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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I collect all of my tears when I am in Zora's Domain?

I can't seem to get this one particular tear inside Zora's River. I warm back to where the spirits are, her domain, and it shows on the little map there is a bug somewhere near a waterfall on the right hand side, but I just cannot seem to find it. I have gotten all of the others prior to this one, but I cannot seem to get this one for the life of me, any help?

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It will be underground if you wait too long. Use the wolf form's senses to find its hiding spot and dig.

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It's hard to tell which bug in particular your talking about...but either its like Kraleck said and it's underground--just use your senses and dig, they're not too fast--or you're at the point where you have to howl by the hawk grass and ride the big black beast through a big tunnel.

If it is the tunnel, your nunchuck is useless. The beast steers toward where your wiimote is aimed. When you see a bug, Z target it and dash, you should get them no problem. If you miss, try again. The ones you got won't show up again.

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