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Where and how do i get and find the giant bomb bag?

The giant bomb bag holds 100 bombs

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I need it

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Its the one that holds 100 bombs.

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LokkerG answered:

There is no bomb bag in the game that can hold 100 bombs. There are, however, additional bomb bags that you can find in specific places. The first is obtained after saving Colin from the Bulblin on the Boar, and going to Barnes's Bomb shop (The last accessible house near the entrance to Death Mountain). After saving the Zoras from freezing, restoring light to the Lanayru Province, and if you make it back to the area near Hena's Fishing Hole (Either by calling a bird at Lake Hylia or finding the second entrance to Zora's Domain that's behind Hyrule), talking with the woman near the big hut will activate a Shadow Beast battle. Beat them and you'll be offered a quick boat ride back to the Lake. She'll let you keep the extra bomb bag that you used to unblock the river path. The last Bomb Bag is found in the stone that you used to free the Zora's. Blow up the stone with a Water Bomb, and the Goron that pops out of it will give you a bomb bag. The last thing you can do is increase the size of your bomb bag. You can go on another boat ride, but if you manage to get 26+ points on the way (shoot down pots, and avoid bumping into anything, because they take a point off), you can get an upgrade to all three bomb bags. You'll be able to carry double the original capacity for each bomb type. That means a max capacity of 60 bombs, 30 Water Bombs, and 20 Bomblings.
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SmokeRulz answered:

I'm assuming you already have the 3 previous bomb bags. In that case, the Giant one is found at Iza's Boat Shop in Upper Zora River. Score 25+ points in his boat ride game to get it.
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SmokeRulz answered:

There is no bag that holds 100 bombs. The "Giant Bomb Bag" you obtain by getting 25+ points at the River game upgrades your capacities to 60 regular bombs, 30 water bombs, and 20 bomblings. That's as high as you can go.
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