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How do I beat the boss on the big hog at Hyrule Field?

It's at the Eldin Province. It's the boss on the big hog at Hyrule Field.

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Silvah91 answered:

On the first part, you'll chase him around the field. Ignore the little boars and just speed up (press a) and catch him, then just use your sword to take some pieces of the armor off. Note that you shouldn't mash a to speed up. Use one then wait for epona to slow down THEN use another.

On the next part you'll joust him on a bridge. take out your sword and go max speed towards him. At the last second go either left or right of him and slash him.

What I recommend is going either left or right at the beginning of the run so that you have a lot of space to dodge him. I also recommnd using the spin attack since you'll have an easier time hitting him with that type of slash.
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