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Where is the Malo Mart in the castle town?

I can't seem to find it..What wing is it in?

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th3l3fty answered:

If you've fulfilled the requirements (that is, paid the money for the Castle Town branch), Malo Mart should be located in the southwest of Castle Town Square, where the "snooty shop" was before.
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AdamJP10 answered:

where the super expinsive shop that u needed ure shoes shined to get in (from the shoe shine guy just outside). thats malo mart!
(can't remember the words a bit... havnt played TP in a while...)
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DarknessLord10 answered:

To get the Malo Mart in Castle Town first you have to go to the Malo Mart in Kokoto Villiage. When you do you should see an elder Goron babbling on about how they need Ruppies to fix one of the bridges. (Not the Elden Bridge) Wich should be around 1800 Ruppes. When you do that then he babbles about fixing the snooty shop in Castle Town (The one with the shoe shine boy outside and the Magic armor that costs 1 Million Rupees or something. I dont remember the cost to do this but once done then the snooty Store becomes Malo Mart and it is much friendlier and more cheery inside. Everything costs around 1 or 2 rupees. (Bombs, Arrows, ect.) I applogize if costs or names are incorrect. I havent played in quite some time.
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