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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find (hookshot)?

I'm at city in the sky and I'm supposed to "hookshot" the red target to stop the fans. I only have a clawshot, please help, I'm totally confused, been trying to figure out for 6 hours.

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Well you get the the double hook-shot when you beat the mini boss so try to find the mini boss. Also you can look up the walk-through of that temple on YouTube and find where it is.

Hoped this helped :)

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First of all there is no hookshot, there is the clawshot. If you beat the mini boss, you get a SECOND clawshot, making it the dual, or Double clawshots, which allows you to shot to something, hang there are shot the other, and shot again, and again, without falling to a far away grave in the clouds...

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lol they're the same thing.
First clawshot is in water temple, second is in the sky

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First of all, they took out the hookshot in this game.

first clawshot: Beat the deku toad in the water temple or Lake bed temple

Second Clawshot: City in the sky, after beating the 2 arelfos

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