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Asked: 2 years ago

How do I get past Hyrule Field the first time?

okay, so. i went to the forest temple & found all the monkeys then i got sent back to the lake. then i was told to go to faron province, so i went to hyrule field & i can't get past the gate. there is a black gate with was looks like blood? iduno. & there is a rock wall. i even have the book, but it doesn't tell me how. it says i need to run & roll into the gate, which doesn't work. by the way, im on the wii. PLEASE HELP.

Additional details - 2 years ago

Yeah thats what i meant, my bad. but how do i turn back into a wolf? because i have no idea how.

Accepted Answer

From: Tamarisk_green 2 years ago

Do you need to go the the Eldin Provence? That is the name of the first place you go to after the Forest Temple. You have to turn into a wolf, then use your senses and find where to dig under the gate at the west side of the field to reach the next area, Kakariko Village.

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