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How do I catch a Hylian loach!?

I can't beat Roll Goal for the frog bait so I need someone to tell me how to cacth it without it. I have looked at the Fishing Faq but it didn't help much.

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How do you spot it do you have to use the C button or can you just cast and hope it bites?

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GoAnaDucks answered:

Lol. First, you must catch the pike, the bass, and the catfish. Go to the most eastern piece of land in the pond on foot, and bring out your bobber rod. Fish until you catch a sinking lure. Go to the lady during summer. You can change seasons by exiting and reentering the pond. Summer is the when the trees are green. Go fish, but make sure the girl doesn't follow you for if you use the sinking lure, she will take it away. Well, go to the north western cove and you'll find lily pads. Fish there, and try to spot the loach. It looks like the catfish and the pike mixed together. Once it bite, you better hook quick for it bites away quickly. Reeling it in is probably the easiest part. Now once it's in landing vicinity, be ready! The landing button for this fish is REALLY SMALL!!!! That's probably the hardest part of catching it. Once you catch it, the girl will congratulate you and you get a picture on her wall of you catching the fish. :) Wow. All of the above stuff could qualify as an faq itself. XD
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Silvah91 answered:

No wai!
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