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How do I get past Hyrule Field the first time?

okay, so. i went to the forest temple & found all the monkeys then i got sent back to the lake. then i was told to go to faron province, so i went to hyrule field & i can't get past the gate. there is a black gate with was looks like blood? iduno. & there is a rock wall. i even have the book, but it doesn't tell me how. it says i need to run & roll into the gate, which doesn't work. by the way, im on the wii. PLEASE HELP.

kayliereigh provided additional details:

Yeah thats what i meant, my bad. but how do i turn back into a wolf? because i have no idea how.

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Tamarisk_green answered:

Do you need to go the the Eldin Provence? That is the name of the first place you go to after the Forest Temple. You have to turn into a wolf, then use your senses and find where to dig under the gate at the west side of the field to reach the next area, Kakariko Village.
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