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How do I blow up the boulder in the forest temple?

I am at the room right before the 3rd monkey (I have already freed him). I can't blow up the boulder blocking the door, all of my tosses have fallen short, and I run out of time, what should I do?

TommyandChris provided additional details:

Thank you!

gvogues asked for clarification:

I've been killed about 25,000 times trying to blow up the boulder. Is there a special trick to throwing the bomb? I can only just jump across before it blows up. Should I have the boomerang by now? It's just not fun any more!

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mrjabba answered:

Try grabbing the bombling and running across the gap. Then once you're over the gap throw the bombling at the boulder. You should have enough time to be able to throw it before it blows up in your face.
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Pelxe answered:

Hmmm I don't if you're refering to this but if you are then:

Simply aim the bomb-animal with the boomerang, with you standing almost at the door.
Then simly throw the boomerang and you'll have a bomb in hands so just blow that rock
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Liknslittlehelp answered:

There are two bomb-animals in the room, and i was stuck on the same thing. I kept looking and i found a second one. it's the one after you climb a wall of ivy. there is one there, and you shouldn't run out of time.
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TheSpitball answered:

Attack the bombling closest to the boulder in that area. Once it turns red and shrinks pick it up and jump over the gap where the man eating plant was. Get as close to the boulder as you can and then chuck the bomblinng at it before it blows up in your horrified face.
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