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How do you get the big key in the water temple?

Im stuck and its very confusing. All I need is the key and I'm good to go but need some help on that!

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daladsalad answered:

Elmonzio is right, with inproper grammar though. You must fill the main room, with water, with as much as you can, by doing various tasks. Once the room is filled, you should be able to swim into the middle of the room, and gain the boss key, and you'll be able to fight the collossal Eel inside.
Here's a runthrough of the boss battle, just for fun:

This battle is very likeable, people like attacking and dueling it out in the water. This Eel may look scary and big, but it's really pretty simple.
When you enter the hole, after opening the boss door, you should drop into water. Swim down and down, and a cutscene SHOULD appear, and it'll introduce you to the one and only BIGSCARYEELDUDE. My personal choice of words put together into his awesome new name.
All you have to do is really dodge whatever he throws at you. Swim away, and practice your techniques. Once you dodge, try to chase him down and get close to his eye. When you get to it, use your hookshot to hook to his eye, and quickly slash it 'till you fly off of his body. Do this a few more times, and then, have fun!
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zabuzawarlord93 answered:

the eastern grotto is were the key is found. You must swim in the big gap in the floor and use water bombs in the gap to get to were the key is located. At some point you will get to a room with a gekko in it kill it then hook shot on the wall of the room (hookshot switch) then hold on and sink down to the key room. Dont let go of the hookshot.
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elmonzio answered:

fill the spinning stairway room full as can be go to water dont dive and go to the platform and baddabing!!!!! BOSS KEY
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darkmagic42 answered:

Nonononono... The big door is in the middle of the stairway room. To get the big key, go to the room that's sort of like an underwater maze. Bomb the rocks whenever you see them and go to the surface at one point to reach the door. Once in, defeat that stupid bubble thing and hang on to the clawshot switch. Then lower yourself into the hole. Dropping while the animation is still running would work too, but you have to do that REALLY fast.
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angel1mom answered:

I beleave u get the key from the mini-boss: frog, I remember getting a key from him.
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darkmagic42 answered:

No, you get the Clawshot from the miniboss. The minibosses always have the items.
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calidin answered:

You go poop
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unknowninfo775 answered:

This level can drive you crazy go to the site click on wii then zelda it gives a compleat voice over walkthrough and totaly helpped me.
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