, the 
boss can hit you with some pretty nasty stuff. You should be 
really good with Kirby before attempting to capture a boss with 

Sunfalcon8 also recommended Pit to me. Pit is great for survival 
due to his incredible third jump, ability to fly, and Mirror 
Shield which blocks practically any attack. He also has guided 
arrows which serve as efficient projectiles. His Mirror Shield 
reflects projectiles, too. As some warnings, remember that Pit is 
not quick and actually doesnít jump high, so he may have a hard 
time dodging some attacks. And donít think that his Angel Ring 
will do a lot of damage, because it wonít.

Zero Suit Samus
Danielthedemon1 suggested Zero Suit Samus to capture bosses. 
Sheís speedy, has a good jump, and can weaken a boss pretty fast. 
Use her Smash B move to deal a good amount of damage to bosses. 
He also says that when the boss has stopped moving, use her Down 
B move (make sure to do it right after the boss has attacked so 
you donít wind up making yourself vulnerable). Attack from a 
distance with her Paralyzer (neutral B move), but as itís slow 
and weak, donít use it a whole lot except for when thereís no 
other way to attack or when you can sneak it in quickly and 
easily. When the bossís health is down to about 25%, use her 
Paralyzer to slowly whittle it down some more (donít charge it at 
all). And remember to dodge moves to the best of your ability as 
Zero Suit Samus is lightweight.

Thanks for the strategy, Daniel!

This is the last recommended character I will put down. Lucas was 
recommended to me by Brandon Staten. Heís pretty quick in terms 
of running speed, heís got several powerful attacks (aerial + 
Down comes to mind), he can heal himself against several energy 
projectiles, and heís got good jumping. We should, however, be 
clear on something: Lucas is hard to use. Thereís no denying it. 
If you misuse a Smash Attack, the consequences could be fatal. 
Lucas has a HUGE recoil from his up and down Smash Attacks, which 
is typically long enough for a boss to kill you. His PSI Magnet 
canít absorb everything, such as Duonís thin blue laser beams or 
Meta Ridleyís huge fireballs, and it doesnít cover his entire 
body, although he can and will spin around to absorb energy projectiles 
from the opposite direction if necessary (thanks to Thor for that 
tidbit). His third jump is only useful if youíve got the skill, time, 
and ability to use it. If youíre good with Lucas, I say go for bosses 
with him; you can survive excellently withhim. If heís too hard to use 
for you, you should probably resort to some other character.

You can use Ness, too; actually, he might be the better pick. His 
Smash Attacks have no recoil (though theyíre still slow), and his 
PSI Magnet covers his whole body. Choose whoever youíre better 

Have you ever noticed the little slips of paper every now in 
then, whether theyíre in ordinary Brawls, in the Subspace 
Emissary, or wherever? Those are stickers. Grab them, and theyíll 
be added to your sticker collection.

You can only use stickers in the Subspace Emissary. What stickers 
do is aid you somehow. It may be increasing your power, reducing 
the launch distance you take, increasing your swim time before 
you drown, and all sorts of things.

To apply a sticker, go to the Subspace Emissary, then select 
Sticker. (If the three options--Save, Sticker, and Quit--are 
grayed out, then press B or whatever button you use to exit out 
of things to bring it back up.) Once there, scroll through the 
list of your available stickers, select one, and apply it to the 
trophy stand on the left side of the screen. Stickers canít 
overlap one another, so thereís limited room. Naturally, the 
important stickers take up more room. You can scroll through the 
list of characters to apply the stickers to by hitting some 
buttons--it should say which buttons do it on the bottom-right 

You should be aware of some things, though. First of all, if you 
remove a sticker, itís gone for good. I guess thatís kind of 
realistic--when you remove a sticker in real life, it does kinda 
lose its stickiness, doesnít it? So, if you remove a sticker, you 
canít put it back on. And secondly, if you apply two stickers of 
the same kind (for instance, Launch Resistance +7 and Launch 
Resistance +16), only the one with the higher number will apply. 
For example, you canít apply the two aforementioned stickers and 
expect to get a boost of +23. Only the sticker with the higher 
number has any effect, so youíd still have +16, not +23. Remember 
that before going wild with stickers.

Okay, now that we have all that out of the way, letís get to 
which stickers I would recommend you apply. You should probably 
apply them to the recommended characters listed above and use 
them as your boss trophy retrievers.

Battering Resistance
This lowers the damage done by physical battering attacks like 
Galleomís punches. This is one of those sticker types good for 
surviving longer while you wait for your Trophy Stand to appear.

Important stickers:

Mokka (Magical Starsign), battering resistance +27

Ryuta Ippongi (Ouendan 2), battering resistance +18

Big the Cat (Sonic Adventure Directorís Cut), battering 
resistance +14

Launch Resistance
If you donít want to get knocked quite so far, apply these 
stickers! These are also good for surviving longer.

Important stickers:

Dyna Blade (Kirby Super Star), launch resistance +46 (Kirby, Meta 
Knight, and King Dedede only)

OíChunks (Super Paper Mario), launch resistance +35

Yoshi (Mario Party 2), launch resistance +35 (Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, 
Bowser, and Peach only)

Zora (Zelda: Ocarina of Time), launch resistance +31

Peach (Super Mario Bros. 2), launch resistance +29 (Mario, Yoshi, 
Luigi, Bowser, and Peach only)

Triple Red Shells (Mario Kart: DD!!), launch resistance +21

Junior (Donkey Kong Jr.), launch resistance +21

Trophy Stand Drops
Probably the most important sticker to be applying for capturing 
bosses. This actually makes the Trophy Stand fall more often! 
Outside of boss battles, it should surprise you how many enemies 
frequently drop Trophy Stands when defeated.

Important stickers:

Big Boss (MGS: The Twin Snakes), Trophy Stand Drops +30

Nabaaru (Fire Emblem: Monsho no Nazo), Trophy Stand Drops +22

Cornimer (Animal Crossing: WW), Trophy Stand Drops +21

Shield Resistance
If you frequently use your shield to block (which I, personally, 
rarely use in favor of well-timed dodging), you should apply some 
Shield Resistance stickers. The bosses in the Subspace Emissary 
are much stronger than the ones in Boss Battles under Stadium. 
When in Boss Battles an attack might do only 8% damage, in the 
Subspace Emissary, itíll do about 30. Shield Resistance stickers 
will help save you from shattering your shield and leaving you 
open to death.

Important stickers:

Kamisama (Sennen Kazoku), shield resistance +26)

Pelly (Animal Crossing: WW), shield resistance +14

Dizzy Time
In case your Shield Resistance stickers fail to save you, you can 
also apply Dizzy Time stickers to shorten the length of time you 
stay dazed.

Important stickers:

Male Pianta (Super Mario Sunshine), dizzy time -94

Midna (Zelda: Twilight Princess), dizzy time -50

Shield Recovery
If your shield has taken damage, if you apply these stickers, 
theyíll heal faster. This should complete the triangle of defense 
shield backups if you use shields frequently.

Important stickers:

Kafei and Keaton Mask (Zelda: MM), shield recovery +10

Blaze the Cat (Sonic Rush), shield recovery +7

So, letís sum it all up. DEFINITELY apply Trophy Stand Drops 
stickers; youíll be waiting a long time for your Trophy Stand 
otherwise. You should also consider Battering Resistance stickers 
to help you last longer in case you slip up and get hit. You 
should really only apply the Shield Resistance, Shield Recovery, 
and Dizzy Time stickers if you use your shield frequently to 
block attacks; otherwise, simple dodging will do.

Now letís go over the stickers you probably SHOULDNíT apply:

 - Slash Resistance (pretty much the only boss who should concern 
you about this is Duon, and he has about two attacks in that 

 - Flame Resistance (there are very few flame attacks overall)

 - Launch Power (you canít launch bosses)

 - Sticker Drops (you shouldnít be too concerned with collecting 
stickers while trying to capture a boss)

 - Food Effect (Food likely will not even appear during the 

 - Swim Time (there is no water in any boss battle)

I was initially very puzzled at what the ďTrophy DropsĒ stickers 
meant, but Mike Laframboise has told me the answer: You have a 
better chance of getting Trophy Stands from green boxes (I 
wouldnít imagine gold ones as they disappear when you collect 
whatís inside them). In which case, no green (or gold) boxes 
appear in boss battles, so that sticker is useless. Thanks, Mike.

Are you all set? Got your recommended characters, recommended 
stickers, everything? If so, letís get to capturing some bosses! 
Iíll be going over individual strategies for each boss and how to 
handle each problem they present. Youíll want to be especially 
careful with Ridley, Meta Ridley, and Duon.

Before we start, letís cover a few things so youíll be prepared.

 - Death is better than defeating the boss. End-of-level bosses 
are particularly frustrating in this regard because if you kill 
them by accident, you have to redo the entire level to reach 
them. If the boss has knocked you off the stage and you can make 
it back with a third jump, donít do it if it will kill the boss. 
Youíve got three other characters to use, and if you run out of 
characters, youíll just restart at the beginning of the boss 

 - Donít throw Trophy Stands as soon as you have them. This is 
one common way of throwing your Trophy Stand off the edge of the 
stage. Wait for the right moment to strike. Youíll have to learn 
when the bosses pause to let you hit them. Iíll tell you when to 
strike in each bossís capturing strategy.

 - Donít start goofing around with items. Donít pick up a Cracker 
Launcher and shoot it just for fun. I once killed Tabuu just by 
picking up and throwing a simple, ordinary little item and he 
warped in front of it just as I threw it. If items donít pose 
threats to bosses, leave them alone.

 - Get rid of hazardous items immediately! Items that bosses can 
kill themselves on--Bob-Ombs, Smart Bombs, Blast Boxes, and 
explosive carriers--often will do the bosses in. If you see one, 
get rid of it quickly, but be careful not to hit the boss with 
it. Smart Bombs pose a problem because they usually self-destruct 
in midair, so a boss can wander into the blast radius and kill 
itself. Prorok (really not sure what else to call you) has given 
me the advice that, using Kirby, you can inhale hazardous items 
to prevent bosses blowing themselves up on them. Just be aware 
that you do take some damage from this (not a whole lot), and you 
pause for a couple seconds, leaving you vulnerable, but as Prorok 
has pointed out, thatís better than killing the boss. You can also use 
Wario and King Dedede to devour the items accordingly, but the same 
rules apply.

 - Have patience. Trophy Stands often take awhile to appear. The 
Trophy Stand Drops stickers should help you there, but rarely do 
you just get a boss trophy quickly.

 - Play with more than one person (if you can). Apparently, the 
chances of a Trophy Stand appearing will increase with two players, 
especially if both of you apply Trophy Stand Drop stickers. Just 
remember that bosses get more health with two people, and youíll be 
eating through extra lives a lot quicker. Thanks go to Gabby Leda for 
this bit of info.

 - Playing the game on a harder difficulty makes Trophy Stands 
drop more often. This is from my experience playing SSE on 
Intense Mode and having Trophy Stands drop every few seconds or 
so without any stickers applied. Note that this might mean that 
you have to START the game on Intense and not redo a stage on 
Intense. Gustavo Puertas says that Very Hard is probably the 
ideal difficulty level because itís not quite as difficult and 
Trophy Stands still fall quickly.

In case you want to know which bosses to go for first, hereís a 
list of the easiest bosses to capture to the hardest bosses to 

 - Petey Piranha

 - Rayquaza

 - Galleom

 - Porky

 - Tabuu

 - Duon

 - Ridley

 - Meta Ridley

ďWhat!?! How is Tabuu not the hardest!?!Ē Go ask Ridley and Meta 
Ridley. Iíll explain the reasons for their positions on the above 
scale in their sections. Weíll be going over the bosses in the 
order you fight them in.

Petey Piranha [.01
Difficulty rating: 1/8

Petey Piranha is generally a pretty easy boss, so capturing him 
shouldnít be overly difficult. However, beware of his jumping 
attacks, because he may push a Trophy Stand when it appears 
closer to the edge, and if youíre especially clumsy, you may push 
it the rest of the way over the edge and into the abyss.

Keep an eye on the two health bars on the top of the screen. I 
cannot tell you how many times I have meant to capture him and 
wound up killing him on accident because I forgot to look at the 
health of the cages. Having two health bars makes things 
complicated because one may be reasonably healthy while the other 
is ready to fall. You only need to hit the weak cage with the 
Trophy Stand to turn Petey Piranha into the trophy you want. 
Remember, the top bar is the left cage (Petey Piranhaís right 
hand) and the bottom bar is the right cage (Petey Piranhaís left 

Your timing generally shouldnít be a problem with this one 
because of Petey Piranhaís slowness, but be careful nonetheless. 
When Petey Piranha starts to shake, heís about to jump. Whether 
or not heís jumping to the other side or just going up and 
straight down doesnít matter; donít throw your Trophy Stand when 
heís getting ready to jump. You should also keep your distance 
from Petey Piranha and wait until the weaker cage becomes an easy 
target for hitting with a Trophy Stand.

Rayquaza [.02]
Difficulty rating: 2/8

Rayquaza is pretty easy to capture; after all, heís only number 
two on the list. Thereís no way on earth you can fall to your 
death, which also means that he canít push the Trophy Stand off 
the edge of a cliff.

Unfortunately, while Rayquaza is actually not that tough a boss, 
those who arenít used to his moves yet will typically be 
surprised by the plethora of them and wind up getting killed 
before they can use the Trophy Stand. Before facing Rayquaza, you 
should get used to his moves first. Itís pretty easy to get 
smashed by his tail and go soaring.

Rayquaza is also easy because, right off the bat when you enter 
the stage ďThe Lake,Ē you fight him. Thereís no going through the 
stage to find him; the moment you enter in, heís staring right at 
you. Even if you die or you kill him, it doesnít matter a whole 
lot because you can fight him immediately again.

Rayquaza gives you a large period of time to hit him with the 
Trophy Stand. He likes to roar for no reason, so itís often a few 
seconds before he actually does something. Even so, when you have 
the Trophy Stand, wait for him to attack first, then throw it 
when heís done so that he doesnít fly out of the way or 
something. Heís also a huge target, so missing is impossible if 
heís not moving.

Porky [.03]
Difficulty rating: 4/8

Porky is easier than most other bosses to capture but still 
difficult. For one thing, you canít fall off the edge of the 
stage, so no worries. He also canít push the Trophy Stand off a 
cliff. On the other hand, heís also one of the toughest bosses to 
beat--I actually find him to be tougher than Tabuu--and heís one 
of the bosses you really need a good jumper for. Heís got several 
attacks, including a quick charging move, which requires jumping 
to avoid. (Jumping is recommended, anyway.) It isnít uncommon to 
grab the Trophy Stand and then die right afterwards from this 

The most basic survival tip for Porky is to stay away from him. 
Yes, standing on top of him works for the most part, but first of 
all, heís hard to get on; heís slippery. Secondly, if he charges 
up his laser beam thing, youíre going to get hit without it even 
firing. Some other things to keep in mind are that if you stand 
on top of him while he floats above the air and shoots lightning 
down, youíll still take damage, so if youíre on top of him, jump 
above him while he fires it. Also, if youíre on top of him when 
he lands from a jump, youíll also take damage. So, stay away from 
him. This is difficult when he starts walking towards you quicker 
than usual. Not only is he hard to shake off, but his feet cause 
damage if you touch them. This is another reason why you need 
good jumpers. You need to jump over to the other side, dodge 
through his feet, and repeat the process until he stops chasing 

You should probably throw the Trophy Stand sideways when youíre 
on or close to the ground. Porky rarely leaves the ground except 
for jumping and floating above you to shoot lightning beams, and 
he typically doesnít attack as often as other bosses. Jumping 
above him and throwing it could possibly fail because heíll move 
out of the way.

Whatís good about Porky, though, and what keeps him from being 
higher up on the difficulty list, is that heís not at the very 
beginning of The Ruined Zoo, but heís pretty close. It doesnít 
take long to get to him.

Galleom [.04]
Difficulty rating: 3/8

Yup. Galleom is only three because of, yet again, the lack of the 
ability to accidentally push your Trophy Stand over the edge, 
even if he uses his tank charge. Youíd better cherish it while 
you can. 

Galleom is still a tough boss. He has a wide range of moves and 
is yet another boss that you should have a good jumper for due to 
his tankís charging attack. You could easily just grab the Trophy 
Stand and then get KOíd by the tank charge. So remember: Good 
jumpers are a must for trying to get boss trophies! Like 
Rayquaza, get used to his moves before attempting to get his 

It doesnít really matter which stage you fight him in, whether 
itís The Wilds (the second one) or The Ruined Hall. I strongly 
suggest The Ruined Hall, of course, because the entire stage is 
dedicated to fighting Galleom whereas in The Wilds, he only 
appears at the end.

It can be hard, nailing Galleom with the Trophy Stand, because of 
the fact that heís almost constantly attacking. He flows from one 
move into another with little pause between each one, so be 
careful. He also likes to hop around, so donít throw it while 
heís hopping unless you miss. If he goes into tank form, hit him 
with the Trophy Stand. If he winds up his super punch thing-a-ma-
bob, throw it. If he shoots missiles, throw it. If he spins 
around in a circle, throw it again. But you probably shouldnít 
throw it while heís jumping; if you jump and then throw it, 
youíll probably hit him, but I still recommend waiting until heís 
on the ground unless you have a clear shot at him while heís 
jumping or if your damage meter is high enough to have him kill 
you with a stomp. (Actually, his small stomps canít kill you, but 
his super jump can.)

Ridley [.05]
Difficulty rating: 7/8

There are likely two reasons you came here (besides boredom): 
Ridley or Meta Ridley. Both are extremely hard bosses to capture 
as theyíre almost constantly over the edge of a pit, so if you 
hit them whenever, down theyíll go. I suppose you can wave by to 
them as they disappear from view.

Ridley is difficult for many reasons. First of all, like I said, 
Ridley is almost always hovering over the edge of the stage, so 
if you pick up a Trophy Stand and hit him with it when heís 
flying over the edge, heís going to fall off the edge. Secondly, 
heís at the very end of the second Research Facility stage, so 
itís going to take awhile to reach him. (And The Research 
Facility itself is a hard stage.) Thirdly, he has a lot of 
unexpected moves, some of which can kill you pretty easily if 
youíre not careful. I hope youíre starting to see my point.

So how are you supposed to get him without him falling over the 
edge? One is the quick (and ridiculously difficult) method, and 
one is the slow and boss-survival-skill-requiring but easier 

Method number one (which I STRONGLY discourage you from doing) is 
to hit him with the Trophy Stand when heís hovering over the edge 
of the stage, then dive off and grab the trophy in midair. I 
suppose I donít need to say that if you fail, you must redo the 
entire level again. This is why I discourage you from doing it.

Method number two is safer. Grab the Trophy Stand and wait for 
him to do his attack where he scrapes his tail along the stage. 
Throw the trophy then; heís an easy target and wonít move until 
he reaches the other side of the stage (or less distance if 
youíre on lower difficulty levels). The trophy should land safely 
on the stage. Grab it, and youíre done.

Do NOT throw it when he leaves the screen, then dashes across the 
screen in a ramming attack. You donít know how fast heís going to 
be. Iíve seen times when Superman wouldnít be able to react fast 
enough to so much as dodge it, and remember that throwing the 
Trophy Stand takes time, and youíll probably be hit in that time. 
To dodge the move, jump as high up into the air as you can, then 
air dodge just to be safe. Ridley likely wonít even come close to 
hitting you, but air dodge just to be safe, like I said. 
According to Gabby Leda, ducking also works, but Iím not sure if 
this would work for all characters (Ganondorf comes to mind).

I suppose you could hit him when he does other attacks, like when 
he lands on the stage, then jumps into the air, but thatís a 
whole lot harder. Stick to the attack I gave you.

Most people have actually commented that they acquired Ridleyís 
trophy pretty easily. The reason I thought Ridley was so 
hard was due to the number of times I failed to capture the guy. 
Either I would kill him by accident (I remember using Ikeís 
Aether to get back onto the stage and then getting angry when it 
killed Ridley), he would kill himself by accident, or his trophy 
would fall deep into the abyss. Plus, remember that heís at the 
very end of an extremely long and difficult stage.

Nate Hutchings says that Ridleyís trophy can actually fall onto 
the stage if you hit him right, like going right beneath him. Now 
Iím curious; does the spot you hit the boss in affect where it 
turns into a trophy? For instance, if you hit the back of his 
tail, will he be farther back when he transforms? And if you hit 
the tip of his snout, will he be closer to the stage? I hope to 
find out soon.

Duon [.06]
Difficulty rating: 6/8

Duon is the third-hardest boss to capture, with Ridley taking 
second place and Meta Ridley filling in the spot for first. There 
are several reasons why: Chiefly, because it likes to use 
charging attacks which often push Trophy Stands off the edge of 
the stage. This happens a lot, and itís quite frustrating. 
Another reason is because Duon is easily one of the hardest 
bosses. In fact, youíll probably die right after getting the 
Trophy Stand on this guy more than any other boss. Thirdly, 
should the Trophy Stand wind up behind it, youíll need a very 
high jumper to go back and retrieve it, and hopefully you can do 
it before it uses a move that pushes it all the way over the 

So, first things first: Grab the Trophy Stand the moment it 
appears. If itís behind Duon, jump over it and grab it before it 
uses some dumb move and pushes it off the edge. If itís out in 
the open, grab it and hold onto it tight. Donít lose it, because 
in this boss battle more than any other boss battle, itís easy 
for a Trophy Stand to disappear just as quickly as it came.

Duon never leaves the ground except when it jumps into the air to 
the other side of the stage. Itíll only do this when itís 
shaking, so donít throw it if itís shaking. Otherwise, Duonís a 
huge target who has no hope of dodging the Trophy Stand. Make 
sure you get relatively close to it, however (about halfway 
across the stage at least) so that the Trophy Stand actually 

Whatís nice about Duon, though, is that, like Galleom, thereís an 
entire stage dedicated to the fight. That means no going through 
an entire stage just to reach it. This is probably the only silver lining 
in the battle.

Go easy with reflected the pink sideís shots, however. Donít go 
wild and reflect one too many shots and kill it. Even if it means 
sacrificing yourself to take a giant laser shot to the head when 
you stop reflecting, itís better than killing it. (Although in 
this case, itís not so bad because the whole levelís dedicated to 

And as a little note, Duonís triple lasers (the thin blue beams 
shot from its head) and its missiles canít be reflected.

Meta Ridley [.07]
Difficulty rating: 8/8

Likely the reason you came here was to seek advice on Meta 
Ridley. He is THE hardest boss to capture, as everybody would 
agree. This time, there are more important factors to take in.

Number one: Meta Ridleyís almost always hovering over the edge of 
the stage. So if you hit him as soon as you get the Trophy Stand, 
heís going to go down into the abyss. He doesnít often fly over 
the Falcon Flyer (what youíre standing on).

Number two: You have a time limit of around two minutes. This may 
put to death any clueless playerís thoughts of being patient for 
Meta Ridley to hover over the Falcon Flyer. Every Subspace Bomb 
in the world is about to go off in one spot, after all. If you 
donít kill Meta Ridley or turn him into a trophy in less than two 
minutes, you die anyway. (Ian Williams says that thereís no time 
limit if you fight him in the Great Maze, so if you want it to be 
a little easier, get to the Great Maze and donít beat him without 
capturing him.)

So how do we deal with both problems? For the first one, wait 
until he flies over the Falcon Flyer. Sometimes he goes 
completely over it, and sometimes he only goes partly over it. If 
his whole body (minus his tail) is over the Falcon Flyer, you can 
hit him. If not, donít throw your Trophy Stand, whatever you do! 
Meta Ridley is at the very end of the hardest stage in the 
Subspace Emissary (in my opinion)!

Or, of course, you could always try the dangerous method of 
catching the trophy in midair, like I explained with Ridley. 
Again, I strongly discourage you from doing this. Strongly, 
strongly, STRONGLY discourage you from it. I just said about five 
seconds ago that Meta Ridley is at the end of the hardest stage 
in the Subspace Emissary, and it is a PAIN to go back through it 
all again. Daniel Brodkin has a strategy that makes this easier: 
Use a flying character (like Kirby or Charizard), fly beneath 
him, throw the Trophy Stand up into the air, and grab it before 
it falls. If youíre comfortable with this, by all means, use it! 
Meta Ridleyís hard to capture, and this is actually probably the 
easiest method of capture.

To deal with problem number two, letís go back to tip number one: 
Death is better than killing the boss. You may die from the time 
limit running out multiple times, but your chance will come 
eventually. Thereís nothing we can do to lengthen the time limit. 
Remember, dying is better than killing the boss.

The best piece of advice I should probably give for Meta Ridley 
is to not panic. When the timer says 0:02, do not throw the 
Trophy Stand. When you just grab the Trophy Stand, do not throw 
it as soon as you get it. When the boss is about to kill you, 
still do not throw it. Wait for your chance to strike, because it 
WILL come.

I suppose if you wanted to be risky, you could hit him during one 
of his attacks, like when he scrapes his claws along the Falcon 
Flyer to the head, then goes back. (Better do it on lower 
difficulty levels, then, so that he goes slowly.) I guess you 
could also do it when he flies above the Falcon Flyer, then slams 
it below the bottom blast line to kill you in one hit. Both are 
very risky, and I still suggest that you wait for him to fly 
above the Falcon Flyer normally to throw it.

Some advice for his super fireball thing (when his mouth glows 
red and he shoots a huge fireball). Apparently, it can be 
reflected, although I remember dying when I tested it out; my 
timing was probably wrong. Maybe I was too close when I reflected 
it and got blown up as well. Thanks goes to Adam Adams for this 
tip. However, donít do it if Meta Ridley doesnít have a whole lot 
of health, because itíll kill him. Secondly, if you get to the 
left edge of the Falcon Flyer, he canít hit you, no matter what 
he does. Keep that in mind for survival.

And, like Duon, donít go wild with reflecting attacks. You can 
take down a perfectly healthy Meta Ridley in seconds by 
reflecting too many of its small, rapid-fire shots. Just one 
fireball takes out a good chunk of its own health.

Meta Ridley is the hardest boss to capture. It may take awhile to 
get him.

Tabuu [.08]
Difficulty rating: 5/8

Tabuu only places in fourth in the list of hardest-to-capture 
bosses. Tabuu is not that hard a boss once you learn his moves. 
In fact, pretty much your only real concern is high three-red-
rings-of-death move. (To dodge them in case you donít know, 
sidestep dodge or roll with good timing. To roll or sidestep, put 
on your shield, then move the control stick left or right to roll 
and down to sidestep. I recommend sidestepping because rolling 
can leave you vulnerable to the next one if you rolled too late 
and may even throw you into the path of the ring instead of away 
from it.) Still, Tabuu poses a threat when it comes to capturing 
him, mostly due to the fact that his moves can kill you in one 
hit, but also because heís the smallest boss and thus the 
smallest target AND he canít sit still for more than five 
seconds. Heís almost constantly teleporting around the place.

So, as always, learn Tabuuís moves, in this case more than you 
would any other bossís. Learn the warning signs for when heís 
going to use a certain move and how to dodge them best. Itís 
easiest to pick up a Trophy Stand and then immediately get KOíd 
by Tabuu than any other boss.

When throwing the Trophy Stand at Tabuu, wait until he just gets 
finished with a move and pauses briefly. If you canít reach him 
quick enough, donít hit him with it. Heíll probably teleport away 
before you can hit him with it. Also, when you throw it, you 
should probably throw it straight up, since throwing it sideways 
may take it over the edge of the stage.

DO NOT hit him when heís over the edge of the stage. This 
includes when he turns giant and uses his eye lasers. Itís WAY 
too risky to try and catch the trophy in midair, especially for 
this guy since itís hard to reach the trophy so far out anyway.

And as a little hint, when he uses his dragonhead beam, Pitís 
Mirror Shield can block it. Not reflect it, but block it. 
Unfortunately, it also makes the beam last longer, so if you have 
a second player with you, theyíll probably get hit by it even if 
they jump skillfully.

In case youíre wondering what the boss trophies actually are, 
Iíve compiled a list of all of them, including Galleom (Tank 
Form) and Tabuu (Wings).

In order to get the Galleom (Tank Form) trophy, you must beat 
Boss Battles on Intense. This is much easier said than done, but 
use the recommended characters I mentioned, learn all the bossesí 
moves, and practice, practice, practice, and you should get it. 
(I remember once I did it with Fox without healingÖIím not 
entirely sure I can duplicate it, either.)

To get the Tabuu (Wings) trophy, beat Boss Battles with every 
character. It doesnít matter what difficulty level you do it on, 
even if itís Easy. All you need to do is beat it with every 

Now, letís get to the trophies.

Petey Piranha [.a]
A colossal Piranha Plant. Unlike its pipe-inhabiting cousins, it 
uses its legs to walk around. It can fly, too. As you might 
expect, it often appears as a boss character in Mario adventures. 
This may come as a surprise, but it also displays surprising 
dexterity in kart races and ball games.

Appearances: Super Mario Sunshine (GameCube), New Super Mario 
Bros. (DS)

Rayquaza [.b]
A Sky High Pokemon. It normally resides high up in the ozone 
layer where it flies endlessly, so it is rarely seen. However, 
when Groudon and Kyogre began to fight, it appeared to calm them 
down. It has the ability Air Lock, which blocks all weather-
condition effects. It has exceedingly strong abilities, and its 
attack power is especially remarkable.

Appearances: Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire (GBA), Pokemon Emerald (GBA)

Porky [.c]
A self-centered, rotten brat who lives next door to Ness. As the 
events of the game progress, heís rapidly led astray and becomes 
Giygasís right-hand man. Afterward, he goes missing in time and 
then reappears in the Nowhere Islands of Mother 3. He leads the 
Pig Mask Army invasion but is eventually defeated by Lucas and 

Appearances: EarthBound (SNES), Mother 3 (GBA--Japan Only)

Galleom [.d]
An enormous, transforming robot and Subspace Army warmonger. 
Galleom is characterized by various attack threats, including 
jump stomps, beefy arm bludgeonings, and even missiles fired from 
its back. It also has a Subspace Bomb set in its head, which it 
can use in times of desperation to blow itself up and drag the 
player into the darkness of Subspace. Itís one tough robot!

Appearances: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)

Galleom [.e]
Galleom with its arms and legs neatly compacted into tank form. 
In this form, it can get around the combat field at high speed. 
It can quickly change into humanoid form to take advantage of 
awesome combat capabilities. Its last defense and most 
threatening trait is a built-in Subspace Bomb. In tank form, 
Galleom can still attack with body slams and missiles. It never 

Appearances: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)

Ridley [.f]
The leader of the Space Pirates. He looks like a pterosaur but 
has high intelligence and a brutal nature. He plans to steal the 
baby Metroid from Samus for his own use. Ridley utilizes wings 
for a full range of flight and attacks with fireballs from his 
mouth and whips of his tail. As the culprit behind the murder of 
Samusís parents, the connections with Samus run deep.

Appearances: Metroid (NES), Super Metroid (SNES)

Duon [.g]
A robot with two upper bodies sharing one set of wheels. The 
blue-bodied half uses sword attacks, while the pink one uses 
lasers from its head and arms for offensive power. Whichever side 
is facing you will attack. Duon also threatens with homing 
missiles and the blade on the top of the blue half.

Appearances: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)

Meta Ridley [.h]
The meta form of Ridley, revived using the Space Piratesí genetic 
engineering and cybernetic technologies. His thin chest plate--
and weak point--is protected by a highly resistant membrane. Meta 
Ridley is highly mobile and features a multimissile system, a 
bomb launcher, and powerful wings. Ice attacks are particularly 
effective in dealing damage to him.

Appearances: Metroid Prime (GCN)

Tabuu [.i]
The ruler of Subspace and master of operations. Tabuu controls 
Master Hand with chains of light to excise this world and build 
up his great maze. He used Shadow Bugs to form Subspace and 
manipulates the servants of Master Hand to his heartís content. 
Born in a vastly foreign realm, he also possesses great 
leadership powers. TabuuÖ No name is more suitable.

Appearances: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)

Tabuu (Wings) [.j]
Tabuu with wings extended. The dreadful energy surges cast from 
these wings instantly turn all fighters back into trophies. 
Knowing this, King Dedede assembles all able-bodied troops and 
sets a timed device on each of them. This device is a brooch 
that, after the designated time runs out, revives all fighters 
wiped out by Tabuu.

Appearances: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)

FAQ [hlp]
Any accepted questions will be posted here. Remember to read the 
rules before sending in questions, however. I might answer your 
question, but itís not going to be posted on the FAQ for all to 

Q: I've collected every single enemy trophy from de SSE (the 
regular ones, like Primids, Bytans, etc) and I'm just missing the 
bosses... But I have some of them, like both Galleoms (tank and 
normal forms), both Tabuus (with and without wings), Rayquaza. 
However I don't remember if I have Porky, Petey Piranha, Ridley 
and Meta Ridley trophies. The only one I'm pretty sure I'm 
missing is Duon.

As you can see, some I have, and some I don't. But among the ones 
I got, none of them was from the SSE... I mean, none was caught 
by throwing trophy stands on them.

The question (that will help you complete your guide) is: Which 
trophies I can get exclusively from the SSE and which I can get 
by alternative ways?

I know that Galleom's tank form trophy is awarded by beating boss 
battles in intense (I made it with Fox, but with SOME REAL effort 
and after thousands of tries), and Tabuu with wings is awarded by 
beating Boss Battles with every character. Rayquaza I got from 
the Coin Launcher mini game and the others I got by completing 
challenges (don't remember the requirements now). Actually, I 
have every boss trophy earned by completing challenges, because 
only one challenge is left - the "collect all stickers" one 
(which I'm still working on) - I don't remember, but guess Porky 
and Petey are acquired by challenges too. But this is the fact. 
If there are other ways to get others boss trophies, you should 
list them!

A: Okay, things have been cleared up after a bit of writing: You 
confused some of the trophies and didnít get all of them. So 
basically, we should confirm a couple things here: #1, there is 
absolutely no way to get Boss Trophies outside of SSE (not even 
in Boss Battles or Coin Launcher). #2, the Porky Statue and Porky 
trophies are both different. The Porky Statue is gotten from 
completing something in the Challenge board. Still, thanks for 
sending a question so quickly; I didnít even know my guide was 
accepted until I saw your question.

Q: I read your FAQ and I have a question. If you catch a boss, 
what do you do with it? How can you use them?

A: Very simply, after nailing the boss with the Trophy Stand, 
successfully turning them into a trophy, and picking them up, 
theyíre added to your trophy collection. You can view their 
trophies and info under Vault. The trophies themselves you can 
use in Diorama mode and take special pictures of with various 
backgrounds. And you get a notice telling you youíve caught all 
enemies in the SSE if you get trophies of all enemies and bosses. 
One of those completionist things.

Q: I have a question about capturing the bosses with the Trophy 
Stands. WHEN is a good time to do it? I tried to start a new SSE 
game on Intense, in an effort to get them from the very 
beginning, and have tried to get a Trophy Stand to fall to 
capture Petey Piranha to no avail. However, as soon as I go into 
the story after Petey, I could not tell you how many Trophy 
Stands were falling. Am I missing something? Have you seen Trophy 
Stands fall for bosses during the initial encounter you have with 
them? Or do they usually fall when you try and return to the 
defeated stage with another character? Or is it easiest to get 
the boss in the Great Maze?

A: Yeah, Iím pretty sure Iíve seen Trophy Stands fall on initial 
encounters, but since I usually donít apply Trophy Stand Drop 
stickers until either later on or after I beat Tabuu, they donít 
drop as often. I do remember, however, that when I first tried to 
get Tabuu, I had no Trophy Stand Drop stickers applied, and I was 
there for, like, thirty minutes waiting for something to fall, 
and it never did. Trophy Stands rarely drop during boss battles 
without stickers applied. However, it has been confirmed that 
stickers and Trophy Stands appear more often on Intense mode, and 
Smash Bros. Dojo even states that itís the easiest way to snag 
bosses. You probably didnít have any Trophy Stand Drop stickers 
applied, so try applying your best ones to your best characters 
to get the bosses.

Q: What stickers should you use on certain characters? Letís say 
youíre good with Wario, Luigi, and Ness/Lucas, for example. What 
kinds of stickers can be good on them to get the most out of it? 
Like, preventing certain weaknesses to a certain extent and 

A: Most of it DOES depend on who youíre good with and how you use 
them. For instance, PK Attack stickers could be used with Ness 
and Lucas to up their power so that battles donít last as long. 
If youíre good as, say, Wolf, you can up claw power. I would not 
recommend things like Flame Attack stickers if your character 
only has one or two fire attacks and especially if theyíre not 
practical (like Fire Fox). Whatever attacks and strategies youíre 
good with, apply stickers to suit them. If projectile power like 
Foxís Blaster can be upped, you should probably equip it if the 
projectile is fast and convenient to use. Put the best of these 
attack stickers on the best of your characters (which should be 
some of the suggested characters listed somewhere far above). Use 
the strategies Iíve listed in the suggested character section as 
a base to start slapping stickers on. As for defensive stickers, 
Iíve already listed them, so if you want to, put some of them on, 
and always put on Trophy Stand Drop stickers to make those golden 
beauties appear sooner.

Q: Hi, I have a question about Duon. You know those homing 
missiles, right? Well, the only way I know how to dodge them is 
by running towards Duon and then jumping at the last second, 
making them hit Duon and cause damage. Iím trying to capture Duon 
on the Very Hard difficulty and when I bring Duon down to very 
little health, the Trophy Stand hasnít appeared yet and Duon 
fires the missiles. You could probably predict what happens next. 
Do you know another way to dodge the missiles?

A: This is where air-dodging comes in handy. If youíre looking to 
hurt Duon some more, jump over the missiles as they come towards 
you, air-dodging as you do, and lead them back to the hulking 
machine. When they come near you again, try expertly rolling (a 
bit dangerous) or jumping and air-dodging again. If you donít 
want to kill him, simply air-dodge over the missiles when they 
come at you. Just be aware of Duon itself during this time; you 
donít want it slicing you up or dashing straight into you. 
Dodging missiles is often a bit tricky, so you may have to accept 
that youíll be moving onto your other characters a bit sooner 
than youíd like. And if the Trophy Stand appears early (which is 
especially aggravating on this particular boss), trying spamming 
B moves and projectiles. Fighting a boss with two people really 
helps here.

Q: Hi, you mention in your guide the Trophy Stand Drops stickers that 
will help dramatically with this. Well, I don't have any of those yet, 
and even though I've been going around SSE with characters that have 
Sticker Drops stickers on them, I haven't found a single sticker yet 
that increases the Trophy Stand Drops. Any idea on the easiest way to 
acquire these stickers, or if they can only be found on particular 
levels? Thanks!

A: Unfortunately, I donít believe thereís any guaranteed way to gain 
any of those stickers, not even by completing Challenges. The quickest 
and easiest method of acquiring Trophy Stand Drop stickers would be 
to take a plethora of coins to the Coin Launcher and focus on shooting 
the enemies that appear, ignoring trophies unless, well, their allure 
is too strong to resist. Destroying groups of enemies results in 
stickers, so chances are a Trophy Stand Drop sticker will show up among 
them. If you want to increase your chances even marginally, I suppose 
you could equip Sticker Drop stickers (as youíre doing), which will 
make stickers appear more often in some format during The Subspace 
Emissary. These stickers include Link and Pigs (+40), Phyllis (+26), 
Hiroshi (+17), Dr. Lobe (+11), and Cheep Cheep (+9).

But all things considering, it just takes time and patience. Trophy 
Stands will still drop during boss battles anyway, and upping the 
difficulty increases the chances of them appearing.

I would like to thank:

Nintendo for making the game.

Supercheats for hosting my guide on their site.

Joao Carioca for submitting my first question about a day after 
my guide was up. I think thatís awesome.

Nate Hutchings for sending in some suggestions and corrections.

Sunfalcon8 for sending in a couple of character suggestions.

Gustavo Puertas for thanking me for my guide and offering a 
difficulty level suggestion.

Adam Adams for mentioning that, yes, you can reflect Meta 
Ridleyís huge fireball.

Mike Laframboise for telling me what Trophy Drop stickers do.

Paul Lavryshyn for asking a question.

Prorok for sending in a tip for getting rid of annoying, 
hazardous items.

Kim Nilsson for asking some general questions about which 
stickers should be applied to which characters.

Danielthedemon1 for recommending Zero Suit Samus for taking on 

Brody Challinor for confirming that, yes, the higher the 
difficulty level, the more Trophy Stands appear, and now Iím 
beginning to think that you donít have to start the game on that 
difficulty level, either.

Kevin Woods for asking some questions on when to use Trophy 
Stands and how often they appear.

Brandon Staten for recommending Lucas as a boss-capturing 

Ian Williams for informing me about the time limit thing with 
Meta Ridley.

Skyblaze 101 for asking a question about surviving against Duon.

Matthew Denton for advice on Ridley and Meta Ridley.

Gabby Leda for several pieces of advice.

Daniel Brodkin for his advice on Meta Ridley.

Chris Colgan for his question.

Thor for sending me all kinds of tips, like the existence of the potent 
Dyna Blade sticker, another strategy for Meta Knight, the PSI Magnet 
quirk with Lucas, and his experience with Trophy Stands not falling 
the first time through with a boss.

I would also like to curse Nintendo if they leave Ike out of the 
next Super Smash Bros.

Okay. Goodbye, everybody.