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How and when can I change from Link to the wolf at will?

I keep seeing those ghosts and cannot beat them as links human form, How do I change from Link to wolf anytime? or can I? Thanks, a fellow gamer.

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runaway0417 answered:

After the third temple, the Water temple, and you have all three parts of that helmet thing, the guy curses you and turns you back into a wolf, and Mida, or whatever her name is, is, like, sick. You need to go to the Forest, and to the lost woods, howl at the stone, kill the skull kid, and get the Master Sword. After you touch it, you turn into link again, and the shadow stone appears, which gives you the power to trasnsform at will.
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lnik601 answered:

After you beat the lakebed temple, Zant turns you into a wolf, and gets midna all messed up. From then on until further notice, you are required to see princess zelda once again. Once you get there, she tells you to find the master sword in the sacred cove in the faron woods. Once you find the sword, you are entitled the power to switch between human and wolf forms from then on.
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