Sonic by NeoChis

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========Super Smash bros Brawl=============
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===========Character guide================


2/3/09--------------------Started work on this guide. :)
A few weeks later---------Started getting lazy :/
17/6/09-------------------Formatting and spell checking
18/6/09-------------------Adding legal information
20/6/09-------------------Submitted to GameFaqs
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------------------------------Updated: Acronyms, key terms, how to fight,
------------------------------'Combos', stage guide, questions and 
------------------------------New sections: Glitches, character guide.
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..----How to unlock..........................[unlk]
..----Pros and Cons..........................[prco]
..--- Colours................................[colo]
..----Wining poses...........................[wose]
.2-Common terms..............................[comt]
...---Key terms..............................[keyt]
.3-Sonic's moves.............................[move]
..----Ground attacks.........................[gatt]
..----Special moves..........................[satt]
..----Final smash............................[fism]
.4-How to fight..............................[htfi]
..----Defensive options......................[defo]
..----Ledge options..........................[lego]
..----OoS options............................[ooso]
..----Ledge options..........................[lego]
..----Platform drop options..................[pldr]
.5-How to play Sonic.........................[htop]
.6-Advanced Techniques.......................[avtn]
..----Spin dash shield cancel*...............[spnd]
..----Aerial Spin Charge*....................[asch]
..----Advanced follow ups*...................[adfl]
.8-No really (Chain grabs/spikes)............[nore]
..----Sonic's chain grabs....................[chan]
..----Sonic's spikes.........................[spik]
.9-Gimping guide.............................[gimp]
10-Stage guide...............................[stag]
11-Character guide...........................[chgi]
13-Questions and answers.....................[faqs]

\/1.INTRODUCTION  [itro]
Hello there. I've poured my experience with Sonic into this guide. I've tried 
to make it tend to people new to Sonic or brawl, hence some explantions for 
simple terms. Yet teld towards veteran Sonic players and perhaps teach them 
some new stuff to work into their game.

 How to unlock  [unlk]

-Complete classic mode with 10 characters* (the quickest way)
-Complete Subspace emmissary
-300 matches in Vs mode
-Play 10 hours of brawls

Overview of Sonic  [oviw]

His exclusion into the into Super Smash brothers brawl was highly anticipated 
due to his popularity. Which is not surprising that he was the most voted 
character to be in the game, thanks mainly to his fans who loves his games. 
However some suggest that his inclusion was due to the infamous April fool's 
joke about Sonic and Tails being unlockable in Super Smash Bros Melee, Brawl's 
awesome predecessor. Sonic's just a cool dude who saves the world and isn't 
afraid of anything. But as much as he's like, he is hated. Some because of a so 
called 'Down slide of quality' in his resent games, and others well, I don't 
know @_@

Sonic is a mid tier character who excels in dash speed and recovery but lacks 
in safe approaches and killing power.

He's a fun character to play, good causally and has competitive ability as 
well. He's quite a player dependant character so it's a good idea to develop
your own style around him. Sonic has a lot of myths surrounding him by players
that usually from people who know nothing about him. From he's light, can't 
kill to no priority, ect I'm pleased to say that those are false, some to an 
extent. Sonic may not be strong, but his speed makes up for it somewhat. He's 
great at punishment and feints, and for a mid-weight has an awesome recovery. 
He's one of the hardest characters to learn in the game, however try and not 
let this put you off :)



+Extremely fast ground speed
+Adaptive approaches
+Adaptable to a lot of stages
+One of the best recoveries in the game
+Good at gimping
+Better glide toss then Diddy
+great at punishing little mistakes
+Better than average grab game
+Great mind game potential
+No impossible match ups
+5th fastest areial speed


-Slightly weak overall
-Kill set ups are not easy
-Smashes have noticeable cool down
-Average priority as he hasn't got a sword/hammer/snake tilts
-Hard to approach safely
-The speed of his attacks don't match his ground speed
-Muli hit attacks are DIable
-Down throw can be teched
-Poor grab range
-Average range on attacks
-Very hard to master
-Doesn't counter anyone

STATS  [stat]

Speed of attacks............//***
Final smash.................*****

|COLOURS  [colo]|

Normal............ .A normal Sonic with no bracelets what so ever.
Red.................A red tinted Sonic with a round, red bracelet
Green...............A green tinted Sonic with a round, green bracelet
Yellow..............A yellow tinted Sonic with gold 'chains'
Black...............A dark tinted Sonic with black bracelets

|TAUNTS  [tant]|

Sonic has some of the best taunts in the game.

Up taunt.........Does a forward flip, then crosses his arms while pointing is
index fingers. Classic.

Side taunt.......Runs on the spot in a figure eight while saying 'You're too 
slow', then gives a peeved look at you.

Down taunt.....Brake dances onto the floor while saying 'Come on, step it up'.

|Wining animations  [wose]|

1. Runs around twice then says "Sonic's my name, speeds my game. Followed by a
thumbs up and a smile.

2. Holds the turquoise Chaos Emerald and says 'Piece of cake!'

3. Break dances on the ground as says 'Hey! We should do this again some time!'

SDSC..................Spin dash sheid cancel
ASC...................Areail spin charge
SD....................Spin dash
SC....................Spin charge
SDR...................Spin dash roll
AT....................Advanced techniqie
ASAP frames...........As Soon As Possible frames. How soon you can move after've done an attack.
Utilt,Dtilt,Ftilt.....Up tilt, down tilt, forward tilt
Usmash,Dsmash,Fsmash..Up smash, down smash, forward smash
OoS...................Out of Shield
DI....................Directional influence
SDI...................Smash directional influence, tapping to C stick in 
TDI...................Tap directional influence, tapping the control stick in 
......................hitstun. Has the same effect as SDI.

---------|Key terms|-------[keyt]
Buffer................Doing an attack as quickly as possible
Shield poking.........An attack hitting a part not covered by a shield
Tech..................Another word for Ukemi
Hit box...............The damaging part of an attack
Hurt box..............Places a character can get hurt
Sweet spot............Hitting with the most powerful part of a move. Often hard
...................... to (See Falcon's and Zelda's fair)
Sour spot.............Hitting with the weakest part of a move
Meteor smash..........A move that sends someone straight down
Tech chase............Punishing characters 'get up from the ground' options
Stale.................A move that has been used many times in a row and now has 
......................less power

Name (Input command) [move]

Dam: How much damage it does   Tot or (??%): Total amount of damage
KO: What % it kills Marth on final destination with full DI
Range: From poor, okay, good to fantastic.

Description, purpose, ideas and follow ups.

-A refrence for things related to this move

Crdeits to Tenki's great 'Finishing moves and setups: aka HOW TO KILL WITH 
SONIC?!' thread in SWF (where I got the kill percentages from) and 
ShadowLink's frame data thread also in SWF.

\/2. SONIC'S MOVES  [move]

==========Standard attacks==[gatt]==

1st Jab (A)

Range: Poor

A weak, standard jab that comes out in 3 frames. It also moves Sonic forwards 
slightly. Can be jab cancelled into other moves but the cool down rate doesn't
make it as reliable for Sonic unlike it is with Ike and some others. Holding
down A makes Sonic repeat repeating his 1st jab until he hits something or let
go, it's a good idea to beat spot dodge spamming this way.

2nd Jab (A,A)

Dam:2%-2% (4%)
Range: Poor

Straight after the first jab, sonic throws another one, this one coming out in
2 frames. The second jab pushes Sonic a little further and has more range. 
Not much more to say about this one.

Jab combo (A,A,A)

Dam:2%-2%-3% (7%)
Range: Good

Completes the punch, punch, kick combo. Sonic's jab combo is quite bad. First
of all it's weak when compared to other characters and people can even 
power shield in the middle of it. But it has alright knock back I guess. Also
the kick has more range then both of his punches and comes out in 3 frames.

Dash attack

Dam: Start: 6%
       End: 4%
Range: Fantastic

Sonic spins a short distance across the ground. Press A when dashing or dash
and hit down on the c-stick at the same time to dash attack instantly. This is
one of the best dash attacks in the game in my opinion as it's hard to punish
Sonic after he has done it as he'll be quite far from his opponent. It's also 
a good little 'combo' starter.

There are two different parts of this move. The beginning, which does 6% 
damage and okay knock back and the end, which does 4% damage and little knock 
back. The start is good for knocking enemies into the air so you can juggle 
them. The end is generally better for stringing up attacks, which it's ASAP 
frames help you do. A forward tilt, up tilt (if they're really close) or down
tilt follow this up nicely at the lower percentages. Or just turn around and 
grab them.

This is also a really good move to do out of shield in order to counter attack.
Just stop shielding and quickly start a dash while hitting down on the c-stick
at the same time. It comes out quite fast and has good range to boot.

Get up attack

Dam: 6%
Range: Good

Sonic smacks nearby opponents with a rapid spin while getting up. Basically
pressing A or B while Sonic is knocked down on the ground. This move has 
invincibility frames and hits the front and back, so it can be used to counter
people trying to attack you while lying down. But the fact this move has poor
range and some people can easily see it coming, shield and punish you for it 
takes away from its value.

Ledge attack <100%

Dam: 8% 
Range: Okay

Sonic whips himself back onto the stage while hitting his opponent. Good for
those who don't expect it, so use it once every blue moon as Sonic has better
and safer options from the ledge.

Ledge attack 100% or more

Dam: 6,7% (13%)
Range: Poor

Sonic kicks both feet while bringing himself from the ledge. You wont connect 
with the second hit very often though, as the first hit might knock them too 
far away for the second kick to connect.


Up tilt (Tilt up + A)

Dam: 3,4,7% 
Tot: 14%
KO: 155% [190% with down-away DI] 
Range: Poor

A double kick that hits 3 times... Has little range horizontal but okay range
vertical. Sonic's strongest tilt and one off Sonics' most damaging moves (tied
with forward smash and up smash percentage wise). Good at countering upcoming 
attacks coming from above. If close by, use it's nice a giving so extra damage.
However it's not safe because if it's shielded or you miss, it has some cool 
down after it and therefore you get punished. 

Forward tilt (Tilt forward + A)

Dam: Close: 4,7%  Total: 11%
     Far:   4%
Range: Fantastic

Sonic does a horse kick, another move borrowed from Sonic fighters. As you can
tell, it's a good damage builder and 'combo' finisher. It has great reach for 
Sonic thus helping his much needed spacing game. And it's good at shield 
poking, so even if they shield it, you might still hit a part of them not 
covered by the shield. Strangely this can be tilted up and down but unlike 
his forward smash, this does change the trajectory you sent the receiver. Tilt
it down and it will be slightly longer in front.

Down tilt (Tilt downwards + A)

Dam: 6%
Range: Good

A sweep kick the moves Sonic forwards. Also the tip of his foot trips at low 
percentages, the higher the damage, the less the likely hood of getting a trip
(0% to around 22%). Strings with Sonic's other moves (Dtilt, grab, Utilt, 
Ftilt) at low percentages. This also lowers Sonic's hurt box a little as he 
crouches down. At high percentages, the base of Sonic's foot pops them up into
the air and the tip sends them away from you in a horizontal path.

Forward Smash  (Smash forward + A)

Uncharged:     14%
Fully Charged: 19%
Range: Fantasic
KO: Fsmash : 110% [135% with up-towards DI] 

Winds up his arm then lunges forward with a punch. This is Sonic's best kill 
move. It has quite disjointed hit box and can even beat a fully charged DK 
giant paunch. I urge that you only save it for KO's and don't use it otherwise
because if you don't, you can have a hard time killing with a staled forward
smash. Its range can be increased with the AT called 'stutter stepping'. 
Tilting it either up or down by tilting the control stick won't make a 
difference in trajectory with is a shame. This rises and lowers the hit box 
respectively. So tilt up to hit someone above you and tilt down to hit someone
below you. Quite punishable if you miss or it gets shielded though.

Advanced techniqes
-See stutter stepping

Down smash (Smash downwards + A)

Un charged:    12% -  Back:  9%
Fully charged: 16% -  Back: 12%
Range: Good
KO: Dsmash (first hit): 120% [145% with up-towards DI] 

Sonic curls up into a ball and rolls quickly twice on the spot. It's lasting 
hitbox makes this a great move to beat out spot dodges with. Therefore making 
it good for punishing. This is his fastest smash attack, being slightly faster
than Fsmash. Although it's a bit weaker, killing wise, compared to Fsmash, 
it still variable kill choice. It has ASAP frames from when Sonic starts to 
get up after the Dsmash by the way. Also if done near a ledge, you get a 
'extension' of sorts as Sonic pushes himself away from the ledge.

Up smash (Smash downwards + A)

Un charged:    5,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,3% (14%)
Fully charged: 7,1,1,2,1,1,1,2,4% (19%)
Range: Poor
KO: (Last hit) 170% [200% with sideways DI] 

Sonic jumps in to the air and spins rapidly, tumbling his opponent in doing 
so. Is known to spike every blue moon (Looked more into at another section). 
It has good damage output. And also has some invincibility frames from the 
momment Sonic jumps to spin. Unfortunately, the fact that this is Sonic's 
laggest smash attack detracts from this. Can be hyphen, DAC and done out of 
shield to make this some what arkward move hit more often. At the higher 
percentages, opponents will be throw out before the move finishes unless you 
don't hit them with the first hit. 

Advanced techniques
-See hypen up smash smash
-See DAC
No really
-See Up smash spike


I really hope you know how to short hop and auto cancel your aerials. Auto 
cancelling is just performing an aerial as soon as you do a short hop, then 
landing as soon as the moves has ended. Hence no lag.

Neutral air (A in the air)

Start:  11%
Middle: 8%
End:    5%
Range: Poor

Sonic spins rapidly in the air. Resembling his jump in 'Sonic the Hedgehog'. 
The start has good knock back and the entire move has a long lasting hit box 
meaning it will still be able to hit people after their air dodge has 
finished. However it's poor priority, laggy landing unless full hopped hurt 
the usability of this move. You can be able to link Nairs into other moves 
into other moves at low percentages but these are really unreliable. One weird
thing is that the last hit box (5%) can start a jab lock effect at the lower 

Advanced techniques
-See jab lock

Forward air (Foward + A in the air)

Dam: 2,2,2,2,2,4% (14%)
Range: Good

Sonic twirls his head and body in a drill like fashion. The tip of Sonic's 
head has a disjointed hit box and the last hit has the most knockback. A good 
move, if you can get all the hits that is. If you do, this is Sonic's must 
damaging aerial. This can also cancel certain projectiles (Turnips and arrows 
for example) with the tip of Sonic's head. This comes out in 6 frames, 
therefore it's better than air dodging when slowing down your momentum from 
being knocked off stage/sky high. It's even better when you fast fall it. 
This can be auto-cancelled from a short hop, meaning, if you do the Fair 
quick enough, it will finish before you touch the ground. If you don't, 
you'll flop on the floor like a fish out of the water.

-See recovery 
-See OoS options

Back air (Backwards + A in the air)

Sweet spot: 13%
Sour spot:  9%
Range: Fantastic
KO: 125% (sweet spot) [155% with up-towards DI]

Sonic does a slick back kick with his left foot. Sonic's 3rd best kill move 
knock back wise. It has good range with some solid damage behind it so it's 
ideal for spacing and general use. Or you can either save it for kills. The 
hit boxes surround his foot and part of Sonic's body. It has a slight sex-kick
effect, hence where the sour spot lies. It's fairly disjointed and is one of 
his slowest aerials, coming out on frame 13. Finally, you can dash, turn 
around quickly and do a Bair. You'll carry over the momentum from your run, 
this is called a RAR Bair.

Up air (^ + A in the air)

Dam: 3,6% (9%)
Range: Fantastic

Sonic does a double kick into the air. This move is clearly fantastic for 
juggling opponents in the air (Keeping them in the air). Furthermore, the hit 
box on the 2nd kick is very disjointed, even beating Lucario's Dair if spaced 
perfectly. This aerial lasts for the shortest amount of time compared to the 
others but comes out on frame 6 (like Fair). On another  interesting note is 
that the 1st hit has a set KB, so 0% to 999% it'll still be the same. Meaning 
Uair 1st hit > AAA/Spring trap/Up tilt is possible from 0% to 999% which is 
quite nice. However if you hit with the 'tipper' of the first hit, they'll be 
sent at an angle away from you. This move can be easily auto cancelled from a 
short hop and is a good OoS option to boot.  

-See OoS options

Down air ( V + A in the air)

Dam: Start:   8%
     Mid-End: 7%
Range: Poor

Sonic dives back to the ground at speed with a stomp. Reminds me of StH 2006 
for some reason... A pretty cool move in my own opinion. If used when sent 
flying, Sonic will do a rising Dair or still stall in the air, this is due to 
the momentum. This move has two different parts. The blue aura part and the 
normal part with no aura. When Sonic starts the Dair, he leaves a blue aura 
behind him. If you hit someone in mid air in this state, they will be sent 
horizontally (unless they DI up). This is called a semi spike. This is really 
good at gimping people off stage. Go to [Gimping] for more information. If you
hit someone in the air with the non-aura part, the will be sent upwards. They
both send a grounded target into the air though.  This move also has a very 
laggy ending if not 'cancelled'. To do this, you have to be at the full height
of the spring, then Dair. The Dair should finish before you touch the ground, 
allowing you to do anything instantly. However don't be predictable as you can
still be punished. Continually using spring to Dair is NOT good. Please don't
do it as competent opponents will punish you for it.


Random note, if someone else is close to you when you do up throw, they'll get
hurt too. So now you've grabbed the foe in your clutches, erm, gloves. What 


Dam: 3%

30%ish  X1
60%ish  X2
90%ish  X3
130%ish X4

Sonic has the second highest damaging pummel rate in the game. Meaning it's 
very good. For every 30% or so percent, you should do one extra pummel, they 
refresh your moves and add addintional damage. For timing, when Sonic's foot 
touches the floor, press A again. Keep in mind that lots of people can break 
out of grabs very fast, so if you notice them doing this skip the pummels and 
just throw them.

Up throw

Dam: 3,9% (12%)
KO:(FD height 195% [215% with down+towards DI]

Sonic picks them up, and drives them into the spiky quills in the back of his 
head. Ouch is right being the strongest up throw, damage wise in the game. 
This Sonic's best throw and a great throw in its own right. It's damage output
makes it the best option for building damage, it's trajectory make this a 
great set up for juggling, mind games and 'combo's at lower percentages. 
It can even kill if fresh at 180% or so, however only as a last resort.

This sends them nicely into the air, leaving them open for many follow ups at 
low percentages. The more basic ones include Up throw to up smash, but better,
Up throw to Uair or Up tilt. However I recommended the [Advanced combos] 
section for a deeper look into up throw follow ups. After being thrown into 
the air, you can either try to juggle them with Uairs or re grab them as soon 
as the land on solid ground. It's most likely that they'll try to attack you 
if this is try this so shield the expected attack and grab them. Combined with
pummelling, you can get a good amount of damage from this throw. Something 
that I see a lot is the up throw > spring > uair kill. But this is every easy 
to DI or air dodge, so don't rely on it.

-Go to 'Combos'

Down throw

Dam: 1,1,1,5 (8%)

Sonic throws the opponent into the ground and grinds them into the stage with
a spin charge. This sends them in front of you with low knock back and in a 
horizontal trajtory. They will normally be flat on the ground, which means 
they only have 4 options. Get up attack, roll forwards, roll backwards or wait
and get up without attacking. I recommend you watch them very carefully. If 
they use the get up attack, shield it. Try your best to re grab them, you may
even be able to 'tech chase' them. Tech chases wont happen at higher 
percentages though. This throw is also useful for setting up gimps, so Dthrow
them off the stage and edge guard. 

However this can be teched. If they DI downwards and tech just as you throw 
them out, they'll end up right in front of you. This really cripples this 
throw unfortunately.

--No really--
-See Dedede's battle field spike

Back throw

Dam: 8%

Sonic performs a spinning suplex on the opponent which throws them backwards. 
It moves Sonic backwards as well. This can be good at killing if you're near 
the edge and they are, for some reason, DIing backwards (cough, expecting an 
up throw, cough). Plus throwing them off the stage helps to pressure them if
they're a character with a subpar recovery.

Forward throw

Dam: 9%

Sonic kicks them forwards into the air. Sonic's fastest throw yet his worst
throw. Mainly because it's so hard to follow it up with. It's a nice mix up 
from up throw though, and if they are DIing towards you, expecting an up 
throw, think of it as a weaker up throw with -30% KB. Also you can always 
follow this up with the occasional fair when the opportunity arises.

\/SONIC'S SPIECAL ATTACKS  [satt]               |

Homing attack


Sonic rises up for a second then homes into the enemy, spinning through the 
air. If the target is out of range or is in a state of invincibility (side 
step/roll/ledge/etc), Sonic will not lock onto them and will shoot downwards 
in a 45 degree angle. If he hits the an object, stage or target he will bounce
off it. The time for the rising jump can be halved if you press B again in 
the middle of the rising part. However I find it much easier to button mash. 
The 'lock' area is roughly the height of a full Up B and vertical is more 
than 1/2 of Final destination. This area of 'lock' is in the shape of an oval.
He has more range in front of him than behind him. Depending on where your 
opponent is moving, this may miss anyways. As you can see this is quite a 
clumsy move and very punishable if you miss or it gets shielded. This can 
loss you stocks or give your opponent easy kill (Ike and Peach's Up smash 
comes to mind). Please don't spam it, use it once a blue moon. On one last 
note, the HA aims for their backs.
(Credit to Sonic Orochi's awesome video)


S is Sonic
M is Mario
-> moving inwards
<- moving outwards


Sonic will try and hit the back, curving. But it's too much an angle and will 



Mario's back is clearly exposed, Sonic will hit him.


Sonic will just catch Mario's back.



Sonic will fail to catch up and miss.

Spin dash

Dam:  Hop:5%

   (Un charged)SDR: 7%    Turn around: 7,6%

(Fully charged)SDR: 10%   Turn around: 9,7%

Looks: A spinning light blue aura, less dust behind it, moves backwards.

Just to clear up any confusion, the roll of the spin dash and spin charge on 
the ground IS the same. So head to the SDR section underneath Spin charge for 
that. But that means that they're the same move right? Far from it. You can 
cancel this before it fully charges by pressing the shield button. Also the 
first 1/3 of the hop has invincibility frames. You can also hop in mid air 
sending you and the target into tha air, double jump and follow it up with a 
move of your choice in a similar fashion to the SDR. Hitting with the last 
part of the hop before it touches the ground makes this easier by the way. 
You can also crawl up the ledges of stages if used at the height of the hop, 
I recommend you don't do this as it can lead to suicides. You can interrupt 
your run with this as well. You can alter the length of the hop too, by 
holding forwards you'll travel further, and by holding backwards you'll 
travel less distance.

Thanks to its cancelbity, it excels in drawing out enemy attacks, opening 
opportunities for grabs and what not. I recommend you go to the AT section.

--Advanced techniques:
-See iSR

Spin charge

               Close   Far
Uncharged       7       7
Fully charged   10      8

Looks: Pulsing a blue aura, darker blue, more dust behind it

This move is better if you just want you use a SDR, it comes out quicker and 
can be charged faster than Spin dash. Also note that a spin charge roll 
(NOT spin dash) from the air can be shield cancelled, if you are holding the 
shield button when it lands on the ground. See the ASC section for more on 
that. You can interrupt your run with this as well. They both share the same 
stale meter (the last 9 moves connecting with an opponent or breakable 
object. The more it appears in the list, less damage and less knock it has). 
And lastly, it's possible to move in the air while charging a spin charge, 
just angle your control stick gently.

--Advanced techniques:
-See ASC 

SDR part

Spin Dash Roll

So, the basic combo for this move is SDR hit > Jump > Aerial, normally doing 
an average of 30%ish damage which is really good. The more you've charged it 
before release, the faster it will travel and the more damage the initial 
ground hit will do. Also if you SDR down a sloop, it'll speed up and do more 
damage, but if you do it up a slop, it'll slow and do less damage then halt 
to a premature stop. Sometime during this state, you can shield cancel it. 
The ball will trun into a circle, go really slow and have no hit box. If you 
SDR into someone who's near the edge of a platform/stage, I'll hit twice 
(18%). When you turn around, the SDR loses its hitbox (It's aura disappears) 
furthermore, as you turn around, the time you spend rolling around is 
shortened and damage reduced. Holding forwards in the air while SDR causes 
you to travel at a 45 degree angle downwards. This is some help for your 

Despite being the same on the ground, a SC and SD roll in the air are a 
little different. A roll from the SD can't be shield cancelled when it hits 
the ground whereas the SC roll can. And lastly, both rolls lose their hitbox 
if you tilt backwards.

If you have used your second jump and roll off the stage you will die. Yeah, 
this happens to A LOT of Sonics, even pros :/

--Advanced techniques:
-See ASC



Dam: 4%

This is a fantastic recovery, Sonic jumps of a spring and travels sky high. 
Then tumbles down while STILL being able to use his aerials and air dodge. 
It even has invincibility frames on two thirds of the move, making it one of 
the safest recoveries in the game. Note that if you use and aerial or air dodge 
that the peak of the jump, you will travel a bit further than normal.

A grounded spring will stay there for 4 seconds (enemy that jump onto the 
spring and will also jump to the same height), but if it's used in the air, 
the spring will tumble down. The jump itself does not have the hitbox however 
the spring itself does. Don't let the small damage output fool you, this is 
incredibly useful for gimping those with bad recoveries. And it's Sonic's 
safest method of gimping too, just Up B over the target and the spring will 
drop slowly and knock them out of reach for the ledge. Link hits the spring. 
Bong!! You just gimped that sucka  :) screws up the tether recoveries too.

This is also really handy in getting out of tricky situations. Basically, a 
great move. However be aware that if someone grabs you out of your up B and 
doesn't punnel, you'll air release and tummble to your doom :(

--Advanced techniques
-See recovery

-See OoS options 


Transformation: 18%
Going very slowly: 13%
         Normally: 18%

Lasts for 18 seconds

The best final smash in the game. Basically, Sonic turns super sayian and owns
everything like he should. Ahem. Sonic absorbs the power of the seven Chaos 
Emeralds and transforms into Super Sonic. And now he's invincible, being able 
to freely lurk into the blast zones and what not. Sonic is much faster than 
he is in his normal form and can be made even faster by tapping A or B. 
Although he is a bit difficult to control, giving an elastic feel at times. 
He can kill around 70% and earlier if you chase your opponents in the air. 
What if they spot dodge? Camp on them, so when they come out of the spot dodge
they'll get hit. This WILL kill if used correctly. It's even better in crowds. 
Too bad it doesn't last 50 seconds....However, remember that regular Sonic can 
die, so watch for when he starts flashing yellow and green as he's about to 
return back to normal. Go back to solid ground as soon as possible. Be careful 
as well, if you used the spring then went Super Sonic, you will enter a 
tumble, so if you're off stage you're dead.


Defensive options  [deop]

This part will tell you how to live longer. By doing press ups and drinking 
plenty of juice.

While holding the shield down, tilt the control stick in the direction you 
want to send your shield. Tilt it towards the incoming attack. This helps 
against attacks shield poking you (such as Metaknight's Tornado).


Sonic is vulnerable in at the beginning and at the end of this roll. To use it
to its fullest effect, doing this from a ASC, SDSC or a run is more reliable.

This has more invincibility frames than forward roll, other than that they're 

Input: (While dashing) spin dash > shield cancel > roll
When you imitate the spin dash from a run, Sonic will slide a little. Thus 
making this type of rolling longer.

+ Good at avoiding grabs
- Long lasting hit boxes hit you anyways
- You can be punished for it

OoS options  [ooso]

Basically, attacking OoS (Out of Shield)is counter attacking a move that has 
just hit your shield. Keep in mind that you can jump straight out of a shield.

Only with tap jump on, initiate a jump, then quickly do an up smash with the 
control stick before you jump. This should buffer an up smash straight from
your shield. However this has poor range and is quite laggy, so it's not the 
best option really.

Short hop > Fair straight from a shield. This one of the more damaging 
options. This move can also poke through some shields. You can also do a 
'retreating' fair by doing a Fair with the C stick while pulling back with the
control stick thus making it harder for them to hurt you afterwards.

As soon as you let go of the shield button, do a forward tilt. The move has 
great range and shield pokes too.

Short hop and Uair out of your shield. The 1st hit has good range 
horizontally. If it misses, the tipper might send them at a weird angle 
making them unable to punish you. You can move across quite a bit while doing
an Uair, making it useful against characters with swords and hammers. It's 
also useful to start juggles with.

If they're close enough, this is your best option. Feel free to do what you 
like with them.

If you expect them to side step you, use this. Other than that, it's quite 

Rarely used on characters like Peach who often attack you from above.

Mainly used to punish people who have attacked you from the behind.

Remember that jab is Sonic's fastest move coming out on frame 3. So it can be 
used to interrupt any close ranged assaults on your shield. Although there are 
better options.

Ledge options  [lego]

Remember that constantly doing the same thing isn't very safe and less get 
less effective as the match goes on, so here are some options other than the 
standard ones. Drop down by tapping down/backwards on the control stick then 
jump immediately and do an aerial at the same time to do the aerial options.

All I have to say is that this is quite safe when you expect to be attcked as 
you as you land on the stage.

Stronger then a ledge attack and is quite good and clearing people waiting 
for you at the ledge. However, just like the ledge attack, they can easily 
shield and grab you.

Done by letting go of the edge, spin dashing the other way and quickly 
jumping. Then do a Bair. Good of clearing the stage, but as you can't land on
it this has limited use. It's also good to use at killing percentages.

Another good way of clearing the ledge. You can also re grab the ledge after
the Uair if you want.

It's invincibility frames allow you to leave the ledge without harm. The 
downside being that someone will be waiting for you when you reach the ground,
not so safe after all.

Recovery  [redi]

Sonic's recovery is very versatile as he has many ways to recovering back on
the stage. In fact, ALL of Sonic's specials can be used to recover. He's one
of the few characters who after using their recovery move, can still attack
and air dodge.


However if you still have a double jump, the ideal way to recovery is:

Spin dash hop > Double jump > Up B > Aerial  DI while using the spring

You can use the hop for some extra distance, then cancel it with a double 
jump, gaining even more distance. Using an aerial or air dodge after using the
spring, you'll gain slightly more distance they you normally would. Is your 
opponent holding the ledge? No problem, after using you spring, you can still 
foot stool jump them, landing safely on to the stage. However, if they're 
still covered in invincibility frames, this is not possible  :(

If you ever get caught under the lip of a stage (Final destination is infamous
for it), push towards the wall and press the jump button. Sonic will wall jump
and latch onto the stage if he's close enough.

If you're close to them, you can use the homing attack, however this can be 
seen a mile away and you can be punished in various ways for it. Use it as a 
last resort please  :(


Generally should be used as a last resort or when you know it won't lock/will 
it something. Other than the fact that it can be easily punished, it makes for
an okay recovery. Also, if you're high in the air, you can use a non-locked 
HA to stall up there for a while. Furthermore, if you ever get stuck under the
stage, you can use a non-cancelled HA to bounce off the stage and hopefully 
DI to a spinging point. 


Before you use your second jump, uses the hop from the spin dash and then 
double jump cancel it to make your recovery even better. But here's a warning,
do NOT use it if you've used you second jump, as you'll be unable to escape 
the SDR and fall to your doom.


Basically, use the ASC while holding forwards to travel in a 45 degree angle. 
But don't do this with a second jump or you'll fall to your doom.

For the SD:

Jump as soon as you release the SD   
Charge up SD and hit up on the c stick
Jump as soon as you roll off the stage/platform

For the SC:
Jump as soon as you release the SC   
Charge up SC + C stick up/left/right  
Jump as soon as you roll off the stage/platform

This is a quick way of getting back onto the stage if you're horizontal to 
hit, although you lose your second jump as a result.

DI is directional influence. The direction you hold you control stick effects 
the direction you are sent slightly when in hit stun. The best way to DI when 
hit with a powerful attack it to hold towards the stage and upwards. In the 
top corners of the screen... It's even better when you use Sonic's Fair to 
escape the hit stun first, rather than air dodging as you see the computers 
doing often. The best way is not to use spin dash but spin charge. Also 
sometimes it's better to try and grab the ledge if someone's clearly waiting 
for you on stage.

Platform drop options  [pldr]
If you catch someone un awears underneth you, you can drop down and snack 
them with an aerial.

This can even auto cancel from a platform drop. Just tap down then quickly 
bair. This can be used to get that surprise kill.

Does this auto cancel?

Run of the platform, and as soon as you start dropping Bair. 


Sonic can be played offensively, using his faints to pressure his 
opponents into making a mistake then punishing them for it. Keep note of 
how your opponents react when you use a certain moves and stuff. If 
something's not working, don't try to do it again. Sonic is also good at 
pressuring them offstage to thanks to his great gimping ability. However 
remember that you are letting yourself in for a risk too.

Don't be predictable with your SDSC or ASC. And mix up the way you approach 
them. Unpredictability is the key here.

The same with your recovery options. Try not to land on the stage if your 
opponent is waiting for you near the ledge. As they'll probably just send 
you back near the blast zone again. Try to grab the ledge if possible, 
every now and then.

Homing attack, it may work online or on people who don't know better, but 
still don't do it as people can easily shield then Uair you. Charging a SD or 
SC from across the stage is also a bad habbit I see a lot. If you're kind of 
close, do it out of a run or do a few feints this isn't AS bad I guess. 
Further more using Fsmash to build damage is bad. You will find it harder to 
kill with a stale Fsmash.


I'll list the MUST KNOW ones first, then rate the others in difficulty. From 
one to five stars. The more stars, the harder it is to perform and learn. 
Warning though, the amount of AT's rival the amount of Link's ATs. :/

--+SDSC (Spin Dash Shield Cancel)+--[spnd]--------

Ah, one of Sonic's best techniques. Why? Mindgames. And much more. To do it 
start charging a spin dash and while doing so, press the shield button. And 
now you've cancelled it. However, you cannot SDSC if you have fully charged 
the spin dash. Is that all? Not quite. Seeing Sonic's spin dash and spin 
charge look similar, it can be even harder to tell if you SDSC every now and 
then, adding uncertainly to the foes. The constant spin sound is cool too. 
It's also used to provoke a reaction from the foe so you can then punish. Say 
you start a spin charge close up and get attacked. Shield cancel then grab 

From a SDSC you can...

-Shield grab
-Side step
-OoS options

And if you do it fast enough, you'll hardly see Sonic in a ball state, thus 
adding the spin sound to any of these actions, fooling them into thinking that
you will attack them. You can do a spin dash from a full dash, stopping on 
the spot, combined with a SDSC, and you can get an extended roll behind them 
or roll back from an attack and punish. 


1. It's a good replacement for Sonic's laggy dash grab, that can be punished 
if it missed. Remember that you can do a spin dash out of a run, so you can 
do a SDSC out of a run too.

2. Nice at disguising your spin charges and spin dashes and generally 
embedding a sense of uncertainty into your opponents. However DO NOT be 
predictable with this. Always be aware of your own patterns. Say you always 
SDSC before you SD or SC, mix it up. Sometimes do a SD and sometimes SDSC. 
However, there are other ways to cancel your SD and SC.

3. Baiting reactions so that you can punish them. It helps if you alter your 
timing when canceling the spin dash to, but be aware that you don't fully 
charge it or you won't be able to cancel it. Shield the attack and then 

4. SDSCP (Spin Dash Shield Cancelled Pivot), Basically, charging a Spin dash 
in the opposite way that you are facing and cancelling it with a shield. 
Doing this to turn quickly from a dash is great, you can just dash behind 
your opponent and then SDSCP  behind them and do what you want.

5. Using the super roll tech. This extends the length of your roll but this 
can only be used while running.

--+ASC (Aerial Spin Charge)+--[asch]---------------

Ah, the second part of Sonic's two best moves. The aerial spin charge. An 
ASC is merely a spin charge roll preformed in the air. Nothing special? 
Wrong. When you hit an enemy with an ASC from the air, they only get hit 
once for 11%. However, if you hold forwards you can hit them twice and even 
3 times on rare occasions/bigger characters. By holding forwards the ASC's 
path goes downwards/forwards in a 45 degree path rather than being fully 
effected by gravity. From that point, if you still have your double jump, 
propel them into the air, double jump and finally striking them with an 
aerial for massive damage. Ahem. The average ASC > Fair does 32% if done 
right and both moves are fresh. And you don't have to do an aerial, you can 
also foot stool them. See 'jab locks set ups' for more on that.

ASC 1st hit: 11%
ASC 2nd hit: 11, 7% (18%)
ASC 3rd hit: 11, 7, 7% (25%) I've done this on ROB, DK and Bowser. Very hard 
                             to do.

*These are all 2 hit ASC with their relative aerials.

ASC > Nair (29%)....You need to be kind of close to hit with this
ASC > Fair (32%)....One of the most reliable ones to perform, especially on
....................bulky characters
ASC > Bair (31%)....Generally harder to do then the others
ASC > Uair (27%)....One of the easier ones to do
ASC > Dair (26%)....Very hard to hit but cool when it does

The first hit will launch them into the air at high % and can be followed up 
with a homing attack. The first hit can even kill, but this is when their 
damage percentage is REALLY high. ASC can also be shield cancelled if you 
hold the shield button while you land. The ASC could provoke a reaction which 
now you can shield cancel and punish appropriately. You can also double jump 
cancel it. If you hold back on the control stick though, you'll lose its hit 
box and cancelling abilities.

ASC > Shield cancel > shield grab
ASC > Shield cancel > roll
ASC > shield cancel > spot dodge

You can DI while charging the spin charge then releases it for a ASC. If you 
do hit them before you land they may be sent over you, at lower percentages 
you can string this into many different things. You can abort this early by 
jumping out of the ASC before hitting the ground. Try not to over do this. 
One a last note, if you SDR from a spin dash onto a platform, then roll off 
it, it's become a ASC.

Instant dash attack *----
Input: Smash the control stick left/right > down on the C stick

This lets you do a dash attack without the need to go into a run. Useful at 
close range combat and a good OoS option.

Hyphen up smash  *----
Input: (While dashing) Up smash 

Sonic does a sliding up smash. This is easier to do with the C stick although 
it still works with the control stick. Do it every now and then for some 
addition damage or when they're on a platform above you. However remember, up 
smash still is laggy. This is also a good anti-air choice.

SDJ *----
For SD: While charging, jump with the x or y buttons or up/down on the control
        stick/C stick
For SC: While charging, jump with the x or y buttons or up/down on the control
        stick while it's down on the C stick
SDJ is basically a higher jump with a hit box. You can also do anything out 
of it. Good if you need to abort a grounded spin charge without going into a 

Super roll **---
Input: (While dashing) SDSC > roll

When you do a SD from a run, Sonic will slide a little. Thus making 
this type of rolling longer then the normal type.

Instant spin dash roll jump *----
Input: Charge your spin charge > up or forwards on the C stick

Basically going into a spin roll jump without entering the roll. This is an 
easier alternative to the grounded spin shot. You'll go through the air 
quite quickly so it's good for chasing people off stage.

Skid stop *----
Imput: Stop on the stop from a dash

Sonic will screech to a halt. While Sonic is screeching, you can do any move 
you want. This is helpful for spacing.

iSDR *----

Start a spin dash on a surface with a 45 degree angle such as the edges of 
Pictochat and Yoshi's Island. Sonic won't do a hop, but will roll across the 
ground flashing a little. Meaning that you're invincible, that is until you 
jump, stop rolling, roll off stage, clash with something or turn around. This 
can still clash with other attacks and such though, so don't abuse it that 

Using Fsmash while holding an item **---
Input: Hold A (still holding the item) while doing a Fsmash with the C stick

I suggest that you hold A while when you're in the middle of a roll or 
something to prevent you throwing the item. Once you are holding A, Fsmsah 
with the C stick. Let go of the A button to stop charging the Fsmash.

Spin Dash Sheild Cancel Piovt **---
Input: Start a Spin dash one way then quickly tap the other way. You should be 
now facing the other way

Shield grabbing with this is another option from piovt grabbing. Turning 
around after dash attacking may also prove usefull.

Jab lock **---
Input: jab the opponent with the 1st jab when they are down.

If you jab someone when they are down on their backs, they will 'jiggly' and 
move away from you a little. Now all you have to do is walk up to them again 
before they get up and jab them once, before they get up. Repeat. Hence the 
name 'Jab lock'. Soon, they'll be in a state when the only option they have 
is to get up normally, with no attacks. And you can meet this with a charged 
forward smash. :) just jab them to the end of the stage, then fsmash them 
while when they get up. On average, this does a free 40% worth of damage. 
However this won't work if they know how to Smash DI away from you... Also 
you can infinite them with a jab lock if you trap them into a wall.

Jab lock set ups:

They'll be hit by the spring therefore starting up the jab lock, so jab as 
soon as you land from the dair. The reverse spring is needed so that you dair
in the correct direction. It can prove quite tricky at times to land the 
spring though.

Very similar to the ASC set up.

On that really rare occasion you get a spike, if they don't tech the stage 
there's your chance for a jab lock.

Works on Bowser, Dedede and Rob from 0% to around 40%. By a 'small' foot 
stool, I mean quickly let go of the jump button and you'll jump up a smaller 

On stages such as Lugui's mansion, if you up throw them into the solid 
ceilings they'll normal land in the perfect position for a jab lock. Although 
they can tech when they hit the ceiling.

Stutter step **---
1X..[tap forwards on the control stick] > quickly > 
....[forward smash with the C stick the same direction]

2X..[tap backwards on the control stick] > quickly > 
....[forward smash with the C stick the same direction]

3X..[tap backwards slightly then quickly smash forwards] >quickly> 
....[forward smash with the C stick the same direction]

This extends the length of your forward smash as Sonic will seen to take an 
extra step towards his opponents. Worth learning if you can space it well. 
Can make killing easier.

Reverse Stutter step: Tap backwards and very quickly do a forward smash the 
other way.

Sonic should move backwards while releasing his forward smash. Do this with 
the control stick, not the C stick.

Glide tossing ***--
Input: Input a roll while holding an item > intrupt the roll before it starts 
by throwing with the C stick

If done correctly, Sonic will slide across the stage while throwing an item 
at the same time. The can be done with other characters too. Roll in the 
direction you want to slide/face and press the c stick in the direction you 
want to throw. (eg. To move backwards and throw up, roll backwards and hit up 
on the c stick.).

Z-dropping ***--
Input: Drop an item with the Z button at the peak of your jump > do an 
aerial, you should re catch it.

Enables you to do areials while holding an item. You recatch the item you 
dropped while doing an areal at the same time. This can be tricky to do so 
drop when you reach the peak of your jump.

Dash Attack Cancel ***--
Input: (While dashing) down C stick > very quickly Z + up  

You're cancelling the initial dash attack with an up smash. Causing a sliding 
up smash which is VERY similar to the hyphen up smash. This goes slightly 
further then a hyphen. That's it. Not really worth it. 

Spin shot ***--

Jump as soon as you release the SD   
Charge up SD and hit up on the c stick
Jump as soon as you roll off the stage/platform

For the SC:
Jump as soon as you release the SC   
Charge up SC + C stick up/left/right  
Jump as soon as you roll off the stage/platform

Sonic is does a large oval jump, lower then a normal jump and 2/3 of Final 
destination. He also loses his second jump. This move happens very fast and 
even better, you can attack out of it or spring from it. So you can spin shot 
over your opponent and then drop a spring on them. Its speed makes it hard to 
punish but due to its set path, abusing it can see you spin shot into an up 
smash. It's good for getting back to the stage quickly, but my personal 
preference as spin dash hop > double jump > spring as it's safer.

Delayed Dash attack/DAC ***--
Input: Do a fox trot > press A at any time during the fox trot

Mind games. They expect you to attack from the fox trot and side step. 
Shield and run out of fox trot grab. Attack, punish with a dash attack or 
jump out of the way.

Quick ledge snap ***--
Input: Run off the ledge > quickly Fast fall > quickly Hold towards the edge

Very good for gimping charterers by stopping them grabbing the ledge, since 
only one person can hold it at a time (Exception being the Ice Climbers), 
also invincibility frames stop you from being stage spiked by the likes of 
Mario and Marth. Hard to master, but it's worth learning. This also looks 
really cool with Sonic.

Turn around pivot ***--

There's a point located in the middle of your turn around animation (from a 
dash) from where you can do ANYTHING. It'll take some time to get used to the 
timing. So when you're turning around you can Fsmash the other way, or spin 
dash. this is a good way of mixing your approaches.

Jump canceled throws ***--
Input: Dash along > jump > quickly interrupt this with a throw.

Quite fiddly this one. This is similer to glide tossing, but with this the 
item (or banana peel) you where holding travels straight in front oh you like 
a shield of sorts. This also lands in you a great spot for a grab or Fsmah if 
you've hit a Diddy with a banana peel.

Fox trot/Grinding ****-

-Fox trot
Input: Smash the control stick then let go

Sonic does a slide across the ground.

Input: Do a fox trot > return the control stick back into its normal state > 
slowly push the control stick in the directions that Sonic is facing

An extended Fox trot.

Credit to Infzy from Smashbaords:

"Naiive grind:

-Attack or C-stick = dash attack (can't use jab, tilts, smashes) 
-Can only use side-B; other Specials don't work 
-Can't shield 
-Grab = dash-grab 

However, smart Sonics overcome these limitations with moar tech-skill:

-You can jump out of grind, which means you can use a jump-cancelled up-B or 
-Dash attack means you can also DACUS, so you have two up-smash options 
-I think jump-cancelling lets you homing attack as well... or if not, then 
 just jumping works (a few frames difference, max.).... not that you'll ever 
 do this 
-You can't shield or spotdodge during a grind, but you can dodge-roll 
-Furthermore, side-B gives you a shield, spot-dodge, and standing-grab 
-You can pivot-grab during grind... this looks weird; try it during a 
 long/fast grind, Sonic's hand kinda moves around funny... and it's a sliding 
 grab that's much more defensive than his clunky dash-grab 

But much more importantly:

-Tap forward during grind to start another initial dash. And from an initial 
 dash, you can do anything! You're free to use jabs, tilts, smashes, and 
 Specials. So you can Fsmash out of grind -- stutter-stepped, in fact. This 
 also gives you a down-B out of grind, although it's tricky to do quickly. 
-Furthermore, use dash-dance input during the grind, to do any of these aimed 
 behind you (obviously). 

Srsly grind is awesome...... spend hours practicing the tech-skill of how to 
use it properly, it definitely gives moar options!! Combined with 
dash-turnaround mixups (like what Malcolm owns with), Sonic has crazy 
ground-versatility.... although increased risk of tripping.

I'm trying to increase my dextrosity so that, for example, I have spacing 
control akin to a Marth. One thing I've been doing a bunch: at low %s, 
Fthrow > grind forward.... you can quickly get into place to catch them 
again. You can control the spacing of the grind, to really follow beneath 
them, or stay out of range of whatever aerials they have. you can side-B 
shieldgrab if they attack, but another thing I do is dash-attack out of the 
grind as a fast getaway. Or instead of trying to grab them after the Fthrow, 
jump-cancel a spring from below them, if you want to mix it up.

Why is that better than just dashing forward? Well, I find with the dash I'd 
either go too far, or be simply vulnerable as I'm whizzing forward. I get 
better spacing with a grind. The grind also gives a false sense of safety to 
the opponent..... at least until they adjust to all its tricks."

Dash Dance Pivot *****
Input: Fox trot > start another fox trot > now interrupt that one with another
fox trot in the opposite way

This can prove to be even harder to learn if you don't know how to dash dance.
The main timing you need to learn is rhythm of starting the fox trot then 
interrupting the start of it with another fox trot. Within 3 frames if I 
recall correctly. But don't let that put you off, practice makes perfect as 
that old saying goes. 

However when you do get it nailed down, this is yet another great way for 
pulling off feints. DDP forwards them, bait a reaction, then DDP away. Looks 
so cool. Also remeber that you're doing fox trots, so you can SDSC, jump and 
so on. 

\/'COMBOS'  [comb]

Try not to follow everything 'line by line', but try to learn your own stuff 
and experiment with it. This section if for people who are new to Sonic or 
the game. I'll add more over time.

Comments: Bread and butter really. Quite standard.

Comments: Chaining down tilts together is quite satisfying. Works better on  
fast falling characters (Fox, Falco, Link) and the heavier characters 
Dedede, Bowser). You can finish with an up tilt or forward tilt or even better
a grab. Stops working well at around 20% to 30%.


Comments: Up air will follow an up throw nicely. If they have a tendency to 
air dodge than a Nair will hit them anyways and you SHOULD be able to get 
another re grab from this! Combined with another Up throw and it's very steaky
indeed.21% 40% plus if you can pull it off.

Comments: Your standard combo, even the Dojo mentions this one. But that 
doesn't mean that it's to be sniffed at. It racks up some nice damage, to 
earn its way here. 30% plus

Comments: Another bread and butter one.

Comments: Doesn't work if they DI or air dodge. 

Comments: Unexpected a sometimes can get you can easy kill. Don't abuse it.

Advanced section  [adfl]

For people who already know have to play Sonic basic the basic level. Try not 
to use each of these too often. I emphasize  that you use these to get ideas 
for your own tricks. And remember, if it doesn't work, stop doing it. I'll 
add more over time :)

People often like to attack you when they see you SDSC, so you can get a easy 
grab on them.

Has a similar thought to the Nair and SDSC thing. But this doesn't work that 

For people expecting a up throw, spring, uair kill, the sometimes DI towards 
you. If you notice this, use forward throw to mix it up.

The idea is to land a SDR then foot stool them. Easier said than done to be 
honest. You need to learn the timing too. Tis works better on chacrters such 
as Bowser, Dedede and others.

This is hard until you get the timing for it. Just get used to the timing from
which you can dash after your first jab. You'll also need to skid stop then 
smash/grab. Unpracticle but looks really cool.

You'll need to hit them with the last hit box of the bast attack (4%) so 
space well. They should be above you so quickly spring and they'll land on 
the spring and be launched up with you. When they are around 120% this will 
make for one slick Uair star KO.

First if of Uair has set ko back and angle, so this works from 0% to 999%. 

After the dash attack you may end up behind them. Now they'll be expecting a 
follow up of sorts, so bait a reaction with spin dash sheild cancel piovt then

You'll cover a lot of ground with a run/fox trot then try for a easy kill. Skid
stop if you where running then fsmash. If you were fox trotting, start a fsmash 
with control stick forward + A at then end of the trot.

If you notice a lot of side step spam this will help a lot. Charge and wait for 
them to come out of the side step then release.


Chain grabs/grab release  [chan]


If you keep on pummelling Ness and he breaks away from you and stays on the 
ground (Ground release) you can dash and re grab him before he can do 
anything. Hard to do though.

I'm starting to think who CAN'T air release Wario. Anyways, you can re grab 
his when he breaks your grab. Don't pummel him though. That and pull off an up 
tilted Fsmash on him. 

Up smash spike  [spik]

Credit to myself for making this thread on SWF.

"Sonic's up smash has 8 hits. The most noticeable ones are the first hit and 
the last. The 7th hit launches the opponent downwards into the last hit box 
which launches them into the air. However, once they have a certain %, the 
knock back from the 7th hit will be enough to launch them fast enough before 
the 8th hit can hit them. Hence the 'spike'. The strength is dependent on what
% they are when the 7th hit hits them.

Note: It spikes them behind Sonic.

-The 7th hit is the one that 'spikes'. 
-If the DI down, towards you, behind you, it won't work. 
-You can spike out of a Hyphen up smash. 
-Up smash can trip >_> 
-If a Bowser DI's behind you at around 100%, a tiny semi-spike. 
-Only works on the left or right edge of the up smash. 
-The first hit MUST hit for it to work. 
-When Sonic spikes with a hyphen up smash, his spikes forward. Hard to do. 
-I spiked from the standing position once...The 7th hit is the one that 
-There is a 'sweet spot' area in the middle of Sonic when he jumps into a 
 ball from a hyphen up smash. So you can spike. Very hard, but I was doing it 
 mid consistently. :/ 

If used on stage, I doubt that your opponent would tech it. So start a tech 
chase/jab lock."

King Dedede on the right of Battle field

Do a down throw near facing away from the ledge. Dedede should get spike. 
Strange stuff. This can also be done on the 3rd stage of Castle Siege at 
the right side of the platform. It can only be done on the right side because 
both legdes are not symmetrical.

\/9.GIMPING  [gimp]

Sonic can safely gimp due to his awesome recovery but you'll need to work 
with his tools to make this part of his game work.

Sonic's safest way of gimping, because he doesn't put himself in danger by 
using the spring. If you see characters with poor recoveries trying to 
recovery. Jump above them and Up B so you drop a spring in their path of 
recovery. Recommended recoveries to use this on: Falco, Fox, Link, Ivysaur, 
Olimar etc, tec.

If you hit someone in mid air with a Dair, while a blue aura trails Sonic, 
the will be hit 45 degrees away from Sonic (horizontal). Recommended 
recoveries to use this on: Marth, Link.

Try to catch them in a state where they're saving their jump and recovery for 
the last second while DIing towards the stage. This state will make the even 
easier to gimp. Recommended recoveries to use this on: Link, Ike, Captian 
Falcon, Mario.

Used in a similar fashion as Bair. Although you can dash off stage and do it 
as a last second gimp attempt.

If there's above and in front you, you can kill/gimp them with a HA. But air 
dodges/attacks make it differecult for the HA to be implemented into his 
gimping game. On another note, HA hits steal people's second jumps.

If you grab some characters out of their second jump/up b and don't pummel, 
they will not regain it back. Recommended on: Snake, Sonic, Game and Watch, 
Wario, Luigu

Yep, grabbing the ledge so others can't do the same. However doing the QLS 
(or speed hugging) help to prevent you getting stage spiked. But remeber you 
can tech those. To QLS, Recommened recoveries to use this on (Link yet again, 
Ike, Olimar, Diddy, Ivysaur, Mario, Marth, Toon Link, Captian Falcon, 

\/10.STAGE  [snstg]

A brief overview of a few stages.

Lots of room to run and navigate through any kind of spamming or camping 
going on. Remember that if you somehow get caught under the lip of the stage 
you can wall jump. Yes, Sonic can go under the stage and pop up on the other 
side it's hardly useful as it takes so long and if you mess up you SD.

The small blast zones make it easier for Sonic to kill here. But in turn 
people can kill Sonic quicker as well. The ceiling isn't very high so 
Up tilt/Up throw/Uair kills here. Try to avoid the blast blocks though.

The platforms make it easier for Sonic to juggle here so try to make it 
difficult for people to meet you at ground level by staying under them. Let's 
not forget that you can SDR and platform and it's turn into a ASC. Also try to
flex your platform dropping options here too with bairs and uairs. Shield 
pressure people above you on the lower platforms with uairs, fairs, utilts 
and up smashes.

Keep control of the check points by staying near them. This is a really bad 
stage vs Dedede as he can just chain grab across the stage until you reach 
the blast zones. Remember that SDR down the slopes makes it go faster and do 
more damage while SDR up them makes you go slower and do less damage. That SDR
cancel trick can also be done here.

This is a beast stage for Falco and somewhat Peach, so if you're in a tourney 
ban this sucker vs them. Some consider this to be Sonic's worst stage with the
really high ceiling stopping from getting any KOs from the top. Although the 
rapid water isn't much of a problem thanks to the spring. Just stay to the 
right side of the stage so you can get out in time. Beware of the crocs, they 
get everybody :( You don't have much room to run and some characters find it 
really easy to camp you here.

You can do that SDRJC thing on the fin of the ship. Beware though, Ike and 
Dedede can pull an infinite chain grab under the fin near the thrusters. Low
blast zones means Zelda and Ike will be killing you ALOT quicker.

Not really a good stage for Sonic. Those 'cylinders' in the middle of the 
stage hinder you movement at times. And the stage it's self is kind of small 
and spread out. But Sonic finds it easier to kill on this stage due closer 
blast zones.

Being unable to recover is a main problem that plagues many characters here. 
But lucky for you this does not apply for Sonic. You can kill easier if you hit 
them in the opposite direction that the screen is moving in. So at the ship 
part hit them into the right blast zone to kill easier.

Considered to be the most balanced stage in the game by a lot of people. It's 
also 2/3 of the length of Final Destination, meaning you can cover ground 
quicker. The only real thing to note is that you can go under the stage quicker
then Final Destination, you can pop the balloon and that Sonics’ alt costumes 
look GREAT at night for some reason. :)

Random ghosts may hamper your gimping attempts. That large platform in the 
middle offer opportunities to juggle people and you can also iSR off the 
sides. You can also do the iSR here. A good stage for Sonic in general. 

The edges can also be iSR like Yoshi's Island. The large nature of the stage 
make it a little harder for Sonic to kill. Each event lasts 11 seconds and 
can often get in your way.

Please ban this vs Ike, if Ike joins you in the water the chances are you'll 
lose a stock. Plus he has several ways to drag you into such a position. 
Furthermore the water makes it imposable to gimp him so he lives longer. This 
stage isn't much benefit to Sonic at all. Just keep aware of where the bombs 
are heading and that if the ship hits you in the water, it's a OHKO. Lastly 
ban this vs a Ganondorf :(

The water areas are too good for characters with good spikes such as Ike and 
Ganondorf so try to stay out of it. Remember that you can go through the main 
stage from underneath. So if you're being hounded while on the main stage you
can drop then double jump to fair them. Beware of the walk of edges, of Dedede
grabs you he'll chain grab you into the blast zone. Also beware of walls as Ike
and Dedede will pull that infinite chain grab on you.

This is a really big stage so it's harder to kill here. Jab or Dtilt the 
banisters to refresh your other moves. If you're at a really high % stay at the 
bottom of the mansion, away from the middle. Uair people in the high floors. 
Quite hard to navigate though.

Take great care of the lava and it would help if you remember the patterns. 
When you see a great wave of lava, you can just shield it instead of run for 
the capsule. It becomes harder to gimp poor recoveries on this stage too. 
Remember to use your ledge and platform options here too.

Stay far away from the bomb placed in the middle of the stage every now and 
then. Other than that it's quite a simple stage. Just be carefully not to get 
grabbed by a Dedede otherwise he'll change grab you into the blast zones :/

\/11. CHARACTER [chgi]

Section: My exprenece with characters
Based on macthes with people around the same skill level as me

Floating and Dair can be a pain at times, espescally Dair > Dair > Uair
> Usmash. SDI Upwords and away while trying to sprig out. Don't use the
homing attack at all as you'll be met with a really powerful up smash. 
Offtage, Peach can just Nair your homing attack and kill you. Always Up 
throw her and try yo juggle her in the air as her air dodge sucks. Peach 
will have problems killing you if you avoid Fair, Fsmash, Usmash. Don't 
run into her float, rather wait untill she has to land then make your 

Tilt you shield towards her smashes. SDI away from her Dtilt locks. Don't 
approach if you have a lead and punish her when she does try to approach you.
She also sucks in the air so up throw to juggles can be of great help. When 
she does Din's fire, run up to her and grab her. Bait out wiffed smashes and 
punish accordingly. Beware of Bair/Fair out of shield though :<

Run away from the tornado and punish the lag. Dash attack out of shield often 
to punish his tilts. Aggro knights are easier to bait and punsih. Spring to 
avoid getting juggled. All you aerials clang with his glide attack, mutli hits 
beat it. Like fair and Upsmash. Stay away from the ledge (fair/UpB) and remeber 
that Dair beats the Shuttle loop.

Spacing with SH Fairs and jabs are Ike players bread and butter. He easily out 
ranges and out powers you so don't be to reckless. When he starts jabing you, 
DIing away from him is your best bet. Shield his fair and use you OoS options. 
Chasing him into the air may get you eurption'd and killed. Expect jabs OoS 
from the front, and SH bairs OoS from the back. If Ike is DIing towards the 
stage to get in place for a aether recovery, spring him. Air dodge infront of a 
traveling qucik draw, you'll be hit and take no damage while he falls to his 

Some small advice on these characters

Shielding bananas gets you grabbed a lot, so try staying on platforms every now 
and then. Keep control of the Bananas, so keep hold of them as long and often 
as possiable. Remeber that you have a really good glide toss so use his own 
bananas against him.

Spring and the dair semi spike ruin any thoughts of Link recovering, although 
Link has a good DI game and weight meaning that good links wont be dying at 
30%. Run and shield his zair then follow up with OoS options. Try to bait and 
punsih since he has a lot of laggy moves. Take care against his projectiles.

\/12. GLITCHES [glih]

Air dash *----

Basically a iSR. 'Start a spin dash on a surface with a 45 degree angle. Sonic
won't do a hop, but will roll across the ground flashing a little. Meaning that
you're invincible.' But if you roll off the platform (45 degree one), you'll 
keep on rolling in the air as if you were still on the ground. You can jump 
out of this by the way. If you hit a character while in this form Sonic will 
teleport somewhere else! The best place to test this is on a custom stage.

\/13. Questions and Answers! [faqs]

If you have spelling mistakes to point out, questions to ask, or what to say 
thanks or something, contract me @ 
This wont be here for long though.

Q. Who do you main?
A. Sonic, Ike and Link

Q. What is 'Steak'?
A. From a certain place

Q. Do you have a SWF account by any chance?
A. Why yes, yes I do.

Q. Can you fight me on wifi!?
A. No

Q. Why not?
A. Sonic is bad on wifi, and I don't like it in gerenal

Q. Any Sonic pro I should look for on the net?
A. Espy and Malcolm are the best, look them up.

Q. Why haven't you covered any of the 1 player content?
A. There are guides for those already

Q. Where can I get help/tips to get better?
A. Search for SWF, srsly the SSBB boards here are one of the worst 
boards on Gfaqs.

Many thanks too...

Myself - For making this
Big Bill - For making Windows
Sonic boards - :093:
GameFaqs - All the helpful and good members
MJ - For the great music he made
Matt - For that Email, too bad I was to late D:
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