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Prepare to Be Shocked, Blown Up, Shot, Stabbed, Kicked and Pawnched - It's Showtime9NineBreaker98/10
A decent game by itself, but subservient to its predecessor in every wayabear903/10
I don't know how they did it, but Nintendo made Melee better.AK_the_Twilight10/10
The ultimate must-own Wii game!Anclation10/10
It started off great, only to lead to boredom in the end.Demenise5/10
It's the Final Countdown...discoinferno849/10
All the greatness of Nintendo and its glory packed in one little discHigh Dragoon10/10
Super Smash Bros. Brawl is more aptly named Melee 0.5.knuckles67603/10
Reviewed by a Casual Smash Veteran since '99Nostalja9/10
The sad truth about Brawl.Raven_Gekkou9/10
Better than Melee? Is that even Possible?SeraphLance10/10
Forget Ocarina of Time. THIS is the best game ever. (WARNING: Spoilers inside)SharmHedgehog10/10
Getting smashed has never been this fun before!ShyningFade10/10
Brawl; the greatest game to ever exist or the biggest disappointment of the year?SuperSmashBro1310/10
The Game that has Everything... and yet Nothing.TwilitLeviathan3/10
Quite possibly the most disappointing game ever made.UltimaterializerX2/10
A slow-paced game that isn't much fun.Variaz4/10
If you're brawlin', it's ballin'.Archmonk Iga10/10
Super Punish Solo Players: AdvertisementsAveryLuna7/10
Botched Fighter great Game.Azurel_Tidal7/10
Brawl is the best game in the series, though the worst for it's time.b09boy8/10
The supreme fighting game? A Challenger Approaches!Bkstunt_319/10
If it's like Melee, then it pwns. But ya might wanna stick with MeleeBlackbeltB8/10
An epic, amazingly fun game that lives up to the hypeBlackDoomShadow10/10
Whilst Smash's multiplayer is videogame gold, it's sadly neglected in this blockbuster titleBlue Blob7/10
Simply Smashingbluej3310/10
From the intro movie on, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a smash success.Cenedarprime10/10
The best smash game everChimchar4610/10
Having a brawlclarkisdark9/10
A perfect blend of fun, nostalgia, and replayability!comebackking19/10
Best Wii game to date, but has its fair share of flaws which prevent it from really soaringComputerdude10328/10
BAH GAWD! That Italian plumber is stomping a mudhole into that yellow rodent's ass!CrimsonGear809/10
The Ultimate Fighting GameCyndaquil2810/10
The Biggest Disappointment in Gaming HistoryDraqonLcrd7/10
It's about time it came out!DrKlaric9/10
100% Worth Not Buying a Wii For. Don't Make the Same Mistake.EdgeMaster5/10
While it isn't perfect, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a worthy sequel to it's predecessors.Enhanced-State9/10
Where's my sweetie?EvilBirdo6/10
Through the Looking Glassffmasterjose9/10
Gamerman555 likes to Brawl. And so should you.gamerman5559/10
One of the few games that deserve most of the hype.GodOfWarFanatic9/10
A Legendary Epichorror_spooky9/10
Brawl is for Casuals.IReviewMoar6/10
Let's get ready to Rumble!Josh_36919/10
Brawl trumps its predecessor in almost every way and proves to be the best Wii title to date.KleenexTissue509/10
For the 3rd installment, expect more of the same with enough new to warrant your money.LavaLord9/10
A love letter to Nintendo history disguised as a simple beat-em-upLegatoBluesommers9/10
It does NOT replace Melee, but it's a remarkably successful follow-up.LenDar229/10
Show me your moves on the Wii!Lord_Yojimbo2910/10
Brawl Feels More Like Melee 1.5Mageknight6/10
The ring of champions.Malorkus9/10
It may not be as great as Melee competition-wise, but it's still awesome. :3 (WARNING: HUGE AMOUNTS OF TEXT)megaslush9/10
Love it or leave it, it's still SmashMentalistAdept8/10
Good Enough, But Still Lackingnash_clovis8/10
Smashin' Since '99Necoji9/10
A challenger approaching?Nemesissy8/10
This game was looked forward to for a very good reason.NerdGoneNormal10/10
The greatest Wii game ever?Pal10210/10
A wise man once said "You must recover!"PentiumMMX8/10
Under all this hype it would appear to be a game little above average.PSP_FTW6/10
Smashes Expectations, But Slightly DisappointingQuilavatrainer9/10
Nintendo Fans, Rejoice!Reksxthexpirate9/10
The Return of the King - Brawl is back and better than everrenegadeoffunk79/10
If people would stop hyping this game so much, they'd see a quality product hereRick529/10
A good game, though overhyped...RockSauron9/10
I can't put a finger on it...but I swear I've seen you somewhere before!RoxasANobody5/10
Brawl - The best of Nintendo?Sakurafanboy9/10
It could have been the best game ever.Samoajordan8/10
How is it possible to fit this much brilliance into such a small disc?scarlet_puppy10/10
Not only the best game for the Wii, but possibly Nintendo's best game ever!Skolar_Star10/10
Upset and disappointedStephenYap31/10
The Brawl to End Them AllSuperPhillip9/10
OH! You just got SMASHED!TakaRagranok10/10
Beautiful, Elegant, PerfectTexticular10/10
Is brawl all it was made out to be? Cpt. Falcon: "YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"thecheese10310/10
Show me ya movesTheRedneck149/10
It's time to Brawl for it all!TheSpiderSense58/10
Absolutely... Fantastic.the_bomberman10/10
Over hyped but very well worth it.Tifanity9/10
Many changes were made, some good, some not so good.TripleJump8/10
It's a decent game, but not a worthy successor to Super Smash Bros. MeleeTTheResearcher6/10
Let's get ready to Brawl! Wait, did that sound dorky to say?ultimatedorkboy8/10
Easily one of, if not the best Multiplayer fighter of all timeWolfvie10/10
Audi Famam Illius…Solus in Hostes Ruit…et Patriam Servavit!Yoh_of_Izumo8/10
It's the best in the series, it just has a lower score for a reason!Zero_Hero7898/10
Fantastic despite its flawsZopharoth9/10

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The Best Game Ever MadeLebbin10/10
Nintendo's All-Stars are back for Another Round42Bladez9/10
Prepare to get Smashed into another dimensionabbyhitter10/10
The fight is on!Admiral_Dane10/10
The game that Nintendo fans have been waiting for.Admiral_Zero10/10
You'd better prepare yourself!Afro_SamuraiX10/10
Super Smash Bros Melee: Episode 1Bcts6/10
We gonna have fun with this thing!brawler49910/10
The best fighting game I've playedConnor429/10
Makes the Parthenon of video games, but not quite Mount OlympusDave5219/10
One step forward, two steps back.DeuxHero4/10
A deeper look at the game, for those competetively mindeddirtycup II9/10
This Brawl is BigEdso_459/10
Almost Everything It's Hyped Up to Be.GeekyDad9/10
Think 'Street Fighter' series is better? Really?! Think about it twice!Greduan10/10
Was All That Hype Really Worth It? Yes.InfectedShr00m9/10
I fight for my friends!Justperezo6/10
Perfect game? Almost. Best game? Yes.killer_chaos9/10
A decent party/fighting Wii title, but doesn't continue the "Smash Bros" charm we know and loved...KKKEEENNN36/10
The Ultimate Multiplayer ExperienceLacklusterChari10/10
Overall, Super Smash Bros Brawl is a tremendous game, one that is sure to fill the hearts of the Nintendo faithful.lilarchie2329/10
Nearly Perfect...But the problems are so small that it doesn't really matter.LrdofArmageddon10/10
Whether you're a hardcore gamer or just a casual player, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is sure to be a blastmagmablock10/10
Personally, I prefer the air.mariofan61910/10
A review, that possibly no one will readMasato_Hyuga9/10
Lucas? What's a Lucas?Mawkawkaw4/10
Thank you Nintendo, this game is the reason why I bought my Wii.Megaman198110/10
Melee expansion pack.Phediuk7/10
We should do this again sometime!PiemanXC9/10
Finally We can have Mario fight Sonic.pikachupwnage10/10
Brawl--- At Gaming's Peakpiplupmaster10/10
Melee 1.5? I think not! Much better than Melee.pokelover98010/10
Super Smash Bros Brawl is the best Super Smash Bros game yet!pokemonknowital10/10
Super Smash Bros. Brawl - The Third Time We Fightpugbutt239/10
FALCON PAUNCH!rockerdood649/10 least it's fun to play....RPGamerdude7/10
A great game for casual players, but does it hold up competitively?Rubiks_cubed8/10
Master of Puppets, Obey Your Brawl MasterScared899/10
The Brawl of the CenturyShadowFox509/10
The delays, they were totally worth it.shurikengun10/10
Yet another Nintendo masterpieceShyguyLord9/10
Super Smash Bros. Brawl; Perfection Comes to the Wiitenchizord10/10
A simple game to understand, yet fun and challenging!The Game Champion10/10
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Game of the Year 2008!TheArmoredSoul09/10
A very disappointing game *Spoilers will be mentioned*The_Bear7536/10
The Brawling Fun ContinuesUNGARMAX8/10
Does It Live? Will it Live?Ush0da8/10
A huge celebration of Nintendo that no fan should be without.Xhunter1110/10
A Bittersweet Conclusion._Spin_Cycle_8/10

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Alas! The third sibling of the trio of Smash Bros. is released...Does it live up to its hype?AlternatePerson7/10
Super Smash Bros. Brawl: An Instant Classic Is Born!!bnui_ransder9/10
A great party game which, unfortunately, will not stand the test of time.KnucklesJoe6/10
Smash Brothers Brawl: The Apex of Multiplayer GamingMaster_Vivi210/10
Brawl - Sakurai really has outdone himself.rawratat10/10
The Third addition to the Smash Bros. series. How is it? Simply: Perfectxephyr1410/10
A masterpiece which will be one of the great achievments in gaming historyZanziluga9/10
Great game....13Sean139/10
The best game for Wii that is out, and possibly to come90angus10/10
How I See Why It Took So LongArceus_Lord9/10
The coolest game ever, seriously.Asgardian72410/10
This game is only another Melee, so it really isn't worth gettingavalanche543/10
All I can say is wow.a_fuma_car9/10
A great party game, but not a good choice for people looking for a single player game.BenhTheMan8/10
The Smash is back, but does it give us our expectations?Blake_S20089/10
The best of the best, unless you have no friendsBrawler00110/10
Super Smash Brothers BRAWLLLLLL!buizel1239/10
I will NEVER be a slave to popular opinion.Calamity3/10
Melee 1.1, 2.0, 1.5, whatever you want to call it? They can only change so many things...catfriedrice9/10
Brawl: A Masterpiece For The Ages!Cheese56610/10
Brawl: Nintendo's newest smash hit. (hehe)Cheeze_Pantz10/10
Punch, Kick, Grab, Throw, whatever you do, it's time to BRAWL.chickenman7710/10
The Brawl Is On!!!!!CobaltFalcon9/10
A wonderful game, but not without shortcomings.ConeZone079/10
Underwhelming, and overshadowed by much greater games.CVV16/10
A swing and a miss.darkdragon305448/10
Nintendo has kicked it right in the Smash Balls!!DaZinga10/10
Not perfect, but a damn fine addition.Def Freak79/10
Good game...DeletedGod7/10
Epic.Demonic Rider9/10
The best Super Smash Bro. game so far.Dragonfly6298710/10
The Near Perfect Gamedragonlord555559/10
Nintendo, now you've done it. You've Finally Made a Game That's Going to be Played for the AgesEJRICH10/10
SSBB: Best Fighting Game Everfancyb10/10
A Brawl, and a gaming experience!Floyd90018/10
Best Wii Gameflyerfan12489/10
Wasted Disc Space...Fr0zN_Sky7/10
A Great Gamefunnyhahaha10/10
This is an incredibly good game!funnyMonarch9/10
Super Smash Bros. Brawl? Yeah, I reviewed it.Gameplaya3699/10
You had me, then you lost meGCchampion5/10
Where to begin?goldengoal79/10
A great game, but it can't match Meleegoppers9/10
Smash Bros. Brawl: Expected to be the best Wii title- but was it?GreatJallopi5/10
First we Smashed, then Melee'd, and now, It's time...TO BRAWL!Gridogn9/10
Too many neglected modesgrrgrrgrr10007/10
SSBB is an outstanding game! It rockets above expectations!HarpuiaZX10/10
A game in a long working progress doesn't always guarantee it's going to be epic.Javier3334/10
Melee 2.0JF7X7/10
Brawl to End them All? Let's take a look and see...kikkomankiro8/10
SSBB is a good game, but its subtle changes may be too drastic for some playersking_wraith5/10
Why even compare Brawl to Melee?KTR4059/10
Nintendo brings back this epic game, and turns it into a masterpiecelinkdabomb9810/10
Misses the mark, but rides the coattails of Melee to success.Lord Alchemy7/10
A horrendously over-rated disc of delicious fanservice.LtCardboard5/10
A fun game you and your friends and offers room for great improvement in skill.madman00179/10
I guess it's time to Brawl for Brawl!marowakmaniac10/10
There will never be better . . . maybemarsalien449/10
Nintendo has done it again!!masterofmarth9/10
Not a huge step up from Melee, but great nontheless.megafan19/10
Despite its few disappointments, SSBB is a fantastic, invigorating game.Megagamer110/10
Please don't make a sequel. I beg of you...Megamankid84/10
A masterpiece must-havemegarockexe9/10
A masterpiece by itself.migas14010/10
Not the perfection I was looking for, but almost as close as physically possible.Murk8/10
Just Shy of Gaming NirvanaNegajak9/10
Smash Brothers BrawlNexGenCN9/10
A review from a newbie of the Smash Bros seriesNovaFlame1129/10
If you're a veteran of melee you might as well as think of this as a melee expansion pack.nyx_element7/10
Is there a word beyond "epic"?Original_Z10/10
A Good Gateway Game, and a Completionist's Timesinkphineas817077/10
Better than the first 2 Super Smash BrothersPikachu2310/10
100% Brawl-Tasticptrgiese9/10
Smash Bros. is back and better than ever before.puyopuyomagnet10/10
I never played melee, but this game makes me wish I did.Pyro6969610/10
Is Brawl a step up from Melee?quadruplesword10/10
Get your Brawl on!R351D3NT3V1L410/10
You'll have a Brawl!Raabdude5269/10
Super Smash Bros Hyperamenudon1177/10
Super Smash Bros. Brawl is considered my favorite game of all time.redmario21710/10
Compared to Melee, Brawl has both it's improvements and downers.ShiningDraco7/10
My expectations didn't meet Brawl.Shiranui11710/10
I'm disappointed...sidriley7/10
Almost Completely Perfect!SirWetBiscuitJr10/10
Great game but online play needs serious workingSmashDude9/10
The best multiplayer offline eversmasherfanboy10/10
Smashing Good Time...SolidSnake88610/10
The Most Wanted Game Ever!!sonicflare218/10
The King of Action GamesSquallEX810/10
An epic addition to a great seriesSSBfighter10/10
The game gets more hate then it should.suicunes_wrath10/10
Super Smash Brothers Brawl is easily one of the best games I've ever played!TAMKFan10/10
Super Smash Brothers Brawl is gaming nirvana.TheGutsyBat10/10
Super Smash Bros Brawl, #3 of the series.Truthtela8/10
It'll take a strong force to knock this off the number one spotumbratile10/10
Brawl; Great with minor flawsVagarTheDstryer8/10
Nuke it out--wait, I mean, an all out brawl with your favorite Nintendo characters!Vegito57 [AKA: Vortrex]9/10
The best multiplayer title ever createdvideogamer10309/10
BEST GAME EVER!!!!!VoltDriven10/10
Slightly overhyped but fun.Waver929/10
The must have game for every Wii owner!WhatTheDeuce9210/10
The greatest game of all time. FACT!White_Wolfos_1410/10
Great game...wiiowns76/10
Its a good game: Just not a good Super Smash Bros. gameYoshimaster9115/10
Not so good compared to Meleeyoungbladeboy9/10
Best Wii game ever!Yo_Yo_Yoshi9/10
Super Smash Bros. Brawl is outstanding. Truly one of the best games of 2008!ZiggyMarley77710/10
"A wise player once said, "Kick that giant turtle's butt!""_Raich_10/10

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