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How do I get the last 2 bugs in Lanayru Province?

I see the one on the map in Zora's Domain in the throneroom at the headwaters of the river but it is high up on the wall and I can't get to it since I am the wolf. Second, the final bug is not showing up on the map. Where is it?

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ChumpMoney answered:

Try ramming into the wall in the Zora's domain.

The last one appears in the middle of the lake after you've got all the tears visible on the map. you have to defeat a big disgusting bug instead of the smaller ones.
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Silvah91 answered:

Once you get the last bug shown, a new mark appears in the center of the lake. You'll fight a miniboss there and will give you the last tear. As for the first one you're missing I'm not sure I know exactly the one you're asking for but try raming the wall and maybe it'll fall off.
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ThatZeldaGuy92 answered:

In the Zora's Domain and go into first-person view and see where the bug on the wall is and then attack the wall and the bug will fly down and you can kill it. Then for the second one, once you kill all of the other ones Midna will wander where the last one is and the map will pop up and you will see that it is in Lake Hylia. Go to it and get ready for a mini-boss fight.
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darkmatter55 answered:

Run like never before
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jackv1107 answered:

They are all correct. Don't forget to close the question!
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fightormon answered:

The mini boss is really gross
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angel1mom answered:

When u jump up the wall at a certain point u turn back, but u'r steel going up above the throne room.
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linkfan129 answered:

Z-target the bug and press A. Kill the bug and wait for Minda to reveal.... THE MOMMA BUG!!!!!
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