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Where can I find (fourth monkey)?

Where do I find the fourth monkey?

sugar1973 asked for clarification:

I know how to get the monkeys. I have all four, but somehow lost one. Please how do I find him without starting the game over. Been back in ALL rooms and still no luck :(


masteramr answered:

There are two possibilities. From the multi-leveled room where you have to throw Bomblings (the small exploding creatures) into two large plant creatures, you can exit to the west or the south doors. Each of these rooms has a monkey inside. The south room forces you to fight a monster for a key to open the monkey's cage. In the west room, roll into the pillars near the entrance to find a key, then,while avoiding any moving tiles, cross the water and light the unlit torches on the other side to raise a staircase. The monkey is at the top.
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