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Where can I find Ball'N'Chain?

I'm stuck in snowpeak ruins and i can't find the ball and chain and i doun't know how to fire a cannon?

kkzombiestomper provided additional details:

And how to kill that gaint ice man???????


PokeLegend666 answered:

Stick a ball in the cannon, then put a bomb in the ammo slot. BOOM
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---Nintendo--- answered:

The Ball and Chain is located in the circular room at the north of the first floor (check your map for the location). To fire the cannon, you need to place the cannonball into the cannon and then place a bomb, then wait until the bomb explodes so it fires. Now, if you mean the Chilfos, you can use the Bomb Arrows to kill them in 2 shots, once you get the Ball and Chain you can use it to kill them in one hit.
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xoric713 answered:

To fire the cannon: step 1 find ball
step 2 put bomb in cannon
step 3 aim cannon
step 4 put bomb in cannon
the ball and chain is located in the circular room at the top of the map (it's like a circle with a rectangle in it. you'll need to beat the mini boss
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